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Iris's p.o.v***

"There's something I never want you to do from this day forth sweetie, okay?"

"What is it?"


I opened my eyes up to the city before me, pulling myself back to the slowly dimming light and deep breaths that blew my stark-white hair from my eyes, the long strands looking like spiderweb threads in the silver light. I leaned forward, the light catching pure-white skin that did everything but contrast with the ripped, torn fabric of the white jeans that did nothing to block out the chilling yawns that suddenly assaulted the body, goosebumbs rising up my bare arms. But I barely noticed it, having been in much colder bodies before for a longer period of time, though not by much.

Five hours. I'd been here for five hours, which meant I only had nineteen more hours left before I ran again, before I could get out and move one, not knowing if I were any farther or closer to what I was running from. But I was moving, and that's what counted. That's all I could do to stay alive, like a shark had to swim forever to just breathe, but a shark was a poor comparison to me.

Because a shark used its power to fight for itself. A shark didn't have to worry about any preditors, let alone just one. As I thought about this, like I usually did when I had nothing else to pass the time with, I stroked a thumb absentmindedly across the only thing on my body that wasn't white. The black leather glove had a crack along the palm, a thin strip of fabric peeking through it. They were thin gloves anyway, but they worked as well as anything.

They seperated my skin from the innocent, harmless ones around me, and even the less-than-harmless ones. And I didn't miss the significance, that if I never had these gloves then I might not be in the prediciment that I was in now, but that was silly. This was completely my own fault, or more likely my ridgid moral compass that kept these gloves on at all times, kept my leathal hands from any harm, accidental or purposeful.

I realized what I was doing and stopped, combing my hair back and keeping the long strands from my eyes as I finally stood, looking out on the city again and surveying what I could of it with my eyes. It was an innocent thing to do, to look at a city. People normally did it for the euphoric, hypnotizing lightshow that lit the normally-plain buildings into some sort of magical picture. I did it for a more sinister, more tragic reason.

Because every inch of city I laid eyes on, that nagging thought came back to the surface of my mind, breaking out from the dark recesses in which I liked to try and keep it. Every building, alley, gutter, trashcan, bus, car, apartement, all of it was dangerous. Because every inch of it could be an inch where he was. That slim-to-absolute-none chance that I'd fallen right into his hand, like he said I would all those years ago. He could be here, there was always that possibility. He could be right beneath me, he could be breathing down the back of my neck.

He could be chasing me. Or waiting for me to run accidentally to him. And these thoughts, and the images and memories they brought back to mind, were exactly what motivated me to leave within 24 hours. No matter if he were here or not, he couldn't get me in just one day. Even if I slept here, which was sounding more and more promising, he couldn't catch me. Just so long as I kept running, nothing could catch me. And I'd keep telling myself that.

"Are you sure about this, Jones? I wouldn't think that Thrax would place a hideout in such a high-traffic neighborhood. Maybe something quieter, I hear the stomach has been rather deserted as of late, ever since Hector's mother put him on that junk-free diet." I peered curiously over the edge of the roof I was on, crouching a bit on the incline.

Below me, from where the deep and proper voice had come from, I saw a white-blood cell and what looked like a pill agent, both young and standing nonchalantly in front of the kiosk below me. Something about the white-blood cell instantly drew my attention, though I didn't know why. Just something about how he looked, the smooth and cocky way he smiled and dressed, in a white t-shirt and brown-and-black jacket with brown, baggy pants, something in the way he acted...

Something about him rang a bell in the back of my head, but I couldn't place exactly what. Like when you know the answer to something, but can't quite get it out.

"C'mon now, Drips! When am I ever wrong, huh?"He asked in a cocky tone, popping the collar of his jacket as the pill, large and red-and-yellow with a pill head and a red gun on one arm, rolled his eyes.

"Everytime you speak, Jones. What I want to know is, if we do somehow catch him, how do you expect to persuade him into our endeavours, hm?"Drips, I suppose the pill's name was, asked.

"With a little Osmosis charm, and some muscle from my big-bad pill partner."Jones explained, elbowing the pill lightly and playfully in a way that I seemed to remember from somewhere. I tilted my head to the side, a frown on my face as I watched these two talk a bit longer, laughing and joking and discussing something about this 'Thrax' man, who was of no conciquence to me. Eventually, the two left, the kiosk empty and shutting the light off, dousing the street in a darkness as the lights gradualy dimmed to a faint glow.

I sighed and decided to head to the kidneys to hole up for the night in the only place in every body that was exactly the same. The kidneys housed some pretty run-down, abandoned apartements that even the baddest of the bad wouldn't hold secret meetings in. Which meant it was perfect for me.

I jumped down, a good 10 foot drop that felt like landing on a matress as my feet made barely any sound on the ground. The street was empty, all the shops closed for the night, a nostalgic feeling for some. For me, it used to be lonely. I'd see all those people with their friends, with their laughter and their jokes, like the partners I'd just seen, and I'd also see the empty streets left after they went home. Places that used to be so alive now desolate and empty.

Except for me. There was always me. Moving, running, never stopping. And I never did stop, not for twelve long years. I shook off the feeling a few years back, having become so accustomed to so many things that would undo a normal person that barely anything affected me anymore. I blew out a breath and walked, planning on heading down a few streets before cutting across the small intestine. I walked past the alley I'd just been running down, thinking about that white-blood cell, about why I'd seemed to recall something when I saw him.

When a hand clamped down on my shoulder.

Thrax's p.o.v****

Sometimes it felt like all I hired were idiots.

"Boss! What if we, ya know, put your name on stuff? Then they'd know it's you!"Sniff exclaimed, his stick-like body wobbling under the weight of his movements. I rested my face in my palm and wondered if I, the sickest virus this side of the medical scale, seriously only had these two to help with a situation that left a nasty taste in my mouth.

"Psh, idiot! Boss'd never do something like that!"Sneeze countered in a stuffed-up, drippy kind of voice that matched the sickly-yellow look about the chubby germ, and a loud and irritated 'ow!' told me the two were in another one of their damn slap-fights. It was times like this that I cursed the ground Jones walked on, knowning I shoulda lit his ass up the second I had the chance, way back in Frank. 'Cuz a that damn cop, my rep went down the god damned drain.

These two runny-nosed germs were the only little shits I could use until I gained back up a reputation that I deserved. I glowered, leaning my hands against the wall as I took in a few deep breaths, only fanning the flames as I thought about my record, my sexy record of almost, almost 48 damn hours. 48 hours! Nothin' ever got as close as I had, not the plague, not damn Ebola, nothin' baby. Just me.

And it was all destroyed 'cuz of one Immunity cell.


And now, on top of all of that, everythin' I was doin' for the past few months was being taken from me! I cut down an entire village in two months, one of the worst epidemics in medical history! But who got the credit for it? Who left behind their traces and covered up mine, all for the sake of 'buisiness'? Pox. That fucker, Pox was the worst of the worst. He didn't do a damn thing himself, couldn't even lay a finger on anyone over twelve nowdays.

So what did he do? Made others do his dirty work, and then left his traces all around. Normally scum like that was taken down, but Pox was a whole new matter. He was smart, I'd give the asshole that. He surrounded himself with the toughest germs doctors had ever seen, big-shots who only worked for Pox because vaccines had been created for them and injected into every newborn in the entire damn first world, and most in third.

No one could touch him, and he always got what he wanted. Hell, I hated him more than Jones, and you have to be one twisted fuck to take over Jones's place on my list.

"Boss? Um...Boss-"

"WHAT?!"I shouted, nerves frayed as I spun around and glared daggers at the two germs I was stuck with, both jumping and cowering like kicked puppies. With trembling lips and wide, watery eyes, Sniff stuttered out,

"Th-there's a commotion outside, y-you want us to take a look?" I paused, and listened. Outside of the hole-in-the-wall that I was using as a base, a bit out of the alley we were in, I heard what sounded like deeper, grittier voices, and then shuffling. I paused a second, and then cracked my neck, shoving the hand that didn't have the long, now-glowing claw into the pocket of my black jacket and walked between the two, both jumping quickly out of the way.

"Nah, I need to let off some...steam."I mused, claw twitching and white-hot as I kicked open the door, the sound drowned out by a sudden scream of pain. I looked down the alley, seeing the back of a massive, overly-muscled germ, which quickly dissapeared around the corner. There was another shout of pain, and suddenly I was interested to see what exactly was taking on these big germs and, by the man's shouts, probably losing.

I walked smoothly down the alley, dragging the claw lightly across the wall and leaving nothing more than a glowing orange streak, making it to the alley opening and looking out, still cloaked in the shadows. At first, I couldn't see anything at all, and was debating jumping into this thing to ease my growing frustration, if just for a second. But then the massive germ was thrown to the side like a rag-doll by a hard kick, and suddenly the entire scene was laid out in front of me...

I cocked an eyebrow and leaned against the wall next to me. This might be a bit more interesting than I first thought...

Iris's p.o.v****

Every nerve in my body was on high-alert, my entire being tight and instantly defensive, ready to fight before I was even thrown around and grasped even tighter on both arms by a massive, purple germ with one eye and a miniscule mouth that was in a mini, yet no less creepy, smile. Beside him were equally massive germs, five in total, each uglier and stronger-looking than the last.

"Well hey there,"The one cooed sloppily as he held me, "Pretty little girls like you oughta not be out so late, all alone. How 'bout we take this one back to her home, huh boys? I mean, it's just our duty as citizens of Hector." The ones around him either sneered excitedly or bellowed in laughter, as if it were the funniest thing they'd ever heard.

I felt my stomach coil and anger so tight in my chest that I almost screamed, an instinct that I'd learned over time kicking in as I instantly became defensive and hostile, entire body screaming to get this germ off of me and run, run, and run faster and farther. My heart pounded so hard that it made me dizzy, but no less alert than I was right now, as the germ's tiny grin got wider and he began to pull me towards him.

What happened would have looked like someone skipped a scene in a movie, going from motionless and frozen-stiff to moving fast and angry. I pulled my legs up and smashed my knee-high, pure-white combat boots into the germ's chest so hard that his eyes bulged and it seperated us, throwing me backwards as I stumbled, gaining my footing back seconds before the germ slammed into the wall, slumping to the side from the impact of his skull on the cartilage behind him.

The others were frozen stiff for a moment, and I took it to my advantage. I grabbed the closest one and threw my fist around, sinking it right into his nose and feeling it break under my fist, now in survival mode and attacking anything that came near me. The germ I punched reeled back, but I ducked, my body moving in a chord of its own, having fought and gotten strong all on its own when my mind couldn't take it.

Honestly, if my body hadn't taken over and gotten as strong as it did, I didn't know if I'd still be here. A hand shot towards me out of my perifrial vision, and I ducked, the germs above me punching eachother in the face and knocking each other out, my eyes never taking off the fourth one who charged at me like an angry bull, having caught on a little late to the exact danger they were all in.

I jumped to the side and gripped his elbow with my hand, muscles in my arms so taught that it hurt, yanking him around in a circle and slamming him into the powerlines behind us, whipping a hand across his temple. His eyes rolled back and he muttered something, then slid down onto the ground and fell over, tongue lolling out of his mouth.

I panted, stepping back and looking away from the alley, seeing the fifth germ already hundreds of yards away, stumbling as he sprinted away in his bulky frame. Only after I saw him turn down a street did I finally relax, panting lightly and body shaking from the sudden loss of adrenaline and a minute amount of fear. My heart pounded even louder this time as I let out a breath, closing my eyes for a moment to try and collect myself...

I felt something long and smooth around my neck, and my eyes flew open. A voice in my ear, one that was smooth, rhythmic almost, and deep, mused in an amused tone,

"Ain't you a little fighter, baby?" I gasped and spun around faster than I ever remember doing, slamming a hand into the man's throat and pinning him to the wall behind us. He seemed to be caught off-guard by this, and for a moment...for a moment, everything paused.

I looked at this man, so unlike the germs I'd just fought that I somehow knew he wasn't one of them. Unlike them, he was lean, with broad shoulders and razor-shark cheek bones and chin, a deep red complexion and violet dreadlocks. But what I was really stopped by was his eyes, two yellow, narrowed eyes that looked at me almost...fascinated, confused, as if he were seeing something he hadn't expected.

And to be honest, I felt like I was, too. He just looked...different. He didn't look like the germs I knew, not creepy or sleezy or ugly or horrifying. He looked evil, yes. Sinister, with the two piercing yellow eyes and angry, confused frown on his sharp face. I saw one hand wrapped around my wrist, the hand that had held something around my neck, and it wasn't until now that I realized that, on that hand, was a long violet claw a good four inches longer than the rest of his claw-like nails.

A shiver ran through me, thinking of all the people he's probably killed with that thing, and how close he came to kill me. I hadn't even heard him walk up behind me, and people sneaking up on me happened once in a blue moon. My eyes strayed back to his face, my eyebrows furrowed and eyes glaring into his with a defensiveness and exauhstion. Something about this man was...different.

I couldn't quite place it, but something in my mind wouldn't let it go. It was the same thing that kept me standing here, hand around his throat, and just solitary. I wasn't fighting, I wasn't running, and...I didn't feel like I was in danger. The realization hit me too hard to take, thinking that maybe I was just too exauhsted, too worn out, and wasn't thinking straight. I was always in danger, especially around a germ...no, virus, like this.

Though I didn't know what 'this' was, the strange sense around the man sending uncomftorble, confused chills through me.

Suddenly, breaking me from my trance like pulling someone out of water, Immunity sirens blared and tires screeched towards us. I gasped, and stepped back, looking down as four Immunity cars sped towards us, a few stopping and tires screeching, smoke rising from the burning rubber. Immunity. Virus.

Thankful for the slap back to reality, cursing myself for having stood there that long just thinking about the man who clearly tried to kill me, I took four or five steps backwards and, while the man's eyes were trained on the cars, back still pressed to the wall, I took off. Buildings blurred past me and I rounded the nearest corner, turning so fast that I had to place my hand against the building to my side to prevent from running into it, stopping only when I knew I was out of the Immunity officers' line of view.

I panted, shaking from the events that had just taken place in such a short period of time, and took a small chance to peek around the corner. The man was talking to one of the officers, angrily and threateningly, hooking the claw under of the officer's collar and pulling him closely, giving him an amused smile. I paused, watching how he moved and spoke to Immunity officers without a hint of fear. Most germs or even viruses would have booked it by now...

But he stood brave and confident, eyes narrowed and a sly smirk on his face, as if he weren't afraid of anything that they could do to him. It was almost like...like they couldn't hurt him, even if they tried. And he knew that...

I shook my head, wondering why in Hector I gave a damn about this man, and quickly proceeded down the alley. I ran, jumping onto ladders to get onto roofs when I got far enough away, just taking in the familiar feeling of getting away, of seperating myself from danger, of doing something that I'd done for twelve long years. Twelve years, countless cities, and I reminded myself that this was the reason I was still around. The reason he hadn't caught me yet, and never would.

'Just keep going,'I thought to myself, shaking my head, as I paused for just a second, looking at the city that I'd never see night in again, because I'd be long gone by tomorrow afternoon. Because I had a promise to keep.

Thrax's p.o.v****

'The Hector...?' I wondered, looking back as the damn cops swarmed, ten of 'em apparently off donut duty and racing down here, almost half of them staying in the safety of the line of cars. But I didn't pay attention to them, not even when the big Chief man started walking towards me. I just looked back to where the girl had been not three damn seconds ago.

I'd looked away and back, and the kid was gone. I could almost still feel her stronger-than-expected grip around my throat, having watched her take down four roid-filled germ croonies like they were nothing. Her image still floated somewhere in my mind, possibly because I'd never seen someone her size fight like that before, possibly 'cuz I ain't never seen a virus like her before. Pure white. Now, pure ain't a word used to describe a virus, but that's all I could think of as I narrowed my eyes at where she had been.

Long, white hair that fell in locks in her eyes. Pure white skin, tank top, ripped and worn jeans, and boots. Even her eyes were pale, like an unnatural light grey. Hell, the only thing on the girl not white was those black leather gloves...or possibly because there was something different about how defensive she looked. Like everything that got near her was going to hurt her, like she was born to fight.

'Like a puppy kicked on too many times.' I thought, sliding my right hand into my jacket as the Chief took my attention, saying gruffly in his obease tone,

"Thrax, by order of Immunity I need you to come with me." I slowly rolled my head towards him and cocked an eyebrow, looking from him to the nine other 'officers of the law' who tried to put up a brave front. I'd seen men twice their size and skill shirvel at the sight of what I could really do to them, just a twitch and half of them would paint these streets a nice, sexy red.

"Thrax, you listening to me boy?"The Chief demanded, and I stepped quickly towards him, hooking a claw under his collar and pulling him closer. I had to give the old fart credit, he just seemed to get even more pissed. I leaned down closer and asked, amused,

"Chief, baby. Why would I go with you, when all y'all could come with me and have a nice party, hm? So how 'bout it? Pull out those big nasty guns you got and let's see who give orders here."

"You're not under arrest." I cocked an eyebrow, losing my smile as I glared suspiciously at the old man. Normally, if an Immunity tried to pull that with me, they were playing the 'calm the fugitive' card, talking in a measure and coaxing tone. But Chief said it like it made him pissed. Not under arrest? If I wasn't under arrest, I wasn't doin' my job right...

And then I thought about Sneeze and Sniff, and grit my teeth.

"Sorry, don't take visitors."I spat, shoving him away from me and turning. If this wasn't an arrest, I had more important things to do.

"It's about Pox." I stopped, every muscle in my face tensing as I felt a surge of anger rise at just he mention of his name. And I suddenly found myself, against my better judgement, interested.

"..."I paused, not answering but not leaving either, waiting for him to elaborate. And damn that Chief, the knew exactly what the hell he was doin'. No wonder they kept him around, 'cuz he said next in a tone where he knew damn well I was too interested now to turn back. Hector don't get any news from outside bodies, the kid had some damn good hygeine. It took me two damn weeks to get into here during one of his basketball games.

So if these idiots knew about Pox, then he was here.

"Right this way, I'll explain at the station."Chief said confidently, and I grit my teeth even harder. I had to control myself, to not let the claw burn and invoke the younger idiots into shooting at me.

"He here, ain't he?"I asked, turning my head to glare at the Chief. I hated that look on his face where he knew I was gonna follow, so he wasn't even damn scared. Wanted to rip it right off his damn face. As if Immunity hadn't fucked up my plans enough, hadn't done enough to me over the past two damn years, now they were trying to manipulate me some way using the only damn person I hated more than Jones?

"Let's find out."He mused, and I glowered with hatred. If I wanted to, I could turn them all into puddles. And damn, did I want to... But not as much as I wanted to figure out what the hell they wanted me for involving Pox.

"I'll take my own wheels, thanks."I spat, sliding my shades from my jacket pocket and sliding them on as the fat man shrugged and walked to his car, the other officers not able to get in and out faster, wheels screeching before I even had time to turn and slam a fist through the window of a random car, hopping in through the torn membrane and glaring.

The only thing that got whatever the hell was about to happen out of my mind, as I slammed my claw into the dashboard and fixed up that piece of metal real nice into something more my style, was the image of that girl in the back of my mind. I didn't know why I was thinking about her so much, maybe because she was something I didn't see everyday.

But something inside wanted to argue, say that this chick had something to do with something, but I didn't know what that was. She damn well didn't belong here, I knew that much, or I'd have heard about her before. So how did a tiny, pure white, super-strong virus make her way into this body?...And more importantly, why did I give a damn? I brushed it off, nudging her back as just a tempermental virus without much potency, if she was travelling alone.

I shot down the roads, angrily shoving other cars off the road as I did, hands gripping the wheel tighter as I headed towards the Immunity building. Those jackasses...Osmosis had to have something to do with this, it just smelt like him. First, he ruins my rep. And now I gotta go to damn Immunity 'cuz they lured me in with a bait I knew damn well I was taking? Almost made me hate both more.

"This better be worth it, Jones. Or you ain't gonna be chummin' it up in Hector no more, go it cop boy?"I muttered to myself as I shot closer and closer to the building. Whatever it had to do with Pox, I wasn't gonna do shit for these assholes. I'd find out what they know about him and split. They weren't the only ones who could play on someone.

As I continued down, trying to focus on the situation at hand, that girl came back. Almost like she wouldn't leave, and it was starting to grate on my nerves. She wasn't anybody, just a small virus with pigment issues... But something inside me, something I kept silent, knew something else. Something that, looking back on it now, was inevitable, I just didn't know the chain of events that would lead to it. At the time, though, I had bigger issues to tackle. But somewhere inside me, I somehow knew.

I'd see that kid again.