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Chapter Three:

"Does it scare you?"

"No," My head raised as I looked at the thirteen year old. "It terrifies me."

" Is that why you scream?" He asked. I pursed my lips, before sitting up straight. I was the one mentoring the boy, though Finnick and Siren agreed that I would only talk to him about the basics. They didn't want me to get into detail- afraid that would cause another scene like the reaping.

"Yes and no," I replied. "I scream because I see the memories. The Hunger Games will forever scare me now but before my own Hunger Games I wasn't the least bit nervous. When I got out, I changed," I choked on my words, before smiling lightly at the red headed boy.

"Claire?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows, and gave another small smile. "Am I going to die?"

I sucked in a breath before slowly shaking my head. He gave a smile like my own, and stood up. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, and I hugged him in return. He was going to die; and he knew it.

"Are you scared?" Barren asked, sitting beside me on the reclining chair. I shrugged and threw the remote back to him. He caught it with ease before gently throwing it back.

"Not really, maybe of District One," I answered honestly. He frowned before opening his arms. I smiled lightly before getting off the couch, crawling into his embrace. I curled up in his chest, grabbing fistfuls of his grey tee shirt.

"I'll never let anything happen to you, Claire Bear," He whispered.

"Claire? Are you okay? You're shaking," I looked down to see my arms shaking rapidly. I immediately stopped it, and took a breath of oxygen. Chandler was looking at me, wide eyes with curly strands falling helplessly.

"I'm fine," I gave a fake smile, hoping he would drop it; he did. "Go see Finnick, please? I need a moment alone," He gave a nod, and I saw the tenseness in his shoulders. His eyes showed that he was afraid to leave me by myself. No doubt in my mind would he not tell Finnick.

I turned around, walking over to the small window that was on the left side of the train. We were in District Two now, I could see from the buildings that looked much like our own. The only difference between their training center and ours was theirs was made of metal. I shivered in disgust as I remembered the Victory Tour I had attend here. Both of the tribute's families weren't even the least bit sad of their child passing. They were only disappointed that a district won that wasn't them.

My eyes stayed focused as the train suddenly came to a halt, stopping for the new career tributes. I could already see their reaping ceremony coming to an end. From a distance, you could only make out large figures cheering and pushing each other in happiness. Just seeing that caused my lower lip to curl under my teeth, letting out an inhumane growl. Sick, twisted children.

"Claire?" My head turned to the side, black hair hitting my face like a whip.

"He sent you, didn't he?" I asked, already fully aware of the answer. Finnick let out a breathy sigh before nodding. I turned back to the window, watching as the citizens crowded around the large car with this years tributes.

Small footsteps behind me and a brush of a fingertip on my hand caused me to turn around. Finnick had a frown placed on his face, worry making its way into his ocean blue eyes. I gave a small smile in reassurance, standing on my tip toes to kiss his cheek. He sighed before pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him as well, feeling the over protective brother appear in his stature.

"I don't want anything to happen to you. I'm sorry about what they're making you do, Clarey," He whispered, his lips buried deep into my long hair. I gave him a small squeeze, feeling that if I say something words wouldn't appear. Finnick has been doing this longer than I have- and I don't see how.

"I'm a big girl, Finn," I mumbled back. He kissed my forehead, before leaning out of my hair. I looked up, and gave a real smile. One that only Annie and himself have ever seen.

"Well, well, well. I see you're still beautiful as always, Claire," My head shot up, and I felt Finnick tense up. The voice was facing towards my back, though I could feel eyes glaring down on me. I shuffled uneasily, knowing exactly who the voice belonged to.

"Brutus," I acknowledged, turning around. Finnick was still tense, stepping in front of me as if to guard me from the big, buff, and aging mentor. Brutus was getting older, grey hairs sticking up in some places. But he was still a mentor for his tributes. People say him and Enobaria are the best at the job. I could still remember Enobaria's victory; another reason why I don't bother to carry on a conversation with her and those golden teeth.

"Hello cupcake, still insane?" He asked. I frowned, my hands clenched onto the back of Finn's shirt. Brutus rolled his eyes as he noticed my gesture, before waving his hand absentmindedly. I narrowed my eyes, watching as two figures appeared behind him. One was quite large while the other was half of the large one's size. My eyes widened as I took in the appearances of both of them.

"These are your tributes, Brutus?" I asked. Brutus gave a grunt and a smirk before turning towards the large and the small one. The large one had swift blonde hair and bulging muscles that were bigger than Finnick's and Brutus' put together. He was about 6'0, towering over the dark haired teen beside him.

"Finnick, Claire, I would like for you to meet Cato Hadley and Clove Kentwell," Brutus grinned menacingly. " District Two's tributes."

My eyes locked with Cato's for a split second, and all I could see was murder. He had to have volunteered. No one looks that way that doesn't want to be in the Hunger Games. I should know- I remember when the look was plastered onto my face four years ago. I shifted closer to Finnick, feeling the terrible sensation crawl up my spine once again.

No Claire, not in front of them.

Why is he staring at me?

Because you're holding onto Finnick like a lost puppy.

I frowned before slowly feeling the sensation leave my body. The blurred vision died down but I knew one thing for sure, Cato Hadley was dangerous, and he doesn't care who gets in the way of him in the games. He will come out Victor and no one is stopping him. Not even me; a helpless girl who has panic attacks when she hears anything involving the Hunger Games.

His eyes wandered around the room, fists clenched. I could still feel the tensity in Finnick's shoulders as Cato tried to look at me over his shoulder. My eyes lowered to the ground and I took a deep breath. I slowly stepped away from Finnick and walked over to the two tributes.

"Hi," I said uneasily. Brutus stood up straight, his eyes narrowing in on me. "I'm Claire, Victor of the 70th-"

"We know," Clove hissed, her dark orbs glaring a hole in me. I shifted to my left foot and gave a fake smile. "Your tribute partner died from Glimmer's brother."

My eyebrows raised and I clenched my fists.

"Yeah, I'm definitely prepared. Not only for myself but for my little sister. I know that one day she's going to be a Victor like me," One said, a smirk plastered on his face. I scoffed and turned to Barren only to see his face annoyed and angry.

"Can you believe this crap?" Barren whispered in my left ear. I giggled and looked up at him before turning back to the screen. The interview was over, his tribute partner already making her way while gliding in her green dress.

"I killed him," I said. Cato grinned from behind Clove, and stepped forward.

"Guess you better watch your back then?" He asked. I shook my head, walking back over to Finnick.

"I'm done with hurting people," I muttered, only loud enough for them to hear me. "even those who deserve it."