Flashfic about FrUk in a raining day :) Implying fluff and shounen-ai. Slice of life!

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[ Douce pluie / Sweet rain ]

Arthur closed his eyes and slowly slid down on the sofa, dunking into the pillows.

The sound of the rain was soft, just an hint, yet it disturbed him. He couldn't sit still for more than three minutes, he stood up and went to the window. He pressed his face on the glass like a child and observed the slow, elaborated routes followed by rain drops, observed the grey, foggy, melancholy panorama.


By now, if Arhur was alone at home, probably he wouldn't have known how to stop tears, because the rain in London was sad, stormy, it screamed and distressed, it wriggled and trembled.

But the rain in Paris wasn't like that in London; the rain in Paris sang, lightly, it was a symphony orchestra. It was sweet, his rain.

Because of this, when his arms hugged his waist, Arthur relaxed immediately.

"Je suis desolé, you came all the way here, bit it started to rain in the end" Françis whispered to his ear, with his chin on the Englishman shoulder. Arthur blushed a little and shook his head.

"It's alright" he said. "How about some hot tea…?"

"Oui, but no scones, please."Françis smiled.

Arthur shove his elbow into the other's ribs, but only weakly because he couldn't get much angrier for some weird reasons; he rolled his eyes sarcastically and grumbled: "Stupid frog."

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FrUk is one of my most loved OTPs, I just love the love/hate relationship and they're just so freaking adorably cute.