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Ai was doing Tai Chi after her team left for sleep. She moved with a sense of serenity as she moved her entire body in a tune she remembered as a child. She sensed someone and opened her eyes to see…

Bolting to a sitting position in her bed, a young woman of 28 years took a few hungry breaths; each one slowly easing her mind from the nightmare. Rubbing the sleep away from her eyes with the hell of her hands, she groaned as she allowed herself to slowly get ready for the day. Not even a minute away from her bed, she heard her cellphone playing a tune from 'SWAT'. She almost groaned in pain as she scrambled back to bed to retrieve said technology.

"Morimoto Aika," she said in Japanese as she sat on her bed Indian Style.

"Hey Ai, it's Arthur. Hope I wasn't calling at a bad time."

"No, Artie—been up for a lil while. What's up?"

"Are you busy the next week or so? I got a job that would need your expertise in a tight bind."

"Oh really? You in a tight bind? You got Dom for crying out loud…"

"Yeah well…it's kind of a high priority job…and it's with Cobal."

"Are you kidding me?! And who was the Einstein that arranged all this? You know what—never mind. Do I need to travel to where you guys are or do you think I can do my thing where I'm currently at?"

"You can do your handling from Venice?"

"Close, but not Venice—try Paris. Decided to visit Uncle Miles besides doing recruitment for a friend that's along for a new hacker…oh the things I do…"

"You get paid for it, Ai. But seriously, you can do it from that much of a distance now?"

"Took me all this time to work on it, so yeah; I don't see why it's not possible."

"All right, I'll email ya the specs in a few. Thanks again."

"Anything for you, gêgê," Ai said before hanging up.