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The sound of him exiting the bathroom roused her. Slightly disoriented, she checked the clock, it was 6:43 AM.

His face showed remorse at his lack of stealth en route back to the bed. Apologetically, he smiled at her ever curious eyes, puffy cheeks and pout of confusion. "Sorry, I didn't want to wake you." He whispered, slipping swiftly back into her bed. "Let's go back to bed, Bones."

A suitable idea, indeed, but the playful arch of her brow and her drowsy (almost goofy) grin suggested an alternative next action. He hummed as he pulled her warm, sleepy body to his. Brennan nuzzled her head into the smooth join of his neck and shoulder while the rest of her body cocooned to his.

Smooth. She thought to herself, her lips sneaking a taste of his flesh. He brushed her bangs aside and stretched to kiss her forehead, growling contentedly as she writhed her welcoming body against him.

Aftershave. Simmering, her olfactory sensors drowned in the scent of him. "Oh you smell, very, very nice." She husked. Distractedly, her hand skimmed up his chest, first to his bare neck and chin, then up to his hair.

Damp hair. Booth had been in the shower. Already. "You've bathed." She observed. "And shaved. Have you completed your run already?" she inquired as her mouth and hands continued to roam the well-muscled curves of his torso.

The reverberating sensation of her husky morning voice against his ear bewitched him. Sighing, he guided her face up to his, the devotion of all his focus in pursuit of her full round lips. "Mmmhmm," he mumbled as his mouth crashed onto hers.

Warm. Wet. Yielding.

He slipped his hand up her tank top, his long fingers reading the soft contours of her back until his hand found station in her hair. He grinned at the soft purr she emitted while he simultaneously massaged her scalp and explored the fullness of her wanting mouth. "Burning off some energy," he replied.

"Not too much, I hope" she murmured against his lips.

Eventually, the stretch tension and the delicious obstruction of his arm trapped under her tank top encouraged Brennan to remove it completely. Everything, to him, was in slow motion. In the soft, muted haze of the morning, Booth watched reverently as his partner revealed her gorgeous white canvas to him.

In truth, her actions were unhurried, and his body responded agreeably to the slower, more sensual pace with which Sleepytime Bones moved. So transfixed was he by her spell, he hadn't realized how much time had passed as he watched her peel off her top and toss it onto the floor. He knew not for how long his hands brushed lightly against her trembling belly before traveling up to the softest parts of her flesh. There was no marker of time for how long they studied each other's reactions as they touched, explored and caressed.

One thing that piqued his curiosity was her blush. He resolved to measure duration relative to the time that passed between the origination of that tell-tale pink of arousal that kissed the top of her breasts to its delicious creep up to flood her cheeks. And, what made it travel faster, and slower. It was just one of the first of many studies the unscientific scientist wanted to conduct. Booth knew he could easily lose a day, no, a week, studying the ebb and flow of her naked body subjected to his touch. He had years full of curiosity about her, about them together. He was intent on fulfilling every one of his (and her) fantasies.

And the fantasies about what they still were to learn about each other. Her freckles, for instance. So many years of stares, gazes and peeks. He would never have guessed how many….


Finally, she had snapped him from his trance. His intense gaze locked with her questioning eyes. He laughed sheepishly, certain she was bewildered. There was no way that Temperance Brennan understood the elation he felt that they finally together. But he would show her. Every day.

If he didn't have her now, especially with Parker slipping through his fingertips, he was certain that his rage would consume him. She had no idea how her presence both excited and calmed him.

She touched his cheek, her forefinger gently tracing the helix of laughter and worry lines that framed his dark eyes. He closed his eyes, savoring the feel of her touch. He kissed into her palm. She smiled, relieved and contented that he seemed to be enjoying her touch.

But was it enough?

Should we be talking? Discussing strategies about how to address the Parker issue? Is this just a pleasant distraction from where his true focus should be?

Silently she battled her reasoning into a corner while she let her heart rule the morning. She took his hand, clasping it over her racing heart. He had often chastised her about her lack of understanding metaphors, but this she understood. He pecked at her lips, and then slid his hand to the side, tenderly kissing her above the left breast. She smiled, letting a single tear escape and journey in the infinite maze of her ear.

For a while, he lay his head on her chest, listening to her heart beat. His own heart raced with love for this woman. In her embrace, he felt whole, invincible, worthy.

He lifted his head, gathering her face in his hand. "You are so incredible, Bones." Noting the streak of the tear, gently he kissed her left eyelid, his mouth following the salty path. "I love you." He whispered, his breath tickling her ear. She giggled, bracing her hands on his musculus brachialis.

"I need you so much right now. I can't get through this without you." He stated returning to look her in the eyes. He knew his words may scare her, but he needed her to hear them. He held her gaze until she nodded her solemn acknowledgement. Acknowledgment, but not understanding. Somehow she would learn. She nodded. "I'm here, Booth."

He pressed his forehead to hers, their noses kissing. She stroked his neck and back as his whole being relaxed.

She was so warm. Booth kissed her shoulder, certain that the press of his lips to the spot would cool her down. Brennan arched her back, encouraging him that more of the same would be required. She expanded her gesturing by tugging at his t-shirt. Impatiently, but silently, she considered the inefficiency of pajamas as she waited for him to discard the ridiculous piece of clothing. Brennan kept herself occupied by sweeping her fingers over the barely there wisps of hair that bisected his pelvis. She grinned as he growled his appreciation of her delicate touch. It was now his turn to indicate, Brennan's grin expanded to a full smile as Booth planked his body over her, encouraging her to discard his sweatpants.

Though eager for the reveal, Brennan conscientiously took her time for two reasons. First, having become more familiar with Parker's teenager-like sleeping habits, she knew that she had plenty of time to enjoy the firmness of Booth's dimpled rear and the powerful thickness of his hard thighs. His musculature was superb, which was also a factor in the second reason for her deliberate efforts – she was curious of how long Booth would be able to maintain his locked position over her.

Her two handed effort soon turned into a one-hand/one-foot affair as her exploring right hand continued to measure the rigidity of various key locales while he sustained his position with barely a shift or a grunt.

Though he maintained the extended hold over her with relative ease, he soon became aware of her little experiment. And, though he thoroughly enjoyed her examining touch, his body ached to be joined with hers, not simply on top. Unceremoniously, he allowed his body to collapse onto hers.

Booth's obviously staged action surprised her, causing her to gasp and giggle as he rolled them so that she was on top of him. Languidly they kissed while Booth reciprocated: slowly, tortuously pulling off her yoga pants and panties. Which each subtle tug at the material, he pressed his hips into hers, satisfied only when the pressure made her whimper and moan. With each probing repetition, he lengthened his tease in both duration and intrusion.

Brennan was wet and delirious with the anticipation of Tantalus. By the time she felt her bottoms finally curl off her foot, her whole body was a humming, taut bundle of nerves in desperate need of him.

With a smug grin, he watched as the last sleepy part of his partner – her eyes – widened, full of relieved pleasure as he entered her.

It was a lovely way to start the morning. Save the exception of an occasional gasp, giggle or moan – quietly – the partners made love as Parker snored in the bedroom far down the hall, blissfully unaware that his baby sister was being made.

She offered the waitress a perfunctory smile as she placed the lunch order for her and her colleague. After four years of working together, there were two things that had held constant about their meetings at the diner. First, and without fail, a Cam-Brennan lunch always included two salads, two waters, two cups of tea, two cups of fruit and a shared order of French Fries.

Secondly, each would try to out-early the other. This time, she won. The official score was now something like Brennan: 461; Cam: 483.

She looked at her phone. No new messages. She opened the cryptic message that she had received this morning, wondering what this lunch appointment was all about. Honestly, she had been a little relieved to steal away from his warm embrace.

Just a little distance, she thought. Lunch at the dinner was something familiar. A predictable, controllable experience.

Something to make me feel a little less overwhelmed.

Nervously, her eyes un-focused on the place mat before her. With the obvious close of the Jeffersonian, it couldn't be case-related. Since Brennan had announced her extended vacation with Booth, she hadn't expected to hear from her at all.

Unless an obstacle to their plans for a relationship had arisen. Yes, that must be it. If something was going to inhibit them being together, she knew that her colleague would want as much lead time to address it as soon as possible.

Exactly what I don't need right now. More…chaos.

Since they had returned back to the States, she had been surprised that the fever of emotions that hit her in London had yet to subside. Having lunch at the diner felt like the first thing that she had done on her own since they all had returned.

She checked her watch, thinking about Vincent. His loss had affected her even harder than she expected. Even though every overture that she made since his death illustrated her admiration, she worried that it was too late for her to convey the extent to which she adored him. She hoped that in some way he understood that he was cared for and respected by her and the rest of the team.

She exhaled a long, deliberate puff, determined not to be weepy – again – in front of her colleague. She had to regain control of her emotions.

This is getting ridiculous.

She tried not to think about the fact that Vincent's untimely death had left her feeling vulnerable, but focused. With the pain of Vincent's loss, came the clarity of what, no, who she wanted.

She swept her bangs across her brow, considering how significantly they had grown out.

Maybe I'll let them grow out. She thought. Or maybe he'd like me to cut them again.


What the Hell just happened there? 'Maybe he'd like me to…'? What is wrong with me? I don't need anyone's opinion on how I look, not even him.

She fidgeted nervously, finally allowing her to be a little annoyed by how the past seven days had affected her so significantly. She tried to reset her composure. This lunch, this bit of distance was a good thing. She resolved to block out more time during the week just for herself. Maybe catch up on some things at the lab.

Who am I kidding? She sighed. He'd find me. And I want him to….

A week ago, she had been perfectly fine with her life. She was at the top in her field, she enjoyed her co-workers (more than she'd ever admit), and she was content with the small amount of social life that she allowed herself. But now…now that they had crossed and set fire to that invisible line, she didn't know how to go back.

But how could they move forward?

In the light of day, away from his physical presence, reason returned. There was no way that she'd be enough for him.

No matter how hypnotic the words rolled off his sweet, heavy tongue, could we work…

…And his lips. My God! His mouth! The way that he holds me…

She touched her lips, blithely caught in the memory of her morning with him. She hadn't realized that her lunch date was standing in front of her.

"Cam? Thanks for meeting with me. I hope you haven't been waiting too long…."

By the time they were on the plate of fries, the pair had re-acclimated to the comfortable boundaries of their awkward, but cherished friendship. The discussed plans to try and improve security at the lab, coordinating a scholarship in Vincent's name, as well as commiserated and strategized about the loss of Angela's technical expertise during her maternity leave. They even shared some laughs, recalling Brennan's scandalous behavior with Vincent's uncle after the funeral.

But all were things that could have waited until Brennan returned from vacation.

Because of her affection for Seeley, Cam had learned to admire and respect Dr. Brennan. Even further, she had come to understand Brennan exceptionally well. And, though she was batting her weight when it came to offering her support to Brennan, Cam knew that there was something on her mind that needed discussion.

Something difficult for her to confront.

Something where Angela lacked expertise.

Obviously, Booth.

So, though she was holding out for an entire encounter free of Brennan Bites, she took a risk.

"Dr. Brennan. I feel like we're avoiding the elephant in the room."

Brennan frowned. "In fact, Dr. Saroyan, you'll recall that it was a mastodon that was in the lab. Not an elephant. An elephant of course is a relative of the mastodon, but they are distinct from each other." Brennan watched as her bosses' head fell in hopeless defeat. "I believe they moved the entire Giants Exhibit to the…oh, are you being colloquial?"

Cam shook her head in the affirmative. "Yes, I am being colloquial Dr. Brennan. My mistake. I was referring to that big topic that you've yet to bring up?" Cam watched as Brennan's direct stare began to evade. "Look, I know that Seeley's a private person and that he doesn't want us to…compare notes, if you will. But you're back earlier than expected from Europe. Something's on troubling you and I've got to assume that it has to deal with Booth."

Brennan's jaw jutted out slightly while she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. Wiping her hands and mouth with the napkin, she sighed. "Rebecca plans to move to London with Parker." She waited, curious to see if she could detect if Booth had already informed her of the news.

"Whoa." Cam's eyes widened while her mouth narrowed into an "O" shape.

I believe that she is unaware. "She's accepted a very prestigious promotion with her company. She plans to relocate in eight weeks. She anticipates they'll be there for a minimum of three years."

Cam threw her napkin down. "That fucking…sorry. I like her just enough not to slug her….Rebecca's not one of my favorite people." She apologized.

Brennan studied her reaction. She rarely had observed "the Bronx" in Cam come out. Unaware of what to say, she waited for Cam to elaborate.

"She's got to be crazy if she thinks that she can just take his son away from him…for three years? Is she nuts? When did Seeley find out?"

"When we were in London." Brennan explained. "Parker accidentally told us. And yesterday, Rebecca confirmed it."

Cam sat up. Brennan noticed the subtleties of Cam's ire beginning to evidence themselves. "She really is a piece of work, you know that? She has no regard for what this will do to Seeley. She is beyond selfish. Ugh! Incredible!"

Brennan bit her lip. "Rebecca is like us, in that she's ambitious, focused on her career, successful at it…"

Cam studied her colleague. "Yes. She is all those things. But she's also a mother."

Brennan frowned. "I don't understand."

Cam sighed. It was a rare situation where Dr. Brennan eagerly solicited her advice. She realized that this was the reason for their 'catch up lunch.' Though Brennan would never admit it, she needed Cam's guidance. "When you become a parent, and you intend to be a good parent, there is no higher priority than your child. You make sacrifices, your priorities change. Nothing is more important than the happiness of your child."

Brennan flinched. "I disagree with you Dr. Saroyan. As per my own personal experience, my parents deprioritized my and my brother's happiness when they abandoned us."

Cam blinked. "But you were still the priority, Dr. Brennan. They left you in order to protect you. Their pasts put you in danger, and your lives were too precious for you mother and Max to put at risk. Their departure meant your survival. And look at you both. From what you've told me, Russ is happy being a family man. And you…you've lived quite a remarkable life. You're the best in your field. And you have the love of such a wonderful man. The choices that your parent's made…it wasn't about them, it was about you."

Brennan shook her head slowly, her indicator that she was only partially in acceptance of Cam's words.

Cam continued. "When I left Andrew, it was the hardest thing for me to do. Not because I was a woman scorned. It had everything to do with Michelle." She took a deep breath. "I loved that little girl so much. And it nearly killed me when I chose to leave him. "When we were together, I was Michelle's mother. I loved that role, being that person for that sweet little girl…" her voice drifted. She cleared her throat. "And she wasn't even mine. But Booth…Parker's his little boy. There's no way it's not going to break his heart to see his little boy leave him. And Rebecca knows that."

Brennan considered Cam's words. "But Booth left Parker. When he went to Afghanistan..."

"Yes and Booth made that decision with Rebecca's input." Cam added.

Brennan bristled. She had thought that Booth had decided unilaterally to go to Afghanistan without consult. Cam realized that Brennan hadn't known what she had just shared.

"Seeley is never going to do anything without making sure his family is cared for, Dr. Brennan. That's just who he is. If Rebecca and Parker…and you….weren't on board about Afghanistan, he wouldn't have gone." Cam waited for her words to wash over her Brennan. "The least that he is owed is a say in his son's future. But, of course, the Ice Queen's not going to take any of Seeley's feelings into consideration. She just decided that this was the way things were to be, his opinion be damned." She finished sarcastically.

Brennan nodded. Cam had helped her to better understand Booth's perspective. Rebecca's decision, while obviously beneficial to her, was extraordinarily egoistic. Yes, Parker seemed excited about the move, but Booth was miserable. Though his actions and words demonstrated that he was resigned to the impending change, it was obvious, even to Brennan that the thought of Parker's departure had taken its toll.

Brennan was impressed that she was able to recognize these subtleties. Usually, she wouldn't be able to do so unless she had a similar experience to reference for context.

A situation where Booth had been cornered into accepting a life-altering decision that held the promise of limited benefit.

"I want a baby."

"…it's your kid, it's totally yours."

She stared, mouth agape. She had come to lunch with the intention of gathering strategies for how to better support Booth through this Rebecca Situation. Cam knew Booth well, and had experience with Booth and Rebecca. Brennan had been comforted that - although they clashed occasionally - their compatibility had developed out of mutual respect and shared values. Though she would never admit to it, Brennan had found in Cam many similar traits.

That's what she surmised before lunch, only to find out now that she was more similar to the women who had hurt Booth, than the one who had been his friend all these years.

I've done the same thing to Booth that Rebecca's doing now.

I rejected him, like Rebecca and Hannah did.

I'm not prepared to give him the life, the family that he wants – just like Rebecca and Hannah. I'm making him compromise.

The definition of insanity is doing…

"Dr. Brennan?" Cam asked, having lost her companion to her thoughts.

Brusquely, Brennan stood up. "I-, I have to go, Dr. Saroyan. It was nice to see you. I'll speak with you soon." Brennan pulled out her wallet to cover the lunch (rules were, the late arrival paid the bill).


"Okay, sure Dr. Brennan. Hey about Seeley and this whole Parker thing. For what it's worth - not that you're asking for my advice – I'm going to give it to you anyway. Don't let him brood about it on his own. Ask him how he's doing. Make him tell you. Just…listening. It could go a long way."

By default, Brennan shook her head. "Yes, Cam. You are probably correct. I have to go. Goodbye."

Cam watched Brennan leave the diner. She felt stuck – she couldn't contact Seeley about what was going on, assuming that Brennan was expecting her confidences. And, she couldn't head over to Rebecca's to punch her out like she wanted to.

What a bitch. Cam stewed as she packed her purse in preparation for her departure.

How selfish can you be?

In that moment, she gave thanks for the opportunity to resume care for Michelle. However difficult things had been between them at times, she felt blessed that she had the resources and the support system that she did to take care of her number one priority: her daughter.

She checked her phone: a message from Paul.

Immediately, her indignation changed to guilt.

Paul was such a lovely man. She reasoned. What's wrong with me? He's so sweet, so funny. He makes me feel treasured. When we are together, it's nice. Comfortable.

She sighed.

Not at all like this morning.

With Arastoo.

What am I doing?

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