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I am frustrated at myself for where "Same Love" is at; you see, "Shattering Truth" was actually suppose to be a story segment for "Same Love" but I found that it was a little- okay, who am I kidding- it was OVERLY dark for the sappy and cheesy romantic adventure of Ace and Marco in SL, so I made it a separate story because I really want to convey a little message with this series (which I will later explain). But in regards to "Same Love", I have a lot of the chapters written out (hence why this is published) except this ONE chapter that is keeping everything on hold because I can't seem to get it right! GAH! Hopefully I'll overcome that hurdle and will eventually go back to regularly updating "Same Love" but until then, please read and try to enjoy "Shattering Truth"!


It's dark. Really dark. Don't be expecting happy and corny things like "Same Love" because the tone for this story is the polar opposite of "Same Love". Bad things will happen and I may have to change the rating later on but right now, Chapter 1 is pretty easy to read and I don't want people to get the wrong idea if it was rated M. And also, this was co-written with my good friend VintagePasta. I wanted it to be published on her account but she refused to have it that way. But please do acknowledge her great contribution to this because she's writing all the explicit stuff later on that I could never imagine writing. She currently has nothing published on her account but expect wonderful work from her soon! Because unlike me, she's diverse and a much better writer.

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Ace scrambled across the hallway, piling clothes all over the carpeted floor as he struggled to remove his home clothes, as well as dress in the appropriate fashion for tonight's planned outing with friends at some weird-named night club. Clambering in front of the long mirror that was conveniently placed before the front door; the freckled man pulled a smug smirk at his flawless and stylish ensemble of clothing; blue canvas slip-ons and khaki shorts with a grey short-sleeve shirt that perfectly accentuated his hard-earned muscular body. My, My, Ace, you look rather amazing! He then shoved his wallet and phone into any random pocket that his shorts had to offer before running fingers through his ebony-hair to fix it back to its shaggy but charming look. Clicking his excited lips together, Ace was just about ready to leave the house before a startling voice found its way to him before he could even touch the door knob.

"You look a little too attractive to be leaving the house, yoi."

Jumping slightly to the remark, Ace spun around towards the emitting voice from the living room; instantly meeting stern azure eyes and a subtle frown from his boyfriend who sat intimidatingly on the single couch; right foot placed on his left knee and knuckles resting on his temple as he bore his deathly possessive gaze upon the freckled man. Slumped in defeat and making his way towards the blonde, Ace grimly knew that it would take more argument than a political debate and a whole shower of kisses to convince Marco to let him go out on his own; but for some reason, Ace was feeling lucky tonight- yeah, in that way- and as profane and kinky as it seemed, it was a good thing because doing it there and now is much more efficient than using actual words to persuade Marco.

A grin forming from his lips, Ace couldn't help but suggestively reply as he submitted himself to his knees before the older man, "I take that as a compliment."

However, before Ace would make any moves, Marco firmly grasped Ace's shoulders and pulled him up to stand and meet his leeching glare, "Don't think I don't know your ways of persuasion, Portgaz D. Ace, yoi! They may have worked many times before but tonight I will keep my libido intact" with squinting eyes, Marco then dubiously asked, "What's the occasion?"

"Nightclub with friends."

The blonde wearily sighed, "You know how I feel about nightclubs, yoi."

"Marco" Ace whinged, rolling his eyes in slight annoyance, "I'm not going to die listening to obnoxious remixes or anything."

"Actually, you'd probably just drop asleep in the middle of the dance floor, yoi" Marco lightly chuckled in response before suddenly shaking his head and averting back to a solemn expression as he gravely stated, "But that's beside the point. You may not know it Ace, but you're pretty damn hot and pretty much eye-candy for any woman or man."

But despite all the seriousness that Marco poured into his words and all the intensity that swirled in those sapphire orbs; Ace couldn't help but loudly snort, "Excuse me, I know I'm hot! … But that doesn't matter…" Wanting to reassure him, Ace drew himself toward his blonde lover; settling on the single couch as well with his legs straddling Marco's hip before leaning in for a chaste kiss on the older man's jawline. Ace then gestured his head and downwards with a pointed finger, pulling a wide grin that had Marco confirming that the younger man was one hell of a narcissist as Ace spoke with sheer buoyancy, "because this sexy being is all yours."

"Ace, I'm being serious, yoi…" the blonde pronounced, unmoved by Ace's flattering but feeble attempts, "I refuse to even think about us ever entering one, but if we were to go into a gay bar; they would all murder me to have you Ace" encircling arms around the waist of his freckled lover, Marco continued with a soft expression of affection, "And I don't want my flame-prince to be eaten alive by any man or woman."

"You are wayyyyyy too possessive Marco!" Ace huffed, prying away from the older man's protective grip before clutching Marco's broad shoulders with a shake, "Chillax!"

"If I was a better boyfriend, I would have you locked up in the basement and never let you see the light of day ever again, yoi."

"But you are a better boyfriend" Ace uttered before inclining his head to meet Marco with his lips, ever so gently brushing against the rim of the blonde's mouth then breaking off with a plea, "And you will be the best boyfriend in the World if you just trust me and let me go out with my friends tonight. Just tonight, okay?"

It was evident that Marco was still a little weary of the idea, so Ace decided to insistently throw in a suggestion that would perhaps set the older man's mind at rest, "How about you come as well?"

Nonetheless, Marco shook his head with a low chuckle, "No, no, no. I'm too old for that stuff, yoi" The blonde subsequently clasped Ace's chin between his fingers before pulling him in and devouring the younger man's mouth in a tantalising kiss that seeped possession and a fiery passion. Now, normally Marco would have taken Ace then and there; rough with marks and bites for the World to acknowledge who the freckled man belong to, but perhaps his selfish overprotectiveness was a little over-the-board if not, completely off the ship and into the sea of insanity. "Just be careful, alright?" the blonde urged, pulling away from Ace with a bitter smile.

"I will."

"And if you get the chance" Marco added, moving to cheekily pinch Ace's bottom just as he hopped off the couch, "grab me a packet of marshmallows, yoi."

Ace yelped in surprise at the sudden act before scowling Marco for the devious move, "You know, your to-go-to choice of confectionary is as freakin' mysterious as your age, Marco."

The blonde raised an eye-brow in amusement, "Are you leaving now or are you giving me the chance to chain you down to this house?"

At that, Ace ran bursting through the front door with a shrilling squeak and was gone.

The atmosphere was wild; heated bodies of feral strangers and party-goers clustered in the small function room and drunken forms everywhere; frantically moving in jumps, steps and twists to the deep, rapid beats of atrocious dub-step/house/basically-any-synonym-of-bad-music really. Maybe it was Marco's grumpy-old-man essence that was rubbing off on him but it was loud, hectic and it sucked. The blaring music ringed his ears and flashing lights blinded his surroundings as Ace lazily stood by the open bar; allowing the burning sensational tickle of alcohol to slowly run down his throat. Slipping the head of the bottle out from his lips, the freckled man made an order for another beer to pass the time before his companions approached him with the same boredom reflected on their faces.

Cigarette pursed between his frowning lips and a thumb steered towards the exit, Sanji spoke up against the deafening music, "This place is shitty so we're moving the shitty night to Marimo's shitty place. Wanna come?"

"No thanks, you guys have fun" Ace politely declined with a smile, "I'm going home after another bottle."

"Suit yourself."

Waving his friends off with a farewell, the ebony-haired then turned to sincerely thank the bartender as his beverage was slid towards him, and just as he popped the cap off; Ace felt a tap patter on his shoulder and turned to see a tall and almost sickly pale-looking man in front of him, who wore a black top-hat that shadowed his eyes and a curvy grin of burgundy lips.

"Can… I help you?" Ace warily questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

The man tilted his head; dark-red lips widening and the gold of his hooped earrings twinkling at sight as he replied with a calm and almost vague voice, "Why yes you can help me. I'm having trouble finding a place. Do you happen to know where it is?"

Pulling a piece of paper from navy jumper pants, the man passed it to Ace who grasped it and quickly examined the article which was an address he was fortunately familiar with, hastily scribbled in cursive writing. Handing the paper back to the man, Ace pulled a courteous smile before providing the man an indication as to where the aspired place was, "It's actually just down the block if you exit out from here on the right. Keep walking straight until you reach the intersection and you'll see it from there."

"Thank you" was all that was swiftly voiced from the man before he abruptly disappeared into the crowd of people piled on the dance floor. Shrugging his shoulders at the rather strange encounter, Ace reached for his bottle of beer and began draining its contents down; not at all aware that something unbearably awful had happened to it as he was left distracted… And that it was already beginning to take dire effect.

For that night, someone had unspeakably wicked intentions and Ace was their victim… the perfect target, a fetching specimen… a helpless lamb before slaughter.


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