Butters waited for the third week of 8th grade. It was painful having to sit in class each day, taking short hand notes without Cartman there to cause a ruckus. He found he really missed the fat ass's annoying voice and harsh comments. Without him the school days went by achingly slow. It was as if everything had gone quiet; a winter where no snow birds chirped and nothing grew.

In short, Butters was bored out of his fucking mind.

The next Monday couldn't have come any sooner. He had decided he wanted to have this talk with Eric in person, at school. He felt too awkward to show up at his door, so he was relieved- yet a little anxious- when that early morning finally came. He had hefted his back pack on and sleepily gotten onto the bus, knowing full well that he was about to have to chew Eric out when he got to the school. And, Eric was likely not going to listen.

Butters walked painfully slow through the crowed hallway, making his way to class. Today he wanted to be late, but knew if he was and his parents found out he'd end up with a bright behind. So, he walked slow, but only painfully slow. Painfully slow was just slow enough to get you there on time and still stall things.

When the nervous blonde finally took a step into his bustling first period class, he found himself getting a little upset. It was an angry upset, naturally. The feeling pushed down the nervousness as he glanced up at the faces littered around the square room. To his relief, Eric hadn't walked in yet. His desk was empty.

Butters put his backpack around the back of his seat and settled down in the desk. He propped his head up by an elbow and stared down at the things etched into the wood of his desk. Things like "Susie was here" and a whole lot of penises. He promptly ignored all the other children's yapping.

Suddenly, there was the crinkling sound of a candy wrapper as a small Twix candy bar plopped onto his desk. Butters was drawn out of his stupor and looked up in confusion. Eric stood there, face unreadable. "Hey Butters." He said plainly. "So uh. I've got more chocolate where that came from. If you want any more." Eric felt bad. It wasn't Butters he should be kissing up to, though!

"Grrrr," Butters huffed, scrunching his face. "Why, Eric, you got a lotta nerve! You r-really hurt poor Kenny!" His nervousness was now completely replaced with 'I am so pissed off at you.' Which was really as bad as his anger got, unless you kept prodding him. This was ironic, being just last week he had gone to have a talk with Kenny about not being pissed at Eric. And here Butters was- pissed off!

"Listen!" Eric frowned, reaching into his pockets and pulling out another two Twix candy bars. "You can have all the chocolate and candy you want, as long as you stop being mad at me!" He placed the candy onto Butter's desk.

Butters moved a hand and the bars fell onto the dirty school tile below. "No, y-you can't buy me with Twix Eric! Kenny, well Kenny is really nice! And you had no right to pick a f-fight with him like that! Y'hear me mister?" It was odd to hear Butters taking charge over Eric for a change.

"Dude," Kyle marveled walking to stand on the other side of Butter's desk once he had noticed what was going on. "You get'em Butters!" He cheered, grinning evilly at the fat boy who glared at him.

"Oh, I will!" Butters stated, scooting over and out of his desk. He looked demanding in the weirdest way, but he was still the scrawny fag of the class. Not very threatening, despite his (highly adorable) attempt to be menacing.

Eric looked a little frustrated, choosing to not say anything back to the frizzy haired Jew. Instead he crossed his arms and locked his eyes with Butters, as the blonde gingerly stepped between two desks to get to Eric's side. The blonde mimicked Eric and crossed his arms as well, standing in front of him.

"Why can't you just accept my peace offerings and say 'okay Eric, you're the coolest?" Asked Eric, hiding his sadness.

"Because, Cartman, Kenny is nicer to me than you a-are, and you smashed his face!"

Some of the other children began to grow interested in the conversation and turned to watch. The pair didn't take any notice, however, and continued. "Well the motherfucker put his mouth on you!" Eric defended, using a hand to gesture towards Butters. He tried not to show any disappointment in Butters using his last name rather than first.

"A-and? Maybe I wanted him to?" Butters argued back. "M-maybe, since he was so nice, I wanted to be nice back. Maybe I wanted to kiss him, too?" Butters was half-lying. He just wanted Eric to get the point into his thick fat skull.

One kid coughed and purposely made sure everyone could hear him say 'fags.' A few kids giggled but the arguing pair didn't seem to take notice.

It was weird. Eric looked stunned for what must have been half a minute. His eyes bore into Butters, and Butters began to regret what he said. Standing up for himself and his friends sure was hard, sometimes. Especially when your 'best friend' stood in front of you, looking like you just ran over his favorite pet or lost the save file of his best Xbox game.

Kyle cocked his head to the side, looking back and forth between the two. It was obvious what was going on here- at least to him. He decided to remain silent for now.

"Well," Finally replied Eric "I don't want you to kiss him."

Butters tried to puff up his chest. It was time he started REALLY saying no to Eric. "I can kiss him if I wanna." He said mockingly. "You're not my mom." He repeated, remembering what Kenny had said before at his house.

More and more, Eric looked torn. Torn between keeping his image and cursing the frail boy out, or allowing himself to be visibly shaken by the rejection. "Butters." he said seriously, pausing before speaking again. "It's not that. It's that you're not kissing- fuck!" he cut off his original sentence, flinching and unable or unwilling to say it with half the class watching. "Just, fuck you Butters!"

Butters made an angry face, and the bell rang. Everyone took their seats, but the argument continued, albeit at a lower tone. Most of the children were still keeping their eyes and ears on the two.

"Fuck you, and your fucking blue eyes, and your fucking cute baby face, and- and fuck you!" He turned from looking at Butters and sat his head down, leaving Butters stunned.

"Dude!" Kyle exclaimed from his desk on the right row from Butter's.. He didn't think he was right when he began to suspect the Neo-Nazi of actually having feelings. For another boy, nonetheless.

There came the National Anthem, the announcements, and then the teacher began to call row. Everyone relayed that they were indeed at school that day, and the class began. Eric worked (or rather slacked off) quietly during that period, and left Butters utterly confused. He used the time to take sloppy notes and question what Eric said in his head.

He even had tried to pass a note to Eric to pick up the conversation half way through the dull class, but Eric didn't reply. He just flipped Butters off and continued about his business.

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