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Raising Trouble. The Epilogue

By: Dai-onna

Seto sighed as he laid back against his bed. When he had woken up that morning Yami had already been gone. He'd found the note on the desk and had read it five times before the meaning of it had finally sunk in, bringing despair along with it. After reading it another five times he hadn't felt any better. Though, at least Yami hadn't gone back to calling him 'Kaiba-kun'. It was a meager victory but slightly comforting. He looked over at the stuffed Blue Eyes that still sat in the corner of his room. He had been staring at it for the better part of the day and it was now well into the night. It was the only thing he had, Yami's note aside, that proved the past two days hadn't been some bizarre dream. He rather wished it had. At least then the memories wouldn't be so clear in his head.

Now that Yami was back to normal he wondered if things would be any different between them. He hoped that he would hear from the pharaoh at some point in the day but all he'd gotten was a phone call from Yugi thanking him for looking out for the other. 
Desperately he tried to put the crimson eyed boy out of his mind so that he could get some sleep and, though it took him a while, he succeeded.

He was awoken barely ten minutes later when he heard his window creak open and a silhouetted figure crept across the room. He watched him subtly, feigning sleep, until the figure stood at the edge of the bed and his features could be made out. Seto felt his eyes widening in surprise.

"What are you doing here, Yami?" The pharaoh jolted slightly then crawled onto the bed, his smirk growing clear as he got closer. Seto swallowed deeply.

"I'm scared of the dark." He nearly purred, his voice low, sensual and just the slightest bit teasing. Seto blinked at his words and this time he did laugh, pulling the smaller boy over him so that he was looking up in his eyes. The laughter died in his throat as he felt himself sinking into crimson depths, hardly noticing as he leaned forward to sample his lips. The first contact was merely a whisper and he repeated the action, kissing him just a little bit firmer, lingering a little longer. The pharaoh's lips were soft and sweet and he couldn't resist leaning in to taste them again. This time Yami responded to him and parted his lips, allowing him access. He wrapped his arms tightly around the other's waist and Yami buried his hands in his hair. When he finally pulled away they were both panting heavily.

Seto reached for the edge of the covers, pulling them back allowing the other to slip underneath, curling up against his body. Seto rolled onto his side so that he could face the spike-haired boy and leaned in to kiss him again. He pulled back with a sigh and rested his chin on top of the other boy's hair and Yami held him close, placing soft kisses against his neck. He hmmed softly and pressed a kiss to the smaller one's head before letting his eyes drift shut.

Yami looked up at him incredulously.

"You're not going to sleep, are you?" Seto smirked a little at the tone in his voice but didn't open his eyes. Ah, but paybacks were sweet

"Of course. I'd hardly gotten to sleep when you got here. I'm tired." He said simply. Yami scowled at him, disbelieving. The pharaoh gasped when a cool hand slipped beneath his shirt, sliding up his side. He looked up at Seto wide-eyed only to see that the brunette was smirking at him. He scowled fiercely at him but the expression was ruined when Seto rolled over so that he was on top of him and the hand that was beneath his shirt brushed over a hardened peak, causing a slight moan to escape his lips. He stared fiercely at Seto.

"You do realize how much I hate you?" He growled softly, though his voice lacked conviction. Seto swooped in and captured his mouth once again before pulling back, the smirk still on his face.

"Show me."


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