"How do you think Amy will react when she see's Sonic?"

"I only hope that that faker lives to see tomorrow."

On a black leathery couch laid two hedgehogs that seemed to blend right in. Their own midnight fur seemed to camouflage in with the long cushioned seat. The male's crimson striped legs were propped up with a glass table underneath while he relaxed deeper into the couch with his eyes closed and the younger hedgie in his lap. He chuckled at the mere thought of the pink one bashing the blue hedgehog with her pathetic hammer. Purple irises shot up to crimson ones while her brows furrowed together in confusion. Her head tilted upwards and she rested a chin on the furry white contrast on the ebony hedgehog's chest. Her arms wrapped around his form only to have his arms wrap around hers. After a few seconds of contempt she stated her question.

"What's so funny Shadow?"

One eyelid half-opened to reveal part of his fiery red orbs that made her melt at times. Shadow shifted to get in a more comfortable position and exhaled tiredly. There was never an answer given. The midnight clan smirked when he heard a whine come from his lover. Both of his eyes were back to being closed. Still he didn't give an answer, just a deep chuckle. The female hedgehog's ears lowered in slight irritation.

"Ok Shadow, you had your fun. Now tell me."

"Don't worry about it Chelsea"

"Why can't you tell me?"

"It's not that I can't, I just think it's not all that necessary."

Shadow turned his head to the left trying to avoid eyes which were following his every move. He then shifted his muzzle to the right and so did purple orbs.

"If I may ask, what are you doing?" he said giving the slightest whine one could give.

"If it's not important than why can't you just tell me? Are you hiding something from me Shadow the Hedgehog?"

"Are we really going to go there and if I tell you it will only result with a slap on my shoulder."

Chelsea pouted and huffed as she straddled Shadow. She pushed her bottom lip out and batted her eyelashes in attempt to swoon him over. The crimson streaked hedgehog paid no attention to the anthropoid sitting on him. He stole a quick glance towards her and gave a curt smirk at the pout she gave. It was absolutely adorable on her part, and he was in a playful mood. He shook his head no and he grinned at the loud and irritated whine he received from Chelsea. Power tasted so sweet.

The ebony female put a hand on her forehead and dramatically fell off Shadow's lap and let out a groan. Shadow only stared at Chelsea with amusement as she threw her tantrum over a petty thing.

"But why not," her voice in a high pitch, "I'm gonna die if you don't tell me, and you don't want me dying do you?"

Masculine hands softly grabbed the other's waist, grabbed her leg, pulled it up to his waist and lifted her up to his face. Shadow smiled and said, "We definitely don't want that now do we. Now to answer your question, I was just finding it amusing the way Rose batters the blue one's pride with that stupid hammer of hers in my head." Not even a second past and Shadow felt the suspected hit on his shoulder.

"See told you, you would hit me."

"Oh hush up. That wasn't funny."

"If it wasn't funny then why are you smiling?" Shadow teased.

A pink tinge caught on the female's muzzle. Chelsea pushed her lover away. She tried to get away from him but he effortlessly plopped her right back down on his lap. She then couldn't hold it in anymore; the purple tipped female laughed till her insides felt as though they were about to rip open. Shadow couldn't help but smile at her smile and childish behavior. It was only two of the many things that greatly attracted him. When Chelsea was done with her moment she sighed heavily, pecked Shadow on the lips and got up to go to the kitchen. Following her, the midnight hedgehog held her waist.

"No but seriously, I don't think Amy could be that angry to actually hurt Sonic as funny as it sounds mind you," Chelsea said as she placed her hands on her knight's cheeks.

"Well I disagree. I think Rose's temper will get the best of her. Hmm...why don't we make this fun? Let's make this a bet. Winner has to be the other's servant for a week."

"Why not? It's not like I'm not going to win."

"Heh, we'll see in the future."

"Oh honey," Chelsea brushed her lips against Shadow's and lowered her eyelids, "the girls always game."

"You girls may win the game but we win the war 'honey'. Now are you going to stop teasing me and kiss me?"


"Repeat that."

"I said repeat it dammit!"

"You pushed me-"

"What do you mean I pushed you-you sick low lying twisted bastard that has nothing better to do with his shit then fuck everything he sees."


"No Sonic. Stop. Stop right there. I have never asked for anything from you than your love. Every time I try to get closer to you, you just push me away but I always tried again because I loved you I knew you loved me. At least I thought you did. After seven years of chasing you, you finally accept me and I remember that day so well so vividly; it was the happiest day of my life."

Amy Rose was standing in the middle of the most tranquil places in Mobius. In the middle of this dark twisted place she called reality she could escape to enjoy the sweet bliss this place brought her only to have that kicked into the horizon. The one who she thought was to keep her sane was the one causing her to the brink of insanity. It took all her strength not to have a nervous breakdown, but she wouldn't do it. Not in front of him at least.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

If this were last week you would hear a light gasp. Every time she even heard his name, it seemed to take away her breath just like that. Pure ecstasy would fill every inch of her body when she saw him mentally or physically. Amy liked the feeling, she liked it a lot. His smile would make her spine tingle and his laugh would turn her legs to jelly. His cobalt fur made her scalp tingle and his eyes would completely have her in a trance.

Oh how she wished she could feel that right now. The feeling she had right now was a feeling she didn't like. She didn't like it at all.

"I wasted my entire life on you Sonic. Every time you hurt me I-I forgave you because I loved you."

Emerald irises were watering.

"I gave up everything to get your attention because that's what love is, making sacrifices for the one you love."

Fingers were itching.

"You changed my life and actually made it worth living, and…and,

"A-amy please calm down"

Tears were falling.

"and I thought someone really loved me for who I was."

A massive hammer was thrown.

Feet were trampling the ground.

Shouts of sorrow were distributed.

Both Hedgehogs fell to the ground in each other's arms.

The azure hedgehog was known for his cocky attitude. He never went down without a fight. He was brave, courageous and witty. He ran by his motto; 'Do now think later.' Not to mention his superb athletic skills. Never had he shown any form of giving up. He never would give up his freedom, pride, damn it all if you even mentioned his running. He would never give up. Not today, yesterday not even tomorrow. So why was it so different now?

Well that was because he never had a petite pink female in his arms. Never would he have thought he'd one day shed tears because of her. Amy Rose. The one hedgehog that always seem to make him think first do later. The one hedgehog that made him weak physically and mentally.

The one hedgehog who he would give everything up for.

Sonic tightened his grip around Amy's form to where there was no space in between. A sob escaped his lips many times though he did not care. The trembling body he was holding was breaking him to pieces. He never thought love would feel this way. Both saddening yet joyful. It was time to let go of his pride, his freedom, his running and it was time to start looking forward into new things. Like confessing his love for the very thing that made him surrender without a second thought.

"Amy, Amy listen to me okay. I know that I've put you through hell. Hell, I put you through it and back twice, but I need you to listen to me very carefully. I understand everything now. I belong to you and you only. I want to be committed to you. I want kiss you each and every day. I want to see you every morning with your messed up quills. I want to marry you one day. I want to make love to you endlessly because I know every time will feel like the first. I want to one day have a child with you. We could have two, three, 15 if that makes you happy. I want to be wake up in the middle of the night because of a hedgehog that we both made. I want to take you out to wherever and whenever you want. I want the mood swings. I want to give up my freedom for you. I want to give up my running if it means I can be with you forever dammit. Just please Amy, stop crying. You're too beautiful to be doing that. I love you so much. Please don't ever forget that. I'm so sorry it took me this long to say-"

"Kiss me."

"My pleasure."

Hands grabbed the other's muzzle and forcefully closed any space between their lips. Everything around them was shut out. The two hedgehogs fell back into the bed of flowers that blossomed brightly. Both of their cheeks were a bursting bright red while their moans and grunts were heard. Endless shuffling was never ceased between the two. Their love for each other was shown effortlessly through the thousands of kisses they shared in that five minute period.

Love has a beginning, middle but never an end. Although this may seem as the beginning of a great love, my dear reader you have underestimated the simple four letter word.

They have already passed the point of endless love.

Thank you for reading

~God Bless~