There she was, walking about the city. Her head was getting bruised and beaten by the amount of questions, words and statements that were buzzing around in that petite head of hers.

Amy Rose held her arms in a crossed position as she walked towards the city park. She wanted to get away from everything that caused commotion in her life. For once this pink hedgehog didn't want to be around her friends and loved ones. She didn't want to be the one who cheered everyone up. She didn't want to be the optimistic one.

She wanted to be alone.

Glittering emerald eyes looked up as they saw a gold plaque on the top of a stone arch that read 'Mobius International City Park'. With a smile of satisfaction, Amy headed towards her favorite place in the park. The garden.

Amy sat down on a bed of flowers. The grass and petals tickled the sides of her bottom as well as her ankles and thighs. The pink silk dress that she wore slid down to place higher than her upper thigh. Usually she would be flushed and would quickly fix it, but she could care less. All the female hedgehog did was hug her knees close to her torso and wrapped her skinny arms around them. Amy put her chin on her right knee as she sighed. This was the opportunity she wanted; to think about the recent events. It all happened so fast, the poor female could barely recall what had happened. Pictures seem to flash behind her eyes as her eyelids lowered. She remembered. There was no denying that. Amy felt her heart throb. The pain that her hero had caused was like being operated on without anesthetic. Never had the young female experienced such heart break. She never expected anything like it. Finally her love had accepted her, held her, touched her, kissed her, only to be chewed up and spit out on concrete ground that was ice cold.

Was it her fault? She was the one that chased him around for about….how old was she again? Oh yeah, seven years would be in two months. Did she pressure him into accepting her? She wasn't afraid to admmit she was a bit forward and tempered back then but never would force someone into doing something they never wanted to do. On purpose. What if she had forced the cobalt male into having a relationship with her when he didn't even like that way? No that can't be true. He would never put up with something like that. Although he was careful about other's feelings, he was still honest….. What if he was lying?

Great I got a headache.

It always seemed to happen to her. Whenever she thought for too long or too hard she would always receive a gift of punishment from her head. That's probably why she did horrible on math tests. Her head still buzzed. She wanted it to stop but at the same time didn't. It decreased the pain in her heart. That was a sensitive place. Her head could have a pounding headache and she would still be sane, but if her delicate heart was harmed in the slightest of ways, it seemed to push the sakura hedgehog over the edge.

Her heart. Amy's heart had taken some damage. A lot of damage. Not only had she been cheated on but she had been bluntly rejected. Rejection seemed to be the pink hedgehog's worst fear. More worst than the dark. She had been rejected so many times and all those times her fragile heart was stuck by a pin. Somehow she'd always find a way to pluck it out and heal, but this was too big. She couldn't remove the butcher knife he had placed in her heart. It was too big. Thank God that she wasn't suicidal; her optimistic side was subtle but still there.

Amy Rose hadn't even noticed the thick and hot tears rolling down her cheeks that now exposed a bright red. When she felt something warm strolling down her shins she came out of the trance like state she was in and quickly took a part of her, borrowed, dress and wiped the liquid. She took the palms of her hands and furiously wiped her teary face. Amy half heartedly laughed at herself. She was acting like a child; so insecure yet so curious, but she couldn't help it. A small smiled played on her lips as she dismissed the whole thing at once. She realized she hadn't even gotten a chance to admire the breath taking view around her. The grass was an outstanding green and the variety of flowers was mind blowing. Amy unraveled herself and lay on her stomach. Her emerald eyes widened as she saw the bright colors surrounding her. The breeze came towards her massaging her face, almost soothing her from her troubles and fears. Amy rolled over on her back and closed her eyes. She was almost convinced that she had died and gone to heaven.

She now remembered why this was her favorite place. It brought her to a utopia that seemed to be created just for her. Peace and tranquility was shoved into her mind. The world she lived in held evil beyond belief and sorrow to extent. She realized she also visited this heavenly utopia to keep her sane from the harshness that she called her reality. Everyone has a place to just let go their troubles; even cheerful people like herself needed one also.

As Amy propped herself on her hands to indulge more with the cool crisp breeze, the atmosphere around her shifted. A quick wind came and jerked her peaceful mind forward. Her shiny eyes shot open only to have her eyelids come half way down. The peaceful smile that once rested on her soft lips formed into a straight hard line. Her utopia had ended and her blissful moment was crushed beneath red striped shoes. She sighed as she thought that today she would definitely lose her sanity. The sakura hedgehog stared straight forward and seemed to put on a 'Shadow the Hedgehog' mask. She wasn't ready yet. Not now. It wasn't the right time. But of course he always showed up earlier than needed. He always seemed to do things when he was ready.

Amy Rose didn't have to move a muscle to know Sonic the Hedgehog, responsible for her problems, was standing on her right side, looking down upon her with those forest green eyes.

What did you think? First story on here.

This is a chapter from a story I am writing. I thought it would serve greatly on what Amy Rose would think if Sonic did somtethign to her, like cheat. Of course this could go anyway, don't get me wrong. I just recentally learned though that she is very vulnerable.