Kagami stood in front of his bathroom mirror, staring at his shirtless reflection.

Right now, he regretted accepting Kuroko's invitation. Kagami had no idea what to wear. He had no idea what to bring. He had no idea what to expect.

What kind of a party is it? Kagami thought to himself, as he took a fingerful of styling wax and rubbed it awkwardly into his hair, carefully pulling the ends of his bangs into straight, sharp points. I mean, that idiot Kuroko didn't give me any details. It could be a fucking orgy for all I know.


Suddenly images of a bashful and sweaty Kuroko, breathless on the floor, intertwined with the tanned, muscled, unmistakable figure of Aomine Daiki moaning in pleasure burst into Kagami's head.

NO, Taiga. NO.

He slapped his cheeks and leaned over the marbled basin, splashing his face with water.

That's gross. Their both guys. Straight guys.

"I'm straight too, GODDAMNIT" Kagami yelled, bringing a clenched fist down on the faucet. It sputtered, then stopped running.

Oh for fuck's sake.


[in Kagami's head]

Aomine: "I'm gonna fuck you till you scream my name, Bakagami."

Kagami felt the pit of his stomach grow warm, and a familiar sensation of heightened sensitivity begin to creep down towards his nether regions. He gasped and closed his eyes. Calm, Kagami. Teenage boys always get random boners. It just so happened that you were visualising Aomine in a sexual situation at the same time you happened to get hard. This doesn't mean you're attracted to him at all.

Because, obviously you aren't gay. Especially not for him.

The red head opened his eyes, and his reflection stared back at him. His cheeks were flushed, his torso still dripping from the shower. He looked under his towel. Kagami sighed: at least he was only half-hard. He carefully removed his towel and laid it over the rail behind the bath, turning on the cold tap as he lent back. Splashing icy water on his member, he winced slightly, and looked back in the mirror.

God, I look at myself a lot, he mused …and with good reason, Kagami smirked, laughing to himself.

Since when did I have an eight-pack? he wondered, poking his lower belly. He turned off the tap and stretched backwards, admiring his muscles as he flexed. Tensing a bicep, he nodded in approval at his reflection. At least Riko's training was paying off.

Yawning, Kagami padded out of the bathroom, and flicked the lights off. Passing the threshold into his bedroom, he nearly tripped over a pile of basketball monthly magazines and swore. He glanced at his unmade bed. Beds mean sex, went his inner monologue. Suddenly thoughts of creaking springs and slicked fingers appeared in his mind.

As if anyone would want to have sex on that messy pile of shit, Kagami thought.

[in Kagami's head]

Aomine (whispering): "I don't mind. I prefer it dirty"

"Err…", Kagami pushed the thought far away, still far too conscious of a tingling feeling in his lower half.

"Now what the FUCK am I supposed to wear?"

After much deliberation, he chose a pair of jeans (very uncomfortable), a white tee with some kind of English slogan printed on it ('Basketball Never Stops' author's note: this is a legitimate Nike tee. In fact, I own one) and, of course, his red and black sneakers. He didn't have any other shoes.

Kagami exited his apartment, grabbing his wallet and taking care to lock the door behind him. He felt slightly nauseous.

Too casual? He wondered as he pulled on his coat and stepped out onto the icy street. Whatever. Not like I'm trying to impress anyone.

Although, a small part of him knew that wasn't true.