I've been watching South Park, and was disappointed at how few fanfics there are for this ship. However you want to say it; Buttman, Cutters, or just the simple Eric/Butters. Sorry for inaccuracy.

This story was never finished, I'm sorry friends! :(

It was the first week of 8th grade. Top of the food chain, baby! Hardly two days into the new school year and everyone still felt like little 7th graders. This was the semester where things really started to kick in. Where girls seemed to become prettier, and everything started being more touchy-feely and experimental. It was only one year behind high school; but it's too early to think about that.

All the 8th graders shared a hall with the 7th graders, and they had to switch classes about four times each school day. Different teachers that taught sole subjects, but everyone knew the work would be about the same. Eric had to share a class with filthy Jewish scum again. Stan and Kenny had a separate peer group, which really sucked balls.

The only good thing about this school year (other than finally being a 8th grader), was that Butters also shared a class with Eric and Kyle. This was perfect. This was very perfect. Eric would have a little minion in close proximity at all times! Kyle would probably just but in though. Filling Butter's head with lies.


"W-why hey Eric! Did ya get your school supplies yet?" Chimed the blonde boy, who had just came into the classroom. Always chipper.

"Nah, I'm just going to wait til the end of the week then get my mom to do it for me." Shrugged Eric, who was sitting bored in his desk. The bell hadn't rung yet so the teacher was letting everyone talk. Butter's began to yammer about whatever-the-heck. Eric let his eyes wander.

Kyle was talking to some guy Eric had never seen before at the other side of the room. He made a mental note to ask about it later so he could call him a fag or something. That will teach him to have a social life!

Butters noticed Eric looked a little distracted. He waved a hand in front of his eyes and tilted his head. "Hello? What'cha lookin' at?" He asked dumbly.

Eric nonchalantly brought his eyes back to the scrawny boy that was demanding his attention. "I was just thinking about calling Kyle a faggot later."

"Oh, well, okay. But that's not very nice!" Though he wasn't very surprised, Butters didn't always approve of some of Eric's nasty remarks! Especially to their friends. "How would y-you like it if I called you a faggot?"

There was a silence between them. Suddenly, the background noise of kids' conversations became a loud uproar in Butters ears. Oh, he was in for it now!

"Butters." Said Eric calmly, with a straight face. "You have three seconds to sit down and shut up before I have to get violent."

"Ahhh!" Butters lightly screamed, looking panicked. He skittered over to his desk without a second thought. It was in the row between Eric and Kyle's row.

Eric watched and rolled his eyes. "You are such a dumbass."

"I can't believe that stupid whore gave us homework!" Expressed Stan, beating a clamped fist on the lunch table.

"Yeah!" Agreed Kenny, who was sitting beside him.

"It's only been, like, a day since we've been in 8th grade! We haven't even learned anything yet!" He continued to rant as Kyle found the table. He sat on the other side across from Kenny.

"What are you yelling about, Stan?" Sighed Kyle, tearing a piece of chicken with his hand.

"Our stupid second period teacher gave us fucking homework." Kenny replied before Stan had time to say anything. It was strange how despite his muffled voice, they could understand him plain as day.

"What the heck, dude. That's just not right."

Stan threw his arms up. "I know!"

They continued their discussion until a voice broke the conversation. "Mind if I sit here?" It asked. 'It' turned out to be Butters.

The three gave each other looks. Everyone just sort of shrugged. "Whatever." Finally replied Kenny.

"Gee, th-thanks guys!" He sat down beside Kenny quickly, grinning. "All the other s-seats are sorta full, and, well no one really wants to share." Butters hadn't changed that much since fourth grade. He spoke out more passionately, though. He had to learn how to stand up for himself. That didn't mean he wasn't still a bashful idiot, but usually it was more aggravating than cute.

Kenny took off his hood and brushed back his hair with a hand. "Probably because nobody wants to catch your gay."

Butters got really flustered, either from anger or embarrassment. "Th-they do not!"

Being the reaction the other blonde was hoping for, Kenny laughed and punched Butters on the arm. "Calm your tits little girl! I'm only screwing with you."

"Ow," Butters rubbed his sore arm. "I'm not gay."

"If you say so dude." Stan finally got in on the action, speaking through a mouthful of buttery tasting mashed potatoes (they were a little chunky though).

"Why, I oughta-"

"What the fuck is this?"

Butters nearly jumped out of his pants. "Waahh!" He tilted his head back to see a pissed off Eric standing over him. He looked like he was about ready to dump his tray on Butter's head, but we all know Eric is too much of a fat ass to waste food.

"He wanted to sit with us." Explained Kyle.

"And you LET him?"

Butters looked like he was getting nervous, bringing his hands up to his chest and fidgeting."I don't want any trouble now, fellas! I can m-move!"

"Just say he can sit here before he wets himself." Kenny commented, leaning away from Butters and more toward Stan.

"It's really no problem, I-I mean-"

"Butters!" Eric nearly screamed, getting a terrified look from the blonde in front of him. There was a slight hesitation. Butters had the look of a kicked puppy; he almost always looked that way, though. "You know what? I really don't care." Eric finally sat down beside Butters, who was staring at him like he was about to be hit any moment.

"Thank God, if he wet himself he'd probably start crying." Stan said.

"Yeah, I hate when girls cry."

"Oh, shut up Kenny!" Butters crossed his arms. He'd hardly touched his food. He didn't want Eric to be angry with him for intruding, so he nudged it toward him. Kenny just sat there and grinned like an idiot. Butters was so weird.

"Geez Cartman, what crawled up your ass?" Asked Kyle, who was the only one on the other side of the table. He didn't really care, though.

"Nobody asked you, Jew." Eric then proceeded to scoop Butter's food onto his own tray without even a thank you.

Kyle narrowed his eyes. "Asked me what?"


Eric was trying to be clever. Kyle hated that. And he really hated Eric. For some reason ever since about the third grade, the two had had it out for each other. The passion of battle still is present this year, obviously.

"Why do you always have to try and be so smug all the time?"

Stan sighed loudly and propped his head on a hand. "Here we go again. You guys need to grow up."

They both ignored him. "Smug? Smug?" Eric laughed. "I'm not smug. It's a well known fact that I'm just a little bit smarter than you, Kyle." He shrugged. The air of immaturity surrounding Eric was ever present.

"Ughhh!" Kenny planted his face on the table; grateful for once he didn't have enough money for lunch today.

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything fat ass?"

"Oh, nothing. Just that I have better grades, more money, and more friends than you is all." He shrugged again. "Everyone knows smart people are more cool and popular."

Sometimes it felt like Eric was just pulling things out his ass. "Whatever! You're just saying shit! And you know your highest grade on a good day is a C."

"Bull crap!" Eric turned to Butters who was watching the two intently. "Butters agrees with me, don't you Butters?"

"U-uh, well I-" Butters stammered awkwardly.

"Don't give into his crap Butters, he's just trying to get you on his side like he always does."

"But he r-really,"

"Go on Butters. Tell Kyle how you really feel! You didn't forget that we're best friends, did you, Butters?"

Butters blinked between them. Just earlier Eric had threatened him, and now he was claiming they were best friends! Well, that didn't really matter. Not to Butters, anyways. People threatened to beat him up all the time! It was usually Eric, to be honest. Not like he ever acted on it before.

"I guess, Eric." He finally said, fidgeting again. Kenny had by now pulled his hood back up, head still face planted and hands covering where his ears would be. Stan had sort of zoned out, and had finished his lunch. He looked irritated, though. Eric put an arm around Butters and stuck his tongue out at Kyle, who was fuming.

"That doesn't even prove anything!"

"It proves I have more friends than you, so ha!"

Butters had tensed up, though seemed rather ecstatic that Eric was suddenly being so friendly. An arm around the shoulder was one step away from a hug! "Y-yeah!" He agreed wholeheartedly.

Then the bell rung, and all the kids flooded back to class. Kyle argued with Eric the whole way, while Butters stayed under his (rather large) arm. Stan had just rolled his eyes and went back to class with Kenny. Kenny was a little distracted so he wasn't much for talk, unfortunately.

It was going to be a long week.

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