Author's note: Although it may not seem like an Aomine x Kagami fic at first, trust me that's the pairing I'm writing about. The only reason it seems slightly Kuroko x Kagami in the opening chapters is because that's genuinely how I feel they interact in the anime and the manga. Or maybe it's my perverse imagination. Whatever, here's the story:


Late January in Tokyo. Middle of the winter semester. The winter basketball season was over, and the training for the Interhigh wouldn't start for months. Kagami Taiga, who was walking down the street, the collar of his duffel jacket turned upwards, hands stuffed deep into its pockets, felt like he was in purgatory.

The weather was shit, so practicing outside wasn't an option. Moreover, everyone at Seirin was studying for the upcoming exams in February - so Basketball practice had been put on hold.

Today, showing her true colours, Riko, upon finding him in the gym after hours, had banned Kagami from the court until the end of winter layer tests.

['…how are you gonna pass your exams if you spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT in the gym? Do you KNOW what happens if you don't get good grades? NO MORE BASKETBALL. YOU DON'T GET TO PLAY IN THE INTERHIGH. I swear to God Bakagami, if I find you practising in here ONCE before the end of Februrary I WILL CUT OFF YOUR LEGS AND FEED THEM TO NUMBER 2.']

Since when did it get so fucking cold, thought Kagami as a chill gust of wind blew through his sweatpants, causing the thin hairs on his legs to prickle. Power-walking across the pedestrian crossing outside the Burger shop, Kagami brought a tattered sneaker down on a patch of black ice. His foot slid on the smooth ground and, failing to regain his balance, Kagami almost stumbled into the path of a passing Honda Civic.

The car skidded to a halt and honked churlishly at Kagami, attracting the attention of a group of young girls who were also crossing the street.

Light pink dusted over Kagami's cheeks, and his eyebrows furrowed as he opened his mouth to insult the driver. Before he could say anything, the car accelerated past him, spraying him with half-melted snow. The girls began to giggle.

Kagami growled in embarrassment. Fuck's sake, he thought to himself, pushing open the door to the restaurant. A warm blast of air hit him full on. With it came the the rich, floury smell of fries and waxed cardboard. His stomach growled wildly. Kagami hadn't realised how long it had been since he'd eaten - he was starving. And you haven't even played basketball today, you fat shit, he smiled to himself.

Kagami stomped toward the food collection point, and looked down at the cashier.

"Konbanwa!" She said, enthusiastically, "how can I help you today, sir?" flashing him a large, toothy smile.

Kagami studied her vacantly. The girl was short, even shorter than Kuroko, he thought bemusedly, but well-built, like a gymnast. Her hair was medium-length, straightened, and coloured that gingery shade of brown which was popular at school, it was darker at the roots. She had wide, green eyes and wore large spectacles which framed her face. Bug-eyed, he thought nonchalantly.

It wasn't that she wasn't attractive. In fact, Kagami thought that she was quite cute (despite her bug-eyedness), he just didn't find her attractive. Come to think of it, he didn't find all that many girls attractive.

I'm married to basketball, Kagami's inner monologue stated. I'm just too focused on THE GAME to be looking for a girlfriend right now, right? He looked around the restaurant, spotting several girls his age. If I wanted to get a girlfriend I totally could.

"…Uh, I'll have 2 large cokes and… um, 25 quarter pounders"

He saw the cashier's eyes widen. She must be new here, he smirked.

"Ah, is that all?" she asked.

"One vanilla milkshake, kudasai."

Kagami gave a loud yelp and whirled around to see Kuroko Tetsuya standing directly behind him.

"KUROKO FOR FUCK'S SAKE," Kagami bellowed, "can you NOT? You're gonna give me heart failure."

"Semimasen", said Kuroko, "I've been right behind you for ages, I thought you knew."

"…WHAT? When I was walking down the street?"

"Hai. And when you almost got run over."

Kagami started to speak, and then restrained himself. No point arguing with him, he's never gonna change, thought Kagami. Although I really don't feel like talking to him right now. He just reminds me of basketball, and then I get depressed.

"…whatever", sighed Kagami, "I'm so not in the mood for this right now. Fuck off. Also, I'm not paying for your goddamn milkshake"

"Language, Kagami-kun", stated Kuroko, "no wonder you don't have a girlfriend."

Kagami picked up his tray of burgers, and his shorter counterpart collected his milkshake. They walked over to the table by the window and sat down.

"Shut up," Kagami muttered. "I could get any girl I wanted."

"Of course", Kuroko murmured, sucking on his milkshake straw, making an obnoxious gurgling sound.

"Can you stop that?", said Kagami. Oh man he's being more irritating than ever. "It's putting me off my food."

Kuroko stopped.

The two boys sat together in silence for several minutes. It wasn't exactly awkward, but something about Kuroko's body language was making Kagami very uncomfortable. He kept licking his straw and humming quietly. He had his large, opaque eyes fixed on Kagami's the entire time, rarely blinking, and Kagami didn't know where else too look. After his seventh burger Kagami locked eyes with Kuroko.


"Nothing." Kuroko shrugged

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"…I dunno. Like you want something", Kagami looked away, slightly embarrassed, realising how that sounded.

Kuroko paused took another sip of milkshake, then grinned. "Maybe I do."

Kagami began to feel nervous. What could Kuroko possibly want from him? A small, repressed part of his mind whispered: '…sex. This is definitely something to do with sex. I always knew you were queer, Taiga' . Kagami shuddered. No, don't be stupid. He's your friend. Your weird, annoying, presence-less counterpart Kuroko Tetsuya. He's not gay. He has a girlfriend. Don't be so perverted.

Nonetheless, Kagami's palms had become clammy.

"…and, uh," gulped Kagami, "…what do you want?"

"Erm, Kagami-kun, are you okay?", said kuroko, cocking his head "you're sweating."

"I'm fine", said Kagami, curtly. Of course it wasn't sexual you idiot, now he just thinks you're a freak.

"Well, do you know what day it is tomorrow?"

Kagami shook his head.

Kuroko sighed, "BAKAgami, tomorrow's January 31st. My birthday."

Kagami raised an eyebrow, 'Well, uh. Happy birthday for tomorrow, I guess." That's weird, why would he say something like that?

"Thanks… Actually, I'm having a party. I was wondering whether you'd like to come."

Kagami's eyes widened in surprise. He'd never even been to Kuroko's house, let alone consider that they were good enough friends to go to each other's birthday parties. Should he go? He hadn't been to any parties since he'd come to Japan, back in the US he didn't have many friends - so he'd only been to a few, but they were all the same. Alcohol, pizza, weed and bad hip-hop. A few people engaged in kissing and stuff, but Kagami never did any of that. Who knows, he thought to himself, maybe I could take my mind off basketball and actually meet some people? He heard himself think it, but he knew it was only half-hearted. He hated meeting people.

Kagami looked at Kuroko suspiciously, "uh …sure, I'll come."

After a pause he said "I don't have to bring a present do I?"

Kuroko smiled, "no, of course not. Just bring your best behaviour"

The shorter boy stood up and threw his empty cup at the trash can. It missed. Kagami internally cringed. Kuroko yawned and lent over the table, bringing his face close to Kagami's. Kagami froze.

Kuroko leaned in to the redhead's ear.

"Be at mine tomorrow, 7:30."

He grinned, noticing how Kagami's breath hitched in his throat when their faces were close together.

"…Daiki will be there."

Kagami's eyes widened, and Kuroko leaned back, his face impossible to read. "So no funny business".

Kagami started to open his mouth to ask the bluenette what he could possibly mean by that.

But Kuroko had vanished

Kagami was left alone with only a half-eaten pile of hamburgers, watching the fresh snow settling on the windowpane next to his blushing face.