Chapter 3: Retry.

Now that Donnie and April were officially BF and GF, they decided to try the whole date thing again, this time Donatello suggested a movie this time, to make up for pizza dinner the other night.

"So, I was thinkin' a movie tonight to make up for the unfinished date the other night?" Donnie suggested.

"That sounds good, glad to be hanging out again, what do you wanna go see?" April responded.

"Wanna go see G.I. Joe: Retaliation? "

"Of course, I've been dying to see the new one, plus the Rock and those big shoulders and…" April stopped as she realized she was saying this in front of her boyfriend. She loved using that word now, boyfriend… ohh it sent shivers down her spine!

Donnie responded to her trance, "Well can the Rock do this" Donatello did two backflips and thw same time, a sweep with his staff and twirled the staff rapidly, then came to a stop

Then a certain part dude of a turtle came in, with multiple markers in his hand.

"Hey April, Sup' Donnie, April, you mind if I sign your cast?" Michelangelo asked in joy.

"Sure Mikey."

"AWESOME." Mikey yelled as he got out 8 markers, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange (Of course) Green, Blue, Purple, and Black, and wrote "Mikey" in all eight, and April's cast, as April laughed at him.

When he was finished, he looked at his work and said, "World's. Awesomest. Rainbow."

Donnie chuckled and Mikey's antics then went to grab his Particle Rearranger which he now wore as a watch. While April was only she said to herself, "Okay April, this is your second chance, don't mess this up!"

"Hey, I'm back, how do I look?" Donatello asked in his human form.

"You look…" She wanted to say, "so hot!" but she couldn't and said to him,"…really nice."

"Thanks, ready to go?"

"Of course."

Donnie handed April his hand as he hoisted her onto his back, as she carried her own crutches, they climbed up the ladder to the surface.

Donnie then took notice of a bottle that read "Axe".

"Hmm, 'Axe', wonder what that is."

He took the bottle and shook it, "Hmm, there's a little left."

Donnie then sprayed a little bit on his torso, thinking to himself, "Hmm, smells nice, April's gonna love this!"

Donnie then put the bottle in his pocket for further use.


Donnie and April arrived to the movie theater, "Two tickets for G.I Joe please."

The Movie worker handed them the tickets as Donnie handed him 12 dollars, "Enjoy the movie," "Thanks" Donnie replied.

"Huh, small line at the food stand, I go get us some popcorn." Donie said to April as they entered the lobby.

"Okay, I'll get some seats, if only these stupid crutches didn't get in the way, I get there before all the good seats are taken." April said frustrated at having to move around all the time with crutches, but she was gonna have to get used to it, Donnie said that she'd be on those for at least 6 weeks.

Donnie couldn't stop looking at April as she crutched off to the theater. His eyes were so glued on her, that when it was his time to order, he walked right into the menu sign.

"Uh… yeah, I'll take a large popcorn, and 2 medium Sprite's please."

"Will that be all?" the usher asked him.


"Okay, he you are sir, enjoy the movie."

"I will, thank you very much."

Donnie entered the theater to see April in the top row, best seats, considering she couldn't really get down the stairs.

"Hey. Great seats, you can see everything!" Donnie said with anticipation to see the movie from the great view.

"The perks of crutches I guess." April replied jokingly.

As the movie started the two started to munch their popcorn, and drink their drinks, as the awesomeness began.


Donnie and April exit theater.

"Man, that was awesome! The Rock blew everything sky high, and they caught the Russian imitating the President, man that was awesome." Donnie exclaimed.

"I know, and when Storm Shadow joined up with Snake Eyes and the Joes, man I never thought I'd see that in a million years!" April exclaimed back.

"Best. Movie. Ever." Donatello finished.

"Hey wanna go to the top of the Empire, I heard the view's pretty nice." Donnie said in a singsong voice, trying to persuade her to go up there.

"That would be nice, I've always wanted to see the city from there." April responded in excitement and curiosity.


Donatello and April arrived in the lobby of the Empire State Building, greeted by two security guards, who opened the door for April as Donnie held it from behind.

Donnie then paid his 20$ (I'm not certain on that, my friend paid the last time I was up there) to visit the 102nd floor, then entered the elevator with April.

"After You" Donatello said smoothly.

"Thanks Donnie" April responded calmly, but on the inside she was ecstatic.

The long elevator ride, Donatello and April could do nothing but stare at each other, but Donnie showed resistance until they got to the top of the tower. He wanted the moment to be just right.

As the two exited the elevator and went to the central viewing stations, facing the east side of the city, the lights all of a sudden turned Blue White and Orange, representing the city's colors.

As the neon lights of Broadway lit up, and the fast paced Manhattan night life started downtown, the whole city, from Manhattan, all the way to the Bronx, and Bensonhurst to Coney Island awoke, and the city had never looked more beautiful to the two.

"Wow, the view from up here is…is beautiful." April said in awe of the cities energy.

"Yeah it is, but now, I don't wanna go back down, the view is too perect…" Donatello said.

"Just like it is now." Donatello said as he looked deeply into April's eyes, and she looked back into his.

"Oh, Donnie."

"Oh April." the two said to each other as they interlocked in a solid, romantic kiss that would feel like forever, though only lasting 7 seconds.

The kiss broke, "Donnie I don't want this moment to end"

"I don't either, April, I love you."

"I love you too Donnie."

The two embraced in a tight hug and looked over the city once again to see it's lights and glory.



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