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This Night

Everyone knew that Nami loved the weather.

Of course, as the navigator of the Thousand Sunny, she had to pay attention to the weather. But, that was different from actually enjoying the weather. A bright, sunny day always made her feel happy and lazy, yet a cool and cloudy day brought out the exact same feelings. Both kinds of days were the best times to just relax and read a book.

Even on the stormy days, when the raging sea threw the ship and thrashed the crew about, Nami felt something that bordered on elation. She loved it when her adrenaline spiked and her heart raced as she and the others braced for a fierce storm. It was almost the same sensation she felt when she got away with stealing a lot of money or treasure. Almost.

However, what Nami slowly discovered was that her absolute favorite kind of weather was the weather at night. That's why, on this particular night aboard the Sunny, she hadn't gone to bed yet. Instead, Nami had climbed up the ropes of the foremast and just stood there, admiring everything around her. It was the clearest night she had seen in a while. Huge clusters of stars and specific constellations illuminated the sky. The moon shined high above her head. As the Sunny sailed forward, the indigo sea rippled calmly, as though the throw of a single skipping stone had disturbed its surface. Nami couldn't have chosen a more perfect night to put off her beauty sleep. She decided that it was totally worth it.

As the ship sailed on, the moon passed behind the crow's nest. This sudden change in lighting caused Nami to look up instinctively. She felt herself continue to gaze at the crow's nest even after the moon's glow was cast again. After another moment or so, she sighed as she rolled her eyes.

There goes my night, she thought glumly.

Nami now stared straight ahead of her, her grip on the ropes getting tighter. She knew that she wouldn't be enjoying the beauty surrounding her any longer. She only had one thing on her mind, or person, rather. She thought of the sole occupant of the crow's nest.

She thought about Zoro.

The Straw Hats had just cast off from Thriller Bark a few days earlier. And ever since then, in Nami's mind, everything about Zoro had changed. In her heart, everything she felt for Zoro had changed.

She muttered a string of curses, disgusted with herself. She wasn't supposed to fall for any of her male nakama. She swore that she wouldn't. They were her family. It just wouldn't be right! Even then, were any of them truly capable of a mature, loving relationship? Nami shuddered to think if Luffy even knew what being with a girl was like. Usopp was a total goofball and, even though he'd never tell the truth about it, he had Kaya back home. Sanji, well, he was already WAY too obsessed with her and Robin and every other woman on the planet. Nami knew that wasn't the same as love. While Chopper was one of the sweetest people she had ever met… he clearly wasn't a person. He was a very sweet reindeer. Franky was definitely too old for her, and she didn't even want to go there with Brook.

That left Zoro, the short-tempered, stubborn swordsman.

Nami hung her head in shame. So he's the one she went for? Honestly?

She pressed one hand to her forehead. She remembered the party the Straw Hats had before they left Thriller Bark. She remembered Luffy, Usopp, Franky and occasionally Chopper dance and laugh with Lola's crew, the Rolling Pirates. Brook played the piano and entertained with jokes and tricks. Robin took her place at a comfortable distance, watching with a small smile on her face.

Yet, Nami took little part in the festivities. She had a few drinks, but she remained at Zoro's side, keeping an eye on him. He was still unconscious, his entire body wrapped in bandages.

Sanji still wouldn't tell anyone what happened to Zoro. No matter how many times she asked, no matter how many times she resorted to flirting and charming, Sanji wouldn't give in. After over ten times, Nami stopped prying. She sat next to Zoro, drumming her fingers on the table he laid on. She occasionally glanced over her shoulder to check on her other crewmates.

One of the times she turned to face Zoro again, Nami found her eyes wandering across his bandaged chest. It was so built. With how much Zoro worked out shirtless, anyone would notice just how muscular he was. He was sculpted. Nami's eyes continued to his broad shoulders, his big arms and his hands. His rough hands. Zoro had earned many calluses from lifting weights and using his swords so constantly.

Nami then imagined herself resting on top of him, wrapped in those burly arms and pressed to his chest.

The navigator blinked rapidly, shooting straight up in her chair. She was nowhere near being drunk. She wasn't even a bit buzzed. She shook her head violently. She had just checked Zoro out while he was unconscious. She shivered, blowing raspberries and making gagging noises as she attempted to force the thought out of her mind.

"Nami, are you okay?"

Nami clamped a hand over her mouth to shut herself up. She whirled around to find Chopper, his head tilted as he looked at her curiously. She uncovered her mouth and exhaled in relief.

"Oh! Y-Yeah, I'm fine." she assured him. "Thanks, Chopper."

"Sure." the doctor piped up in his high-pitched voice. "I just wanted to check on Zoro again."

"Of course." Nami agreed, letting her gaze fall on Zoro once more. Her lips pressed into a firm line as she worried about when Zoro would finally wake up.

Then, she was seized with a horrible realization. This wasn't just physical attraction. And it was beyond how she cared about him as a nakama.

It was something entirely different.

The chattering of her teeth finally brought Nami back to the present. A cold wind had picked up while she was lost in her thoughts. But, cold wind was fairly normal at night. One hand continued to grasp the rope as the other rubbed her upper arm, trying to produce a little heat.

"Oi. You coming down from there?"

This time, Nami actually froze. The person who was usually in the crow's nest wasn't at the moment. She had a brief panic attack as she tried to think through the scenario and how it would turn out. It only made her panic even more. Trying to maintain her composure, she frowned down on a head of marimo.

"Maybe. What's it to you?" she quipped in her usual, smart-alecky tone.

"I'm going back up."

"Why weren't you up here in the first place?"

"I had to pee."

Nami sighed irritably. "I could've gone the whole night without knowing that."

"Like I care." Zoro scoffed. "Just get down."

"Can't you find some way to go around me? I like it up here."

Zoro folded his arms across his chest, his eyebrow raised. He didn't have to say anything to express his doubt. That one eyebrow said it all. Nami knew that, but she conveniently ignored it as she found herself lost along the muscles flexing in Zoro's forearms.

"Let's go, woman. We don't have all night." Zoro told her. Nami now grabbed hold of the ropes with both hands, looking down nervously. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she cursed her fear of heights. She felt pathetic with what she asked him next.

"You'll help me, right?"

"If it gets me back up there faster, yes." Zoro answered bluntly.

Nami's eye twitched. What do I see in this jerk?

"C'mon." Zoro said. "Slide down if you need to."

Oh yes, because that would only drag all of this out even more than necessary, Nami mused. But, it was time to get serious. She needed to breathe. In only a few, deep breaths, she would be back on the solid deck of the Sunny, not swinging from the jungle vines that were the foremast ropes. It would be over before she knew it.

Nami slowly turned around and leaned back, her body now cradled by the ropes. Her hands still had hold of them. Finally, she began lowering herself toward the deck. Zoro watched, his hands now at his sides. He showed no hint of aggravation, worry or anything. He just kept his eyes on Nami as she descended.

This was going much better than she thought. Maybe, there was some hope in saving this situation yet. Until Nami suddenly slipped. She didn't have much more to go, but this drop sent her heart into her throat. She didn't even have time to scream before she stopped. It took her a few agonizing seconds to realize where she had ended up. She hadn't landed on her butt on the deck of the ship like she feared. What happened instead was infinitely worse.

Zoro had caught her.

Nami's back was still pressed into the ropes. Her hands had landed squarely on Zoro's shoulders, and she felt every muscle tense up underneath them. She swallowed thickly as she looked down. Her legs had decided to wrap themselves around Zoro's waist. Her shirt was riding up her stomach, all the way until her bra nearly showed. She felt her face and neck flush bright red. When she looked up, she noticed that Zoro's arms had ended up on either side of her head, gripping the rope for support.

That's when she noticed the look on his face as he winced, gritted his teeth and held back a groan of pain.

"Oh no." she fretted softly. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt—"

"You didn't." Zoro managed.

"But, your wounds probably haven't fully healed." Nami continued.

"I'm fine." Zoro hissed. He took in a huge gulp of air and released it again. Nami could feel his warm breath on her skin. At the same time, she caught a hint of his scent, that strong musk every man had after they had a hard day of work. She then noticed just how close she was to him. Their noses were an inch from touching.

"Zoro…?" she whispered.


"Should I… should I move?"

Zoro didn't answer right away. He just stayed silent, looking in her eyes. Nami couldn't hold his gaze for some reason. It was like he was staring into her, which is what partly made him so intimidating. She busied herself by drawing invisible lines across Zoro's face. The arches of his eyebrows, the bridge of his nose and the angle of his jaw. He really was sculpted. Nami knew that she had to be blushing.


Nami lifted her head, and their eyes only met for a second. Before Nami knew what was happening, her eyes widened in shock.

Zoro was kissing her.

He had brushed his lips against hers almost shyly, which was nothing like him at all. Nami figured that this was his way of testing her, to see if this would get a response from her. And yes, it certainly would. Nami closed her eyes, moving one of her hands to the back of Zoro's neck, pulling him closer to her, making the kiss stronger.

Then, the Zoro she knew took over. He placed his hands on the small of her back, pressing their hips together. Nami gasped as she felt herself shudder. His rough skin on her soft skin was a feeling that she never experienced before. It didn't last long though. Zoro daringly lowered his hands to cup her butt. At the same time, he slipped his tongue into her mouth, and Nami gasped again as their two tongues touched. Zoro even bit her lower lip and trailed kisses from her mouth to her jawline and down her throat.

Nami leaned her head back to allow him access. The cold metal of his three earrings grazed Nami's cheek. She kissed his cheek and his ear. He tasted like the sea, so salty but so satisfying. Zoro lifted his head, and their lips stitched together again. He took her hands and raised them over her head, their fingers lacing together.

Zoro's lips were wet and hot, but they were also surprisingly soft. His lips on hers were a warm pressure, and it made heat swell from inside of her. Her arms snaked around his neck as his hands moved down to feel her breasts. He even went under her shirt and bra to trace circles around her hardened nipples. It took everything for Nami not to moan.

And at last, it was Nami who had to break away as she fought to catch her breath. She inhaled and exhaled heavily. Zoro's hands were still where he had them, but he had ceased all movement. He gazed into her face, trying to read her. She looked him in the eyes, playing with his hair at the nape of his neck.

"I didn't expect that." she finally said, a pink hue rising to her cheeks. Zoro took a moment to collect his thoughts, but it didn't last long before he shrugged with a smirk.

"I didn't either."

Nami held back a laugh as she carefully let herself down. Her arms stayed around Zoro's neck. Zoro placed his hands on her hips, pressing his forehead against hers. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"NO ONE knows about this." he told her seriously.

"Of course not." Nami assured him. She took his chin between her thumb and index finger and kissed him lightly on the lips.

When they pulled away, it seemed as though Zoro was going to move around her and begin climbing to the crow's nest. Instead, with one arm around her waist, he buried his face into her hair. She giggled a little as she felt the tiniest kiss on the top of her head.

"'Night." he mumbled.

"Goodnight." she murmured.

Zoro hurried up the foremast ropes until he reached the dome-shaped crow's nest and disappeared inside. Nami craned her neck back to watch him climb all the way up. At that moment, she noticed a metallic taste in her mouth. She rubbed a finger on the inside of her lower lip. When she removed it, the very tip was tainted with blood.

Her gaze shifted from her finger to the crow's nest and back again.

Nami had no idea that these new feelings she had were returned. She had no idea when Zoro started having these feelings about her. Could it have been at the same time, just days ago on Thriller Bark? Or even earlier? She knew that she would have to find out. For now, she headed to the women's quarters. She was suddenly exhausted.

However, Nami now had one more reason to come out and enjoy the weather at night.

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