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A high-pitched squeal rang through the large space of the aquarium room, followed by a fit of uncontrollable giggling.

"Oi, keep it down. You'll wake up the whole crew."

"Well, maybe if you'd stop—EEEEK!"

After squeaking like she did, Nami once again turned over on her side and clutched her stomach in another fit of laughter. With sure hands, Zoro flipped Nami to where she lied on her back and trapped her lips with his, silencing her. Air that would have escaped Nami through her laughter now streamed through her nose, since her mouth was occupied.

Zoro and Nami were lying on the floor of the aquarium room, his naked body hovering over hers with great care. Nami moaned softly as she gripped the blanket underneath them, and she arched her back as Zoro's hands made their way down her torso and his kisses down her neck. That's when Zoro, with the lightest brush of his fingers, touched Nami's ribs.

She had to break away and laugh some more.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so—SO ticklish there!" Nami said in between labored breaths. Zoro scowled at her, moving his hands down to her hips. Nami instantly stopped laughing when Zoro applied pressure there with his own hips. She sighed with pleasure instead. Zoro's scowl then turned into a smirk.

"Hmph. At least I know how to shut you up, woman." he said in a low voice.

"Yeah right." Nami quipped, getting a bit flustered at how close her face was to Zoro's. Granted, other aspects of this situation had her quite out of her element. Like how she was naked with her fellow nakama in a place of the Thousand Sunny that any other nakama could easily enter at any time. She should've been a lot more worked up about that than she was.

Zoro, on the other hand, couldn't care less. He was sick of being cooped up in the crow's nest for the majority of the day, and the women's quarters was obviously out the question. So, he had taken Nami here, stripped her of her clothes, and made love to her twice. If any of their nakama were to have walked in on them, they would have done it by now, and since they hadn't, Zoro knew it was safe.

It was safe for him and Nami to be together.

Both of them succumbed to the silence that had fallen between them. Zoro had lowered himself onto Nami, but not to the point where he would crush her. And the two of them reveled in the warmth they shared, feeling the heat radiate from their own bodies to the other's. Nami let her eyes wander, placing her hands on Zoro's chest as she examined him. Her eyes then met his, or at least one of his. Zoro's other eye had been sealed away forever by a long scar over the eye lid, and suddenly, Nami felt the need to ask a question.

"How many scars do you have, Zoro?" she whispered.

Zoro blinked a few times, comprehending her words. He decided to move to the floor on Nami's right side, still facing her as he propped himself up with his elbow. He rested his cheek in his hand as he gazed at her.

"I've lost count." he told her with a shrug.

Nami then turned on her side as well, facing Zoro. She mimicked his body position almost exactly.

"You really don't know?" she pressed.

"No." Zoro replied. He even snorted a bit. "Of all the fights I've been in, I haven't been keeping track."

"I wasn't expecting you to." Nami said defensively. "I was just curious, that's all." She touched Zoro's closed eye lightly. "There's this one. From your training while we were separated, I'm sure."

Zoro nodded as though allowing her to continue. She trailed her fingers down his face to his neck and collarbone to reach the starting point of the large scar that crossed his chest. Nami dragged one index finger along the puckered line where Zoro had to be stitched. He twitched as she passed a few spots over his abdomen, and she stopped right at his pelvis.

"Then, there's that one. From Baratie." Nami commented.


Nami was unable to look at Zoro's back, but she wrapped her hand from where it was around Zoro's waist. She searched for another scar that should have been located at his lower back, yet she couldn't find it.

"Other side." Zoro said. Nami then used her other hand to search down there until she came upon it. A smaller scar in the exact shape of a circle.

"This one's from Buggy. When he stabbed you while you were saving Luffy." she said.

"I'd like to forget that one." Zoro scoffed with a small smile. Nami smiled a little too, feeling her cheeks erupt with a blush. Finally, she looked in the direction of Zoro's feet, unable to contain a giggle or two.

"There's those, too. From Little Garden." she told him, referring to the scars around his ankles. They were the only self-inflicted scars Nami knew of, and Zoro had only done it to try and free himself from Mr. 3's wax.

"Are those the only ones you remember?" Zoro asked.

"They're the only ones I've seen." Nami corrected him, returning her hand to her side. She let her arm rest along the curve of her body.

"I remember all of your scars, but you only have two. So, that's not saying much."

Nami's eyes widened, her gaze meeting Zoro's. His face was blank as he stared at her in all seriousness. After a few moments, she had to look away due to the intensity of his gaze.

"I saw you get one of them." Zoro continued. "From that hypnotist on Usopp's island."

He reached out and rested his hand on Nami's right shoulder. On the skin of his palm, Zoro could feel how one, straight line of skin on her shoulder rose just a little above the rest. Just like his scars did. Zoro inhaled through his nose and exhaled out of his mouth before speaking again.

"I remember me yelling at you, trying to warn you. You were too busy going after my katana. You got this scar because of me."

"Zoro…" Nami whispered.

"But then, there's this one. The one you gave yourself."

Zoro's hand then traveled to Nami's left arm, right over her mikan tattoo. Despite the intricate pattern of ink that adorned her skin there, Zoro could still feel the rough patchs beneath it. At first, he attributed that to the doctor's removal of Nami's old tattoo, the one that marked her as a member of Arlong's crew. But now that he actually had the chance to touch it, Zoro knew from the patterns the patchs took on Nami's skin that she had actually removed the tattoo. He could feel each place that the blade of a knife pierced Nami's upper arm. He was sure that the doctor was trying to be subtle, disguising this scar with a new tattoo. But, Zoro remembered how much Nami cried and that no matter how much ink was now there, the scar remained.

Nami placed her hand over Zoro's, tears now swimming in her eyes.

"I'd like to forget this one, too." she croaked as the tears spilled over. Zoro gripped Nami's upper arm, pulling her closer to him. He tipped over onto his back, cradling her on top of him and pressing her to his chest. Nami gasped.

"You shouldn't forget it. So that it never happens again." he told her. Nami leaned away from him a bit to look him in the eye. Zoro gestured to his chest with his head.

"I'll never forget that I got this scar because I wasn't strong enough. And once I am strong enough, it will never happen again." he explained.

Nami nodded as her tears dripped onto Zoro's chest and rolled over his scar. He used both of his hands to cup her cheeks and wipe away the tears.

"I'll never forget how I got that scar." Nami said quietly. "It was how I freed myself from Arlong. And I'll never forget how I got my first scar either."

Zoro raised an eyebrow at her. Nami smiled sincerely in return.

"It was the one time I was able to help you… in some way."

Zoro smirked as he brought Nami's face closer to his, kissing her gently and briefly before thinking of something to add.

"The difference is that it won't be the last time. That you can help me."

Nami sniffled, nodding before Zoro pulled her face back down to his and kissed her much more strongly. His hands moved down Nami's neck and collarbone, then cupped her breasts. They continued down her torso and over her ribs.

Nami couldn't help but laugh.

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