When a Man Falls to Temptation

With great wealth and power, the dangers of falling to greater temptation to overindulge in sinful pleasures would continuously seduce those who possess it. After a rise in unexplainable events occurring in Shizume City, Fushimi Saruhiko was asked to investigate the matter—only to disappear without a trace. After hearing the news, Yata finds himself partnering up with an unexpected person in order to save the person he cares for most. MiSaruMi; OC; Mystery/Drama

Note: So, I've been making too many stories about Saruhiko saving Misaki. Therefore, I've decided to write one where Misaki goes to save Saru. Just warning you, some of the scenes—although not smut, contain strong sexual content—I'll mark the chapter with a warning on it.

Rated: T for violence; very crude language—including curse words and strong sexual references; strong sexual themes; dark themes

Disclaimer: K Project = GoRa/GoHands

I've gone through the spelling/grammar checking, but there still might be some things here and there. I'll change them as I see them.

Pride: That which Sits Upon a Double-Edged Sword

Shizume City had once been the blight of the country. Weak and poor, most of the citizens would find themselves wasting away in poverty and misery. But after the appearance of the Dresden Slate, with the aid of the Gold King—Kokujyoji Daikaku, the economy began to quickly rise. Shizume City flourished into a place of wealth and prosperity.

Those who were once bound to their work to make ends meet were now extremely wealthy and powerful. There was no defining characteristic of the wealthy. They were young and old, male and female, beautiful or hideous. However, with great power and wealth, greater temptation to allow oneself to indulge in sinful pleasures would continuously dangle in front of them.

One could easily become a slave to dangerous pass-times in order to satisfy their continuous desires, and with money, they could make it happen.

"Have we finished the production of the next batch yet?" Inoue Masaru asked the man standing beside him, as he gazed at the deep, blue sea in front of him.

"Yes sir, the team has finished wiring and calibrating the electronic systems and did the final test this morning at 0900 hours."

A malevolent, twisted smile appeared on the raven-haired man's face. "Wonderful. Where is Oniyuri?"

"She is currently awaiting your orders in her quarters, sir."

"Just like the good girl I've made her. Give her the camera so she can stream to us. We will need to sort through the garbage heap and see what treasures we can find tonight."

As his servant bowed and left the man with eyes as dark as midnight itself, he laughed out. He said to himself, "We have no time to waste. There is plenty of merchandise to be captured and needy people to satisfy."

"So, you're saying that the number of missing persons has been increasing within the past month? Is there any common link between them?"

"The only thing that they have in common is that they are all between the ages of sixteen and twenty five. I apologize for throwing another case at you so soon, but this is a serious matter, and the Shizume City Police Department is just baffled by their lack of progress and findings."

"I understand, Mr. Prime Minister. Scepter 4 will take this matter into our own hands…Yes…Yes…Good bye." As Munakata closed the phone conference, the Blue King looked down to the large stack of papers in front of him. The names and information of all those who had suddenly gone missing laid before him on his desk. The violet-eyed man had received an urgent request from the Prime Minister to assist in investigating the recent streak of disappearances that had greatly affected the city. Riddled with fear and anxiety, the number of reported assault charges have also rose as citizens became suspicious and paranoid of others.

Scepter 4's primary duty was to monitor and control strain activity to prevent the abuse of powers and harm to others. Whenever an unexplainable or abnormal crime was reported to authorities, the special enforcement department was notified, as many of the cases were found to be due to strain activity.

Strains were those who couldn't become kings. They had been chosen by the Dresden Slate to invoke some of its mysterious power, but the type of power received was unpredictable. It could be something as trivial as having the ability to change hair color, or it could be as significant as having the ability to manipulate the minds of others.

Without intervention, the everyday citizen would be at the mercy of this population. Therefore, as a man of duty, justice, and order, the Blue King believed that it was Scepter 4's duty to protect them.

This particular case was perplexing to Reisi. Being a great thinker and puzzle solver, the captain of Scepter 4 could usually find a good starting point to solve the case. Yet from all the reports given to authorities, it appeared that people were literally being snatched away from busy streets and buildings. "Peculiar…very peculiar indeed…" he said to himself.

First and foremost, he would need to have his eyes and ears out on the streets to survey for any suspicious activity. The Blue King pressed the intercom button. "Awashima-kun, are you there?"

"Yes sir. Do you need assistance with anything?"

"Where is Fushimi-kun?"

It was 6:28PM on Tuesday. Fushimi Saruhiko kept strict watch over the time as he stood upon the street's overpass. He knew that in exactly two minutes a certain Red vanguard of HOMRA would be skateboarding down the sidewalk and arriving at the place fifteen meters in front of him. One of Yata Misaki's many part-time jobs was to sell oden at a popular food cart in downtown Shizume City. He would work there from 6:30 straight until 10:30PM, where then he would stop by a convenience store to buy dinner before going back to his apartment.

Fushimi knew the amber-eyed man's entire daily schedule by heart. Now, most people would consider this stalking, but to the blue-haired man, it was his only way to keep the little crow in his life. The Blue clansman knew that approaching Yata would only cause him to get angry, which Fushimi didn't particularly mind; but occasionally, he wanted to just gaze at his beloved's face while it had gentle expressions of happiness and kindness—the expressions that the crow hadn't given to the blue-haired man since he betrayed HOMRA.

"Mori-san, I'm here!" Misaki said as he put his apron on.

"Ahhh, good evening Yata-kun. I'm glad you came right on time. An old friend of mine said he'd be stopping by with a few of his friends tonight, so we're going to be quite busy for a while." The elderly manager said as he began to warm sliced daikon in the broth.

"That's no problem! I'll be sure to work hard, gramps!"

Fushimi watched intensely, and he observed the vanguard filling bowls of oden. The blue rested his head on top of his arms upon the overpass's steel handrails. He knew that the longer he gazed at the chestnut-haired man in front of him, the more his scar would itch on his left shoulder. Misaki was so close to him, yet Saruhiko was unable to reach out and hold the crow in his arms.

"Misaki…why can't you just look at me and stay by my side? Why can't you understand my feelings for you?" the Blue clansman whispered as his heart began to ache.

The hours went by since the Scepter 4 officer first stood upon the overpass, but he didn't even notice the cold breeze against his pale skin or his feet aching. Every second he could spend close to Misaki was worth any pain he felt physically.

"Alright, Mori-san, I'll see you next Tuesday!" the crow said with a smile.

Before Saruhiko knew it, the clock struck 10:30PM, and the Red clansman was ready to go home. The blue-eyed man wanted to make sure that his beloved got home safely from work every night, so he would quietly trail behind the crow until he arrived at his apartment.

As he saw Yata jump onto his skateboard, Fushimi prepared himself to follow. However, as he took the first step, he felt another body walk straight into him. A girl with long, curly, silver hair fell onto the ground. "…"

"Oh…sorry," Saruhiko said half-heartedly. In all honesty, the Blue could care less about others and how they felt, but he couldn't help feeling bad for knocking someone over like that. He slowly extended his hand out to help the girl stand up. She stared blankly at the hand and then turned away as got up on her own and began to quickly run across the overpass. As Fushimi watched the girl disappear off into the night, he could see a tiny flash of light reflecting off of a strange looking collar and bracelet.

The blue-haired man suddenly realized that he had already lost track of the Red clansman. He clicked his tongue in annoyance and decided to just walk back to his dormitory room. When the tall, pale man arrived at Scepter 4's home base, he was surprised to see the Captain waiting for him by his room. "What are you doing here, Captain? I'm not on duty right now," Saruhiko said flatly.

"Fushimi-kun, I apologize for bothering you at such a late hour, but there is something urgent that I must discuss with you." Munakata had a serious look on his face.

With an exasperated sigh, Saruhiko replied, "What do you need from me?"