Part 2: Warbird


"Man, what is this, the third alien invasion this year?" Peter quirked as he dived under a beam of plasma, courtesy of an alien soldier. Peter was lucky, his agility allowed him to dodge nearly any incoming attack. Unfortunately, Carol was to accurate with her energy blast for the alien to dodge in time.

"Fourth, if you count the impossible man duplicating himself," Carol remarked as she shot into the air, grabbing her fiance as she did so. Fiance, she thought with a slight smirk as she dodged anti-air fire coming from the alien ship, Spider-man, the avenger's jokester, is engaged to Warbird, the stoic co-leader of the avengers. She smiled as she remembered the day he proposed.

She entered the room, discovering that the walls where covered in a thick, white substance. Otherwise known as Spider-man's webbing.

"Peter!" she shouted as she spotted her boyfriend crouched on the ceiling of their shared apartment. "You'd better have a damn good excuse for all this!"

"I do," he said as he hung upside down and lowered himself, coming to a stop with his face a foot above hers. "Look, now I'm taller than you." A fact that was quickly rectified by Carol floating upwards. "And now I'm gonna be target practice," He mused lightly as she realized he was wearing unusually expensive clothes. Black dress pants, a white shirt and red blazer, in her opinion the set could not have looked better.

"What are you wearing?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"Je peux ne pas m'habiller agréable une pour jolie femme comme vous?" he smiled as he produced a rose from his pocket and placed it in his teeth. Carol could not help but giggle at this feeble but charming attempt by her boyfriend to be romantic.

"I spent six months in France as a model," she smiled as she remained suspended in the air, hovering on the spot, "it's 'Je ne peux pas m'habiller agréable pour une jolie femme comme vous' but you get brownie points for trying to be cute anyways."

"I am cute," he said with a huge grin, "I'm trying to be romantic and say thank you."

"For last night?" she smirked.

"For putting up with me in general," he replied as he dug his hand into his pocket. "Some people are under the impression I talk to much. While others say I must have ADHD and more say both and wonder why the hell you put up with me as do I sometimes."

"Well come here and I'll let you thank me," she grinned as she floated to within less than an inch of his face.

"I'm gonna try an alternate route," he said as his hand withdrew from his pocket in a fist. He brought his closed hand to bear right in front of her nose and unclasped it, revealing a small black box. "It's not much," he said as he unclasped the box, revealing it's contents to her, "but I couldn't afford anything else without giving an arm or..." A pair of ruby red lips slammed into his, effectively silencing him and answering his unasked question.

A near miss by an alien turret snapped Carol back to reality, if she got hit, she'd never walk down the isle with him in two weeks time.

"Keep your eyes skywards! Or we'll both turn into Swiss cheese!" a new voice, belonging to Spider-woman shouted. Carol smiled in response, Jessica had been the first one they told about the engagement. "Stark and Thor are taking a battle-group on over The White house. The F4 are busy down below and word is the X-men are defending Genosha. So we're WHOA!" Jessica screamed as she rolled out of the way of a burst of fire. "I've got way to many maid of honour duties to-" She disappeared in a ball of plasma, never to emerge again.

"JESS!" Carol screamed her best friend's name in despair. "NO!"

"Watch out!" Peter screamed as he held on tight, "those things have reverse-gravity beams! One hit and we both plummet strait to.." his warning came to late. Carol felt herself become very heavy very quickly. She felt Peter slip out of her grip as his weight became to much. Everything happened so fast that even she could not react in time. All she could do was wait for planetary impact.

But it did not come. She felt her descent come to a halt as something grabbed at every inch of her body. Webbing... she thought groggily as something crashed beside her, creating a large dent. She paid it no attention, instead creating twin blades of energy from her hands and cutting herself loose in time to engage an alien soldier.

Insert alien invasion movie reference here, Peter, she grinned as she cut down soldier after soldier. Bodies piled up around her as she continued to demonstrate her worthiness of the nickname that Peter had given her.

"Supergirl?" he had mused.

"Lame," she remembered replying.

"Mega woman? Kree-Girl?" He had continued relentlessly.

"No." she had said sternly.

"Supermegafoxyawesomehot-woman?" he had asked.

"I'll think about it," she remembered replying, "keep going."

"I've got it!" he had said as he snapped his fingers. "Warbird!" He had chuckled, receiving a raised eyebrow in response, "It's beautiful and dangerous! You in a nutshell!"

"Spider, if you're listening and not busy I could use some help!" she snapped as she threw a alien off of her and into a nearby abandoned car. Two more fell before she called out again, "If I die, there's no hanky-panky for you tonight, spider!" No witty response came, and that unnerved her slightly, "Spidey?" In a brief respite from the deadly fighting she cast her masked eyes around, searching for the red-and-blue clad hero. "Very funny!" she called out, desperately trying to keep the growing fear out of her voice as she continued her desperate search for her fiance.

She found him lying in a crater, his broken and lifeless body being desecrated by alien gunmen

"NO!" was the last word those warriors would ever hear. And the last sight they saw was that of Warbird's unforgiving energy blades slicing through their inner organs.

She didn't stop there. They all fell until no one was left.