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Brennan pulled her wet locks out of the towel, patiently awaiting a reply.

Angela scowled at the display before her.

"Sweetie, that's your duvet."

Brennan's jaw shifted, annoyed not because her question was not being addressed, but rather that – even though she knew that Angela was pointing out her bedspread – she was still unable to refrain from the instinctive glance back.

Another indicator that I've lost control.

Sheepishly, she turned back toward her monitor. "Yes, it is." She exhaled. "Which is why I wanted to know if you were free for lunch..."

Angela matched her friend's exhale with an added huff of disdain. "Honey – why are you home?"

Angela attempted to further illustrate her irritation with her go-to cross of the arms over her chest, but was thwarted by the additional girth that her eight months of pregnancy had produced. Being Angela however, she seamlessly recalibrated her misfire as she slid her hands around her belly, clasping her fingers above her umbilicus with an impatient twiddle.

Brennan fidgeted under the glare of her virtual friend. "Ange-"

Angela sat back to alleviate the pressure on her bladder. "Don't you 'Ange' me, Brennan! You had two things to do during this break...two! One – let yourself grieve Vincent's loss with his family. Two – stay naked, writhing and with your legs wrapped tightly around a certain set of well-formed FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth hips! You don't look naked enough, or writhing at all..."

Brennan scoffed at her friend's scolding. Angela continued.

"And I certainly don't see Special Agent Hot Stuff, naked or otherwise." she frowned.


"And the bed is made already! Sweetie, you're killing me! You're back home, it's seven in the morning, your bed is made, and you certainly don't look fucked enough…"

"Ange!" Brennan snapped, finally catching her attention.

"What Sweetie?" Angela snapped back. "I'm so not happy with you right now! What?"

Brennan barely repressed a smirk at her tirading friend before she called out, "Booth!"

Angela's left eyebrow followed the intrigued path of the right as she leaned back towards her 22" monitor.

Booth is there!

Brennan applied a slight shift of weight to slide her desk chair left of center from the webcam, all the while watching the seemingly slow motion trek of Angela's full curves forward towards her own camera.

Brennan studied the piqued parting of Angela's lips with Booth's simultaneous opening of the bathroom door. After deliberately (and sometimes painfully) guarding her own responses of arousal to one Seeley Booth through the years, Brennan had always enjoyed the vicarious experience of watching the many gratuitous, uncensored reactions of other women to her partner.

Gratuitous. Uncensored.

Lascivious. Prurient.


Especially Angela. Animated, pregnant, horny, Angela.

"Yeah Bones?"

Booth stood in the doorway of the bathroom, a waft of steam trailing from all points behind him. With the exception of a loosely slung towel low around his waist, the only evidence of other cover was half a face of shaving cream.

"Oh Dear God. He's there. And wet. And glistening." Angela gasped.

With her own brief admiration, Brennan acknowledged Booth before steadying her gaze back to dispassion, turning back to the webcam. "I asked Angela if she was free to join us for a late lunch this afternoon." She turned back toward her partner.

Booth raised his eyebrows in disbelief at Brennan's question and the nonchalant look on her face.

She knew he was meeting Rebecca for lunch...

His face shifted from confusion to recognition as the sound and visage of a humming, virtual Angela Montenegro came into his view. Immediately, he stilled.

"Well, hello there Booth! So nice to see so much of you!" Angela sang.

Booth felt his body warm with a blush as Angela's newly licked lips broadened into a wide, smug grin. Staring back at his partner, who was purporting her best attempt at an innocent gaze, he couldn't help but snicker at her thinly veiled ruse.

Bones is showing me off! Heh! Miss "Objectification is Wrong" my ass. Ha! Literally.

Relaxing his shoulders for what felt like the first time in the past forty-eight hours, Booth succumbed to the levity of the moment. With a security tug at his towel, and the clearing of his throat, he leaned on the door jamb.

"Hey Angela." He returned coolly. "You look good! How are you feeling?"

Having momentarily forgotten everything but her lust, Angela straightened as the feel of her swollen belly, fingers and ankles pulsed in response to Booth's question like an alarm. She laughed. "Well, I must look better than I feel, I'm so ready to be a Mom and not a mold."

Brennan considered her friend's illustrative metaphor while Booth and Angela chuckled.

At the speed of Angela, she returned back to her earlier concern. "So what gives, you guys? What are you guys doing back so soon? Hodgins and I weren't expecting to hear from you for at least another week." She arched her eyebrow, daring the both of them not to respond.

Brennan turned to Booth. Angela watched the silent interplay between the two. She had always prided herself on her ability to register the unspoken words between the pair. She sighed with relief as she read that whatever tension had forced their abrupt return to the States had nothing to do with their budding romance.


She bit her lip. This was a love story simmering - fuck - boiling with almost seven years of tension. Whatever was going on was huge enough for them to come back.

It better not be the fucking FBI cockblocking these two. She grumbled.

Sorry Baby Love. She thought to her unborn child. Mommy says 'fuck' a lot when it comes to your Auntie Brennan and Uncle Booth. Better you find out now. She chuckled as she rubbed her belly.

"Uh. Ah." Booth began, watching his partner. "Unfortunately, something's come up with Parker and I need to touch base with Rebecca face to face, as soon as possible. So we uh, we all came back early."

Angela watched as Brennan nodded in sympathetic collusion with Booth's words. Angela surmised two things: 1) Booth was not blowing smoke up her ass (Brennan was a horrible secret-keeper, and in no way would be able to mask a lie if he was); and 2) this was as much of the truth that either of them was going to allow her – for now.

Pressing her lips, Angela nodded as well. "Well that sounds like a 'yikes' situation. I not happy to see you guys back so soon, but I hope everything with Parker works out."

Booth was the fixer, a problem-solver. He hated when worry and concern was focused on him, and as a result, his discomfort with Angela's concern shifted him back into Quip Mode. With eyes darting back and forth between Brennan and Angela, Booth once again grabbed his towel, his departure obviously impending.

"Yeah, well me too. Raincheck for lunch, huh? Bones, you go. Ange, maybe dinner? Tomorrow night? We could come to you. We'll bring whatever you and the Bug Baby crave."

Off-camera (of course) Angela wiggled her toes with excited satisfaction. The man who had for so long wallowed in the "Me and Bones" mode was now effortlessly using the royal "We". She beamed. "That's sounds great. I'll tell Hodgie that he'll have a playmate for the night." She smirked. "And you can give me the full story about what Bren did to Vincent's Aunt and Uncle."

He offered with a side smirk. "Ha! Let Bones explain to you what she did, then I'll tell you what the rest of us saw! I'm uh, gonna go back to shaving now, okay Ladies?" He proposed with a look at both women.

"Welcome home, Sweetie." Angela closed. "And, hey – if you want to make naked web calls a thing for work, I'm all for it." She teased.

Booth smiled shyly, backing away. Angela raised her hand to offer a wiggling wave farewell. "Byeeeee!"

Booth locked his amused eyes on his partner. Brennan watched the bathroom door close with a contented smile before turning back to her friend. Angela waited with a proud smile, thoroughly amused by her bestie's braggadocio.

Uncharacteristically, Brennan could not hold back a giggle.

"Somebody's happy!" Angela gushed, her glee further buoyed by her normally reserved pal's unrestrained laughter.

Brennan continued to laugh.

Since Parker's announcement, Booth had been extremely agitated and tense. This was the first instance since their day in Piccadilly Circus that he had sported an unforced smile.

Booth's distress had disarmed Brennan. Though she knew he was a far better man than his father, she was also well aware that he feared he had inherited his violent streak. Being a "hothead" herself (Caroline's words), she admired his capacity to channel and regulate his anger on a daily basis.

But no situation could draw his ire more than the threat of losing his son, and his relationship with Rebecca seemed to maintain just ten degrees, Celcius less than a Cold War, at best.

Neither of them knew more than what Parker had sleepily disclosed - Rebecca had a job offer and they were moving to London - soon. Booth didn't want to interrogate his child, who obviously hadn't intended to break the news, and Booth didn't want technology to obstruct his confrontation with Rebecca. They needed to discuss this directly.

Booth had made all efforts to mitigate and mask his disquiet to Parker and to Brennan, but his hurting was palpable. And Brennan found herself fearful.

Fearful that she didn't possess the correct strategy to comfort him.

Fearful that he may not be able to calmly confront Rebecca.

And fearful that she may lose him to England. Especially since Hannah, she firmly believed that Booth would never chose romantic love over his child.

These thoughts - her fear took hold as her bottom lip began to quiver uncontrollably. Angela's eyes widened with worry as she watched Brennan's release of laughter transform into a burst tears

"Oh, Honey, no! Hey, what's wrong?"

Ten minutes later, Booth chuckled to himself as he popped his head out of the bathroom.

"Is it safe now?" he teased. "Or are you waiting for the next paying customer to log in for a show?"

Brennan looked up from the floor, attempting to set her face with an expression of amusement. "Sorry, I know it was childish..."

But she wasn't fooling him. Booth felt his heart jump to his throat the sight of her obvious distress. Her pretty blue eyes swam in pools of unshed tears and her twitching mouth would not still.

"Bones! What's wrong?" he rushed to sit on the bed directly in front of her desk. "Is something wrong with Angela? Is it the baby? Did they find out more about the baby's eyesight?"

Brennan huffed a frustrated laugh. She shook her head as Booth took her hands in his. Sniffling, she attempted to allay his concerns with a weak smile. "No. I'm alright. I'm being silly." she smiled apologetically.

"Bones. You're not okay. You've been crying. Baby, what's wrong?" He pulled her chair towards the bed, framing it between his legs. He thumbed away tears falling onto the her cheeks. "Did Angela upset you in some way? You know, it can be a slippery slope talking with pregnant ladies about to blow. Their hormones are like popcorn. Whatever she said, I know that she didn't mean it, I'm sure. She's got DIPS, you shouldn't pay her any mind..."

Brennan laughed at his mitigating tactic of absurdity. Placing her right hand over his bare chest, she sighed. "No, heh!" She tilted her head slightly to the left as she studied the love an concern in his eyes. Briefly, she closed her eyes, savoring the reassuring feel of his warm hands on her face. "It's this."

Booth took a quick breath. "Us?" he worried.

"No." she replied quickly. "Well, yes. But no." she explained. She chuckled as she watched his right cheek and eyebrows rise, patiently waiting for her to work out her explanation. She took a deep breath. "I'm upset right now, and you know exactly what to do to comfort me. But you're hurting right now, too, and I don't know what to do to make you feel better. And I needed Angela to give me guidance."

He smiled at her sweet, anguished face. He leaned in to place a soft kiss on her lips. "Bones. Thank you."

She hiccupped. "For what?"

"For worrying. For wanting to comfort me. For being here."

"Of course I'm here Booth, this is my apartment... Oh! You mean being present." she smiled with diffidence, allowing her hand to travel down to his side.

Booth caught said hand, pulling her from the chair and onto his lap. The movement caused the left side of her robe fall to off her shoulder. He took it as an invitation to plant a kiss onto it.

"What did Angela tell you?" he asked, brushing his cheek against her exposed skin.

Brennan watched herself as she threaded her hands with Booth's left. "She told me two things. The first thing was to do what comes naturally." she pressed her lips into a brief frown.

"Well, that's good advice." he offered, squeezing her right thigh through the robe, pulling her tighter into him. "That's what I try to do with you, Bones." To varying degrees of success. He mused, thinking of their disastrous conversation outside the Hoover. And that awful night in the rain.

She laughed. "Not for me. I don't think like everyone else thinks, Booth. Three things came to mind, and I don't think you'd be happy with any of the three."

"Oh yeah? Try me." he coaxed.

Brennan rolled her eyes. "Well the first thing that comes naturally to mind for me to comfort you is to punch Rebecca."

Booth snickered. "Probably not the best thing to do." he kissed her shoulder again. "But I love you for it, huh? Number two?"

"Hire a legal team and investigators to put together a case in an effort to discredit Rebecca and have her declared an unfit mother so that Parker could live with you full time and not have to leave."

"Huh." Booth would have to admit that the thought had crossed his mind. "Kind of like number one. Just a few problems with it."

"Exactly." Brennan agreed. "In spite of your personal history of conflict, Rebecca is a wonderful mother, and you would never do anything to compromise Parker's opinion of her."

"You're exactly right Bones." He leaned his head into her chest. She placed her left hand around, first to his back, then up to the nape of his neck. He rocked them as she stroked the bristly wisps of his hair. "I'd never do anything to hurt Parker."

Brennan nodded in agreement, even though Booth was unable to see her. "Yes, which brings me to my third thought." She felt her tears returning. "Parker is your son, and he's the most important thing in the world to you. Logically, you should move, too. I can help you coordinate your relocation to London. I suppose I could visit you with a measured frequency, bi-monthly, perhaps. I'm certain that I won't be motivated to partner with another FBI agent, so perhaps I can serve an advisory role to Cam's team, and I can refocus on ancient remains. Maybe Dr. Edison..."

Booth looked up. "Whoa! Bones, slow down! I'm not moving to London. And you're not holing up in Limbo."

"But Booth, you can't be without Parker. He's the most imp-"

"Bones, let's not get ahead of ourselves okay? We just know what Parker knows. I don't know what Rebecca's plan is. Hell, this could be a six month assignment for all we know. Let me talk to her okay?" Brennan nodded. "But know this. I've been waiting for this - for us - for a long time. You're a factor in whatever happens, okay? Do I want my son in another country, no? But I'm also not going to pick up and leave us again...ever."

Brennan stared at Booth. His words terrified and thrilled her. In one sentence, he had destroyed her abandonment demon. "But it's not like we'll-"

"No 'but's', Bones. I'm locked in. You may choose to kick me to the curb, but I'm not going anywhere. Ever. Again. From here on in, when I make big life changing decisions, I have to think about Parker, me, Pops, and you. I love you. You're my family too, Bones and I'm not doing anything without figuring out what it means to us. Wrap your big brain around that okay?"

She continued to stare at him. Her mind raced with doubts, but the swath of love stirring in her fought back valiantly. Booth saw it, and he couldn't help but smile.

"That got you a little hot, huh? Bones, you are so in love with me." he teased.

"Shut up. I'm not." she argued. "While I have a modicum of affection toward you, what you think you observe is actually a spike in my production of cortisol and epinephrine. This is most likely due to stress, related to transcontinental flight exhaustion, bereavement, feelings of empathy towards your situation with Rebecca..."

"Blah, blah, blah." he teased.

"It's true." she argued. "Now kindly remove your jeans."

"What?" he laughed, surprised. She stood up, walking over to the door to lock it.

"Remove your jeans. And lay back on the bed please."

"Bones, we just showered."

"Pants. Off." she commanded.

"Bones, I'm really not..." Booth began.

Brennan frowned. " Yes, I know you're not in the mood for sex Booth. We haven't engaged in coitus - to completion - since the night Parker told us."

"Believe me Bones, I want to - I always want to with you." He stood, walking toward her. "Hell, I get hard when you're waist deep in dirt and slime! But with all of this stuff with Parker and Rebecca. I really haven't been able to... focus."

Brennan smiled at her partner. "Booth, I'm well aware of how stress can impact one's sexual desires." She ran her forefinger down his torso, bisecting his belly button. She giggled as he marveled at how quickly she made work of his belt and fly. Pulling him by the waistband of his boxers, she guided him and his slagging jeans back to the bed.

"...But Angela assures me that if I fellate you often, this will ease your tension tremendously."

Brennan tugged open her robe, allowing it to drop to the floor in an unceremonious plop.

Booth savored the view of his partner's lovely figure, admiring the naked curves and slopes of the form that he had worshipped for so long, and now had the clearance to explore.

"This was Angela's second suggestion?" he queried.

"Yes!" she said breathily. Yanking down his jeans and boxers, she continued. "She said, 'give him head, to get him out of his head'. I'm sure you understand the pun. Step out please." Standing back up, she surveyed his body, pleased to see that her plan was of obvious interest to him.

He obeyed her request. The two stood a foot from each other in quiet appreciation of the other. Booth reached out to pull her to him, but she swatted away his hand. "But I do all the work." she warned, easing him onto the bed.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmmhmmm." she purred as she slithered down his body.

He swallowed in aroused anticipation.

"Angela's a genius."