"What time is it, John?", Sherlock called across the room to his flatmate.

Sherlock stood there awiting John's reply. His tall physique towering over John's shorter one. Sherlock's face was buried in a microscope, examining blood cells.

"It's half past eleven... Are you alright Sher-", John began only to be cut off.

"Shut up. I'm thinking.", Sherlock snapped back.

Sherlock sighed deeply, realizing he might have hurt John. Holding back his concern, Sherlock goes back to working, trying so hard not to blush.

"Uh.. Sherlock, why don't you relax a bit. Have some tea... Or food.", John suggests, stuttering nervously.

"Hm? Oh. you know I can't eat when I work. Food slows me down. Go ahead and eat John. I'll be fine."

Sherlock peered up for a moment. His gaze was breif but made his cheeks flush with red. He knew he slipped up just slightly. Hoping John did not notice, he slipped back to his work.

"Damnit. I can no longer concentrate.", Sherlock spoke in a monotoned anger.

John hid behind a mask, noticing how Sherlock was slightly red. He just wanted to rush over to him and hold him so tight. He could no longer fight his feelings. He could only restrain himself from grabbing hold of his Sherlock.

With a swift movement, Sherlock stood, glancing at his John and donning his coat. "Are we leaving or not?" His voice shattered the awkward silence. Still maintaining his gaze on John, Sherlock began to step forward. "Please... I.. I'm feeling something. Come here, John." His voice was shaky and nervous.

"Sh-Sherlock...", John began to approach him slowly and stopped just two steps away. He was hesitant to move any closer. "What are you feeling lo-", his voice trailed off before he could finish his last word.

Sherlock, hands shaking, reached out to grab hold of John and bring him close into him. He held John so tight and would not let go. Their hearts raced in synchronization. Both of the men were nervous, trembling and whole in that moment.

John moved in closer to Sherlock while in the embrace. He put his arms around his waist and lay his head on Sherlock's chest.

Sherlock, surprised by John's action, places his hand upon John's head. He ran his hands through his lovers hair and lifted his face. Sherlock, without hesitation, lay his lips upon John's.

John, confused and blushing bright red, accepts the kiss and embraces him closer.