Sloth – That which Lays Waste

When the two finally reached the auction house, they saw a sign above the door with 'Hell's Gate' written on it. Beyond the entrance was a small auditorium that could probably sit about fifty people. The auction was scheduled to start immediately at midnight. As people crowded into the room, Munkata and Yata sat further back in order to observe everything that occurred.

A bell rang once the clock struck at twelve. With a cloud of smoke, a man wearing a black suit and a red oni mask appeared on the stage.

"Gooooood evening, ladies and gentlemen! I humbly welcome you all to Hell's Gate tonight. My name is Daemon, and we have some very exquisite merchandise up for auction, including a special bonus at the end, so please make sure you don't miss the finale!"

The man in the oni mask turned, facing towards center stage and extended his hand. "Without further ado, I will bring out our first item for auction. Presenting…Rika!"

With another cloud of smoke, a frightened woman appeared on stage with another masked person holding her by her wrists. The crowd began to whisper as they all stared at the beautiful, full-figured brunette. "Although this one is not a virgin, you can still find much satisfaction with her, as she is quite the screamer."

The man holding Rika suddenly gave the girl a hard slap on her backside, causing her to yelp in pain. The crowd started to become more excited.

"I've always wanted one that would scream like this one."

"She actually has a real nice ass."

"I don't know man…she isn't a virgin. That sort of takes the fun out of it."

"Alllriggghhhttt ladies and gentlemen. Bidding starts at 4,000—and remember we are selling in American dollars!"

The crowd began to call out as they competed with one another until no higher big was called. "No more bids? Okay, going once…going twice…SOLD to the man in the grey suit in aisle three for $12,500!"

Misaki began to feel on edge again, as he saw the girl screaming as she was dragged off of stage.

"Yata-kun, we must wait no matter what we see until the time is right. Please bear with it until then," Reisi said, as he could tell the crow was agitated.

The Red clansman clicked his tongue and leaned back in the chair. One by one, people were being dragged onto and brought off stage once the bidding wars were over. At least an hour had past until Daemon had finally announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for! For tonight's main event, we bring you a very rare and special find. I hope you are all ready to bid 'cause I now present to you…Scepter 4's Fushimi Saruhiko!"

Misaki could feel his heart jump a mile as he saw the pale Blue clansman on stage with two men holding onto each of his wrists. Although he had on his Scepter 4 jacket on, the rest of uniform was missing. The only thing he wore underneath was a pair of tight, hot pants, outlining his features below. "…Saru!"

The vanguard attempted to leap over the seat in front of him, but was quickly held back by Reisi. "Oi! Blue King, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"We can't go in yet. You must be patient."

"Huh? Why the fuck would we do that!?" The Red clansman was seething in anger.

"The man in charge of this operation hasn't announced himself yet."

"Haaa!? Who the fuck cares?"

A serious expression appeared on Munakata's face as he replied, "Do you want to allow more victims to end up like the people we saw earlier? Do you want other people like Saruhiko to share the same fate?"

Misaki began to relax, as he lowered himself back onto the chair. "…No…"

"We must wait for the leader to show himself in order for us to capture him, otherwise these crimes may never cease."

With clenched fists, Yata continued to sit and listen to the man in the oni mask speak. "He is a nineteen year old man who currently works for the enforcement department of Shizume City. I'm sure a few of you out there have had some run-ins with this group, so you could slowly take your vengeance out on this one."

Daemon walked over to the blue-haired man, who was desperately trying to pull his arms away from the masked mens' grasps. "Let me go you sick fucks, or I'll fucking slash up your bodies into shreds!" Saruhiko snarled.

"Ahaha, as you can see he has a lot of spirit, so it could be worth your while to break him in. And speaking of which, after physical examination, he has been confirmed to be virgin. So, ladies and gentlemen, I'll give you a few moments to talk things through!"

The crowd became louder than ever, as they chattered away:

"Scepter 4, eh? Those bastards are a nosy, self-righteous bunch. I wouldn't mind shooting a load all over his face to humiliate him."

"Oh my, he is quite handsome. Hey ladies, do we want him to be our new sex toy?"

"He'd be fun to train, that's for sure."

"He looks like the type to act all tough, but would cry like a baby when he's being pounded into."

The lustful stares and filthy words spoken by the audience made the blue-haired man feel sick to his stomach. Fushimi could see his hope fleeting before him. Although his mind was filled with animosity and disgust, his heart cried out the name of the one person he wanted to see more than anyone else. "Misaki…" he whispered over and over again.

Misaki bit his lip so hard that blood began to trickle down from his mouth. He wanted nothing more, at that moment, than to burn the entire room down and incinerate the people in front of him. Before he exploded into a ball of fiery rage, a man suddenly walked across the stage. His hair and eyes were darker than night, and his twisted smiled caused shivers to run down the crow's spine.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. If you do not recognize me, my name is Inuoe Masaru, and I am the owner of Paradise Lost. As you know, over the past several weeks, there has been a drastic increase in demand for our goods. Since my staff and I both value your constant support of our facility, we have been working around the clock to fulfill all of your desires, even if it increases the cost for us to do so. As you can see, tonight's merchandise has been of exceptional quality, so therefore, all we humbly ask of you is to take this into consideration when bidding on our showcase item for tonight."

Misaki's eyes widened, as he heard the magic words: 'owner of Paradise Lost.' The chestnut-haired man whipped his head towards the captain of Scepter 4, as he felt his heart racing faster than the speed of light. Without saying a word, Munakata smiled and nodded to signal the Red clansman to go.

Spreading his fuchsia-colored aura from head to toe, the crow raced down the aisle, spreading his wings as he jumped high into the air. Before anyone could react, Yata's feet landed on the head of one of the masked men holding Fushimi. After giving a swift kick under the man's chin, Misaki twisted his body into the air, doing a somersault before having his foot slam into the back of the second man's head. The two men were instantly knocked unconscious before the Red clansman even reached the ground.

Fushimi couldn't believe what he was seeing in front of him. "…Misaki!?"

Inoue—still in shock, stood like a deer caught in headlights, as Misaki spun his colored flames around him to form a tornado. Leaping into the air, the amber-eyed man was ready for contact when he felt something push him back off of the black-haired man. Yata gasped as a girl with curly, silver hair appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

"What the…is that a strain!?"

The girl seemed to have dead eyes and stood completely emotionless. As Masaru finally regained composure, he grinned and said, "My precious Oniyuri, you are such a good girl to come and save your master."

As the crow's eyes scanned the figure in front of him, he saw she was wearing the same gold cuffs that the captured were wearing. "She must be…"

"Yes! This one is my first subject to live through the testing phase. Making these cuffs wasn't easy you know. It took a lot of time to make a product that didn't cause the wearer's head to explode or be fried. Just think of how much money I wasted with all the materials. One worthless subject after the next," Inoue said in disgust.

Misaki began to glower at the black-haired man in front of him. Through clenched teeth, he said, "…You really have no value for human life do you. You are a fucking shitty-ass bastard. I'm going to burn that fucking creepy smile off your god damned face."

Masaru started laughing out, which was loud enough to make it echo throughout the auditorium. "Why do I need to value the lives of trash like you? You are all the cockroaches of society. Do you understand what runs the world, boy? Money. There is nothing that money can't buy. Those who have it can indulge in whatever fantasies they want—legal or not. Government or laws have no effect over us, and you want to know why? Because money is power. There is not a single person in this world that can't be bought, especially rabble such as yourself. So shut up, and be the good little sex slave you should be."

Surprisingly enough, the chestnut-haired man didn't immediately blow up and go on a rampage, like Fushimi expected. Instead, Misaki said calmly, "Oi, you fucking piece of shit. Do you want me to tell you something that can't be bought with money?"

After he spoke those words, the amber-eyed man turned and stared at Saruhiko. The blue-haired man could feel his heart skip a beat as he began to blush a bit. "Eh? Is Misaki going to say something romantic, and say that our love can't be bought with money? He's being so manly for once," Fushimi thought.


"….that statement didn't even make any sense…I was an idiot to expect anything different from Misaki…." The blue-eyed man then began to smile. "But then again, I wouldn't want my Misaki to be any other way."

As he began to yell out loud, the crow got ready to charge at Inoue.

"Oniyuri! That cuff is obviously defective, go put a new one on this brat and get him under control!" the black-eyed man shouted as he began to step away from the crow.

The strain suddenly reappeared in front of Yata, ready to place the anti-Dresden cuff onto Misaki's neck. With lightning-fast reflexes, the Red clansman ducked downward and did a low spin kick to try to knock the girl off of her feet. Dodging gracefully, the girl vanished from view for a third time. Impatient and headstrong, the little vanguard could no longer take this game of hide and seek. As his body began to emit his colorful flames again, he growled, "Oi. Stop fucking playing these stupid games already. If you want to hide away like that, I'll just fucking burn the entire place down!"

The auditorium suddenly became sweltering hot, as the bursts of crimson and fuchsia fire swirled around the crow's body. The people in the audience—that didn't flee already, screamed out in terror as they dashed towards the exit. Yata could see a figure finally reappear and fall onto the floor, in front of him. Oniyuri had no more strength to fight the chestnut-haired man, as she had used her powers one too many times. The burning whirlwind of inferno exacerbated her already weakened state.

As she laid on the floor, Masaru realized that judgment day was drawing near, as he quickly turned and ran towards the fire exit. Before he could reach the door, a bright blue force field blocked his path. Mask in hand, the Blue King said, "Now, it isn't proper for the host of the party to just abandon his guests."

As Reisi put on his usual metal glasses, the force field suddenly transformed into a barrier, surrounding the black-haired man on all sides.

"Captain of Scepter 4, Munakata Reisi! What are you doing here!?" Inoue gasped.

"As you were speaking earlier, you claimed that the law has no power over you, and that all people can be bought with money. You must not fully understand Scepter 4. I will graciously inform you that we are an organization that serves for justice, order, and equality for all citizens. No one—not even gods or kings themselves, can stand above the law. Money will never be our master, as our cause is pure."

"What…Captain!?" Saruhiko's mouth dropped wide open in surprise.

Before the blue-eyed man could say anything else, he noticed two arms wrap around him tightly. He then felt warm tears drip down his chest. Fushimi looked down and could see the chestnut-haired man trembling and sobbing, as he held onto the Blue clansman. "Saru…are you okay? Did they hurt you at all? I'm sorry it took so long to find you."

Recalling the series of horrifying events that he had gone through in the past couple days, his body went limp, as he finally felt relief in the safe haven within Misaki's arms.

"It's alright. You're here now, and that's all that matters." Fushimi gave a soft smile at the smaller man holding onto him. Saruhiko could feel his own tears begin to flow from his eyes, as he rested in the care of his beloved.

Although blushing furiously, the crow kissed the blue-haired man and lifted him in his arms. The vanguard of HOMRA was actually a lot stronger than expected. As he walked back down the aisle and towards the exit, Misaki said, "Alright, let's get the fuck out of this Hell hole."

The Scepter 4 members, led by the Heartless Woman, quickly dispatched when they saw the masses of people trying to escape the building. They were all witnesses, victims, or criminals and needed to be sorted accordingly. Soon, the area became even more crowded, as family members and friends were reuniting with their loved ones that had gone missing. The recon team was able to find the hidden facility that produced the anti-Dresden cuffs and other pieces of evidence to convict Inoue Masaru for his crimes.

Misaki and Fushimi stood by Scepter 4's intelligence vehicle.

"Oi, what happened to that strain girl? Was she okay?" the crow asked.

"Physically, she is being treated, but even with the removal of the cuffs, we will not be sure of the stability of her mental state, or damage to her psyche. Unfortunately, it may be too late for her return back to normal."

Yata had a sad look on his face. "Ohh…that's disappointing…"

Suddenly, the amber-eyed man turned towards Munakata. "Speaking of which, how the hell do we remove these cuffs on us?"

"…..I must go check on the status recon team. Please excuse me."


Fushimi clicked his tongue. "Misaki? Shut up for a second."

The blue-haired man went over to one of the computer terminals. After about five minutes, the anti-Dresden cuffs suddenly unlocked and fell off.

"Wha…how the hell did you do that!?" Misaki was bewildered.

"Tch, it's easy really. I just had to link the electronic device to the computer, figure out the coding, and disable it."

The Red clansman suddenly appeared more like an excited puppy as he looked up at Saruhiko in amazement. The blue-eyed man smiled as he looked down at the little crow.


"So…why are you wearing that kind of clothes anyway Misaki?"

Without even realizing it, Yata had completely forgotten about his scandalous outfit he was wearing. The smaller man instantly turned tomato red as he shouted, "I didn't choose to wear this okay!? It was your stupid Monkey King's idea for me to wear this and pretend to be his love slave!"

An uncomfortable wave of heat began to surround the area, as it instantly felt hotter than a sauna. "The Captain's love slave you say?...My Misaki?...UNACCEPTABLE!"


"Shut up already! I DID dress like this to save you, you fucking moron. AND, since when are we even dating? Don't decide things on your own like that!" Suddenly, the crow remembered what he saw on Fushimi's computer. "AHHHHH! And what the FUCK is wrong with you!? You seriously scare the shit out of me. I saw on your computer a list of all the places I work part-time at. Why are you fucking stalking me, you shitty monkey?"

The two continued to shout at each other back and forth, arguing while they were completely oblivious to anything around them. Despite all that had happened, both Saruhiko and Misaki easily forgot all those events, as their minds were filled with only thoughts of each other—nothing else.



"Oi, Blue King. What are you guys going to do now with all those cuffs? Smash them into little bits?" the Red clansman asked.

"Actually, it has been decided that the anti-Dresden cuffs would be quite useful when detaining dangerous strains; therefore, we will be keeping them for future use," Munakata said with a smile.

"…What the FUCK is wrong with you Blues? There seriously is something wrong with your brains! God fucking dammit, I'm never going to work side-by-side with you creepy psychos again," Yata said as he began to stomp off. "I'm going home!"

The little crow felt an arm hug tightly around his waist. "Mi-Sa-Ki, where do you think you're going, hmmmmm?" Saruhiko leaned in close to the amber-eyed man's face.

"I—said—that—I'm—going—home…LET GO ALREADY, SARU!" Misaki shouted as he tried to push Fushimi's face away, as it inched closer and closer.

The Blue clansman suddenly lifted the smaller man into his arms and smirked. "Then let's both home together; though, you'll have to keep those clothes on…until I remove them personally."

The chestnut-haired man blushed a rosy-pink color, as he screamed out in indignation. As he was held in the Scepter 4 officer's arms, Misaki began to think hard.

"…Why do I get this strange feeling that I should be the one carrying him away and be in the dominant role this time around?….God fucking dammit."


END NOTES: Alright, so I just wanted to end by saying, yes. I know I write a lot of stories with Misaki and Reisi. It's not that I ship them as a couple, since SaruMi is the only one I really care about, but I think the two would be hilarious if put together. Unlike Misaki and Saruhiko, who do share some similar qualities and interests, I feel that the Blue King is the polar opposite of Misaki. Maybe more of a father and son kind of feel.