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I sat back in my cave, feeling absolutely delighted with what I had done. My nephew, my stupid ignorant little brat of a nephew, actually fell for it! Hook, line and sinker! He looks up to me. Who wouldn't? Oh yes. I remember. My "brother". What has he ever done for me? Daddy's little boy. Thinking about that pathetic excuse for a father makes my blood boil! Hmmm…. I'll stick to happy thoughts. Today will be a good day. A very good day.

I noticed my nephew running across my future lands with that typical irritating smile on his face. He was so carefree. Oblivious to the dangers around him. Running around with that stupid little girlfriend of his. What was her name again? Ah what does it matter? She looks so familiar though. She looks like – wait a minute…. Of course! That fur! Those eyes! She has to be! She's Sarafina's little brat!


One word. That is all it took to make my heart clench and my brain stop. I was her best friend. I loved her. And what did she do? She took my heart and threw it down the waterfall. My blood boiled when I thought of all that I had been through. Again, I remembered that today was the start of a better life. And it would start with the end of another's. Oh, the irony!

Then, my conniving, brilliant mind was struck with another thought. Maybe I could cause the same pain to Sarafina that she caused me. I will break her heart. I will take away the one thing most dear to her. After all, how hard is it to kill another cub? Today, Mufasa and Sarafina will suffer the same pain they caused me!

I will have my revenge!

Ah, my poor nephew. Occasionally, very occasionally, I feel - dare I say it - bad for him. It isn't his fault he was born, is it? And he does love me. Maybe what I'm doing is wro— No. It needs to be done. He is in the way. He needs to be removed. Annihilated. But something doesn't feel right. He loves is family…. Do I… do I like him? No. That can't be right. He is irritating. But he does lighten the mood sometimes. He is a complete idiot. But that does make me smile sometimes. He makes a fool of himself. But –


I need to focus! Today is the most important day of my life. Today is a step closer! Today one more of my family dies. But why does my heart itch? What is holding me back? Why is there apprehension? Is it….. guilt?


It can't be!

Thoughts of my subjects falling at my feet flood through my mind. I will be King Scar! The greatest king ever to rule the pridelands. And no one will get in my way. Not my brother. Not my nephew. If they have to die, so be it! I will get what I always deserved. I will finally feel happiness! Satisfaction! Ecstasy! All thoughts of guilt were extinguished by my burning desire. A desire to succeed.

After today no one will ever say "Uncle Scar" again.

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