Prologue: That scene from 6.22

Temperance Brennan's first conscience thought, after her sobs had started to subside, was that he smelled reassuring. Not only were his actions, his words, and his very presence reassuring – he smelled that way, too. His scent had always been comforting – it was manly, composed neatly of aftershave and of a nice late spring day, with just a touch of cologne, or some man perfume of the sort.

He smelled so reassuring, so comforting, and so familiar she almost hated him for it. She didn't comment on how much she was enjoying it.

Her first full-formed feeling, however, was not an emotional one – it was, instead, the feeling of Seeley Booth's lips on her hair. Logically, she did what she had always done- she froze and immediately tensed.

Booth felt her go rigid in his arms and felt a brief sensation of his world caving in on itself. He immediately removed his lips from her head, and ceased the gentle rocking and murmuring he'd kept up for the past hour or so.

Brennan took note; a lump formed in Booth's throat.

"I – I- I'm sorry, Bones... I just... I – I thought..." Booth trailed off as she turned to look at him.

Brennan searched the eyes of the man she knew so well, feeling like she didn't really know him at all. His gaze had so much emotion she felt overwhelmed – yet the dominant one was not love, but pain that mirrored and triumphed her own. Pain from Vincent's death. Pain from Hannah, still somewhat fresh. Pain from two years ago, from his little pushes and hints back then. Pain from when she admitted that she loved him, and there was nothing he could do. Pain that they'd distanced from each other.

Booth watched as she hesitantly searched him.

There was fear, too – fear they'd never grow back together. Fear everything was ruined. Fear he'd be rejected, now, again, left alone, and slight anger at her if she were to this, now, again.

He pleaded with her, but he didn't need to. She lifted a shaking hand to his face, and pressed her index and middle fingers against his lips.

It's alright.

Booth's eyes filled with tears. All the love, longing, and happiness he had been struggling to hold in finally hit the dam and broke through with the force of a tidal wave. The emotion he had held in for so long spilled over the top, to unheard of amounts. Not to mention his desire to an equally unbearable degree.

In the next instant his lips were on hers, and Brennan kissed back as hard as she could. She let him know she'd been wrong – that she could change, that she did love him with every inch of her being. Booth's heart raced more, if it was even possible, and he pushed her down onto the bed.

Brennan felt his growing need, and, since I'm sure you know how the story goes, they were soon one without second thought, and shared an indescribable experience before falling asleep, emotionally drained, in each other's arms, with absolutely no regrets.

Little did they know, their lives were about to change even more than they'd thought.