Shizuo woke up yawning, noticing that Izaya wasn't beside him. He frowned and got up, rubbing his eyes and walked to the bathroom to take a shower and dress in his usual attire.

As he walked down the stairs, he heard a clatter in the kitchen and discovered Izaya trying to make himself some breakfast.

Shizuo snuck up behind Izaya and smacked him on the ass saying, "Hey did you make enough for me?" Izaya whirled around and crossed his arms over his chest.

"You aint getting no sugar, hun." He proclaimed in a ghetto voice. Shizuo stared in shock at Izaya for a few moments before he replied.

"Oh, don't you talk to me like that gurrl!" He said in his own ghetto voice as whisked Izaya up into his arms. Izaya's expression became irritated and perturbed.

"You best put down, bitch or I will cut you."

"Mhmm, you can dream sweet cheeks but that ain't gonna happen."

"I aint gon' let some blonde bimbo tell me what's what." Izaya lashed back. Shizuo raised an eyebrow in irritation.

"Bitch, you can talk, your mamma so stupid she makes George Bush look like a genius."

"Well your mamma so stupid she thinks her reflection is another person." Izaya said before he slipped out of Shizuo's grip.

"Ho, please," Shizuo pointed a finger, swinging his arm around in a stereotypical ghetto style, "You know you can't win."

"Says the dumbass who never caught me once, you know I stronger than you."

"Then why are you the one that's limping?" Shizuo said and Izaya gasped.

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Oh yes I did!" Shizuo clicks his fingers 3 times and turns, swinging his hips and sashaying out the door.

Izaya stared after Shizuo in silence for a few moments.

"Mm, Dayum! Dat ass!" Izaya said, smirking to himself. He then prayed to any and all heavenly sources that no one would ever find out about that conversation.

The End.