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Ch.17 How I Want You


After our girl and B left Above the Dot it took the three of us several minutes to be able to move again. Fitz went downstairs to get back to work While Drew and I walked to school slowly. Making it to social studies just before the bell, both of us glare at Jackass and I know as soon as the bell rings again and we're in the hall he's going to get hurt. I don't normally pay that much attention in class, enough to maintain a B average to stay on the football and hockey teams and appease my parents but I'm far from a good student. And today was Friday which meant I had a game tonight, normally my mind would be on the game and pumping myself up to play but today I could care less about the game I was totally preoccupied with getting to Clare to do naughty things to her especially after that tease upstairs this morning. All I wanted to do after that to get everyone back to my house for a whole weekend of sexy time. Looking at Drew I could tell his mind was on the same thing and I had a feeling the school day was going to drag on forever.

When the bell rings to dismiss classes Drew and I get out of our seats and lean against the wall waiting for Jackass to pass us. He exits a few seconds later and we let him get a few paces ahead of us. We follow him slowly speeding up our pace then at the same time each reach out with one hand connecting with Jackass's shoulders blades and shoving him into the wall as we pass a corner. Jackass hits with a thud and falls to the floor, Drew and I walk away towards our lockers. Seeing Clare looking at the bulletin board near the empty French class I close my locker.

"Meet you in gym," I tell him.

He looks at me and then his eye catches our girl and he grins. "Dude there's no time we'll get her at morning break."

"After what she and B did to me upstairs I'm going to try," I reply.

"Good luck," Drew says shaking his head a little.

Checking the hallways real quick I walk over and rapidly grab Clare's hand pulling her into the dark classroom the door shuts and I lock it leaning her against it.

"Owen this is not keeping things secret what if someone saw you?" She scolds me.

"No one saw I checked the halls and after this morning you owe me that was mean." I whine.

It's too dark in the class to see anything but her outline however I feel her fingers trail down my chest and grab my belt; she pushes me back a little so she's no longer leaning on the door. Going up on her tip toes she presses her lips to mine, her tongue probing my bottom lip and I open my mouth allowing her access. Her hand leaves my belt sliding down my jeans and then she grabs my crotch firmly but not so hard that it hurts it does however produce a loud low moan from my lips so I don't hear her unlocking the door.

"Don't forget who's in charge here Owen, I'll make it up to you at break in 45 minutes you can behave until then can't you?" She questions in a sultry voice rubbing her hand over the crotch of my jeans a couple of times and stimulating my throbbing erection even more as she then lightly kisses my neck.

"I…hrm…break…" I mumble a response and nod my head.

Clare opens the door and leaves the class and I fall back a little leaning on the edge of the teacher's desk. After a couple of minutes and just as the late bell is ringing I can finally leave the classroom running to the locker room and quickly changing, I try to slip in unnoticed to the back of the group but Coach Armstrong sees me thank god Drew covered for me.

"Thanks for joining us Mr. Milligan I trust the nurse took care of your headache?" Armstrong queries.

"Yes sir," I nod.

Armstrong goes back to talking while Drew and Bianca work their way back to me, Bianca leaning on my shoulder.

"So you get any sexy time with our girl?" Bianca questions.

"Not really just got reminded who was in charge," I gripe.

Drew shakes his head and Bianca laughs a little, Armstrong breaks us into groups for basketball luckily for me and Drew Jackass is on the opposing team with Jake and we use the opportunity to trip him and shove him as much as possible without Armstrong seeing. Psycho Chick is on the same team as B but she still trips Psycho Chick a few times. Beating the crap out of Jackass is fun but I really just want to get through gym so I can get to Clare. Finally the bell rings for morning break and we run to the locker room to change. Drew sends a text to our girl to meet in the storage room and we grab B as she leaves the girls locker room. When we get to the storage room Drew and I get ready to block the door and Bianca walks to the back of the room.

"Our girl is here," B calls.

Drew and I move a bookshelf in front of the door to block it and rush to the back of the room. Our girl and B are already kissing, Clare has a hand resting on B's shoulder and B has one of her hands resting on Clare's thigh. I sit behind Clare as she's facing B on the sofa and I run my hands under shirt until I find her breasts. Working my hands under her bra I grasp her breasts softly and Clare moans. She pulls away from kissing B, I grip her shirt and bra pulling them off of her and dropping them on the coffee table.

"I did promise to make it up to him," she tells B then turns to me, "stand." She commands and I do.

She reaches up unhooking my belt, opening the button and unzipping my jeans fly before pulling my jeans and boxers down a little and pulling me to sit back on the sofa. She gets on her hands and knees, grabs my cock at the base and her lips purse around the head eliciting a soft moan from me as my eyes close, leaning back and stretching my arms along the back of the sofa. Her tongue swirls around the head and I tremble slightly as her hand begins stroking slowly along the shaft. I open my eyes and remove one arm from the back of the sofa so I can fondle Clare's soft breasts that are bouncing lightly as she bobs her head along my throbbing erection so welcomed by her mouth.

My eyes close again but then she gasps just slightly making a sucking sensation around my cock, I open my eyes to see what made her gasp. Drew is lifting her denim skirt while Bianca is pulling her panties down to her knees prompting Clare to open her legs a little. Clare begins squirming a little and I watch as Drew and Bianca both begin to finger her, watching her quiver and squirm as she squeals a little and then moans against my cock. I squeeze her breasts a little harder and toy with her nipples alternating between her breasts. Her moans increase in speed and volume the faster Drew and B finger her, I'm fairly certain they're kissing as well but as Clare's sucking me off like crazy I have my head lulled back and my eyes closed too far gone into pre-orgasmic ecstasy I don't really care what the others are doing. They all sound happy and that's all that matters.

"Oh fuck Clare!" Comes from my lips with a guttural groan as I climax into her mouth.

She swallows and I continue to tremble for a minute as the orgasm dissipates. Clare collapses a little onto my lap; shaking and breathing hard as her other boy and her girl assail her hole to bring her to orgasm. Once I've caught my breath I pick her up a little putting her arms around my neck and I hold her waist to keep her up before catching her lips in a kiss of feverish passion. She kisses me with an almost desperate fervor and increasing passion. Her breasts bouncing with each movement, her hard nipples brushing against my shirt, her cries becoming louder and more desperate, her arms tighten a little her body tensing and she pulls out of the kiss to moan.

"Mmmmm ooh Bianca nnnggnng Drew!" Drops from her lips in a beautifully erotic moan as she cums and then collapses against my chest.

I hold her with one arm fixing my boxers and jeans a little with the other. Drew and Bianca withdraw their fingers with satisfied smiles, Clare whimpers slightly. Drew licks his fingers clean as Bianca leans over wrapping an arm around Clare's waist and putting her fingers to my lips for me to clean. Which I happily do tasting Clare's honey sweet juices on Bianca's flesh. Drew fixes Clare's panties and skirt as the bell rings, Bianca releases her standing up and Drew stands. Clare goes up on her knees, I zip and button my jeans fly while Drew helps Clare to stand up. She makes a stifled whimper nearly falling, Drew catches her his arms around her lower back and she grabs his shoulders.

"Just sore," she tells us righting herself slowly.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything at lunch," she says as Bianca hands her shirt and bra to her.

"Don't worry tease we'll take good care of you." I assure her.

She gets dressed again, Drew and I move the shelf and as the bell has already rung and most everyone is in class we leave the storage room together. Clare parts from us to go to her class, Bianca and I wave to Drew as we walk to science class. While passing Jackass on the way in to the room I shove him into the door jam and then trip him earning me a glare from Psycho Chick as if I care.

"Keep your eyes to yourself you crazy bitch!" Bianca snaps at her before slamming Psycho Chick's face into the table.

Several kids in the class laugh, Jake looks somewhere between frightened and amused and others gasp and look frightened.

"Mr. Bettankamp Owen and Bianca hurt me and Eli." Psycho Chick whines when the teacher comes into class.

"I have no idea what she's talking about Sir we've just been sitting here," Bianca shrugs.

"Did anyone else see this?" Mr. Bettankamp questions.

No one says anything, some kids shake their heads but no one else says anything. Our reputations keep anyone from talking and I don't mind at all that everyone's afraid of us.

"But Sir she's telling the truth," Jackass pleads.

"I'm sorry Mr. Goldsworthy but no one else in the class saw anything and I can't hand out detentions on your word." Mr. Bettankamp tells him.

"But Sir everyone else is lying they did see it they're just scared." Jackass argues.

"Mr. Goldsworthy unless you want detention I suggested you drop it and let me get on with the lesson." Mr. Bettankamp replies with an annoyed tone.

Jackass shuts up and Bettankamp starts teaching, when class lets out Bianca and I leave to go out to our lockers. Drew is at his but Jackass and Psycho Chick follow us which is fine by me it's just another reason for me to hit him.

"What the fuck is your problem!" Jackass barks at us.

"Our problem is you Jackass and your psychotic groupie there!" Bianca snaps back.

"Hey!" Psycho Chick gripes with an offended tone.

"Shut up bitch no one was talking to you!" Bianca snaps again.

"You can't talk to me like that!" Imogen pouts crossing her arms over her chest.

Bianca doesn't say anything else but pulls her arm back and pops Psycho Chick on the jaw! Psycho Chick falls back on her ass with a thump holding her cheek where B hit her, a few kids in the hall gawk but no one says anything.

"What the hell did we ever do to you?!" Jackass inquires.

"It's not what you did to us, it's what you did to Clare she came running to my house in tears after you attacked her!" Drew roars and several other kids in the hall hear this.

"I didn't attack her!" Jackass snarls defensively.

"She said no Jackass and you wouldn't stop! Clare deserves better than that she deserves better than you but for some reason we can't fathom she loves you!" I growl at him.

"Why the hell do you guys care so much what I do with my girlfriend anyway?" Jackass questions.

"We care because she's our friend Jackass! She's been tutoring us and we care about her!" I roar at him.

"I think she's spending too much time with you hoodlums, don't forget she's my girlfriend!" Jackass snarls at us.

I look at Drew he nods slightly then I punch Jackass in the gut, Drew follows giving Jackass an uppercut to the jaw and he crumples to the ground just as the bell rings.

"We won't," we reply in unison.

Bianca starts laughing hysterically puts her arms around our shoulders and we walk down the hall.


"What happened to you?" I hear Adam ask as I put books in my locker after gym just before free period.

I look over to see Eli opening his locker with multiple forming bruises on his face. Of course I already know what happened as I gave my boys permission to pester him as much as they pleased and I see they've been taking advantage of this.

"You're brother and Owen have been tripping and shoving me all morning," Eli replies with a harsh tone and giving me a look.

"They were angry about last night Eli," I reply with my face in my locker.

"So was I, I still am and I heard you apologize to her," Adam remarks.

"Everyone was when they heard, can't blame Owen and Drew for being angry honestly I'm surprised she forgave you." K.C. remarks from inside Adam's locker as he's carrying Adam's backpack.

"Yeah but no one else has been hurting me all day," Eli gripes.

"They're my friends Eli they're just looking out for me, speaking of which I have a session with them now since I work after school and need to get some homework done at lunch." I tell them closing my locker and turning to walk away but Eli catches my arm.

"You're still going to tutor them after what they did to me!" He exclaims his voice holding venom and astonishment.

"Eli I made a promise to tutor them and despite your apology I haven't completely forgiven you. Now I need to go, I have to meet Drew and Owen for tutoring, I have work right after school and then I'm at my dad's all weekend. Are you okay for lunch Adam?" I question because I'm sure Eli will be eating with Imogen so she can kiss his bruises and I'd hate for Adam to eat alone.

"Yep he's eating with us," K.C. tells me closing Adam's locker.

I smile at them, force myself to kiss Eli softly and begin walking to the front of the school. I see two of my boys walking just ahead of me and I run ahead to catch up with them.

"Hey you guys ready for a hard tutoring session during free period and lunch?" I say as I fall instep between them.

"Yep we're ready to be tutored," Owen grins.

"Yes very," Drew agrees with a grin of his own.

"We'll take my car," Owen announces as we walk out of school.

At least a dozen kids heard our conversation but as everyone simply thinks we're going to studying it all seems perfectly innocent. The three of us get into Owen's car; I sit in back so they won't be tempted to touch me on the short drive. Owen parks in back of the Dot, Drew went to grab the key for upstairs but it was already gone so we knew Fitz was already waiting for us upstairs, which made sense since he opened today. Too bad Bianca doesn't have free period with us. Oh well she'll join us at lunch, I might want to get her number and give her a code name in my phone like the boys have. I walk into the upstairs to be immediately swept up by Fitz. He carries me to the sofa, lies me down and hovers over me, his lips attach to mine, his hand going up my leg rubbing my pussy with his hand. I whimper, suck in a sharp surprised breath and he stops.

"She's very sore and sensitive after last night and morning break," Drew tells him.

"I think I can make that better," Fitz tells me with a devilishly carnal grin and I know he's about to eat me out, the anticipation of which has me biting my lip and my body tingling.

Fitz stands picking me up again and catching my lips once more, I hear someone sit on the sofa and then I'm placed in a lap, Owen's to be exact. I lean against his chest, scooting down till my butt is nearly on the edge of his knees. Fitz pulls my skirt up over my hips as Drew sits on his knees next to Owen and me. Fitz pulls my panties down my legs and takes my shoes off as Owen disposes of my shirt and Drew quickly gets rid of my bra. I straddle my legs over Owen's as Fitz goes down on his knees between mine and Owen's legs, his hands resting on my thighs and then his tongue wriggles into me slowly.

Pulling in a pleased gasp as my eyes close and I grip Owen's jeans tightly, my head falling back against his shoulder Owen overtakes my lips. Drew grabs my left breast massaging it gently, tenderly pinching the nipple with his fingers commanding it to be hard as his lips encase my right nipple. Fitz's tongue licks my pussy bit by bit, slowly and tenderly his tongue slides around me while my tongue is being occupied by Owen's. Drew's mouth keeps busy on my breast but his hand leaves the other and grazes with a feather soft touch down to my clit. Fitz's tongue probes in a little farther; my back arches as I moan into Owen's mouth, his hands begin exploring my skin. Drew gingerly rubbing my clit and assailing my chest with his mouth, they're all going slow and being very gentle but the buildup of all of them together quickly stimulates all of my nerves and my body starts to tremble. My back arches as far as it can go in my current position and I grip Owen's jeans tighter, pulling my mouth away from Owen's to release a high pitched rapturous cry as I climax.

Fitz slows down his pace but doesn't withdraw his tongue as I ride out my orgasm. Drew keeps busy with my breasts having ceased his massaging of my clit. Owen has busied his lips by kissing my neck and jaw, my hands gripping his jeans so hard my knuckles begin to ache and then I relax collapsing against Owen. Fitz sits on the coffee table licking his lips as I pant hard, he gets up vanishing from view for a minute and returning with some waters for us. He gives a bottle to Drew and Owen then opens a bottle for me before handing it to me.

"I think I need lunch now, I doubt we're done for the afternoon and don't forget I have work this afternoon." I remind my boys.

"I'll grab us some lunch Sexy," Fitz says looking at his watch, "better grab something for Bianca too just to be safe."

He leans down placing his lips on mine, I can taste myself on his lips which is erotically exciting and I feel myself getting hot again. Fitz leaves through the door, Drew moves back leaning against the arm of the sofa, his knees bent, his shoes on the sofa cushion. I crane my head back putting a hand on the back of Owen's neck and kissing him gently. He separates his lips giving me access with my tongue and I dominate his. Detaching my lips from his and smiling at him lustfully as I move off his lap. Drew opens his legs so I can go between them and I lean against his chest, his arms go around me resting softly on my belly and my feet settle on Owen's lap. He begins gently rubbing his hands over my legs and feet. When Owen's phone goes off a few minutes later he excuses himself to go help Fitz carry up lunch. They return after a couple of minutes sitting on the sofa, I stretch my legs over both of them and Fitz hands me a to-go box with a sandwich in it and sets a cup on the table for me. He hands another box to Drew and I adjust myself slightly so we can eat.

"I hope you got me lunch too, I'm starving," Bianca says when she opens the door a short time later.

"Of course we did B," Fitz says motioning to her food on the table.

"Why is our girl still wearing clothes?" Bianca questions as she sits on the coffee table next to her food and looks me over.

"Just my skirt the rest of my clothes are scattered around somewhere although come to think of it you all far too dressed still, boys shirts." I command.

"Yes Mistress," Owen grins and all the boys take off their shirts tossing them about the upstairs.

Having finished half of my lunch I set the rest on the table figuring I will be hungry again after our second round. Motioning for my water Fitz hands it to me and I take a few gulps and swish it around to get any traces of food in my mouth out so I don't taste like sandwich for whoever kisses me next. I sip at my soda while the others finish eating but everyone is done or decided that they've had enough after a few minutes. Bianca passes out some gum and they all chew it a few seconds to freshen their breath before spitting it into napkins.

Then they all look at me with the same hungrily carnal look, Fitz reaches up undoing my skirt and pulling it down my legs with some help from Owen who drops it to the floor. Fitz opens my legs and I'm aware that Owen is moving off the sofa but Drew cups my chin tilting my head up and coupling our lips. My legs are held open and up high by the heels, Owen holding one and Fitz the other. One of my hands rests at the back of Drew's neck and my eyes close as I melt into the kiss. Fitz takes both my legs as Owen begins toying with my breasts and sucking my nipples just as he gentle rubs my clit and my back arches. I'm becoming quite lost in the waves of pleasure but am aware of some movement between my legs.

Bianca's long hair tickles the inside of my thighs then I feel her tongue gently slide into me. I make a shuddering, sharp gasp that melts into a moan; my hands grip Drew's jeans. Unlike my boys who have to explore and test a little bit to find the right spots my girl knows exactly where to put her tongue, how to lick and just how much pressure to use. My body quivers and squirms on Drew's lap, I feel him getting harder, his erection poking at me through his jeans. My skin rubbing against his bare chest, Owen takes his hand from my breast again holding one of my heels once more and then Bianca starts moaning herself and I tear my lips from Drew's and forcing my eyes to open slightly I see Bianca kneeling on the sofa with her knees on the arm. Her legs are open and Fitz is behind her, her pants pulled down and Fitz is fingering her.

My girl and I moan in near tandem, her deep moans from Fitz fingering her hard and fast are vibrating into my pussy. Owen is gently rubbing my clit and cosseting my breasts, I kiss Drew with tremendous passion and fervor and occasionally my eyes open and I lock eyes with Fitz for a few brief seconds as he gives me a lecherous grin. It doesn't take long for me to be ready to explode, I whimper and moan taking my lips from Drew's and gripping his jeans even tighter. My hips bucking wildly, gyrating and twisting, I'm rubbing against Drew so hard it's enough for him to cum as I hear a deep guttural groan emitting from the back of his throat.

"Ahmmmm Biancaaaaaa!" I scream out with a deep exhale.

She slows down a little and then withdraws, I collapse against Drew and he kisses my neck although he is breathing hard himself. Owen continues playing with my breasts but I open my eyes now to watch my girl on all fours as she is fingered to orgasm by Fitz. I can see that Owen is quite turned on and I intend to take care of that. Sitting up I push Owen away from my bosom pull him to stand up and take his jeans and boxers down before pushing him to sit on the coffee table. Adjusting so that I'm on my knees on the sofa I lean forward and rest my arms on Owen's legs.

I grab his cock firmly at the base and bring my mouth down on it just as I hear a rapturous climactic cry coming forth from Bianca's lips. I feel her collapse on the sofa a bit and then Drew gets up. After a couple of minutes Bianca sits up, Drew sits between Bianca and I having hopped over the back of the sofa while Fitz sits on the coffee table about a foot from Owen. Bianca moves so she's sitting like me and opens the fly on Fitz's jeans, he stands again to get them down a little. Owen leans back on the coffee table his eyes going half lidded and Bianca begins bobbing her head nearly in unison with mine. When we both have a good rhythm going I feel fingers gently brushing on my pussy lips and I tremble again, Bianca is doing the same and I know Drew is doing it to her as well.

The faster we go on Fitz and Owen the more Drew's fingers probe our pussy's. His fingers slide into my hole and Bianca's simultaneously as we both make virtually the same erotically euphoric sound. His fingers go slow, thrusting and twisting, curling and pulsing. He's going painstakingly slow and it's almost torturous, I move my head faster sucking Owen off at an almost frantic pace as my hips start bucking and seeking out Drew's fingers. I feel Owen tense, a deep animalistic moan come from his lips, drinking every drop of his thick juice I keep leaning on his legs as Drew speeds up his pace and it isn't long before I'm ready to orgasm yet again. As soon as Owen can breathe better he tips my chin up and kisses me with fervor until Drew gets me off yet again. Just after I orgasm I hear Fitz orgasm and then Bianca. Now that we've all released we all collapse, well the others fix their clothes first. Exhausted I fall against Drew as does Bianca, she puts her legs over Fitz and I put mine over Owen as he hands me some water.

"Crap I need to get downstairs again," Fitz says leaping up and looking around for his shirt, which he finds and puts on.

"Kiss me," I command.

Fitz grins leaning over the back of the sofa and joining his lips to mine. "I'll see you after school Sexy," he says then he says goodbye to the other and runs out.

"Can I have the rest of my sandwich please?" I request of Owen.

Owen hands me my sandwich and moves to sit next to me on the sofa, the others eat a little bit more as well and finish their sodas. I really don't feel like going back to school after that but of course we have to eventually. Owen stands first and I attempt to follow but nearly fall, would have if Drew hadn't caught me. I suck in a breath as they help me to stand again, Owen picks me up and carries me to his car while Drew and Bianca lock up and then we all drive back to school.

"Can you walk into school?" Bianca asks as I slowly get out of the car.

"Do I have a choice? I'll just go slow and pretend I pulled a muscle I do wish my next class wasn't with Eli and Adam though." I sigh.

"Adam will just worry about you and your jackass boyfriend has been eating dirt all day thanks to us so if he says anything he can eat dirt again." Drew asserts picking me up.

"Actually he'll eat dirt again anyway, if he says anything he'll just eat more of it." Owen remarks.

We get several looks from kids in the courtyard due to the fact that not only am I being carried by Drew but Bianca and Owen are walking ahead of us standing tall and looking menacing like bodyguards. No one says a word as they're all too afraid of getting hurt but we get several looks.

"What happened?" Dave and Adam inquire when they see us.

"She pulled a muscle didn't want her to walk," Drew tells his brother.

"You better let me get her to class Eli's already pissed at you guys, if he sees you carrying Clare he might lose it." Adam says holding out his arms.

"Yeah but Eli deserved it for what he did," Dave says.

"I know and I'm glad you two hurt him so I wouldn't have to but he'll still lose it." Adam replies.

"Fine but you aren't even allowed to carry your backpack little bro I'm not letting you carry Clare." Drew reminds him.

"I think I can walk from here," I attempt.

"Nope," they all say together.

"I got her, put her on my back." Dave says turning around.

I say goodbye to my boys and my girl then Dave gives me a piggy back to English class. Eli gives me a look when we get in but he doesn't start yelling or anything he is however glaring at Dave and I roll my eyes.

"I need my backpack," I remark when Dave sets me down.

"I'll text Alli to bring it, is it in your locker?" Dave questions and I nod.

Dave walks out texting on his phone as Adam tells Eli I pulled a muscle and that's why Dave was carrying me.

"You should have called me Blue Eyes; you know I don't like other people touching you." Eli says with all the caring charm he can ooze out.

"Eli! Seriously? So you going to get angry if I hug her?" Adam questions in an astonished and irritated tone.

It's obvious that Adam is quickly losing patience with Eli's behavior and I don't know how much longer they'll be friends if Eli's behavior doesn't change. As for me I'm certain I no longer love Eli and that I was never truly in love with him. I am fairly certain on the hand I'm falling for all of my boys and possibly my girl. I know for certain that I love each of them and I'm fairly certain I'm in love with them I mean truly in love with each of them on this deep level that I'm not sure anyone outside of my boys and my girl could understand. Which would all be great if it wasn't a huge problem in and of its self and so I'm stuck in a relationship I no longer want to be in so I can continue to be in four other relationships I do want to be in, well I guess it's really one relationship but with four other people in it.

"You can hug her she's your friend just don't hold her or anything." Eli shrugs flippantly and turns to the front of the class as Miss Dawes comes in followed by Alli with my backpack.

Adam looks angry and like he might hit Eli so I put my hand on his arm and shake my head, he lets out a breath relaxing a little. Alli hands me my backpack and gives us a confused look but she has to get to her own class so there's no time for questions now. Our assignment today is creative writing, we have to write a short story and then hand it to the person sitting behind us to edit, we're supposed to write whatever pops into our head first but make it fictional.

I write a story about a princess named Chastity who's married to the evil troll king Elijah and he keeps her in a tower so no one else can see her or touch her. Elijah plays around with the servant girl Imi while he keeps Chastity locked in the tower only letting her out when he wants to. Unbeknownst to Elijah or Imi Chastity is visited every night and any time Elijah is out by three strong handsome princes; JD, Taylor and Damon as well as a beautiful and sexy princess Veronica. The name just popped into my head but I have decided it's Bianca's code name from now on, anyway back to my story. They pamper Chastity and take care of her and play tricks on the troll king and his servant girl then one day they break Chastity out of her tower and all five of them live happily in a beautiful castle where their every desire is granted.

You can see what was on my mind, I write really fast and finish first. It's a good thing Adam sits next to me and Eli in front of me because they would have so many questions if they read my story and Eli might figure out that I know. I barely know the girl behind me other than her name is Judy. Miss Dawes has the back row take their papers to the front row and everyone else pass their papers back, we are to edit and grade them ourselves she's not even going to read them which I think is good because I'm certain I'd be talking to the school counselor on Monday if she did.

Eli's story is about a brilliant playwright whom he calls Ari and his girlfriend Clara; those names are more thinly veiled than my story. Anyway he's deeply in love with Clara but she doesn't pay enough attention to him and then he meets a girl named Jen, a cute girl with pigtails and glasses. Humph wonder who that could be? Anywho Ari and Jen have a connection and she moves in with him and Clara; the two girls live for serving Ari and being his muses in his writing and in the bedroom.

And now I want to throw up! The worst thing is I'm certain that's how Eli thinks it'll be! After making a few corrections to punctuation and stuff I have to grade it. I want to give it an F but that would make Eli mad and bring up questions so I give him a B sighting that it was short and lacked detail or story. When the bell rings Eli gets up and grabs Adam's backpack for him I stand up and make a whimper because I'm very sore and sensitive still and the guys look at me.

"That pulled muscle still hurts," I tell them.

"Do you want me to carry you to class Blue Eyes?" Eli offers.

The thought of being in Eli's arms at all sends a shudder up my spine and makes my stomach churn.

"No that's okay you need to help Adam and I can make it." I reply.

"I'll see you after school Blue Eyes since I won't see you all weekend," Eli says kissing my cheek.

I have to keep from having a visceral reaction to his touch; he's nothing but a mask now, a boyfriend mask. I'm going to pretend that my relationship with Eli is fine so I can stay in my happy clandestine relationship with my harem.

"In case I don't see you after school have a good weekend Adam and I'll see you Monday." I tell Adam hugging him lightly.

"Yeah you too," Adam replies and then looking straight at Eli kisses my cheek.

When I look at Eli he's tense and with his fists clenched and I visibly roll my eyes at him walking out of class quickly despite how uncomfortable it is. MI goes by quickly and I'm able to hide the sensitivity and discomfort I'm in. After stashing my backpack in my locker since I have no weekend homework and aside from work and eating I doubt very much I'll be leaving the bed much this weekend. Alli is on the steps and I want to know how Eli will react if he sees her touching me more than just a hug. He's talking to Imogen near the auditorium but he'd be able to see us on the steps. I walk quickly past Eli and call to Alli as I go down to her to get Eli's attention.

"Hey I need a quick favor," I tell her.

"Sure what's up?" Alli asks.

"Eli seems to be getting mad when anyone touches me. He didn't like that Dave was giving me a piggyback earlier and he glared at Adam when he kissed my cheek. I'm curious to see what he'll do if you I don't know keep an arm around me or something." I inform her.

"If he's getting so possessive why not just dump him?" Alli questions as Bianca walks past us and I know she's headed for the Dot to meet Fitz which is where I'll be going shortly.

"I can't it's complicated," I respond.

"Okay," Alli shrugs she hugs me tightly holds the hug for longer than normal and then kisses my cheek and keeps an arm around my waist when she pulls away. "I wish you weren't having family weekend at your Dad's. Dave and I are spending Saturday night at Jenna and K.C.'s and his mom is taking Ty to visit her parents." Alli says just as Eli comes out of school.

"Excuse me Alli I need my girlfriend," Eli says pulling me away from Alli but at least he uses less force than when he pulled me away from Bianca.

"She's my best friend Eli I was just saying have a good weekend!" Alli snaps back.

"Yeah but I'm not going to see her all weekend," he replies giving Alli a look and she walks away.

"Eli…" I start with a heavy sigh but he cuts me off with a kiss.

My eyes close out of instinct more than anything else, I still feel love in his kiss but it sort of feels all twisted now. I also feel on pure instinct that my boys are watching and my eyes shoot open as I pull out of the kiss and I give them a warning look, Eli is pretty black and blue as it is.

"Have a good weekend with your dad Blue Eyes," he says.

"Aren't you going to miss me?" I inquire with a hand on my hip as he walks away from me and back inside.

He turns back and gives me this smirk that's somewhere between arrogant and lustful. "Of course I will Blue Eyes."

He turns again and goes back inside, I'm certain he won't miss me the tiniest little bit as I'm certain he'll be with Imogen all weekend. Oh well no matter to me I'll be with my harem all weekend being pampered and well taken care of in I'm sure every possible way. After a quick salacious smile to Drew and Owen I walk quickly to the Dot to meet Fitz and Bianca who are awaiting me in Fitz's car. I get in the passenger seat and Fitz starts driving.

"So I've decided your code name in my phone will be Veronica also I need your number." I tell Bianca as I lean on Fitz and he puts an arm around me.

"Ooh I like Veronica; I think I'll make you Sex Kitten." Bianca replies then leans over the seat to kiss me.

"Suits you both," Fitz smiles when we pull out of the kiss.

Bianca tells me she got my number from Drew and sends me a text so I save her number. Then I ask her to hand me the bag with my bag with my costume so I can be ready to put my mask on.


"Don't put your mask on yet we're going shopping first," I remind Clare as we pull into downtown.

"I think I'd prefer to wear my mask in the store," she replies.

Fitz pulls up at the naughty store and we all get out he puts an arm around Clare but since the three of us can't fit through the door I let them go first. Of course as soon as we're in I put an arm around her too. There's a gross looking guy in his thirties that probably frequents the Red Room and he gives us quite the look. The twenty something guy behind the counter also eyes us as we walk in together, whether it's the fact that she's masked or that the three of us are holding each other I'm not sure. Both Fitz and I glare at the gross guy for looking at our girl but she doesn't seem to notice.

"So what condoms would you like Sexy?" Fitz asks when we get to the wall of condom choices.

"I don't know what do you think Veronica?" She asks me.

I pick out a couple of boxes and several singles that are colored and flavored and ribbed and all that other nonsense.

"Mmm that's only 30 better get another couple of boxes." I say after doing some quick math.

Fitz picks up four more boxes and we take it all to the checkout, the guy gives us a smile and rings it up then Fitz pays.

"Veronica and I have more shopping wait by the door Damon," Clare commands when he takes the bag.

She puts her arms around his neck and takes his lips, kissing him passionately and pulling away after a minute. He gives her a carnal grin and walks outside leaning on the wall by the door. Putting my arm around her we walk to the lingerie section and gross guy is still staring at her.

"Hey perv if you don't stop looking at our girl I'm going to shut your eyes for good and shove you outside for Damon to kick the crap out of!" I warn him.

"Make a purchase or get out," the employee says.

The guy finally looks away and leaves the store and Clare is kind of laughing as she looks through the rack of lingerie. She picks out a lavender see through baby doll with matching g-string and a dark blue corset with garters so I get her back seem stockings to go with them.

"You need some too," she says grabbing a deep red busiter that has black roses and garters so I get back seem stockings as well. She also picks me out a hot pink see through camisole that has a matching g-string. "You think the boys would like some restraints?" She asks turning around and looking at the wall with handcuffs and such.

"I know they'd love it," I tell her.

We get two pairs of handcuffs with black fuzz around them to make sure they're comfortable, a box set that comes with another pair of fuzzy cuffs, a blind fold and a silk bondage tie long enough that you could use it almost any way you want and then we get two more blindfolds as there are mostly intended to be used on her boys and not on us. Clare pays for everything, the guy bags it up and we go out to meet Fitz. Leaving the bags in the car when we park at the club, Clare gives us each a quick peck before grabbing the bag with her costume and going around to the back. Fitz and I greet Bruno and go through the front sitting next to the stage so I can stuff money between her breasts and in her skirt.

"Give me cash," I demand to Fitz.

He gets out his wallet and gives me a handful of singles and a couple of fives. We order a couple beers and sit back waiting for our girl to come on stage.

"So what did you girls buy?" He asks after we have our beers.

"If I tell you now it won't be a surprise when we get home," I reply with a coy smile.

"I hope the next four hours go by super fast, I can't wait to get her home." Fitz says mindlessly watching the girl currently on stage while I know he's thinking about Clare.

"Just remember she's already sore and sensitive, she's probably going to be quite tired after work and she had to deal with Jackass being a possessive ass all day and now gross men are going to be lusting after her. We can't all just jump her the second we get her in the door." I tell him.

"B all I want to do is make sure she is spoiled and pampered. She's in charge and we grant her every desire. As soon as we get her in the house we'll massage her, get her all relaxed and ready for this weekend." Fitz replies.

"Good I'm sure she'll need it, looks full tonight I hope no one pays for a private dance." I remark.

There are three more dancers before our girl finally comes on stage Fitz whistles louder than anyone else. I cheer and hold up a small fan of money, Clare smiles and walks over to us, kneeling on the stage so I can get to her. I put a five between her boobs and a bunch of singles in the waistband of her skirt, she leans down softly putting her lips on mine and the gross men in the place are going crazy. I'm sure Fitz is thinking about this weekend and I am too, my hand impulsively goes up her skirt and under her g-string. She whimpers lurching a little as she pulls out of the kiss.

"Behave we have all weekend," she whispers lightly dragging her finger under my chin as she stands up again.

She begins sauntering back to the main part of the stage taking money from some of the men as she goes but of course they aren't allowed to touch her or put it in her costume.

"How mad do you think she'd be if we took her off stage and ran home with her?" I ask Fitz.

"I doubt our girl would get very mad but her boss and the guards might be mad." He replies laughing a little.

"I don't want to wait four hours to touch her, this is torture!" I whine leaning against Fitz.

"Yeah it is but we get her for the next two days straight and Owen's parents said they'd probably stay Sunday instead of driving back and keep Tris out of school on Monday." Fitz tells me.

"Oh good we'll all be exhausted I bet, we should all call in sick." I reply and now I'm bored because our girl isn't in sight.

"Actually I have it off you four will have to call in sick," Fitz replies.

"Well I'm betting it won't be hard to convince our girl and Owen's parents will still be gone that's easy enough. Drew might be the hard one, Simpson knows Audra and if she thinks Drew is sick she'll want to see him. Maybe Adam can help but without us telling him what's going on because Adam would freak." I reply.

"Yeah finding out his best friends are cheating on each other and not only is Clare cheating but she's doing it with his brother, former bullies and former crush." Fitz chortles.

"Yeah poor Adam if he ever finds out he might go crazy literally crazy." I respond.

Since we have another ten minutes or so before our girl comes back on stage Fitz and I order some nachos and start talking about all the things we, and I'm sure her other two boys, want to do to and for Clare this weekend.

Update soon kicking off their weekend of debauchery!