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No need of…me. Part 2.

Fang was walking down the street heading back home. How long had it been? Four, almost five weeks? It sure had taken her a lot of time. She just hoped that Light would forgive her for everything she'd said, and that all Fang had done these past weeks would be worth it. After all, she did it for them.

As she was coming nearer to her house, she noticed a young woman standing by her door and knocking on it. She'd recognize that pink hair anywhere; it was Serah. She called her.

"Hey Serah! What's up?"


The young woman turned around and it was then that Fang noticed the worry in her blue eyes, which was never a good sign. Hurrying her steps, she almost ran toward Serah, finally coming to a stop just in front of her lover's sister.

"Serah, what's wrong?"

"I came to see Claire, but she's not opening the door. I called her at the base and they told me she was taking a few days off."

"I'm just arriving from a…mission I had to take care off. Come, let's talk inside."

With that, Fang opened the door and led Serah to the couch inside. Both noticing the silence in the house, meaning that no-one was there besides them.

"I hoped she'd be with you…or that you'd know where she might be…"

"She didn't contact you?"

At this Fang grew worried too, more than she wanted to admit. Lightning wouldn't leave Serah in the dark, not like Fang had done to her…

That was when Serah replied hesitantly.

"She did. Well, sort of, she left a message, but I don't have a slight idea of what she meant."

"Can I listen to it?"

"Sure. Here."

Serah handed her comm device to Fang. The huntress pressed it to her ear and listened to Lightning's voice. It sounded strained and empty. She knew Lightning sometimes was, or had acted cold to protect herself, but this was a bit too much, especially since it was a message left for Serah.

'Serah, I'm going one last time. I want to see them since I doubt Etro would be merciful enough to let me meet them again. Not after this, and there won't be more. Please take care, Serah. I love you, and… I'm sorry.'

Fang handed the device back to Serah, unable to make heads or tails of this message. Why did Light sound so…hopeless? What happened while she was away?

"When did she leave this message?"

"Four days ago." – at this Serah blinked in surprise – "She didn't contact you?"

"I can't tell. The place where I was blocks any type of communication, so I wouldn't know." – said Fang as her hand went to her hair.

She was about to say that everything would be fine, but the words died in her mouth as she noticed a shiny object on the kitchen table. Walking to it, her eyes opened in concern. Laying there, in its case was Lightning's gunblade. Lightning would never leave her weapon just like that; she took it everywhere, it was a part of her. Yet, here it was. Worry filled every fiber of Fang's being. Serah had walked to the table and noticed the weapon as well. She was about to speak when a beep sounded in the room. It was Fang's own comm device indicating that a message had been left for her. Taking it out right away, she listened to it. It was from Lightning. Pressing the device to her ear, she listened to what would be the worst message she could have ever received in all her years – yes, even counting her crystallized ones.

'Message received on XXXXXXX at XX:XX'

That was also four days ago, the same date when Serah received hers, the only difference was that this was left a few minutes before.

'Fang… I… I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to do what is best. I had time, a lot of time to think about it actually, and I think this is the only thing I can do for you now. I'm sorry it took me this long to realize it, but believe me that it won't happen ever again. I love you; I love you so much that I set you free, Fang. You won't have to carry this burden anymore; in fact you shouldn't have needed to carry it in the first place. You won't NEED to carry IT any longer. Please forgive me for not freeing you sooner, for making you suffer due to my sightless pride. I love you, Fang. And I'm sorry…'

Fang could only stare blankly in front of her, not really seeing anything. What the hell was that? What was Lightning saying? What was she talking about? Why was she apologizing? What burden was she referring to? Was Lightning breaking up with her because she didn't call back during those weeks?

She didn't have any answer to all the questions that were forming in her mind after listening to that message. One thing was certain, Lightning sounded too torn and determined, and not in a good way. There wasn't the slight tint of anger in her voice, just deep sorrow and helplessness.

Fang's mind was running faster than any beast she might have encountered in Gran Pulse. The deep concern may have shown in her eyes because immediately Serah grabbed her arms and anxiously asked her.

"Was it Claire? Is she okay?"

Fang couldn't bring herself to answer any of those questions, even when she had an answer for the first one. As for the second one, was Lightning okay? Hell no. She wasn't okay! Far from that considering the message she'd just listened. Lightning was suffering, and she didn't have the damnest idea of where she might be!

"Okay, Fang, try to breathe and calm down, first things first. I gotta find Sunshine. But where? She isn't at work, or at Serah's, that's more than obvious. I don't think she's with Hope and Vanille, they would have contacted us back right away. And Sahz is always moving so it's almost impossible to know his exact location, so Light couldn't have gone with him." – thought Fang trying to come with places where the other woman could be.

Her silence and worrisome features were stressing Serah out so she shook Fang.


The action worked, drawing Fang's attention to her. Serah was about to continue asking her but Fang beat her to it.

"Serah, when was the last time you talked with Lightning?"

"About three weeks ago. She sounded fine that time. She also knows that my schedule is quite busy now too."

"Did you try to talk to her after?"

"Well, no. We haven't talked to each other since; I just assumed she was too busy with work, as usual. But when she left me that message, I tried to call her, but her comm is off." – said Serah with a bit of guilt.

The two stayed in silence for a moment. By now both of them knew that the situation was far more delicate than what they thought at the beginning. Lightning was missing and in distress.

"Fang, I'm worried. I haven't heard Claire so sad before. Not even when our parents were taken from us."

Fang had started to pace around the kitchen trying to find any clue that might lead her to Lightning. The message Lightning had left to her didn't have any. Turning to Serah, she said.

"Serah, let me hear that message again."

Serah nodded and handed Fang the comm device again. Her huntress hearing enhanced to its maximum level to find in the background any clue that might provide Light's position while leaving the message. Fang listened to it at least ten times with no results. There wasn't any distinguishing noise, just plain silence. She was listening to it one more time when some words caught her attention: 'Going to see them'. At last! A clue, a slight one but there might be something behind them. If she was telling Serah this, it meant that Serah knew who 'them' might be. Not wanting to waste a second, she faced Serah and asked.

"Serah, Light said in her message that she was going, that she wanted to see 'them'. Who's she talking about? Who are 'them'?"

"Let me hear that."

Serah replayed the message and paid closer attention this time. Indeed, Claire had said 'them'. Serah opened her eyes in comprehension. After their parents died, whenever Claire recalled or said something about both, she referred to her parents like that, as 'them'. Meanwhile, Serah still called them mom and dad respectively. Apparently it was a wound in Claire that hadn't fully healed yet despite the years.

Serah pulled the device from her ear.

"She's talking about my parents. Claire went to my parents' grave."

Not wasting a second, both women left the house in haste and used Serah's vehicle to go where the tomb was located. It was quite far if one drove from New Bodhum, but from Shin-Oerba the distance was shorter; still, it took a couple of hours, if not more, to reach it.

"Do you think she will be there? The message is from four days ago." – asked Serah with doubt.

"For now it's our only clue, we can start from there." – replied Fang while driving them to their destination.

A couple of years after the fall of Cocoon, when things were more stable in Gran Pulse, Lightning had decided to move her parents' tombstone down to Gran Pulse. She wanted them to be there, closer to where she and Serah were now, living with their beloved ones. She wanted them to see what they've been able to accomplish. Plus, the flowery and green fields would have fascinated her mother. She always had loved flowers.

It was a very nice hill, it was a bit desolate but indeed it had the most wonderful views of the landscapes of Gran Pulse. However, during the rainy season – which was at its worst during that time of the year – it could be very problematic. Rain poured nonstop all day long, making the temperature drop considerably at night. The visibility was reduced as well, making it difficult to drive and move around.

After a few hours – that seemed like years – of constant full-speed driving, and of course with no stops, Serah and Fang made it to the hill. It was raining, not as bad as it usually did, but it was still a lot of water pouring over their heads. Disregarding any kind of cover, Fang bolted out from the vehicle and made it uphill in search of Light. She'd been here many times with Lightning before to pay her respects to her lover's parents, so she knew her way.

Her mind was racing in every direction again right now. The rain would have erased any foot marks that Light might have left behind if she had moved to another place. Also she didn't bring her gunblade, and around these places there were still wild creatures that could be dangerous without protection. What if they were too late and Lightning was in another city already? Or what if she was injured?

Fang was starting to plan out their next phase of action with every step she took upwards the hill, reaching the top in no time, when her gaze fell on what she certainly didn't expect to find there – not so easily, at the very least. Lightning was there.

The sight shown before her, though, was really something she'd rather forget. It was so heart-wrenching that she would have paid any price to avoid seeing it at all.

Lightning was there, sitting on the grass drenched from head to toe, her back pressed against the cold rock of her parents' tombstone, legs outstretched, one arm over her stomach and the other at her side, her head tilted to the side and downwards, and what scared Fang most of all was that her breathtaking blue eyes were closed.

"LIGHT!" - screamed Fang as she ran to the laying figure of her lover.

Kneeling by her side she quickly checked her pulse, fearing the worst.

Her fingers touched it and waited a moment to feel it when… there it was, very faint, almost imperceptible.

"Light! I'm here now! Everything's gonna be okay."

Fang cupped Lightning's face with her other hand, immediately noticing how cold she was, far too cold for a person to be, her usual pink lips now were a light tone of blue. She also noticed how pale and weak Lightning looked. As if she hadn't gotten any nourishment for days.

"Light… what happened to you?"


Serah made it to Fang's side and also dropped on her knees as she took in the sight of her sister. Laying there, unmoving, in such a miserable condition.

After a quick check up to see if Lightning had any wound that could further put her in danger – to their relief there was none of any kind, Fang lifted her into her arms.

"We gotta get her to the Hospital now!"

They practically ran back to the vehicle and drove to the nearest hospital, which was located in a new rebuilt town nearby called Guadosalam.

Lightning was taken in straight away once they arrived, being placed on a stretcher and directed to the Emergency Unit.

The next hours were excruciating for Fang and Serah. They had to wait with no news so far regarding Lightning's condition. Hours passed until it formed a new day.

Neither of the women could get any sleep, far too stressed and worried to get a break. Fang had even demanded information about Light, frightening several nurses and leaving quite a dent in one of the walls of the hospital. She was just about to throw another tantrum when a doctor approached them.

"Family of Miss Farron I assume?"

"How is she, doctor?" – asked Serah right away, beating Fang to it.

The doctor looked at them quietly, and then he spoke.

"We've controlled the hypothermia and now her temperature is almost back to the normal levels. Also, we've given her nutrients via IV. From the looks of it, she hasn't eaten in days, and in order to get the nutrients into her fast and start working, there was no other way."

Fang and Serah let out a sigh, relieved at what the doctor had told them. However he wasn't quite done yet.

"But, even though she's stable, and physically fine… …we're losing her." – he said with a bit of sadness.

Fang processed the words faster than Serah, and with a speed that could rival Lightning's at that moment, she grabbed the doctor's shirt and said in a menacing tone.

"Then why you are not doing anything?! You should be there helping her! You must do something!"

"I'm sorry, but really, I assure you that we've done everything that is in our power. But it's as if she has stopped fighting, that she is just letting go. There is nothing we as physicians can do about it. Again, I'm truly sorry."

Fang released the doctor and her gaze fell to the floor, staring blankly at the tiles under her feet.

There had to be a mistake… Lightning had stopped fighting? Lightning was giving up and just letting death drag her away? Indeed, it didn't sound like the Light she knew. For Etro! She even stood against a 'god' because she wasn't going to let anyone – no matter who they might be – control her destiny and use her like a puppet. Yet, here she was, that same Light allowing the eternal slumber to lull her in.

Fang was still trying to find a reason to all of it that she almost missed Serah's question.

"Can… can we see her?"

"I can only allow you to go one at a time. She's sleeping, but I doubt she'll wake soon." …or at all – thought the doctor.

"Thank you, doctor."

After that, the doctor left and Serah went to the room her sister was placed in. For the meantime Fang sat at one of the chairs in the waiting room, still too shaken at Light's current status to ask to be the first to go and see the woman she loved.

It was a few hours before Serah came back and told Fang she should go and see Light.

Fang stood up and dragged herself to Light's room. She did it all unconsciously and hardly noticed when she had reached the room. Her trembling hand opened the door and her green eyes fell on the figure of the strawberry-haired woman on the bed. The doctor was right; Lightning looked psychically fine now. Her skin color was back to normal, and so were her features. But, she looked like an empty shell too. Somehow Fang could sense Light's aura. It wasn't the same…it was lacking that fighting spirit, that force, that determination that made her unique – and that Fang loved to bits – and that had inspired their group of l'Cie to continue all the way to the end. 'Together to the end'. After those words, Fang had not seen Lightning only as a leader, or as a fighter, but as the woman who'd caught her heart.

Fang was feeling so heartbroken now… was Lightning giving up on her? Was Light determined to leave her alone after all this time? After everything they went through?

She took a seat on a chair near the bed, and then took Light's hand in her own. She didn't say anything, not a word came from her lips, since she didn't know what to say, so she simply squeezed that hand, trying to transmit all her feelings in that simple yet powerful gesture.

As night came again, Fang was asked to leave the room, but she refused to leave the hospital. Trying to be the voice of reason and the one with the clearer mind, Serah went out and got them some food and even a room in an inn, which was conveniently located aside the hospital. Serah told her they should try and get some rest while they couldn't see Claire. Still, Fang didn't budge. Fang didn't sleep that night.

The next morning, when she was allowed again to visit Lightning, she made it to the room, and took a seat on the chair, and just like the day before, she took Light's hand in hers. She still didn't say a word, except that her thoughts were running back and forth. Trying to understand what in Etro's name had led Light to this point, yet she didn't find an answer.

A couple of days had passed and Lightning still showed no positive response. Or even a response at all.

Serah had informed Snow that she was with Lightning but didn't mention her state. Also, neither of the other members of her family had been informed. It was a bit selfish, and even inconsiderate of her to not let them know of it. They were family, yes, but she knew that her sister wouldn't have liked it for them to see her like this. Laying on a bed not because she had been wounded in battle, but because she had stopped fighting.

She herself had already talked to Claire all the time she had visited but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. That's why, in her heart she knew that if one person could bring Lightning back, it was Fang. She trusted that the Oerban would bring her sister back.

Fang was in her usual spot by Light's side.

She was watching the beautiful face of her lover when she noticed that Light had started to move her lips. It was almost imperceptible, but she was doing it. There was no sound coming out of them. Still, she got the words that Light was mumbling in her dream world.





Fang's eyes opened larger than saucers. Had she read that right? No, it probably was just her mind playing tricks to her. There was no way that Light could have said such a thing…was there?

What could be haunting Light's soul so badly that she had mumbled that kind of thing in her sleep? That it shattered her spirit to this breaking point?

In that moment, Serah came in; it was time to switch places so Fang could grab something to eat and stretch out a little. Fang didn't object or stay a bit longer like the other times. She left the room right away.

She walked to the back garden the hospital had and sat on the grass, under the shade of a big tree, thinking on what Lightning might have meant with those four words: 'No need of me…'

What had made Light think that in the first place…?

The epiphany came sooner than expected. How could she have been that blind and ignorant?

It was because of her! For her stupid pride and for being so hard-headed! Now she got it; what Light was trying to tell her in that message. That morning after the Kaiser Behemot incident she had said the very same words her Sunshine had left in the message. And she even had said to her that she didn't need her to her face…

What a cruel and cold-hearted bitch she had been then. Her ire had made her say those fatal words that had wounded Light more than she imagined. And because of it Lightning thought her love and she were a burden to her! Lightning being a burden to her?! Never! Not in a lifetime! Not even for eternity would Light ever be such to her! If it weren't for Light, she would have fallen in despair and most likely would have turned into a mindless Cie'th.

Fang was regretting all of it now, even going away for that long; even when it had been to make their jobs safer and easier.

She had gone to install traps and security nets to places she knew still didn't have them due to the type of terrain, which in those places technology didn't work at its best, allowing some of the wilder beasts lurk near to the populated areas. So, she had to go and do it Old Gran Pulse style. The way her clan used to do it centuries ago. It was effective and wouldn't affect the balance of nature by killing the beasts ruthlessly. Usually traps like those took a group of five men to install them in a couple of days. She was alone, but she wouldn't falter, this was for Sunshine and her well-being.

Fang let out a hollow chuckle. What a sick way destiny had to make her see that while she was trying to do something good, she had hurt her most precious one.

Fang took a deep breath…how was she going to explain this to Serah? That she was the cause of her sister's current condition?

She needed advice, and the only one who could help her now was Vanille. Taking out her comm., she dialed Vanille's number. Soon after, she heard her sister's voice, always perky and joyful. She didn't go into much detail, simply said that she didn't know how to tell Serah something related to Lightning. Vanille was quick to give advice and support to her sister, telling her that Serah would understand. Fang only hoped it'd be that way.

As they chatted, Vanille had told Fang that Hope had gained the position he was aiming for in the technology research department. When Fang had joked that Light still had that boy under his wing, Vanille replied that in fact Hope had rejected Lightning's help. That he didn't need it since he already had the means to do it on his own.

This made Fang think profoundly. A few minutes after, she ended her call with Vanille.

Hope had told Light that her help wasn't needed. She felt her brows furrow at the thought.

She didn't completely know why, but her gut was telling her that she should give a call to the base, to contact Amodar and ask what Light had been doing while she was away. Following that hunch, she called the man.

She didn't have to wait too long before the man answered. He wasn't surprised at all that she had not shown up those weeks back. He knew better than anyone how much of a rebel she was, and that the GC weren't the only ones she worked for, so he assumed she was out either being mischievous or working on a mission under another contractor.

Fang discovered then that Light had been overworking at the base – probably trying to bear with her absence and lack of communication – and because of it, she'd exceeded the hours permitted, which led Amodar to dismiss Light.

"Yeah, I told Farron she wasn't needed at the base, at least not for a while."

She listened at his words. There was again, the use of those words "wasn't needed" practically screamed: "I don't need you", for a second time, or was it the third?

Fang spoke with him only some more minutes and then ended the call.

She was so immersed in her thoughts – something that was happening too frequently lately – that she didn't notice Serah walking to her.

"Time to switch places." – said Serah with a small smile. But she received no response. Crouching in front of the huntress she called her – "Fang?"

Fang looked at her and simply said.

"Serah, I don't mean to pry… but, could you tell me what you and Light talked about the last time?"

Serah was a bit taken aback by the request. Fang was not as nosy as Vanille, and she had some sense of privacy for her and Claire's conversations, most of the time anyway. If she got to know about anything she and her sister had talked about, it was through Claire. Not that she minded, Fang and Claire were lovers – or mates, in Gran Pulse terms – so she found it normal that Fang knew about it. She was the same with Snow after all.

Serah nodded and told her that she was having a bit of a financial problem, and when Claire offered help, she refused.

"And there are those damned words again: "I don't need you"." – thought Fang as she listened to Serah's story.

At this point, she was starting to understand Light's reaction. How much tension had been placed on her with that remark that had been constantly repeated during those weeks? First from her, then from Serah, after her came Hope and finally from Amodar. There's only so much a person can take before they crumble. How can someone go on when all those that are important in your life exclude you from their lives in such a way, as innocent and unintended it might be?

That was why Lightning felt she wasn't needed anymore. Lightning didn't care much about what others outside her family and important ones thought of her. She didn't give a chocobo's ass at it. But when her own family and the one she loves are the ones saying those things? What was the point then? Better end it all and liberate everyone from her meaningless existence…

Light's message to Serah was much clearer now. She had gone to her parents' grave to see them one last time before she succumbed, and by doing that, she knew she didn't have to do anything else; she was done.

Fang held back her tears; she couldn't imagine all the suffering and desolation Light had to go through, all alone. This time there wasn't any body to give her a hand and tell her comforting words like: "together to the end."

Fang thanked Serah for the information and stood up from her spot on the grass. She dusted herself off and headed to Light's room. She knew what she had to do.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* END OF FLASHBACK *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Fang stood from her spot in the chair and made it to Light's bed. She sat on the edge at first, careful not to move any of the equipment, then she proceeded to lay next to Lightning. She draped one arm over her, just above her abdomen, while the other was passed cautiously behind her back, and reached Light's resting hand, lacing their fingers together.

Once she was settled, Fang began to talk almost in a whisper, her eyes never leaving her lover's pale features.

"Sunshine… I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the things I said, I never meant any of it. I was just scared the hell outta my mind. My mind kept replaying the incident, but with 'what if' scenarios: what if you'd been badly injured? What if I hadn't been there to help you? What if… you had died there? That thought freaked me out, terrified me more than anything. I just thought of the life I'd have without you in it. Sad thing is that, it was not the Kaiser Behemot that was the one to hurt you then… it was me. So much that what I'd feared the most is happening now, I'm losing you; all because of my stupid pride and idiot mouth."

Fang closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears already forming in her eyes. It was futile; they were running down her cheeks by now. Still, that didn't stop her from saying all she needed.

"I'm also sorry for not calling you back all that time… it was not my intention to leave you in the dark as I did. I… wanted to surprise you, to show you that our jobs would be easier and that I just wanted to keep you safe." – Fang let out a snort – "What a great job I did, huh?"

Opening her eyes, she stared and Lightning's features, listened to her steady yet pausing breathing; Fang took Light's image. Moving her arm up, she traced Light's cheek with one of her fingers, the touch so tender one couldn't think she could do it, especially after wielding a lance for many years. Choking a little in her words, she pressed herself to go on.

"Light… Please, come back. We need you. Serah, needs you. I bet that when the time comes that she has a baby, she'd want to show her precious munchkin' – even if it's the oaf's too – to you, to Aunt Claire."

Fang reached her hand to Light's face and removed the breathing mask. Then hoisting herself up a little, she planted a soft, loving and passionate kiss over Lightning's lips. She poured all her love, thoughts, desires into that kiss, hoping it would reach Light. Finally breaking the contact, she said.

"Light… Claire… I love you. I love you more than anything in Gran Pulse. You are my whole existence, my savior, my mate. I can't keep going, living without you in my life. I NEED YOU, Claire. Please, come back to me. I need you, so please don't leave me."

Fang rested her head on Lightning's shoulder and let sleep lull her as tears continued to flow from her emerald greens.

When she was woken up by a shake from Serah, Fang had hoped – if only for an instant – that Light would have woken up already, all thanks to the kiss full of love from a prince, like in those fantasy stories that Vanille liked to listen from the elders.

Sadly, this was reality, and she knew that pulling someone out from the darkness was not an easy job. It never was. But she wouldn't let anything discourage her; Light needed her, just as she needed Light. She wouldn't let Sunshine down. Not again.

The next days, Fang did the same thing once she was left alone with Lightning in the room; she laid beside her on the bed and talked to her. Mostly apologizing and letting her now how much she loved her and needed her. She kissed Lightning softly on the lips, nose, eyes, forehead, any place her lips could reach. Her touches were gentle, as if touching a crystal rose that would shatter if not caressed in just the right way.

During that time, she saw Light moving her lips again and mumbling an apology, at which Fang responded with an apology of her own, telling Lightning that it wasn't her fault, that all the blame was hers and no one else's. It seemed to work because Lightning seemed more serene in her sleep.

Fang talked to Lightning for hours, remembering all the good, bad, exciting, funny and any type of experience they had had over the years they've been together. Fang wouldn't exchange those for anything in Gran Pulse, not even if Etro herself offered her whatever she desired for in exchange for them. So immersed was she in her one-sided conversation that she didn't notice when night came and she was asked to leave. However, this time she pleaded with the doctor to let her stay. When the doctor was about to argue, Serah came to her rescue, asking the doctor if they could talk. The doctor left and whatever it was they talked about, when he came back in; it was only to inform Fang that she was allowed to stay over the night. On the condition that she contact a member of the medic staff if there was any trouble with Lightning's condition. Fang agreed right away and, with a smile, she thanked Serah when she went to bid Claire a good night.

Once the doctor and Serah left, Fang continued talking to Light, caressing her and kissing her softly until sleep claimed her. Even then, she hugged Lightning, clung to her as if not to let her go.

Morning came and the rays of the sun were filtering through the curtains into the hospital room, landing on Fang's face. Upon feeling the warmth, she scrunched her face and opened her eyes. Turning her face to the side, she saw Light still sleeping. Taking her hand, she kissed her fingers as she said.

"Good morning love."

Fang closed her eyes a moment again just to let the last trays of sleepiness fade away when she felt a hold on her hand, squeezing her back.

"Morning…Fang." – the reply came as a soft and tired whisper.

Fang's eyes opened instantly and raised herself – supporting her weight on her forearms and elbows – to see that Lightning was looking at her. Her blue eyes were looking right at her, eyes full of love and also – Fang could notice – a tint of guilt.

"Light… you're…"

"Fang… I'm sor…"

Before Lightning could finish her apology, Fang had removed the breathing mask and had kissed her on the lips; a kiss so full of love, passion, NEED. It didn't take long for Light to respond to it. When finally Fang had the will power to pull back – and also the need of oxygen was necessary – she stared into those baby-blue's she had wanted to see for a while now.

"Light… forgive me for what I said back then, I didn't mean it. None of it. Please, stay with me and let me stay with you. Claire… you're my universe; please don't ever again think otherwise. I love you so much. I NEED YOU more than you can imagine."

"Fang… I know. I heard your voice, I head everything you and Serah said to me…" – Lightning closed her eyes for a moment to take deep breath, she felt exhausted – "I was so close for the darkness to finally engulf me, since I felt that all the anchors that kept me firm and strong were gone, specially you; but then…I heard you. The strain and sadness in your voice, so unlike you. For a moment I thought that I should just let the darkness take me because I was hurting you, but then you said that you love me and need me. Deep inside my heart, I knew it was true, because I could feel it. It was as if, your soul had reached to me to pull me out from that darkness and despair. And tie my own to it in an unbreakable bond."

Lightning opened her eyes and stared back at Fang, who was smiling despite her watery eyes.

"I love you too, Fang. Sorry for worrying you." – said Lightning with a smile. That smile reserved just for Fang.

Fang kissed her again, a gesture that spoke volumes of how she felt at that moment. Even if that gesture was able to convey the message she wanted to transmit, she had to pull away briefly to say the words she was sure would be carved in Light's soul and heart. Words that would work as a shield and oath from now on.

"Remember, Light: Together to the end."


A/N: Well, this was it. My first try at a FLight fic.

I had to write it after reading some other fics that were breaking my heart and gave me the idea.
I know that Lightning it a very strong individual. But I do believe that everyone has a breaking point, no matter who that is. And if someone can pull her from the darkness is Fang. Fang was pulled from it twice by Light. This time it was Fang's turn.

YEAH! All Hail FLight!

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