A/N: I know what you guys are thinking. A third Mikita story? Lol. It's gonna be quite a juggle, but I couldn't help it. Hope you guys like this first chapter :)

Chapter 1

*New York*
*A Club, Nicola*

"God, this is gonna be a long week, I can tell." Nikita James moaned as she stepped behind the bar.

"Why do you say that?" Alex asked.

Alex was Nikita's best friend. They were also roommates.

"Because," Nikita looked around, to see if anyone was looking at them. "I had a dream."

"Really?" Alex's eyes gleamed. "Do tell."

Nikita smacked her arm.

"Not that kind of dream, Alex." Nikita rolled her eyes at her friend. "Does your mind always have to be in the gutter?"

"Sorry." Alex laughed. "So, what was this dream about?"

"What it's always about." Nikita's smile vanished, and it was replaced with a tormented look. "I had another dream about him chasing me through the woods."

Alex's eyes immediately softened.

"God, Nikki...I'm sorry. I thought things were getting better." Alex said softly.

"So did I." Nikita admitted. "It's been three years. Three years, Alex. Then, last night before I went to bed, I heard on the news that a body had been recovered."

Alex gasped. "You don't mean that..."

"I'm afraid so, Alex. I think that it's only a matter of time before everyone finds out what happened." Nikita admitted fearfully.

Nikita knew this day would eventually come, she just wished it wasn't coming now, when she was finally getting her life back on track, only to have it all ripped away by a dark prison-cell.

It'd be like rewinding to five years ago. She'd spent five years in prison, then she'd been strong enough to free herself, and now that was gonna get her thrown in real prison.

"Sweetie, it wasn't your fault." Alex shook her head, the anger she'd felt for the bastard who had hurt her friend so deeply coming to the surface. "The freak had it coming!"

"Doesn't excuse what I did, Alex." Nikita shook her head, guilt once again coming back on her. "Two wrongs don't make a right."

"Nikita, don't. Don't start feeling guilty again." Alex scolded. "Remember all the crap he put you through?"

Nikita nodded.

Nikita did remember. She remembered all too well.

"You don't ever disrespect me again, you stupid Bitch!"

She received a harsh blow and fell hard onto the floor.

"You know that this all your fault. You make me this way!" He screamed manically getting closer and closer to her already bruised face..

"Yeah," Nikita sighed, she felt the tears glisten in her eyes at the horrible memories. "yeah, I remember."

*New York*
*A Street Corner*

"Hey! A moment of your time, please." Agent Michael West stopped a guy on the street corner.

"What can I do for you?" The guy asked politely.

"I'm looking for some information." Michael said business-like, but with a friendly smile.

"What for?" The guy asked curiously.

"I'm special FBI Agent Michael West and I'm looking for..." But Michael never got out the rest of his sentence, because the minute 'West' came out, they other guy freaked out.

The guy suddenly got a fearful look in his eyes.

"Um, Dude, here!" He threw his wallet at him. "Take it all!"

The guy ran off.

"Hey, hey! Wait a second! Did you not hear I'm with the FBI?!" Michael yelled baffled. "It's not a negotiation!"

Michael shook his head.

What was with these people?

You don't just run away from an FBI Agent. They're required to talk to him by law, but this guy was the third person that didn't take that into consideration. The only thing he could think was that they all knew his brother. His must've scared them on some sort of occasion. Although, as far as he knew, his brother had been using Fletcher instead of West. So, none of this really made any sense to him.

Another civilian, a young male in mid twenties was walking by him, and Michael decided to try again.

"Excuse me?" Michael tapped the guy on the shoulder.

"Yeah?" The guy turned around.

"Oh my God!" Michael was shocked, then his face broke out into a smile. "Sean, it's been a long time."

"What's up, Michael?" Sean grinned back.

The two guys hugged.

"How've you been, man?" Sean asked. "Haven't seen you around in forever."

"I've been better, man." Michael answered honestly. "Police work is hectic."

"I never figured you for a police officer. I always thought you'd go into social work or something" Sean said with a smile. "I'm glad you're doing something good with your life though."

"It's the best thing I've ever done with my life, Sean." Michael replied with a smile. "So, how's your music going?"

"It's in a rut." Sean answered with a frown. "I'm kinda stuck at the moment. So, what is going on, man?"

"I was kinda hoping you could answer that for me." Michael said. "Every time I mention my last name, people go running in the other direction like I'm about to drag them off to their own execution."

Sean laughed. "Yeah, well your brother wasn't exactly on everybody's Christmas list, if you know what I mean." Sean's eyes frowned as he got more serious. "You probably don't wanna hear this, but your brother hurt a lot of people."

"I figured as much." Michael said. "After our sister died, he just went down-hill. Much like my music career."

"I'm sorry about that, man." Sean said sympathetically. "I'm sorry about your sister and about your music. Maybe things would've turned out better for you, if I'd stayed, but I just..."

"You just had to see what else was out there for you." Michael finished for him. "I get that man. Don't ever be sorry for living your life. I knew the band had to end sometime. If it hadn't, I never would've found this job and I love it, Sean."

"I'm glad, Michael." Sean replied with a smile. "I'm glad you've found your calling."

Michael nodded again. "I heard that my brother's body has been recovered and that he's dead. Not that big of a shock to me, I mean the way he treats people and makes enemies, I assumed that sooner or later, he'd cross the wrong person." He explained. "I'm here because I wanna know who killed my brother. I need to know. So, can you tell me where he hung out at?" Michael asked. "Maybe make my job a little easier?"

"Yeah, sure no problem, man." Sean agreed. "It's a Club called Nicola." At Michael's raised eyebrow, he elaborated. "I know it's a funky name, but it's an awesome club. He went there alot because my girlfriend's best friend works there."

This was turning out much better than his other leads had for the past five months. "What's her friend's name?" Michael asked.

"Nikita James, but I assure you, she didn't kill your brother." Sean assured him. "I've known the girl for five years. She may be able to pack punch like a tiger, but she's no killer."

Sean's assurances really didn't help Michael any. He'd decide whether or not this Nikita girl killed his brother, after he'd successfully interrogated her.

"So, what was the relationship between Ms. James and my brother?" Michael asked in a business-like way.

"Well, they were dating for a long while. In the beginning, he made her very happy, and things went bad in the end." Sean said, not wanting to invade Nikita's privacy by going any deeper. "So, Ryan never came home at all? Not even to introduce his girlfriend to you?" Sean found that really weird.

Michael shook his head in the negative. "No, my brother liked to keep to himself. He pulled away from me and the whole family after..." Michael trailed off, not wanting to rehash the whole death of his sister. "Well, you know what happened. Life dealt our family a shitty hand and my brother couldn't deal, so he turned to a bad life-style and shut us out."

"It's terrible that he didn't even come home at all. I couldn't imagine shutting my whole family out like that." Sean said, shaking his head.

"Yeah, but that's life. You either roll with it or you do what Ryan did and you don't." Michael replied. "So, how bad are we talking?"

"Look, I can't tell you, man." Sean said with regret. "I'd be betraying a friend's confidence. Not everyone knows about what went down between her and Ryan. It was pretty fucked up. I doubt she wants that story going around for people to know about."

Michael sighed. The part of him that was friends with Sean respected that he wanted to protect Nikita but the cop part of him and the part of him that wanted answers about his brother was frustrated.

"I understand you wanna protect your friend, but I need you to be straight with me. I have to know everything. If your friend didn't kill my brother, than someone else did. And that same someone else could go after her." Michael stated.

"Alright, but remember you asked to hear this." Sean warned. It wasn't just Nikita he wanted to protect, he knew it'd disappoint Michael to find out what a monster his brother became.

"Please, just tell me. Its ok." Michael encouraged.

"Ryan used to beat Nikita up pretty bad." Sean said after a few minutes.

Michael looked down.

How had his brother changed so much? To stoop to hurting a woman? If his brother weren't already dead, Michael would've probably killed him or at the very least beat some sense into him. He just had no tolerance for abusers, brother or not. That's why he got into the police field after his music career failed to begin with. He wanted to put a stop to all the violence in the world.

"They had what you would call a toxic relationship. He'd call her awful names and beat her up and she'd leave. She'd go to my girlfriend, Alex's. And he'd always come back around, apologizing. Saying he didn't mean it and that he loved her." Sean continued, bitterness in his tone.

Truthfully, Sean hated Ryan. He was glad he was dead. The sick bastard did nothing but make Nikita's life a living hell when he was alive. And what he almost did to Alex, the woman he loved more than life itself...That alone was enough to make Sean want him dead.

"And she went back to him?" Michael assumed. What he was hearing was the classic domestic abuse case.

"Yeah," Sean said softly. "She always went back."

"Well, thank you, Sean. I hope I can finally figure this whole thing out." Michael said.

"You're welcome." Sean said. "I hope I haven't made a mistake in telling you this. And please go easy on Nikita, alright? You have no idea what she's been through."

"No, you did the right thing, man. I'll find out who killed my brother." Michael promised.

Yeah, that's what worries me, Sean thought with fear.

"And I'll be gentle with your friend." Michael assured. "I'm the good guy, remember?" He laughed.

Sean just smiled. "Don't be a stranger, man. We should hang out sometime."

"We will." Michael called back out to him.

With that, Michael took off for Nicola.

Agent Michael West walked into 'Nicola' with a mission in mind. To find Nikita James and find out everything that went down. He knew to do that he'd have to go undercover, become her friend, her confidant.

Michael walks over to the bar and sits down.

"Hey, can I get a scotch and soda?" Michael asked politely.

"Sure." Nikita replied, then did a double take as she looked at him. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

For a moment, Michael thought she might've recognized him from his earlier band days, but that thought faded, when she gave him a look that was almost with fear. No one who knew from his 'New Moon Rising' days had ever feared him.

"I doubt it." Michael replied. "I just came to town and if I knew you, I doubt I'd like forget a face like yours." He gave her his charming smile.

Nikita just looked at him for a second. She felt this rush of fear. It was completely irrational on her part. She knew what was going on in her head was crazy. This stranger was not Ryan and yet when she looked at him, that's all she saw. All she felt.

"Hey, are you okay?" Michael asked her, a hint of concern in his voice.

He couldn't really explain it, but he felt something for this girl, he couldn't really explain or rationalize.

You'd better rationalize it quick! A voice in his head yelled. You can't be developing feelings for a girl you don't even know, and who could've killed your brother.

"Huh?" Nikita asked absentmindedly.

"You're looking at me like I killed your dog or something." Michael said with a laugh. "And you're putting vodka and whiskey in that glass. when I ordered a scotch and soda."

"Oh!" Nikita gave a nervous laugh and felt completely stupid. "I'm so sorry! This is gonna sound insane, but you look like someone I used to know. It kinda freaked me out!"

"Oh, well it's okay. I've met at alot of different people and thought they reminded me of somebody." Michael told her, his voice calm and he hoped soothing.

Nikita dumped the drink out and made a scotch and soda for him.

"Again, I'm so sorry." Nikita apologized, placing his drink in front of him.

"Hey, no worries." Michael waved his hand in dismissal. "It could happen to anyone."

A few seconds passed by with silence.

"So, you work here long?" Michael asked. He had to make conversation somehow.

"Pretty much my whole life." Nikita said, then laughed. "Well, my whole working life anyway." She lied.

Nikita had a couple of other jobs earlier on before she and Alex had ever opened this club, but this stranger didn't need to know that.

"So, I'm new in town." Michael said. "I was wondering if you could tell me what you know about Ryan Fletcher or a Ryan West."

Nikita's face paled.