Here We Go Again

By: Jessarie

A/N: Well, this is a story that was written in one of my notebooks and had never been typed up. It is a short three chapter fiction about Harry and Severus, that I thought should add to the collection of stories I finally have accumulated. I hope you like it :)

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After the war against Voldemort and Harry's defeat of the megalomaniac, Severus had agreed to assist the young man once more by teaching him some potions skills he was sorely lacking in. Harry and Severus had trained and worked together to prepare Harry for the battle quite successfully. The problem lie in the fact that Severus was trying to teach him a healing potion that he just wasn't understanding.

"Focus, Brat!" Severus Snape yelled, as Harry almost put in the one ingredient at the exact moment that could have blown the dungeons to smithereens.

Harry yelled back, "I am, you greasy git!" before snatching his belongings and storming out of the dungeons.

Severus let him leave figuring with the way things were going, they both needed some time to cool off. It seemed Harry was quite stressed lately and had been for a few weeks. Severus had noticed he was short and snappy with almost everyone, rivaling Severus' own persona, at times.

Later that night, an already late, Harry ran into the Great Hall. Not paying attention to where he was going, Harry ran smack into something hard and soft at the same time. Severus had tried and failed to catch the young man before he fell.

Harry gazed up at the older man with a scowl and a feral sound erupted from his mouth. Everyone watching tensed as Harry's mouth opened. He looked furious and with as much power as he held, that was dangerous.

"I've had enough." Severus spoke before Harry had a chance to. "Your attitude these past few weeks has been horrific and no one has done anything to you."

"Here we go again." Harry interrupted. "You know what?" he said standing. "I'm the one who's had enough. You are an evil, sadistic bastard and a greasy git. I don't care any more if you are a professor or not. I have tried to be nice to you and tried to be your friend even though everyone keeps harping on me for it. You keep on treating me like shit. So that's how I am going to treat you and you can just fuck off." Harry finished breathing hard and gearing up for another go.

"Mr. P..." Severus began only to be interrupted once more.

"NO!" Harry shouted. "You keep calling me a brat and you know something else? Were it not for this brat, you wouldn't even be here. I saved your life when what I should have done was let you rot." Harry finished in a deadly sounding whisper. Then he turned and walked away.

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