"Cynthia, now isn't a good time to go for a ride," Lucina warned, feeling slightly exasperated as the Falcon Knight circled above her. The young lord looked up into the sky, taking note of the dark storm clouds in the distance, moving ever closer toward them and sighed, calling out to her friend once more. "Cynthia!"

"Huh? What is it?" Cynthia asked, steering her mount back toward her friend. The hem of her gown fluttered in the air, falling behind her like a train, covering her mount's rear end as they halted in the air. Lucina stood facing her, head tilted slightly upward to make up for the height difference and Cynthia grinned at her, letting loose a giggle.

The two of them were alone at the far end of Mount Prism's large meadow, having been ordered there by Sumia and Leaf. In the faraway distance, Lucina spotted various members of the Shepherds rushing to and fro carrying miscellaneous objects. Most of them were clustered in groups, looking as if they were busy talking to one another, while one person, Cynthia's father, stood still beneath a makeshift arch, looking in her direction. She made to wave at him, but he had already turned away to speak with Sumia.

Severa and Kjelle had been with the two of them earlier, but had gotten rather restless and left; the dark haired mercenary had claimed she was going to gather her makeup supplies to help Cynthia get ready, and had taken Kjelle with her, but that had been twenty minutes ago and they still hadn't returned. Noire was supposed to be with them too, but Lucina wasn't surprised to see that the sniper wasn't with them, not with Inigo sprinting down the other side of the meadow, with a shower of arrows trailing him.

The males had supposedly also been given a task by Chrom, but Lucina hadn't been there to catch wind of it, and at that moment, it didn't concern her. The young lord looked behind her, in Frederick's direction, and noticed that it was almost time for the ceremony to begin. Another makeshift arch had been set up some distance away from the first one, a trail of flower petals littering the ground between them. Rows of chairs had also been placed next to the aisle of petals, creating rows, while a small stand stood at the front of the aisle, before the arch. From so far away, it was hard for Lucina to make out all the details, but she was certain that the ceremony was to start soon, and she turned her attention back to Cynthia.

In the brief moments that the blue haired lord had looked away, Cynthia had returned to flying through the skies on her Pegasus. She was farther away now, having flown higher upward, up into the grey clouds that covered the equally greying sky. The higher she went, the wider her smile became. Her heart palpitated in her chest, her hands tightened around the reins, and she laughed, the sound resonating through the air. In just a short while, she would be back on the ground, surrounded by her friends and allies as her father walked with her down the aisle of flower petals. Morgan would be waiting for her at the end of it, in front of Libra, and the two of them would promise themselves to each other. Just imagining the scene made Cynthia giddy with excitement and she pulled at the reins, signalling to her Pegasus to climb even higher.

They danced in the sky, ignoring the happenings below them. She was filled to the brim with happiness and excitement, and while she felt slightly nervous, she couldn't stop the grin that bloomed on her face. Cynthia's mind was always preoccupied with heroes, whether it be stories about heroes, or coming up with heroic lines, she never stopped thinking about heroes, but ever since Morgan and her had gotten closer, he occupied her thoughts more and more, until now. The day he had asked for her hand was the day he looked the most heroic; the wind had dishevelled his hair, his clothes had been slightly torn from enacting a battle with Owain, and his arms bared bruises from a previous battle, but when she had looked at him, he looked like a hero, one that had overcame many obstacles in order to reach his goal.

In truth, Morgan probably had. Her father was nicknamed 'Frederick the Wary' by Chrom and Lissa long before Cynthia had joined up with the Shepherds, and while she and Morgan had been friends for as long as she could remember, it had been hard when he couldn't remember who she was. Both Cynthia and Owain had tried their best to help him regain his memories, but when that hadn't worked out the way they wanted to, they simply decided to make new ones together. Frederick hadn't been too pleased with that, and had kept a watchful eye on Morgan; even when the war had ended and Leaf had returned to them, he still didn't trust Morgan fully.

By then, Cynthia had given up on trying to change her father's opinions and the task had fallen onto her mother, who hadn't minded it in the least. She didn't know if it was because of Sumia, or if Frederick had finally came around, but when Morgan had gone and asked for her hand in marriage, both of her parents had, surprisingly, given their consent.

Her Pegasus whinnied, capturing Cynthia's attention, and she turned to look in the direction that her mount was facing. Storm clouds rolled across the horizon, inching closer and closer toward Mount Prism. What sunlight that had been present was slowly getting blocked out, limiting the brightness of the natural light that flooded over the meadow. She frowned for a moment before her lips curved back upwards. Her heart fluttered in her chest and she pulled at the reins, guiding her Pegasus back toward the ground; no matter the weather, it was a beautiful day to her, and nothing could bring down her happy mood.

The day was meant to be a joyous occasion, and Cynthia wasn't going to let something as simple as the weather bring down her mood. While the sky had darkened and rain seemed to threaten to fall, Mount Prism remained just as beautiful as ever. A pale barely visible rainbow arched across the sky in the distance, slowly being covered up by clouds, but she smiled at the mere sight of it. It was still visible, still there, and to her, that was all she needed.

Signalling her Pegasus to descend, the winged horse obliged with a flap of her wings. Together, they flew up for a few more millimetres before nose diving straight down, the wind rushing past the both of them. Cynthia couldn't help the grin that spread across her face or at the giggle that escaped from her lips as adrenaline hurried throughout her body. It had been quite a long time since she had experienced such a rush, but it felt so good that she didn't want the feeling to go away.

They dived beneath the clouds they had passed earlier on their ascent, now graying with the darkening sky, but Cynthia paid it no attention. Her eyes were focused solely on the ground, on the spot she wanted her Pegasus to land on. They had picked up speed on their descent and not even one worry about crashing into the ground could be found in Cynthia's mind. Instead, she gripped the reins in her right hand and used her left to wave at her friend down below. "Lucina, this is so much fun!" she called out enthusiastically.

The young lord didn't share her interest and frowned, eyebrows furrowing. Cynthia was awfully close to the ground and showed no signs of slowing down or changing direction, and if that kept up… Lucina shook her head and sighed. "Cynthia, you'll crash if you keep going!"

"Huh?" was the Falcon Knight's only reply. Her eyes strayed from her friend to her airy surrounding before back towards the ground, where she fully took note of the distance left. Forcefully pulling at the reins, her Pegasus made a sharp U-turn so that she was now facing upwards again. The momentum threw Cynthia off balance and she lost her grip on the reins, falling out of the saddle. "Woaah!"

"Cynthia!" Lucina ran toward her falling friend, but the speed of Cynthia's fall was faster than the speed of her running, and she knew there was no chance of her being able to catch her before her body met the ground. Her eyes screwed themselves shut as she prepared herself to hear the sound of Cynthia's body colliding with the ground, but when nothing came, except for the sound of the Falcon Knight's breathless giggles, she forced her eyes open to see her friend laughing in Morgan's arms.

His hair had been combed back but a few strands of windblown hair stuck out, much like Cynthia's own pigtails. They had been neat and tidy a few hours ago but now, bits and pieces were scattered across her back. Both their clothing showed signs of being tousled and Lucina could only shake her head. Were the two of them truly getting married? And soon?

"Thanks Morgan, you're a lifesaver," Cynthia commented, wrapping her arms around Morgan's neck. The young tactician laughed nervously in reply, his cheeks turning red, and signalled his griffin to land. His mount seemed to roll his eyes but listened nonetheless and landed right next to Lucina, where he proceeded to spread his wings out wide and shake his body, throwing Morgan off and Cynthia along with him. "Your griffin doesn't like you very much, does he?"

"I'm not sure; I wanted to learn to ride a wyvern since you and Mother have a Pegasus, but somehow I ended up with this griffin instead, and Gerome refuses to help me," Morgan answered sheepishly, picking himself off the ground before offering a hand to his bride. When they were both standing on the ground again, they looked at each other, both in their wedding attire, complete with tousled clothes and windblown hair, and laughed. Their appearance hadn't been dirtied too much but when comparing what they looked like now to what the image of what they were supposed to look like in their minds, they couldn't help but laugh. "Mother won't be too happy about this, will he, Lucina?"

"Of course she won't be!" his sister shot back sternly, shaking her head. "Frederick won't be either, once he catches wind of this. What are you doing here anyways, Morgan? Owain was supposed to keep you busy until the ceremony started."

"Ah, well, about Owain… I haven't seen him since Inigo ran away," he stated with his head tilted slightly to the side.

Lucina knew all too well as to why Olivia's son had left and didn't bother with asking for confirmation; she merely shook her head and sighed for the umpteenth time that day. Next time, if it ever occurred, she would gladly exchange jobs with Noire and let someone else watch over the bride. "Cynthia, we're going to find Severa; someone has to fix up this mess before the ceremony starts. Morgan, go find Owain and Inigo, see if they can help you fix up your attire. Don't go on any more rides." Her last sentence was directed at both Morgan and Cynthia, and they quickly nodded their heads. "Good then, I'll see you when the ceremony starts, brother."


It was Sumia's turn to pace, but instead of standing at the front of the makeshift altar, she stood in the back, near where the carpet of flower petals began. Frederick's hand rested on her shoulder in an assuring gesture but it did nothing to calm her nerves. She didn't even know why she was nervous. Her wedding day already passed, and now it was her daughter's turn, but the exact same feelings of nervousness settled in the pit of her stomach. Cynthia was her only daughter, and while it was true that the Cynthia getting married wasn't exactly her daughter, what with having travelled from the future, it was all the same to Sumia. They had grown close over the years, and were best friends, as well as mother and daughter. To see Cynthia get married was like a dream come true, and yet she couldn't help the emotions that swelled in her heart, that threatened to overwhelm her.

Frederick wasn't faring any better, but he at least kept his emotions in check. His eyes scanned the horizon periodically, trying to catch a glimpse of Morgan before the start of the ceremony. The young man was an enigma, and while his intentions toward Cynthia were pure, Frederick couldn't help the need to make sure he always remained in his sight. While Frederick trusted Leaf with his life, he couldn't say the same about her son. Ever since Morgan had joined their army to fight against Grima years ago, he had been quite eccentric, what with banging his head against tomes and trees in an attempt to retrieve his memories. While that had been a cause for concern, Chrom had easily ended those shenanigans, but Frederick still had felt uneasy around the young male. Morgan barely remembered anything that didn't have to do with Leaf, which didn't help at all as their tactician hadn't regained her lost memories either.

The passage of time had helped Frederick in learning to trust Morgan, and seeing how happy he made Cynthia hadn't hurt either. Sumia had also put in a few good words about the aspiring tactician, though Frederick often wondered if she did that because Cynthia or Morgan put her up to it, or because she truly felt that way about Morgan. Either way, Frederick was beginning to feel anxious as seconds ticked by.

Lucina and Cynthia were nowhere to be seen while Laurent was standing with Morgan at the front of the altar, dong some last minute adjustments. By now, the entire sky was covered with greying clouds, shadowing the meadow and blocking out the rainbow. Sumia looked up at the sky and frowned, wringing her hands nervously. No one had expected the weather to have gotten so gloomy but it was too late to relocate as everything had already been set up, and Nah had even gone through all the trouble of asking Naga for permission to use the meadow. No one knew just what the two manaketes had talked about, but everyone, especially Cynthia, had been overjoyed at receiving the news.

"What do you think is taking them so long?" Sumia asked, turning her head to look at her husband. "It isn't like Lucina to be late, and Cynthia is bound to listen to her."

"I'm sure they'll be here soon," a new voice chimed in, "Why don't we take our seats and wait? Unless you plan to walk your daughter down the aisle along with Frederick, Sumia."

"Oh Leaf! N-no, Cynthia specifically wanted Frederick to walk her down the aisle," Sumia replied, spinning around to face the tactician. Her footing slipped on the grass, leading to her stumbling right into Frederick's arms, eliciting a laugh out of everyone watching. The chairs that were lined across the meadow before the altar were beginning to fill up with members of the Shepherds. Laurent had taken his seat beside his parents, leaving Morgan with Owain, who kept staring at Inigo as Noire sat herself down next to him, her bow and arrows never leaving her side.

The tactician led Sumia with her to the front row, seating themselves in the chairs right next to the flowered aisle. Morgan grinned and waved enthusiastically to his mother, looking quite excited with no trace of nerves to be seen. Chrom approached them and Morgan did the same to his father, who laughed at his son's enthusiasm. "You're quite excited, aren't you Morgan?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course, Father! Why wouldn't I be?" Morgan answered with a smile.

"This weather isn't the most appropriate for a wedding ceremony though," Leaf commented, glancing up at the sky. The grey clouds were positioned right above them, looking ready to shower them with rain at any given moment, but Morgan simply shrugged off the comment.

"It doesn't matter if it's cloudy and gray, Mother, it's a beautiful day," he stated, ever the optimist. "Though if it rains…"

"You think it'll rain?" Sumia questioned with a frown, fiddling with the sleeve of her gown.

"It's always a possibility, if the clouds above are any indication."

"Cynthia just had to decide to have the ceremony here," Leaf sighed, shaking her head, though an amused smile played on her lips. "Mount Prism does have its charms, when it's sunny out."

Morgan shook his head, disagreeing. "I think it looks beautiful regardless of the weather. Besides, Cynthia likes it here, and Naga gave us her approval; what could be better?"

Chrom laughed when neither Leaf nor Sumia could think of a reply, though it wasn't like he had anything to say to that comment either. While the weather was anything but optimal for a wedding, as long as it didn't rain then Chrom would be satisfied, and Morgan looked blissfully content standing in front of the makeshift altar.


Swiftly making her way down the trail of flower petals, Lucina paused for a moment in front of her brother, looking him over. His hair, along with his clothes, had been smoothed over, no longer looking tousled or messy, but the one thing that caught her attention was the smile on his face. The last time she remembered seeing him looking this happy was the day Leaf had returned to them. The time before that was after they had defeated Grima and had returned to Ylisstol. Chrom had gone straight to see baby Lucina and of course, Lucina and Morgan had tagged along. She had been happy for her younger self, as the world she would grow up in would be filled with peace and happiness. Morgan, upon seeing the baby Lucina had only smiled at her, but Lucina had seen the sadness etched into his eyes, barely showing through the mask of happiness. Now though, his expression was completely different from the one he wore back then; his smile reached his eyes, shining in the light. He looked even happier than the day Chrom had found Leaf again, laying in that faithful field.

Morgan smiled at her, eyes sparkling as he waited patiently in front of Libra for Cynthia to show up. Lucina spotted her brother's gaze drifting away from her to over her shoulder and her lips twitched at that. With a shake of her head, she made her way to her seat beside Gerome, who was already seated as far away from Inigo as possible, though they were both in the same row. Brady was on Lucina's other side and he greeted her courteously, but refrained from saying anything more.

Like a row of dominoes, the heads of everyone present began to turn toward the beginning of the trail of flower petals. Frederick stood there in his suit, standing tall and looking proud with Cynthia's arm linked through his. Her hair had been smoothed back and makeup had been applied to her face, emphasising her eyes. Like Morgan, a grin had formed on her lips, stretching wide across her face. Her eyes were bright and sparkled with eagerness. A soft breeze swept past them, picking up the ends of Cynthia's gown and splaying it outward behind her as Frederick led her down the aisle of flower petals.

With each step, Cynthia felt her smile widening, until her lips were stretched to their fullest. Morgan was standing at the end of the path, waiting, for her. Looking up at her father, Cynthia giggled; Frederick's usual stoic expression had been completed replaced by an expression she couldn't name, but it made her happy to see him like that. His grip on her arm was tight, but not so tight that it hurt, giving her a sense of security and protection. Cynthia hadn't been the best at strengthening the bond between her father and herself when she had first reunited with him, but time had helped, and it made her extremely happy to have him give her away. She had been more of a mommy's girl back in her future, and as such, Sumia was also special to her, but in this time, things had played out differently, giving her and Frederick a chance to grow closer as father and daughter.

"Thank you Father, for doing this," Cynthia whispered, leaning her head against his shoulder, "It means a lot to me."

"No Cynthia; I'm honoured you asked me, and I'm honoured to be the one to walk you down this aisle."

She giggled and gave him one of her brightest smiles before turning her attention back toward the front of the altar, where Morgan stood facing her, looking at her, waiting for her with baited breath. The hem of her gown glided over the petals, scattering them as she walked, not tripping even once. It didn't take the two of them long to reach Morgan, and with a stern glare at the young tactician, Frederick placed Cynthia's hand in his before backing away to his seat beside his wife.

"Wow Morgan, you are such a stud!" Cynthia exclaimed from where she stood next to Morgan. In response, his cheeks reddened slightly, indicating the embarrassment he felt but he simply nodded at her with a grin.

"I'm glad you think so; you're beautiful too, you know."

She laughed and looked as if she was about to respond back when Libra cleared his throat, earning him everyone's attention. The war monk looked at Cynthia, then at Morgan before reciting the necessary lines that would lead to their union.

The words flitted over their heads, entering one ear and out the ear. It was hard to pay attention to what Libra was saying, when they had each other right there, standing next to each other. Morgan's hand caught hers and they held onto each other until Libra turned to Morgan, presenting him with the ring. Words tumbled from Libra's mouth like a waterfall, but Cynthia only heard two of them, from Morgan's mouth: I do.

His left hand picked up her own left and his right slid the small silver ring onto her fourth finger until it rested snuggly at the base. Cynthia giggled when the ring made contact with her finger, finding the sensation of the metal to be odd, but quite comforting at the same time. Libra then turned to her, repeating the same few phrases over again before presenting her with another ring. She wasted no time in taking the silver circle and slipping it onto Morgan's finger with a wide smile.

"You may now kiss your wife."

His cheeks had reddened significantly from before and while Cynthia was blushing quite hard herself, she couldn't help the excitement that bubbled up in her. As if on a whim, she placed her hands on Morgan's shoulders, pulling him toward her, until their lips caught each other in a brief kiss.

She grinned up at him when they broke apart, amused by the look of shock present on his face. "Morgan, I'm still waiting for you to kiss me," she added, earning her a round of laughter from the Shepherds.

He happily obliged.

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