Shego convinced Kim that her plan was the better one, and now Kim was regretting that decision. Sometimes its best not to know what happens behind closed doors... KiGO

This story is not for profit. It's just a story I wrote to entertain myself and to poke fun at a few things.

Chapter 1 - Peep-A-Boo

Somewhere, somehow, sometime ago, whilst reluctantly acting as a bodyguard at a scientist's convention, she had heard the argument whether it was better to walk or run in the rain. Of course, these scientists were of the mad, try hard to be bad variety. So instead of coming up with a logical answer they flung liquids, possibly flammable and highly dangerous liquids, at one another trying to prove their point. The event ended in tears, and naturally none were wearing safety goggles.

She learned her lesson after that incident. No iron clad contract or any amount of money tempted her to repeat the experience. Never again did she permit herself to be in the company of so many so called geniuses with little regard to their own safety and personal hygiene. She couldn't even say it was a boy thing. The only other female in the room hadn't behaved in a way dignifying her sex.

Nonetheless, for a split second she found herself wondering what the answer was. She suspected it was running but it wasn't like she could call a friend to confirm that. She would be laughed at for asking such a random thing. She didn't want to be teased about her employer rubbing off on her or other such rubbish. She did not have the slightest interest in science but she was bored out her brain and needed ways to amuse herself on this rainy evening. It had already been a long evening and sleep was looking like it was long while off. Even fun activities like sex had to wait.

The weather was working for and against her tonight. The condensation was the perfect cover for when stalking one's prey especially when the said prey was laden with laundry and dry cleaning, oblivious to the surroundings, too focused on reaching her destination and getting out of the rain. Her prey did not seem to be aware that she was being followed. This was uncharacteristic behavior but wet clothes were no fun to be in. Security for once wasn't the top priority for this victim.

Her prey turned off the path and made her way up some stairs to an up market apartment building. The building's concierge thoughtfully opened the glass doors to allow her entry. The pursuer held back, hiding behind a luxury foreign made vehicle parked on the street and watched as the elevator doors closed behind her prey.

She turned and made her way to the less luxurious apartment building across the street and took the stairs two at a time. She could hear the wet material of her outfit creak as her knees bent climbing the stairs. At times like this she thought maybe it was time to update her wardrobe. She was soaked through to the bone, her raven locks plastered uncomfortably to her face and back. She knew that her one-piece would be a nightmare to peel off later.

The black haired beauty opened the door to the rented apartment and rushed in without turning on the lights. She made her way to the monitors in the middle of room to see if anything was being broadcast. It was. The red light on the equipment told her that whatever was happening in the apartment across the street was being recorded. She could finally relax a little. First, she had to get out of her saturated garment. It was beyond comfortable.

The soaked woman reached for the clasp at her throat and tugged. The zipper to her one-piece became visible. She slowly pulled the black zipper down pulling the wet fabric off her skin. She cursed the unitard as she did so. Bone dry it was massive effort but wet, it was a nuisance that involved a lot more jiggling. Once it was off, she flung the garment aside with her foot not caring where it landed. She marched to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. The hot water was the perfect antidote and she intended to enjoy it.

After her prolonged shower, the black haired beauty returned to the living room, drying her hair as she did so. She was dressed in black boy shorts and a matching tank top. She left the bathroom light on to guide her. She had already decided there was no way the light could be detected from the street. She straddled the chair nearest to the small table where the monitoring equipment was placed. Other than one other matching chair, it was the only furniture in the room. She placed some headphones on her head and continued with the surveillance.


The apartment door opened silently. The intruder's eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting. The only other occupant in the room had her back facing the door, headphones firmly in place. Protruding from her face were night vision binoculars. She was totally oblivious to what was behind her. The intruder closed the door and decided on the best way to proceed.

She approached the scantily clad woman before her. Her footsteps were light from years of intense training and practice. She straddled the already occupied chair, her petite frame pressing against the warm body before her. Her arms wrapped around the woman's waist while she waited for the reaction. There was a slight jolt but she wasn't thrown back from the chair.

"Jeez Pumpkin, a little noise or warning would have been nice," grumbled the black haired beauty taking off her headphones with one hand and setting the binoculars down with the other.

Kim Possible chucked in response. "I would have thought your Spidey-sense would have tingled to let you know I was here. What sort of thief are you? Jumping at everything. Were you like this working for Drewbie?"

Shego growled. Kim wasn't sure whether the growl related to the mention of the green woman's former employer or the fact she obviously did not care to be taken by surprise. Kim went with the latter. Normally Kim wouldn't have surprised the green woman. Maybe Shego was listening to something juicy.

"Anything interesting turn up?" Kim noticed that the monitors before her were blank.

"No, nothing really. Just lots of background noise at the moment."

"Are you sure she is home?" asked Kim. She could not see anything noteworthy across the street. Well there was activity but not from the apartment earmarked for such close scrutiny. Did no one believe in drapes any more, thought the redhead? Was that man combing his toupee?

"Positive. I followed her myself to her front door and then raced over here."

"What about the equipment? Is it set up?"

Shego frowned, her face frozen into position while she thought of a response. "Either the equipment isn't working right, or maybe, I'm not saying this is my fault or anything Kimmie, but maybe, I might have not set everything up correctly."

"That's not like you." Kim said as she rested her head against a green shoulder.

"Well, you really didn't give me much time to set this up. I have managed to get the cameras that do work to go through the monitors and all audio to record through the receiver but there's no external audio to the receiver, hence the headphones. I've only got one pair, Princess, so we have to share."

"Wow, you came prepared," said Kim dryly.

"Normally I like to plan a job more thoroughly than this, Princess, especially when I'm not familiar with what I'm working with."

"You mean to tell me that every time Drakken had you steal something for him, it was all planned and running like clockwork?" The redhead could not keep the teasing out of her voice. She couldn't remember a time when any of Drakken's 'I'm going to take over the world' schemes went to plan. She was thankful that the mad scientist didn't perfect any of them. The hero also knew that despite Shego working with Drakken, it didn't diminish what she thought of the green woman's abilities. She was a fierce opponent and a wonderful lover as it turned out.

"Hardy-har-har, Princess. I dare you to try and be professional around Blue Boy and see how far you get. Dr D, bless his tiny hands, was a big picture man. He never seemed to care for the little details that would have made a huge difference in the long run. I tried to explain it to him... but alas, it was a no go. In the end it was easier to tune out once he started ranting. He didn't appreciate my helpful comments."

Kim knew which helpful comments her girlfriend was referring to. Shego simply couldn't help herself. She mostly found the sarcastic zingers endearing especially when they were not directed at her, but there were times where she could have happily slapped the green woman.

"I guess it all worked out for the best." She massaged Shego's tight stomach and kissed the shoulder blade before her. "We don't have to worry about him now do we?" she said gently.

Shego sighed. Kim knew what her girlfriend was thinking. Despite moving on with her life, Shego missed her employer and the henchman. They had become a pseudo family. Not the evil family Drakken claimed but a family nonetheless. They had lived together for so long while on the run, that the stability of the outside world was a major adjustment for them all.

After the Lowardian invasion, the blue man decided to leave his life of villainy behind and took up an internship at Global Justice. He was determined to finish his college education and gain the respect of his peers and former friends. Shego had wished her employer well but Kim could see that she took it hard.

The green woman tried to hide her sadness but Kim knew better. She tried to reassure her girlfriend that she could always visit. Upperton wasn't that far away. Shego's sarcastic response was that Drakken's prison wasn't one she was going to break him out of. He was big baby now and knew what he was doing. He soon would be paying taxes and the letters after Lipsky's name, once he completed his degree, would confirm that. He'd be a real life doctor.

Kim decided to change the subject. "So what happened with the fly-on-the-wall cams? Did you get them all installed?"

"They're all in but I couldn't get them all flying, only the ones in the study and the bedroom," said Shego fiddling with the monitoring equipment. "I just didn't know how to reset the others. They're set for audio only."

"Why didn't you call Wade? They're his design. Well, redesign after that whole ridiculous Ron Factor episode," said Kim with slight disdain. Ron Factor my foot she thought. Talk about a waste of taxpayer's money. Ron was just being Ron, thought the teen. To this day she couldn't understand why GJ had singled out Ron for such close observation.

Shego turned her head to face Kim, her features partially hidden by her silky black locks. "Are you serious Kimmie? There is no way I'm calling Nerdlinger for help. I'm suspicious that he never asked you why you needed the fly-on-the-wall cams in the first place. I do not want him to know what we are doing. He's nosey enough as it is."

The green woman exhaled before she continued her rant, "Do you think we can call Child Protective Services on his mother? I'm sure she has neglected the little smartass. Its her fault he's like this."

"Shego! That's ferociously uncool. Mrs Load is a lovely lady. She doesn't deserve that."

"Well Nerdlinger does. The kid needs a life outside of that room. Imagine what it smells like. Believe me when I tell you, teenage boys reek from hormones and God knows what else," said Shego with disgust.

Kim understood what Shego was getting at. "Shego! I did not need that mental image, thank you very much!"

"What? You think he perves for the greater good? Come on! I bet you the kid has servers of material just on you. Not that I can blame him but I will if any of that material got out. Nerdlinger will have to deal with a plasma enema. He might think he's good at disappearing, but I'm better. I bet he's soft and gooey all over too."

"Shego! That is so mean," said Kim admonishing her girlfriend. "Wade has been a very good friend to me. He's gotten me out of more scrapes than I care to think of. I don't think you should be thinking so badly of him."

"What! You can't deny that's its not true. Can you be sure the Kimmunicator was off during Kimmie loving time? How do you know he didn't have some override feature? I don't trust Nerdlinger. I'll bet you a hundred bucks that he knows the names of all your toys and knows the green one is your favorite." Shego said wickedly and then giggled as if she was thinking of Kim's toys.

Kim could feel her face flush with intense heat and did the first thing she could think of to shut her girlfriend up. She bit her; and then quickly stood up in case there was retaliation.

"Kimmie! What the hell..." The gleam in the emerald eyes told the teen her girlfriend was up to no good. "And I bet he knows you're a biter and a screamer too."

Kim's face flushed even more intensely. It was almost a burning sensation. She did not need to be reminded of that fact. Shego knew how to push all of Kim's buttons and this was no exception. She needed to get some professionalism to the task at hand. "Do we have to do this now? Do I have to remind you that we are on a mission?"

"We can be on a mission and have fun, Kimmie. That was the problem with you and Stoppable. It was all mission face and clothes. You never cut loose. I'd imagine Stoppable constantly losing his pants would get tired real soon. What did you ever seen in him anyway?"

Kim groaned. Even though she still considered him her best friend in the whole world, Ron was still a sore point with her. The older woman knew that and took every opportunity to reinforce that she was the better lover, fighter and all round better fit for Kim than Ron.

Shego was not deterred by Kim's annoyance. "Besides, I doubt any law enforcement agency will approve of this mission. We are breaking so many federal laws just sitting here. I thought you were a good girl, Princess."

"And whose fault is that?" Kim asked defensively.

"Well, your way didn't work. So we agreed to try mine. And you agreed, Kimmie. You can't go back now."

"Don't remind me." Kim was not comfortable with the plan but yet here she was. She had given her word and she could not renege now. It was too important.

"Can we go back on spying on Betty, now? Please and thank you."

"Whatever you say, Princess," said Shego with great delight.