"When you walk around you hear a lot of things, and what you got to do is keep clear who your friends are, and who treated you like what. Or else the rest is garbage."

-David Mamet

Chapter 1: Thea Klein

It was the usual morning for the young cadets of Barsburg Military Academy except for the fact that there was a rumor that had circulated regarding Chairman Miroku's favorite student who would be joining them.

"What a show off!" a male student in the front row grumbled "Just because he is the chairman's favorite he can have special priveldges."

"Ha, if it comes to greatness and superiority, no one could compare to Shuri!"

There were murmurs of agreement and as if on cue, the guy mentioned- Shuri Oak entered gracefully as befitted for an Oak. He greeted them with a confident smile and then joined his group to catch up to what they were talking about.

The blonde guy at their back, Mikage Celestine sighed inwardly. He had grown up with Shuri to know the other blond's secrets. He was still the same- the immature Shuri who uses the Oak name and his father's influence.

It was not like Mikage does not have friends. With his impish topaz eyes and a happy-go-lucky nature, a lot of students find his presence refreshing and comforting. However, Mikage finds them snobbish though it was not that surprising as a lot of them were part of the nobles or those who wants to climb at the social ladder. He was not like that. His dream was to join the military so he could protect what he treasures the most.

"Hey, I heard he used to be a sklave."

That statement broke Mikage out of his musing. He too was really curious about the new student who would be joining them.

"I guess that would be a level up for that ex-sklave," Shuri smirked arrogantly as his friends (Mikage secretly labeled them as Shuri's goons) laughed at the Oak's jibe.

Before anyone could contribute more badmouthing, Lloyd-sensei entered the room accompanied by a really nice looking girl with child-like face and wide eyes of the striking rare color of wore the basic uniform of the cadets and her long brown hair was in high ponytail. She was really beautiful that majority of the boys, including Shuri and Mikage, blushed. Despite this, her eyes remained cold and cautious.

"Now everyone," Lloyd-sensei began "This is Thea Klein who would be joining our class from here onwards."

He gave a small smile of encouragement to the girl who seemed to be unfamiliar to what she should do in this situation. After a few seconds of reasoning with herself, she spoke in a monotoned small voice.

"I'm Thea Klein. I'll be on your midst throughout the school year."

"But you have not undergone the rigorous training we had and you're a girl!" an indignant student from the back whined.

Thea did not look offended and chose to answer cooly"I had been under Chairman Miroku's training so I do not need the training you have underwent so far. As for me being a girl, Barsburg empire is ruled by an empress, does it not? Why shouldn't females enter their service for the empire?"

Lloyd-sensei looked amused at this and saw some boys gawked at her. It was somehow demoralizing that Chairman Miroku's favorite student was a girl!

"Now Thea Klein, Miroku-sama only told you to introduce yourself. You are required report to him."


With that she left the room as her hair swayed from side to side as she gait. There was silence in the room. Lloyd-sensei had actually heard her exceptional talent via tidbits from higherups and Chaiman Miroku's praises of her- but that is a different matter all together. He wanted to relish this rare moment of silence endowned.

"Now then, let us all review our last lesson regarding strategies and tactics." Lloyd-sensei announced cheerfully. There was a groan at the back and the teacher fought the urge to twitch. It had been a rather short amount of quiet.

Thea Klein was walking along the corridors of the academy hearing the whispers of students- mostly those who were about to graduate and some soldiers who had been stationed. She might have a perfect poker face but she was definitely not deaf!

"Hey, look it's Chaiman Miroku's favorite pupil."

"Can that girl really keep up?"

"Did you know she used to be a sklave?"

You bastards,you should stop blubbering all you want!. I can hear you quite well!

Tick marks appeared on her but she kept herself nonchalant about it. She put almost all her efforts to maintain her composure under control to the point that she let her guard down a bit, leading herself to ignore a dignified looking officer with lavender eyes looking at her in interest before he moved along the way.

She reached Chaima Miroku's office, knocked and then helped herself in. She saluted at him.

"Thea Klein reporting, Miroku-sama."

"How was class, Thea?" he asked with his normal tone as he studied his most favored pupil. Thea Klein sure have changed from the crybaby (as stated by his begleiter) she was before. However, Miroku knows that this is oly a façade. She remains to be compassionate, her main weakness.

"I shall try my best to fit in, Miroku-sama," Thea answered in a voice detached of any emotions.

"But I want you to excel above others. You have been under my tutelage, my best student. You are to use what you have been trained for and what you have learned to use both in your school life and your work."

It was not a request, Thea know. This is an order. By work, Miroku meant the missions and executions she does under Chairman Miroku's orders.

"If that is what you wish, Miroku-sama." Her response was decorous as usual. She had learned it the hard way that this man held her life… and Kurena's. The chairman knows how attached she was to the scarred maid who had been bringing her food and bandaging her wounds at her stay at Charman Miroku's estate.

"Thea, you are to share a room with another student. Ask Kal for more are dismissed"

Thea performed mandatory salute and then left. Miroku made a small smile. He really hoped that she would awaken soon. He did not spare her life to be merely a doll but she would be an essential weapon for the coup d'é·tathe had desired.

That girl might have a sklave's brand. She might have been an ex-skalve herself but she is a member of a fallen royal. The princess from the fallen kingdom of Raggs.

Mikage had no roomate for the past few days so he kind off expected to have Thea Klein as his roommate. It was after all obligatory for cadets to share a room with the usual exemption of Shuri Oak whose father demanded the best for his only son.

Still… it was rather uncomfortable having a girl as your roommate. He has stacks of porn after all.

"Nice to meet you~" he greeted with a grin as he extended his arm to shake "I'm Mikage~"

Thea looked at the extended arm curiously as if it had come from the another dimension. Judging from her bewilderment, Mikage concluded that she was not accustomed to this.

He proceeded to grab her hand and shook it earning a flushing face from the brunette. She slapped his hand away and with a tone of annoyance she shrieked.

"Don't suddenly grab my hand!"

"It's a form of greeting! Don't you know that?" He defended as he rubbed his aching hand. The slap was rather filled with was shocking for Mikage to hear her voice laced with emotion(even if it had been irritation), not the robotic voice she used to introduce herself in class. Her eyes were finally bright like polished emeralds. His thoughts were deep enough that he finally noticed her leaving the room.

"Thea, where are you going?" he inquired

"Library," she answered then paused. Mikage saw her putting on the mask of calmness that did not reach her eyes. Those orbs went back to being dull but it also held sorrow and loneliness.

"You should not associate yourself with me, Mikage Celestine."

The blonde was surprised she knew his last name. He had not yet told her so.

"You would be ostracize from the rest if you stay with me," she warned.

Thea was about to continue her way when that stubborn guy declared in that cheerful voice of his words that took her aback.

"Thea, I'll be your friend. Your best friend!~"

"Stupid, did you hear what I have said?"

"I did. You're really kind Thea~ You worry for me~"

This resulted in another blushing fit. "I'm not worried at all! I just don't want an annoying guy who would blame me for their fate!"

Disregarding what she was speaking, he dragged her and she in turn was forced to follow his pace. She could use her strength to stop him but she was ordered by Kal not to be of a disgrace to Miroku-sama.

"God damn it Mikage, where the heck are you going?" Thea growled, ignoring the curious stares of some far away students whom Thea recognizes as Shuri Oak(she knew him from Kal's briefing and meeting Wakanaba Oak) and his goons.

"I never knew you have a sharp tongue, Thea. That is unbecoming of a fine young lady that you were!" Mikage joked earning a glare from those emerald orbs.

"I kid!I kid! We're going to the library as you wish."

"I told you not to get to close with me… and let me go! I can walk on my own!"

Mikage simply shook his head and smiled. "I told you that I'll be your friend, didn't I?"

The flabbergasted look on her face was definitely worth the trouble, not that it can considered one on Mikage's point of view.

"Besides, hiding your emotions would keep you short for a looong time~"


What Mikage had said was meant as a jest of course but Thea seemed affected at it and treated it seriously. He sweatdropped at that. Underneath Thea's stoic exterior was a normal girl...as normal as one could be if he also disregards the regal aura she held. He made a vow to make sure he could awaken her emotions, to make her smile and laugh and make tons of good memories with her.

As for Thea, she admired how this person made her dark world filled with light. She herself made a silent vow to protect this person… her first friend. Even if that meant she had to move away from him.

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