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Okay this is just a weird idea that came to me all of a sudden. It was co-written by Snare-chan (meaning that she came up with most of the ideas and I typed it) I've read a whole bunch of other fics now where people get turned into chibis and I had to write one. Though, mine's a bit different I suppose. Less humor more fluff. It's a sappy fic with a bit of mild self-insertion. Consider yourself warned.

Yami and Yugi sat at the counter of the game shop, talking to each other about random things. Sugoroku was gone for the day so Yami was free to come out and spend time with him. He hadn't yet told his grandfather about his dark other and they had both decided that it was best to leave it that way for a while.

They both looked up when the bell on the door rang and blinked in surprise as they saw the girl who walked in the door. The first thing that they both thought was that she looked like a tall, female Malik. She was about 5'7 with cream-colored hair that fell to her shoulder blades and deeply tanned skin. She had vivid blue eyes however, and was smiling cheerfully as she approached them. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts a black high-cropped halter-top that had straps crisscrossing across her ample bust. On top of that was a denim vest that was unbuttoned but tied at the bottom. She looked nice enough and they both welcomed her without reservation. Her smile brightened as she walked toward Yami.

The pharaoh blinked in surprise at her intent, unwavering gaze.

"Um, can I help you?" He asked, swallowing a lump in his thought. He couldn't help but feel like a steer being sized up for the slaughter.

"I hope so," She said, her voice mischievous and light. "I wanted to challenge you to a card duel. A game of darkness to be precise." Her sweet tone threw them off for a moment before Yami's eyes widened and he nearly fell of the counter edge where he was sitting.

"You what?!!!" Yami nearly screamed. Yugi watched from the side, concerned. The mysterious girl's smile never faltered.

"I believe you heard me the first time." She said.

Yami shook his head in disbelief, wondering who the hell this girl was. He was about to refuse her flat out and let that be the end of it but he saw something in her eyes, a challenge, that he couldn't ignore.

So they dueled.

He lost.

He couldn't believe it. He still wasn't sure how it had happened but he had most certainly lost and the girl was staring at him intently, still smiling. That smile was really starting to get on his nerves. They had both agreed that they would state their duel consequences after the battle. Yami hadn't been too concerned when they'd decided it but that was because he'd been certain that he would win. Now he was worried.

The girl just seemed to walk around the shop looking at this and that, delaying his torment before she stated what would happen to him. Yugi was still looking concerned and clung to his arm protectively. Finally the girl came up to face him and her expression turned serious, the light fading from her eyes. A necklace that he hadn't even noticed that she was wearing, a pentacle with a sea green, heart-shaped moonstone, began to glow and that's when his mind went black.

Yugi gasped and nearly screamed, not noticing as the girl left, when there was a bright flash and suddenly he was no longer holding Yami's arm. When the light faded he couldn't see his dark half anywhere. He felt dread sink into his stomach until he heard a noise coming from the floor. He looked down and fainted dead away.

Yami had been turned into a chibi.

The entire group was gathered around the game shop, staring at Yami with varying degrees of awe, shock, and amusement. They had spent the last half hour trying to decide what to do and Yugi was at his wits end. None of them had any idea how to cure the pharaoh who was currently crawling all over Jounouchi who had been tackled to the ground, and had come up with no solutions to the problem. The only thing that had been decided was to wait and hope that it wore off. But that was a problem in itself.

"You guys," he said exasperated. "I can't take care of Yami. Grandpa doesn't know about him and he'd be kinda hard to hide." What he was getting at became apparent in the others' eyes. Anzu backed up a little, eyes wide.

"There's no way that I can take care of him. My parents would freak." She said defensively. Yugi sighed and turned his gaze on Jounouchi.

The blonde balked at him and gave him and incredulous look.

"Whoa, think about this for a minute Yugi, do you really want me looking after him." Yugi nodded, agreeing with him morosely. One by one each of his friends excluded themselves as babysitting candidates until Yugi was desperate and on the verge of a breakdown.

Finally, Jounouchi approached him with a devious smile that made him a little nervous.

"Hey Yugi, You know who would be great for the job?"

Yugi blinked up at him expectantly.

Seto settled back into the chair in the library of his mansion with a slight sigh, prepared to read a book and get some well needed relaxation when he heard the doorbell resound through the house. Scowling he got up, cursing whoever it was that was disturbing him. It wasn't as if he got a lot of company and if it was a door-to-door solicitor or something like that then there was going to be bloodshed. He wasn't in any sort of mood to deal with people at the moment. Not that he ever had the patience to deal with them but at the moment he was feeling particularly homicidal.

When he got to the front door he yanked it open, prepared to hurt somebody when he found himself staring down at Yugi. If he hadn't been so surprised at seeing the younger boy that he might have notice that smaller one was doing a pitiful job of hiding something behind his back but, he didn't and he turned away from the door, motioning for him to follow him inside. When he turned back to Yugi, the smaller boy had a slightly panicked expression and appeared to be looking for something until he saw him watching him then smiled and laughed nervously.

His gaze narrowed.

"What is it Yugi." He said, not in the mood for preamble. The smaller boy looked at him sheepishly.

"Well, um, I need to ask you a favor. A big favor." He said. Seto raised an eyebrow certain he wasn't going to like this. He motioned for Yugi to continue.

"I wouldn't have come to you if it wasn't important. I mean, I have no one else I can ask." Seto's scowl deepened.

"Get to the point Yugi."

The smaller boy gulped and studied his feet intently.

"Well, like I said this is really important and I'll do anything in exchange. You name it." This time Seto's interest was peaked. He knew that the smaller boy wasn't saying that lightly and would really do anything that he asked. He chuckled darkly to himself. That kind of promise meant that not only would he do whatever he asked, he would talk Yami into doing whatever he asked. Oh the revenge plots that he could come up with given that kind of leverage. And certainly whatever it was that the smaller boy was going to ask of him couldn't be that bad. He managed to put an innocent expression on his face.

"Alright Yugi. I help you out. But remember, you owe me."

Yugi nodded vehemently. Seto's brow furrowed slightly when it seemed as though he was looking past him. Suddenly Yugi's gaze was back on him and slightly panicked again.

"Thank you so much Seto, you don't know how much this means to me. "

And with that the smaller boy ran from the mansion leaving Seto completely baffled, seeing as how he hadn't actually told him what he wanted him to do. He jolted when he heard something crash behind him but when he turned it wasn't the broken vase that held his attention. It was the small, leather clad boy that stood beside it, looking at the mess sheepishly.

"Um,…. Oops."

What the hell had he gotten himself into?

"So, did you do it?" Jounouchi asked eagerly as Yugi reentered the game shop, feeling as though he'd just signed his own death warrant. He nodded and Jounouchi burst out laughing.

"What did you say to him?" He asked curiously. Yugi flushed and looked at the floor.

"Well, actually I just sort of let Yami in the house and ran away." There were varying degrees of shock all around the room as they all looked at Yugi as if he'd grown a second head. Finally Jounouchi started laughing again.

"Oh man, I wish I could have seen the expression on his face!"

"Yami come back here!!"

Seto sighed deeply and fell back against the couch, giving up in his futile attempt to catch the miniature pharaoh. He seemed to have a limitless energy supply and Seto simply couldn't keep up. For certainly not the first time in the past two hours he cursed Yugi for dropping this on him and entertained lovely notions of throttling the small boy. Or the chibi. Whichever one he could get his hands on first. His eyes fell shut and he tried his best to catch his breath. He couldn't even remember why he was trying to catch the little tyrant in the first place. All he knew was that it couldn't be worth the effort.

He felt something climb onto his lap and found himself looking in to big, amazingly innocent looking, crimson-colored eyes. The small boy smiled at him brightly as if he hadn't spent the last twenty minutes having him chase him around the mansion. He gave the small boy his best death glare but the other seemed completely unfazed by it so he gave up and leaned back against the couch.

"You okay?" The tiny voice asked him. He cracked an eye back open to see the little one actually looking at him concerned. Instead of answering him he asked a question of his own.

"What happened to you, Yami?" The little boy shrugged,

"Dat Yugi boy says I was turned to a chibi. Wassa chibi?" Seto had already come to the conclusion that Yami didn't remember them but this more or less confirmed it.

"You are." Was all the answer he gave before dropping him unceremoniously on the floor and stretching out on the couch. He didn't care if the little rugrat destroyed the whole house; he was going to get some rest.

To his surprised, Yami climbed back up onto the couch and sidled up next him with a yawn. His eyes widened slightly. The kid actually got tired? Maybe there was some hope that Seto would survive this yet. Not wanting to ruin a good thing he let the pharaoh cuddle against him and fall asleep before drifting of himself.

When Seto woke up again the house was surprisingly silent, and amazingly still intact. He discovered that the reason for this was that Yami was still curled up by his side, possessively clinging to his shirt as he slept. He took his time to study the small boy, careful not to wake him. His small, rounded face was free of any tension, completely at ease, despite what had happened. He was pressed close to him, seemingly trying to absorb the heat from his body, unaware of the animosity that they normally shared, trusting him without reservation.

Sleeping, as apposed to running around and destroying everything, the small one was actually pretty cute. He froze as the thought ran through his head. He knew that he was in trouble when he was thinking the words 'Yami' and 'cute' in the same sentence. He shook the notion from his head and cursed silently when the motion woke the small boy. Yami sat up and yawned widely, wiping the sleep from his eyes with a small, curled fist before looking up at Seto.

The brunette found himself pinned under the child's heart-stopping gaze, not knowing what to do. Without a word, the chibi slipped off the couch and ran of into the kitchen, leaving Seto disturbed and bewildered.

Slowly he got up from the couch and followed the boy's path into the other room, wary of what damage he might have cause in that little time. Sure enough preceding his arrival to the kitchen was a loud crash that had already become commonplace around the mansion. 

In the kitchen he found the miniscule pharaoh beneath an open cabinet, completely white, an empty bag of confectioner's sugar beside him. Seto nearly laughed at the sight but his mirth died an early death as he realized that he would be the one to have to clean the boy. With a sigh he grabbed Yami's wrist and dragged him through the halls towards the bathroom.

He picked the chibi up and placed him on the bathroom counter giving him a stern look and telling him to sit still. Amazingly enough he did as Seto went to get some towels from the closet. Keeping an eye on the boy he reached over and began to draw the water, making sure that it wasn't too hot. He pulled the shirt from the small boy and tossed it into the hamper then reached for his pants. He stopped halfway and turned bright red.

'Come one Seto, don't be sick. He's just a little kid.' He reprimanded himself. He felt like an idiot; he had bathed Mokuba millions of times when he was younger, this was no different. Well, unless you considered the fact that most of the time the boy in front of him was older, taller, with piercing crimson eyes and a cool composed manner that was enough to drive any fangirl insane. He cursed himself for the thought, vehemently trying to deny that he found Yami attractive, as he pulled the rest of the sugarcoated clothes from Yami.

When he was done picked the smaller boy up, off of the counter and carried him across the room, setting him down into the spacious tub. The young pharaoh apparently wasn't fond of the water because when he tried to pull away from the edge of the tub to go get the soap the boy grabbed onto his sleeve with small, wet hands, holding him in place.

"Get in wit me." The chibi ordered. Seto looked at him incredulously.

"No thank you. I don't need a bath." He said, trying to dislodge his shirt from the boy's grip. Yami scowled at him and held tighter.

"Get in!" He yelled. Seto returned the scowl and shook his head, pulling hard on the material that the child possessed.

"No." Seeing that he wasn't getting what he wanted, the diminutive pharaoh tried a different tactic. He softened his eyes and stuck out his bottom lip in an adorable pout that nearly had Seto giving in right there but he managed to hold firm.

"Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee." He whimpered. Seto rolled his eyes at the sound and wondered if had been Yami who taught Yugi to pout the way he did. The dark one seemed to be a master.


And then Yami did the most horrible, the most insidious, awful, terrible thing that he had ever imagined. He began to bawl. Loud, painful cries that could shatter glass filled the entire mansion and Seto covered his ears the best that he could to try and block out the sound.

It wasn't working.

"Okay, okay, I'll get in just stop that!!!" he pleaded. And like a flipped switch the boy instantly stopped and smiled up at him, looking entirely too smug. Grumbling irritably, he peeled his own clothes off, plotting all the devious ways that he could cause grave harm to the small boy. After all, he could hardly be held accountable if the boy had somehow slipped under the surface of the water and not come back up, could he? Certainly not

He reached out and grabbed the soap off the counter before getting into the tub. Though, he had to admit that the hot water did feel good, warming his tense muscles. He looked over at the small boy who was watching him expectantly, clumps of sugar still clinging to his hair, face and shoulders. With a sigh he built up a lather of soap in his hands and reached out to scrub the chibi lightly. He started at his shoulders and was surprised at how soft the skin there was. Before he could stop the thought, he wondered if Yami's skin was normally that supple. He went bright red and sped up his movements, not wanting to touch any place on the boy too long. He grabbed a washcloth of the rack over the tub and used it to wipe the last of the white confection of the boy's face. Yami remained surprisingly still as he did this, silently watching him. The stoic observation made Seto that much more uncomfortable. When he moved to put up the washcloth so that he could clean Yami's hair, the tiny pharaoh grabbed his wrist, snatching the cloth from his hand. Seto looked down at him in surprise and found himself staring into sparkling crimson eyes. The boy smiled at him brightly, the gesture reminiscent of Yugi.

"It my turn." He said. Seto's eyes went painfully wide as he realized what the boy meant. Yami wanted to bathe him? He held perfectly still as the chibi ran the soapy cloth over his arms, reaching up to scrub at his shoulders and chest. Yami seemed so intent on his task that he didn't even notice Seto turning several different shades of red and even purple. When he was finished, Seto finally remembered to breathe and he scooted over, putting a few inches between himself and the chibi.

Somehow he managed to get the boy's hair clean, a trying feat since the tiny pharaoh seemed to have distinct objections to getting his hair wet. In the end it had finally taken a blatant bribe to get the boy to settle down. He wasn't sure if the price that he would pay would be worth it though.

He would have to take Yami out for ice cream… in public…. Oh, the horror that little brat could cause. He shuddered at the thought of it as he drained the water from the tub before reaching out to grab two towels of the rack to wrap around them. The pint-sized pharaoh seemed dwarfed wrapped in the large towel and Seto couldn't help but snicker at the sight.

He carried Yami into his room and set him down on the bed, going to his closet to pull out something to wear. He got dressed quickly and went to the storage closet where Mokuba's old clothes had been packed away. He dug through the boxes until he found something that would fit Yami. When he finally came out with a suitable outfit Yami, who was still sitting on his bed, wrapped in a towel, was shivering. He smiled softly at the boy and went over to him, carefully drying him off.

Thankfully, Yami didn't offer too much of a protest when helped him dress. When he was finished he looked the boy over. He was dressed in a pair of overalls and a dark blue shirt, one of the few outfits he'd found that hadn't been ridden with holes. In his early childhood, Mokuba hadn't exactly been clothes friendly. With a sigh of assent he picked the boy back up, surprised when his little arms wrapped possessively around his neck. With a small smile he carried him out of the house.

Seto sat down on the bench as Yami ate his ice cream cone, most of the cold chocolate ending up on his face and hands. It was times like this that he couldn't imagine Yami and this small child being even related, much less the same person Still, he couldn't deny how adorable the little pharaoh looked, his face and hands covered in chocolate ice cream. Even if it did mean the boy was going to need another bath. But he wouldn't think about that trial until later. He'd forgotten how much of a hassle it was to take care of a child. Of course, he could always just push Yami off onto his servants but, in all honesty, he really didn't want to. He'd also forgotten how much he enjoyed looking after someone. Mokuba had grown so self-sufficient that he didn't need anyone's help anymore. Something that both delighted and sorrowed Seto. He was proud of his brother but he missed the feeling of knowing that someone depended on him. Maybe, for the time being, Yami could help him with that.

He looked back down at the small boy who had now finished of the rest of his cone and was looking up at him, a bright smile painted on his chocolate covered face.

"T'ank you, Seto." He chirped. Seto blinked a little in surprise  at hearing Yami say his name. The pharaoh had never called him 'Seto' before. It had always been 'Kaiba-kun'. Somehow, he liked hearing it this way much better. He was so lost in his own jumbled thoughts that he was caught off guard by what Yami did next.

The small boy reached up and placed his hands on either side of his face, both hands sticky with ice cream. Seto's eyes widened and he barely had a chance to blink before the small boy planted a large, sticky kiss on his lips. He froze completely even though the contact only lasted for a second. In the whole of his imagination he'd never fathomed the chibi doing anything like this. Sure, it was a completely innocent, childish kiss, but he could help but imagine what it would have been like if Yami had been normal when he'd done it. What would it feel like? Would his lips be soft and gentle, or firm and demanding? Or maybe someplace in-between. Soft and coaxing but still passionate, demanding what he wanted. Somehow, he thought that it would be that way.

He cursed himself violently for his wayward thought as his face turned bright red but thankfully the boy seemed completely oblivious. Well, that was something that he could be thankful about, anyway. The kid had the attention span of a brick, and was now happily kicking his legs back and forth as he sat next to him on the bench, the sugar coursing through his system apparently taking effect. To deplete him of that dangerous sugar rush, Seto allowed the boy to run rampant around the park for a little while, watching with a sort of sadistic delight as Yami tormented the other children on the playground. He was forced to drag him away however when the little Game King thought it would be fun to challenge one of the other children to a Game of Darkness. Apparently some memories had stuck with the child.

He took the boy home and, after another torturous bath, set him in one of the guest rooms near his own room and put him to bed. In his own room Seto tried to sleep but, for some reason, his mind refused to shut down. He jolted when he heard his door creak open but held still, watching the small figure approaching his bed, silently. When Yami climbed up onto his bed he looked at the small boy disapprovingly.

"What are you doing here, Yami?" He demanded softly. The tiny pharaoh looked at him in surprise and then gave him a pleading look. Seto's heart nearly melted when the child's lip quivered ever so slightly.

"I'm scared o da dark." He whispered. Seto blinked in surprised and nearly laughed outright. The idea of Yami scared of the dark was nearly too much for him but he saw the slight fear in the child's eyes and with a soft sigh, knowing that he was going to regret this, he smiled at the boy reassuringly and pulled the covers back slightly, allowing him to get under them. The boy beamed at him and scurried under the comforter, snuggling closely against Seto's chest. Seto watched the chibi warily but it wasn't long before the small one dropped of to sleep. He shook his head slightly, knowing that he was going to get little rest that night. He thought ruefully to himself.

'Yami, when you're back to normal, you and I are seriously going to have a long talk.'


I had planned on making this a one-part story but I then decided to make it two parts and an epilogue that way I could hurry up and write the next chapter of Sugar & Spice. Please tell me what you thought of this. I love reviews ^_^.