Time Warp.

Chapter 1

Summary: If the fall back to earth in the end of the avengers sent Tony Stark back in time to his father's era. Where he meets a young Howard Stark and Captain Rogers the dancing monkey. How the hell was he supposed to survive and return home to his precious Pepper Potts? Pepperony.

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Any italics are Tony's thoughts in this chapter.

The call from fury had shocked him to his core. Sure Tony knew that they had nuclear missile capability but for them to use it on an American city like New York, aliens or no aliens, it's no excuse to use the weapon. He knew that Fury was not the one to launch the missile even if he could be cold hearted sometimes, so who the hell would? When this battle ended he would hunt down the people responsible and have a talk with them, possibly with the hulk standing next to him.

Shaking the thought from his head he brought his attention back to the problem of what he could do about the missile. A thought struck him as he blasted towards the incoming missile, if he could direct it in to the portal maybe he could save the city plus hopefully the bomb will wipe out the alien fleet. There was only one problem, he would have to direct it himself which means that he would have to fly though the portal as well. That would be problematic as his suit was not capable of going into space.

It didn't matter, the people of this city have to come first; he would show Captain Spangle pants that he could. Of cause Natasha had to cut into his thoughts by saying. "I can close it, can anybody copy? I can shut the portal down." No no no no that's bad.

"Do it." Steve replied. Ah hell.

"No wait!" Tony cut in.

"Stark these things are still coming!" Steve said worried.

"I got a nuke coming in and it's going to blow in less than a minute." Tony continued.

Cutting upwards he locked onto the missile just as it passed the bridge, he was so close as sped along catching up to the missile, knowing the others will want an answer he said. "And I know just where to put it."

Pushing the thrusters harder he caught up to the bomb and latched onto the bottom of it still heading to the city and his tower. So far none of the others had realized what his plan would be, of cause they knew that he was thinking of sending it though the portal but hopefully they wouldn't know about the other part of the plan. He should save some power for turning the missile upwards towards the portal.

"Stark you know that's a one-way trip" Steve said. Tony ignored that and focused on holding on.

"Save the rest for the turn, J." The AI complied shutting the thrusters down to the lowest setting, enough for him to stay up in the air clutching the missile. "Sir, shall I try Miss Potts?" Oh god, I forgot about her, what's she going to say, WHAT am I going to say?

"Might as well." Just to hear her voice would make me happy. The phone rang making Tony nervous that she wouldn't pick up, after a minute his heart fell. The missile cruised towards his tower, knowing his timing is paramount he tried not to be to preoccupied listening to the continuous ringing of the phone. His tower was getting close as he fired up all his thrusters at full, he could feel the missile turning up. Just in time as his knee bounced of the tower wall, the missile was now heading up towards the portal, in a matter of seconds it was through.

Passing though the portal it was a good second or two before breathing became difficult and he started gasping for air. The power to his suit failed as did Jarvis, the phone call to Pepper failed, gasping Tony let go of the missile in the direction of the alien fleet and disengaged and ejected his thrusters so he was floating backwards away from the fleet and back to the portal slowly. He could see the fleet spread out before him, the missile hit the control ship and exploded, expanding outwards taking all the other ship out in its path.

He did it. Pepper was safe. Those were his thoughts as he lost consciousness his suit still floating towards the portal.

The Avengers on the ground waited in the hopes that Tony would appear, 10 seconds of waiting their hope failed, and 5 seconds after that the Captain gave the order to close the portal. The portal shrunk and closed as quickly as it opened with no sign of Tony or the Iron man suit, the Avengers stared at the sky hopeful that he would appear but after a few minutes they knew he was not coming back.

Tony was falling fast though the atmosphere when he came to; inhaling pulps of air he wrenched open his eyes and realized that he was falling fast. "JARVIS I need you to engage the thrusters now. JARVIS?"

There was no answer from his electronic butler, plan B then. Manually starting the suit without JARVIS was hard but not impossible, the next few seconds he concentrated on starting the suit up as the ground grew closer. Ever since the icing incident with his first suit he made sure that there was a backup manual start up. The precious seconds ticked by as he concentrated on starting the suit, the adrenalin pumping though his veins. With a triumphant shout, Tony managed to get one foot and hand thrusters activated just in time as the ground loomed up below him.

Tony knew that even though he managed to start a couple of thrusters he was still going too fast to avoid hitting the ground. Now however instead of slamming into the ground at a lethal velocity he would only probably break a few bones, it was better than the alternative. Pushing the thrusters to their maximum Tony had a second or two to prepare as he slammed into the ground.

Pain was unimaginable, now he knew what it was like to be hit by a bus, then another one and possibly a third. The black spots danced in his vision as he lay there gathering strength to move and find the other Avengers. Lifting his lest sore arm he went to take off his helmet so he could have some fresh air. Completing the task he realized that his vision was clearing to reveal that he was in an alley way with the dustbins and no one around.

Groaning he managed to make it to his knees, now all he had to do was climb to his feet and make his way back to his tower. Tony could feel that he had not gotten out of this unscathed as his left arm throbbed painfully, it was most likely broken. He was surprised that JARVIS was not working; it was just another thing that he would have to look into when he made it back to the tower. After seceding on making it to his feet he stumbled down the alley, the pain getting worse as he made his way to the entrance only to find it blocked by a huge muscled figure. Squinting his eyes Tony realized that he recognized that it was Steve standing there looking at him in horror.

"Steve?" Tony managed to question before pitching forward and blacking out.

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