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An eighteen-year-old Naruto breathed heavily as his Biju cloak dissipated just as Madara Uchiha and Obito Uchiha fell to the ground, dead. The field, no, wasteland around him was scarred from the battle with the ten tails, himself, Obito, and Madara as well as anyone who was able to fight.

The surviving Kages from their first encounter with Madara also known as A, Tsunade, and Mei Terumi had shown up to fight. The surviving Jinchuriki also known as Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Killer Bee, and Yugito Nii had each shown up. Several S-Class Shinobi also known as the once rouge Sasuke Uchiha, Mito Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki or Red Death to her enemies, Mikoto Uchiha also known as Flame Princess and former Akatsuki member, Konan Origami, had also made an appearance. Many others including Tsume Inuzuka, Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Samui Nii, and Kakashi Hatake had made an appearance as well. A few hundred others did, but they were generally unimportant.

Many of the enemies of the Ninja Alliance were dead save two. Kabuto was dead at the hands of Anko and Sasuke. Orochimaru was dead at the hands of Jiraiya though it cost him his life. Danzo was dead at the hands of Itachi though it cost the once rouge Uchiha his life as well.

The fight was long and hard even after the Ten-tails had fallen and separated into six unconscious Biju. The Ichibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, and Nanabi were the ones among the unconscious Biju. Though everyone, save Naruto, was out of the fight when Madara and Obito decided to take matters into their own hands.

He and Kyuu-chan had fought tooth and nail not to let Madara or Obito get past to their unconscious or dead friends and or lovers. It was only then when Naruto was knocked unconscious by Madara repeatedly beating him into the ground with his Susanoo.

Only by sheer luck was Naruto not dead when he appeared in his mindscape in front of a door that said 'Ying chakra' written on a kanji on it. Without thinking twice, Naruto basically ripped open the door before he was flooded with power.

Naruto was then finally able to defeat both Madara and Obito. Before he slipped into his dream realm from exhaustion he noticed a very, very, like thirty seconds ago, released Hachibi scooping up the survivors in his giant hands and that had meant only one thing. Killer Bee had passed on. He also noticed Shinobi that had been coming as backup arrive at the scene to help with the survivors. Those were the last thoughts he had before slipped into blackness.


"When will he awake?" Naruto heard a feminine voice penetrate his dream of him and his would-be wives having a family together.

"It should be any moment now, Kami-chan," he heard another voice say, it's voice also feminine.

"I hope this is soon. I have damned souls to torture," Naruto heard yet another voice say. However, this voice sounded much deeper and rougher than the previous two.

Naruto groggily opened his eyes to meet a well-polished, spotless, marble floor. He shakily pushed himself up, his arms barely supporting himself as he got on his knees, breathing heavily. His vision was blurry as he looked up to see three figures. He blinked multiple times as his vision focused. He looked to his left and right to see large white doors and columns He then looked behind himself to see a large pane glass window with three levels on the window. The bottom level was the deepest abyss' black with a grey kanji for Yami on it with white outlines. The next level was grey with a white kanji on it for Shinigami. The last level was pure white that shined ever so brightly with a black kanji that stood for Kami on it.

Naruto turned back around to see the three figures staring at him. The one in the middle was on a white throne. Her attire was a fitting white kimono with black trimming. She had mid-back length silver hair. She also had a pair of piercing glowing white eyes that seemed to study his every movement including breathing rhythms. She was also un-earthly beautiful that Naruto couldn't look away. He felt unworthy to even look at her. He indirectly noticed that she had a very, very, generous bosom that looked even larger than Tsu-chan's. She also held a staff with four protrusions coming out of the tope while an orb was situated in the middle.

The one to the right was sitting on a grey throne. She wore a kimono similar to the one in the middle's though it was grey with white trimming on it. She had, from what he saw, waist length silver hair. She also had glowing eyes that also seemed to study his movements. To her right was a katana with a grey hilt and gold hilt-guard sheathed in a grey wooden sheath that Naruto could feel the power being exuded from it. Like the previous figure, her bosom was as large, if not larger, than Tsunade-chan's. She was also un-earthly beautiful and like the one in the middle, he felt un-worthy to even look at her.

He looked to the far left to see a man in pitch-black armor with a large demonic looking unsheathed sword rest on the left side of the black throne. He had abyss-like eyes and that covered not only his iris but also sclera as well. He also had silver hair, the same as what Naruto presumed was his sisters. He looked like he had seen many, many battles and the long scars that ran across his face told the story just as well as any verbal one.

He looked past them to see mountains with a large settlement in between them, resting in the valley. It looked to be sunrise and he could hear birds chirping.

Naruto then decided to inspect himself. He looked down to see not a scratch on his black jeans or red muscle t-shirt or even a scuff on his black combat boots.

He glanced back up to the seemingly patient-looking people and referenced the pane-glass window and well as the color schemes with the people in front of him and spoke. "Seeing as how I am currently in front of Kami, Shinigami, and Yami, I can presume I'm dead," his voice carried out through the entire chamber, echoing as well.

He then sensed a spike in energy from the man to the left. "That's Yami-sama to you, boy!" Yami exclaimed with venom in his voice.

Seeing as how neither Shinigami nor Kami spoke, Naruto decided to speak. "I only call people by their proper titles if I feel they have earned them or they either earned my respect. So far, you have gotten neither," Naruto said to Yami as he spiked his own KI levels rising on par with Yami's easily making the god's eyes go wide and for him to snarl.

"Enough!" the woman from the middle throne exclaimed as she pounded her staff on the ground once easily dwarfing Yami's power as she spiked her own though it took a little effort to triumph Naruto's.

"Well, he sure has earned my respect. I would claim him even if he is still alive," Shinigami said with a sultry smile as she started to undress Naruto with her eyes.

"I would appreciate that if you stop, Shinigami-san. Seeing as how you just indirectly answered my question earlier, I have fiancées and they would not appreciate it if looked at me in such a way," Naruto said evenly as he stood to his feet, dusting off his pants before he crossed his arms.

"Am I not beautiful enough for you, Naruto-kun?" Shinigami said with a smile as she crossed her legs.

"You are very beautiful, Shinigami-chan, however, I have already given my heart to my fiancées," Naruto said to her making her smile widen.

"Would you like another wife then, Naruto-kun? I have a thing for powerful men and you are the most powerful I have ever met. I'm sure I can talk something out with your future wives," Shinigami smiled while Naruto smirked, his mop of blonde hair that reached his lower neck and covered his right eye blowing slightly with the wind from the open window in between Yami and Kami.

"Enough, Hikari-chan. Naruto-san, do you know why you have been called here?" Kami asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I honestly do not know, Kami-san. I had just recently defeated Madara Uchiha and Obito Uchiha before I blacked out. The fight would have been shorter if I hadn't been awake for almost three days straight coupled with the fact that I was only at half my chakra capacity when I faced the ten-tails along with my allies and then with me being at quarter chakra when I faced them. Though now I feel completely rejuvenated. I trust I have you to thank for that, Kami-san?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Naruto-san, you have me to thank for that, though our soul reason to call you here was not just to talk. We have come to offer you a few things in turn for defeating something that threatened the world and us ourselves," Kami said while Naruto raised an eyebrow.

The gods wanted to offer him gifts for defeating the ten-tails and the Uchiha's? From what he heard they could have done it themselves if the world was in danger.

"Why would you offer me gifts if you, yourselves could have stopped the threat?" Naruto asked as he looked at her with a dead stare.

"We can only defend this plane we are in. We cannot affect the outside world unless they strike us here in this plane, foolish mortal. We can only affect the people there with justification for our actions and after speaking to the Creator," Yami said while he glared at Naruto.

"What Bishu says is true, Naruto-kun. Though would you like to hear what we will offer you?" Hikari asked with a raised eyebrow and soft smile.

"I will hear it, Hikari-chan," Naruto nodded with a small smile while the goddess surprisingly blushed.

"We have come to offer you three things. The first being immortality," Kami said while Naruto's eyes widened. "You can be killed, however. And if you have children, they will not share your immortality and their own children will not either. They will only live prolonged lives that would last about double what normal Uzumaki clan members would live to. And you will not be able to get an illness of any sort. The reason being our gift of immortality is that you are our champion that will protect the Earth from forces that threaten it. You are the strongest ever produced from two humans. So what is your decision?"

He thought it over for a moment. Immortality? He had never thought of living forever before but he did like the sound of it. Though he did think of something that would make him turn it down immediately if declined.

"I will accept the immortality," he paused, "if, you give my future wives the same. I love each of them with all of my heart equally, and I couldn't think of living without any of them. That is my condition," he said with a hard gaze making Bishu narrow his eyes.

"You are in no position to make conditions for Tamiko's generosity, human!" Bishu yelled out as he put a hand on his greatsword's hilt.

"Bishu, quite," Tamiko said with a stern voice. "I agree to that condition, Naruto-san. I am pleased that you would risk your own gain for someone that you love," Kami said while Naruto nodded and smiled.

"But wait, why can't my children, if I decide to have any, be immortal like myself?" Naruto asked.

"Because it can upset the equilibrium, Naruto-san. If you and your wives were to have child after child and they had immortality like yourselves, and their children as well, there would be too many immortals on the Earth. Do you understand, Naruto-san?" she asked his and she received a nod.

"Anyways, I thank you, Tamiko-sama," he said putting emphasis on the 'sama' suffix making both goddesses surprisingly giggle and for Bishu to sit back down and grumble.

"There is no need for formalities now, Naruto-kun," Tamiko said with a gentle smile also adding the 'kun' suffix before Hikari spoke again.

"I would like to give you my sword, Naruto-kun. I know that yours broke after your battle with the Ten-Tails, so I am asking to basically replace it with something far greater. Her name is Tengoku no Shi, or 'Heaven's Death.' I also have her sister sword, Sekai no Shi, or 'World's Death', but I think I'll hold on to her. What do you say?" she said while holding up the sword from earlier.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "I thank you, Hikari-sama. I would gladly wield Tengoku no Shi for you," Naruto smiled with a low bow making both goddesses giggle again.

Naruto looked to Bishu with an expecting gaze.

"I have nothing to give you, boy," Bishu said coldly while Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Because my brother is being an ass, I will give you one more thing, Naruto-kun," Hikari said while Naruto smiled.

"I thank you, Hikari-sama," Naruto bowed with a smirk making another round of giggle erupt from Tamiko and Hikari.

A moment later Madara's corpse appeared beside Naruto. He raised an eyebrow at the corpse before Hikari rose from her throne and walked over to Naruto before waving her hand over Madara's eyes. He somewhat cringed when he saw the eye-ball-less Madara but looked to Hikari of which had the eyes in her hand.

"As much as I hate to say this, Madara's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan was the most powerful Sharingan to ever come into existence. I would like to give it to you, Naruto-kun," she said with a smile while Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What would happen to my Rinnegan?" Naruto asked. Unlike most people, and thanks to Kyuu-chan's chakra, he was able to activate and deactivate it at will. And that actually why he was able to have multiple wives.

"You will still have it, Naruto-kun. But the only drawback to this is that Madara's three tomoe'd Sharingan will be your normal eye color and how your eyes will look. You will be able to access his Mangekyo and Eternal Mangekyo but they will not overuse chakra like with Kakashi Hatake's. It would be as if you were an Uchiha. Kyuubi-san's chakra will not change this, so if you accept then you will have to say goodbye to your oceanic blue eyes that I could get lost in for days," Hikari smiled while Naruto blushed slightly. "You will also not lose any chakra from using the three tomoe'd Sharingan so you will not have to worry about chakra exhaustion." Naruto was about to open his mouth before Tamiko cut him off.

"Before you say anything, Naruto-kun, know that someday the Shinobi system will fall. It will not last forever and the Sharingan will be lost to the sands of time. It could be if you do not accept this gift. I am sorry, Naruto-kun, but this will become true that the system will fail, villages will disband and I do believe that you get the idea. And you must admit it yourself that the Sharingan is a very powerful dojutsu that is just as powerful as the Rinnegan. After your friend, Sasuke, died at the hands of Obito and Mikoto were the last Uchiha. Now with Obito dead, Mikoto is the last Uchiha and she will be the last unless you accept this gift of Madara's eyes. The Sharingan would be engraved in your DNA just as the Rinnegan is," Tamiko explained

Naruto thought it over and before long he nodded. Hikari waved her hands in front of Naruto's open eyes and Madara's eyes disappeared. Naruto's eyes burned slightly and he closed his eyes. When he opened them he was staring at the ground and looked up to Hikari which made the goddess gasp.

"What? What's wrong?" Naruto asked, trying to hide his panic.

"You're eyes…they're blue but they also have the three tomoes…KAWAII!" she shouted before she glomped Naruto.

"That was…unexpected," Tamiko muttered.

After a moment, the goddess composed herself before retaking her throne. He blinked a few times trying to get accustomed to seeing everyone's chakra. This was going to be permanent so he would have to get used to it.

"Now, Naruto-kun, we will discuss who you would like to be then new Jinchuriki's of the Biju. Currently Nibi-san and Kyuubi-san are the only two sealed Biju. But there is a condition. Each of the new Jinchuriki's will have to be one of your future wives," Tamiko said while Naruto sighed before nodding.

After much long debate, and surprising quietness from Bishu, they reached a decision.

Mito would be the new Jinchuriki of the Hachibi because she had experience with Biju.

Kushina would be the new Jinchuriki of the Nanabi because she too had experience with Biju.

Tsunade would be the Jinchuriki of the Rokubi because of its natural healing ability with its slime.

Mikoto would receive the Gobi because of her natural speed and the Biju's latent fire affinity.

Mei would be the Jinchuriki of the Yonbi because it would complement her lava release.

Konan would get the Sanbi because of her water release.

And lastly, Tsume would get the Ichibi because of her earth release.

Kurenai, Anko, and Samui would get the last tail. They would each split up the excess chakra from the ten-tails, thus giving them each about the Ichibi's power.

After a while Naruto came up with a question he should have asked earlier. "How are you going to give them immortality?" he asked Tamiko.

"You will mark them when you kiss them at your wedding ceremony. That is how they will gain it with you as the martyr," Tamiko explained.

Naruto nodded before Hikari spoke up. "I do believe it is time for you to exit here. Your future wives are waiting for you to wake up, Naruto-kun. And there will also be one more thing waiting for when you wake up and we do hope you aren't angry about it," Hikari smiled sheepishly.

"I don't know why I'd be angry, but alright. I hope to see you again someday, Hikari-chan, Tamiko-chan," he smiled as Tamiko snapped her fingers as he vanished.

"He'll be seeing us-," Tamiko started.

"Sooner than he thinks," Hikari finished both with smiles while Bishu huffed in annoyance.


Where was he? He looked around to see nothing but blackness as he walked through the void. It wasn't like a tunnel, it just a plane of nothingness, just blackness everywhere. He looked around with his three tomoe's spinning lazily as they tried to interpret where he was. There was no chakra in the air; there were no chakra signatures anywhere it was just nothing.

But like someone would turn off and off a light very quickly, he saw a light that seemed to be around a corner. He walked in that direction and looked around the corner cautiously to see what looked like a Television screen but it had from Naruto's point of view, what was happening in fast forward over the time Naruto had been unconscious.

It started when the Hachibi was taking him and any other survivors to the allied Shinobi headquarters with the other tailed beasts in tow. After that, he was taken into immediate medical care and to a hospital in Konoha. They didn't have to do surgery, but instead just some bandages here and there for any cuts or burns though they were removed within the next couple of days because of Kyuubi and his own healing factor. He heard that he had been put in a chakra exhaustion induced coma.

Next he could see the semi-bandaged forms of Mito and Kushina walk in the room, each with small, hopeful smiles that he would wake up. They each cried on his bed sheets, hoping he would wake up soon. They soon started to talk to him about how they each fell in love with him and hoping that he would wake up so that they could make more memories. They pulled up chairs and started their stories.

Mito's story was when Naruto revived her with Naraka path because they needed an expert on Biju and how he treated her like no other, Shodaime included, before and how he (Naruto) cared for her and her wellbeing. And then about how she stole a kiss from him when they were talking about him dating multiple women and her saying 'Can I be one of those women?' Proposal came after a lot of time to get to know one another as well as many dates.

Naruto smiled just as Kushina started.

The fiery red-head started talking about how Naruto had found her in a town while he was searching for Tsunade and him meeting her for the first time. And then talking about how him not needing a mother because he had gone on without one for so long and then about each of them taking longing glances towards one another and with her confronting him about it before him basically tossing morals and ethics, at the same time mind you, out the window before kissing his kaa-san on the lips, tongue included. Thirty plus dates later and you get a son proposing to his mother.

Naruto smiled again as he watched the scenes unfold.

Both had fallen asleep right next to his head but not before giving him a soft kiss on the lips each.

Next came in Tsunade and Mei while both Kushina and Mito were both still asleep. Both had bandages on but they weren't too extensive.

Tsunade sat in a chair to the right of Kushina while Mei sat in a chair to the left of Mito.

Tsunade started to speak about how they first met in Tanzaku Town with Jiraiya and how she was initially cold to him and told him to basically 'fuck off' when he started to talk about how beautiful she was and then about how he saved her life by taking a chakra scalpel to the kidney. And then about him talking about her with Jiraiya a few months after they got her to be the Godaime Hokage when he thought that she was in a council meeting while she was actually eavesdropping outside the door. And then how Naruto started talking about how gorgeous she was and how he didn't give a damn about age difference with her. In which she responded by barging in through the office door before kissing Naruto full on the lips also giving him a hug that would break even a bear's back. Many dates ensued and then finally proposal.

Mei went next, talking about how Naruto started talking to her when she attended the chuunin exams and how he would complement her how she was equivalent to that of a goddess before he actually racked up the nerve to ask her out on a date. She then started to talk about how he was the first man to like her on more than just her looks talking about how he said he loved her personality and each of its little quirks. She had stayed there well over a month after the chuunin exams had ended as well as the invasion and the day before she left she pulled him into a deep kiss telling him that he was welcome in Kiri any time, thus leading to many dates and then proposal.

Next came in Samui, Yugito, and Tsume though Naruto could see the time flowing by quickly when he say the day and night cycles from his bed in the hospital room so he guessed it was a few days later when they were actually able to walk around. He also saw that Mito, Kushina, Mei, and Tsunade had barely left his bedside only to use the restroom, get a shower, get some food, or go ask a doctor when he'd wake up. And Naruto figured that because Mito, Kushina, Mei, and Tsunade were the only ones up for a while was because of two things. Tsunade using her Yang release to heal herself, Mei being treated by Tsunade, and Kushina's and Mito's natural healing factors.

Tsume, Samui, and Yugito each pulled up chairs also and they started with their stories after some incentive from the previous four.

Tsume started with it was the day her husband had left her for some other woman outside the clan and how she had walked into a park and sat onto a bench before she was brought to tears again. And then she told how a six-year-old Naruto had walked over to her and sat down and started to talk to her saying whatever was wrong that it'll be alright. And she started to talk to the strange kid next to her about what happened to her husband figuring it wouldn't hurt to tell him but also figured that he wouldn't understand. But he understood it very well and told her that 'Whoever your ex-husband was, he was a big meanie for leaving such a pretty woman like you.' Naruto blushed at that when he heard her imitate him. They had stayed in touch and he had gone over to the Inuzuka compound a few times and when he was put under CRA for his Rinnegan, she was one of the first people he asked out on a date and then later he proposed.

Samui went next and told them how she had met him when he had traveled over to Kumo for something from the Raikage. She talked about how he cracked her cool exterior and found what he called it a 'mushy and marshmallow-like interior' which made them each laugh. She then talked about how after he left Kumo she had went on a mission and was captured by an A-Rank missing Nin and how the missing Nin was going to rape her but Naruto saved her just in time, killing the A-Rank viciously in the process. He took her back to Kumo, carrying her bridal style and opted to stay for another month there for her sake so she'd have someone to talk to about it. And then she talked about how he went on several dates with her and then right before the Fourth Shinobi World War asked her to marry him.

Yugito was next and told them how Naruto had found her half-dead on his Mission to Wave because she had left Kumo in search of another village because only a few people there had treated her right but she was, instead, hunted down by some Kumo BOLTS that were similar to the Konoha ANBU and she narrowly escaped. Naruto noticed Samui looked down at that but Kumo's Ice Queen soon smiled when Yugito told them that Naruto had helped nurse her back to health all the while getting her into Konoha so that she could live with him. And then said how she had practically fallen head-over-heels with the Kyuubi Jinchuriki when he had defended her and Mabui during the invasion of Konoha from overwhelming odds from multiple Sand ninja, Iwa ninja, and Sound Ninja. And then after a few romantic dates later, he proposed.

A few more days passed and the women only left to go check up on their future fellow wives, or for food, a shower, or to go to the restroom. A couple more days passed and Naruto saw Anko, Kurenai, Mikoto, and lastly Konan enter the room. Each looked to be completely healed at that time much to Naruto's enjoyment.

Kurenai, like her fellow future wives, explained how she fell in love with Naruto. She explained that she had met him when he was with Anko while they were at the Dango shop while Naruto was treating Anko to some Dango. So Kurenai said that she sat there in a booth with them and she said that she quickly learned of them being close to the other. Kurenai said that she was very much intrigued in the person that looked to have claimed Anko's heart so she wanted to learn about him herself. She said that she had talked to his only in small conversations and it turned into a friendship and then into Kurenai having a crush. She said that she and a randomly comprised chuunin team had got called on a mission to track an A-Rank missing Nin that was traveling along Fire Country's borders, but they were found out, her team killed, and she captured. She said that Naruto, even disobeying Tsunade's orders to not go because of the fear that he wasn't ready yet, went after her solo and he proved Tsunade wrong by taking care of the A-Rank easily. And after that they sorta hit it off and like Samui, he proposed right before the war.

Next was Anko's turn and she started on how Naruto was being swindled at the food market by a vendor when he was about eight or so, so she did the most logical thing and that was to swear at the vendor until he gave the child the appropriate food at the appropriate price and then after that, the two became friends, and then later it turned into a crush on Anko's and Naruto's parts. And then when he had finished the pathway on fuuinjutsu with his mother, he figured out how to remove Anko's cursed seal. And then after he removed it, she pulled him into a searing kiss. Many of the women 'awh'ed' at that much to Anko's embarrassment. She then explained that after many more dates he proposed.

Next was Mikoto and she started to tell how Naruto and her had become friends because of Tsume when he was at the age of eight. But then she told them how Naruto had saved her from Itachi the night of the Uchiha massacre and how Naruto had basically shielded her from one of Itachi's sword strikes. And how Naruto had been keeping Itachi busy in any way he could so that Hiruzen would come to see what all the flaring chakra was about and it luckily worked. And then she explained how Naruto had comforted her about her missing family save Sasuke. And when Naruto had turned fifteen, he worked up the nerve to ask Mikoto on a date. And then after many more dates, he proposed right before the war started as well.

Last but most certainly not least, Konan started to tell her story. She told them that Naruto made her see the truth about how Nagato was corrupted and that the original Akatsuki had lost their way of thinking. She told them that she had been leaking information about Akatsuki to him but the other Akatsuki members soon found out about her. She then told them that Naruto had given her a Hirashin kunai just in case she needed any help. She told them that he held them off long enough for the two make an escape. And then afterwards, she confessed to him about her love for him from when she first met him and she said how he just smiled and kissed her. And she said that he proposed a month before they battled the ten-tails.

"I need to wake up," Naruto told the screen in barely more than a whisper but as if on cue, there was a giant flash of light and he could hear soft breathing from the people in the room. He opened his eyes slightly to see the women all sleeping by his sides save for Kurenai, Anko, and Tsume were gone. He figured they wouldn't be gone long because like the rest of his future wives, they almost never left his bedside unless it was essential. He was also in a hospital gown and didn't hear a beeping noise so he figured he wasn't hooked up to a heart monitor. It was mostly dark in the room save for the light from the window. He tilted his head slightly to the right to see Kushina was by his head, softy breathing down his neck as she slept all the while attached to his upper arm. Mito was on the other side of his head, nuzzled into his hair. Tsunade was sleeping by his forearm, her fingers intertwined with his. Mei was also holding onto his other forearm but she was farther up than Tsunade. He could see fresh tear trails on each of their faces and they were most likely on Kushina's and Mito's as well.

He looked farther down to see Samui holding his hand but also resting her head on his thigh while she held his right hand. Yugito was next to Samui, her head gently resting on the bed. Konan was resting her head next to his right calve, soundly sleeping. Mikoto was next to Samui, resting in a chair, her elbow propped up on the arm rest which held up her head. He could see that her eyes were red and puffy as well as the others' eyes before her so each of them looked like they had cried themselves to sleep.

He smiled softly as he rubbed circles with his thumbs onto Samui's and Tsunade's hands, but not before he felt something on his lower back when he shifted slightly in the bed. He didn't want to interrupt any of his future wives' sleep so he made a hand-sign-less shadow clone in the middle of the room. There wasn't even any smoke that came off of it, it just simply appeared. He then quickly kawarimi'ed with the clone, careful not to interrupt the sleep of the beautiful vixens sleeping on him.

Naruto stumbled and panted a bit from not having used his leg muscles in what he saw was a week and a half. After a moment of catching his breath, he focused some chakra to his legs to force him to stand and made another hand-sign-less, smoke-less clone and told it to stand in front of him but before doing that he rolled his eyes at the clone currently in the bed who was getting a content smile from the contact.

Naruto moved the gown that was on the clone and growled. Those bastards called doctors put a Demonic Suppression seal on him!

"Those dirty, two timing, slimy, good for nothing fuckers…" Naruto growled as he told his clone to rip the thing off him while Naruto suppressed his chakra so the influx wouldn't wake his future wives.

The clone did as commanded as the real Naruto suppressed his chakra to near civilian levels. The clone applied some of its chakra to the seal before ripping it off causing a small influx of chakra, his levels spiking to high genin. He looked over to his fiancées and noticed they shifted only slightly while the clone shrugged slightly.

Naru…Naruto! Can you hear me?! A voice screamed inside his head making Naruto's eyes go wide.

Kyuubi-chan, is that you? Naruto asked.

Yes, it's me you knucklehead! Kyuubi smiled while Naruto did as well.

When did they put the Demonic Suppression seal on me? He asked her.

It was right when you got here. No one noticed it and the only reason you're healed is because I was working overtime to heal you before you arrived. I knew you still had a bad reputation with some of the doctors here, Kyuubi explained while Naruto sighed and nodded.

He sat in a chair behind him and watched the women sleep. They looked so tranquil, yet he also felt guilt for making them cry so much over the past week and a half. He then smiled at how he would get to spend the rest of his immortal life with them. He looked out the window to see the sun coming up just over the Hokage monuments so he figure the reason why Tsume, Kurenai, and Anko were gone was probably to get some breakfast.

Man he hoped that wasn't a dream 'cause if it was, he was going to be pissed. Just to make sure it wasn't, he stood up and walked over to the mirror and sink in the corner and looked in the mirror. He brushed his somehow clean hair out from in front of his right eye and sure enough, there were his blue eyes with three tomoes in them each of them spinning lazily clockwise.

He inspected his features to see if he had any scars or whatnot. He looked in the mirror to see his reflection. He had an angled jawline and gone was the baby fat from his youth. He had actually gotten rid of that by the time he was fifteen. He had a rugged complexion and his once extremely spiky hair was tamer, yet it could still be defined as spiky. His whisker marks were faded and were barely noticeable, He sighed as he looked at his eyes again.

At least I'm not going insane, Kyuu-chan, Naruto said to the vixen in his head.

And why would you be going insane, Naruto-koi? She asked while purposely adding the 'koi' suffix to show her love for him.

Naruto sighed and told her to check the chakra in his eyes. He figured she hadn't noticed yet because if she did, then she would have said something earlier.

You have the Sharingan…Madara's Sharingan to be exact…how? She asked her future husband.

He sighed once more as he continued to look at his reflection in the mirror. He then told her every detail. He told her of his encounter with Kami, Shinigami, and Yami. He told her of what they gave him, the immortality, Tengoku no Shi, and the Sharingan, but he also told her of the mystery gift was in which he still had no clue about.

That's…quite the story, Naruto-koi…at least we get to spend forever with the man we love, Kyuubi said with genuine happiness that she would get to spend eternity with Naruto as well as her friends and fellow wives.

I know, Kyuu-chan, I know, he smiled to her just as he heard footsteps outside his door.

He quickly walked over to the clone, re-kiwarimi'ed with it, dispelled it, and closed his eyes. He always loved a good prank, even if this one would probably get him hit.

The door opened to reveal Tsume, Anko, and Kurenai, each with trays of food. Anko was wearing clothing that required more imagination than before she and Naruto started dating. This outfit was a beige skirt that went to her lower thigh, but it did provide more freedom even her old one. She also had on her old trench coat, however her shirt was a black, and long-sleeve mesh shirt instead of her old fishnet. She still had her shin-guards and sandals, however. Her hair was still in her old pineapple fashion. Kurenai was wearing what looked like civilian clothing. She had on a baggy white long-sleeve shirt with what looked like yellow sweatpants and fuzzy slippers which made Naruto laugh internally. She didn't have her Konoha head-band on and her hair was in a pony-tail. Tsume also had on sweatpants but they were grey and she also had on black t-shirt. She still had that same feral look to her that drew him to her in the first place. Naruto was curious as to why Anko was the only one in Kunoichi attire but didn't want to think about it. Now, onto the food. Some trays had bacon, eggs, biscuits, or cereal, and some had fruits such as bananas or apples or pears. They each were quite as they entered the room while they sat the trays down on the tables.

Kurenai walked over to Naruto and carefully walked in between Mito and Mei before kissing him softly on the forehead.

"Please wake up, Naruto-koi…I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you…all of us can't wait," she said as she kissed him on the forehead again. That earned her a chuckle. Her beautiful crimson eyes widened and took her lips off of his forehead to reveal him, with his eyes open, smiling at her.

"Good morning to you too, Nai-chan," he smiled to her make her take on a joyous expression.

The talking drew the attention of Anko and Tsume and they looked over to see their Naruto-koi smiling his largest smiles at them.

"Good morning, Hebi (snake)-hime, Inu (dog)-hime," Naruto smiled as tears brimmed in each of their eyes just as he sat up, his arms still occupied by the women holding him.

"Naruto-koi…" they chimed as he smiled at them.

Before any of the currently awake women could say anything more a loud yawn drew their attention to an awakening red head that was beside Naruto's own head.

She looked at the smiling form of Naruto and yawned again. "Morning, Naruto-kun," Kushina said casually as she stretched but paused just as her eyes widened to look at Naruto again.

"Morning, Kushi-chan," he said with a gentle smile.

Not a second later, Kushina had tears in her eyes. "Naruto-kun!" she yelled as she glomped him making him fall to the area between Mei and Mito snapping everyone that was asleep awake to see Naruto in the floor, comforting the crying form of Kushina. Though in the process it woke everyone up around the bed mostly because it relinquished some of a pillow.

Mito snapped awake and looked between her and Mei to see a familiar blonde comforting a red-head. Naruto was casually sitting in the floor like nothing ever happened while Kushina was balling her eyes out on his chest.

Everyone just looked on and smiled at the scene. They would jump on them as well, but they'd get their chance later. Naruto looked down at Kushina and smiled to her before tilting her head up slightly to pull her into a kiss. When he disengaged it, much to her un-enjoyment, he wiped the tears away with his thumb making her smile and muzzle into his hand. She looked into his eyes and gained a questioning look, but before she could say anything, he shook his head slightly.

A moment later, he stood up with the help of Kushina and got back into bed before gaining a sheepish expression when everyone noticed his eyes.

But before anyone could say anything, two very, very familiar nurses walked in the room.

"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, Naruto-kun!" they shouted as Naruto had the decency to blush at the….outfits.

"Hikari-chan, Tamiko-chan?! What are you two doing here?" he asked getting some glares turned towards him from his soon-to-be wives.

"Well I've come to give you your new sword, and Tamiko-chan is here to give you your immortality, as well as the mystery gift," Hikari said nonchalantly with a smile while Tamiko blushed slightly making all eyes were turned to Naruto.

"Well, I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?" he chuckled nervously.


'Wait, wait, so let me get this straight, Naruto-koi, you showed up a god to get us immortality so that you could spend your immortal life with us?" Mei asked and she received a nod from Naruto. "Ah, you're so sweet, Naru-koi! Doing all that for us," she said as she hugged him in which he returned.

"Though the children predicament is disconcerting, I understand your reasoning, Kami-sama. From what I've heard from parents who outlived their children, it truly is a traumatic experience," Konan spoke receiving nods from those assembled.

"My, my, Naruto-koi, this is a very powerful sword indeed. I don't even see one flaw and every sword has one," Mikoto spoke as she inspected the sword while Hikari snorted.

"Your vitals seem fine, Naruto-kun. I trust this is Kyuubi-chan's doing?" Tsunade asked while she scanned him with her medical just and Naruto nodded.

"Hey, I bet you can't guess what I found on my lower back this morning," Naruto said to Tsunade while the others were talking with Tamiko and Hikari.

"And what might that be, Naru-koi?" Tsunade asked as she kissed him lightly on the forehead.

He held up a piece of paper he had in the gown pocket. "Demonic Suppression seal. Kyuu-chan said that the doctors put it on me discreetly when I entered the hospital," Naruto responded while Tsunade's eyes burned with fury.

"I think I'm going to have a little 'chat' with those doctors. I'll be back in a little while," Tsunade grinned evilly as she exited the room, hoping she really knocked some sense into those doctors.

"So what you're saying is that some of us are going to become Jinchuriki?" Tsume asked with a raised eyebrow while she crossed her arms just as Tamiko finished explaining the situation to those gathered.

"Well, technically, all of you will become one, but everyone aside from Samui-san, Kurenai-san,and Anko-san will become true Jinchuriki while the three I just mentioned will inherit the excess power from the Ten-Tails, i.e. the tenth tail and the chakra absorbed by it from Kyuubi-san, Hachibi-san, and Nibi-san," Tamiko explained earning 'oh's' from the ones gathered.

Fun fact. If anyone in Konoha were to look outside of their window, they would see seven tailed beasts lounging around right outside Konoha's walls.

"I'll still be the Jinchuriki of Nibi-chan, right?" Yugito asked with a raised eyebrow, but it was Naruto who answered this time.

"Yes, Yugi-chan, I'll still be the Jinchuriki of Kyuu-chan and you'll still have Nibi-chan," Naruto responded while Yugito smiled but Naruto beckoned her over. She complied and when she got over he immediately pulled her into a hug. "I haven't got to greet you properly yet," he smiled as he kissed her softly on the lips.

She smiled as she pulled away and hugged him again. "You had us worried, Naruto-kun," Yugito said while Naruto chuckled sheepishly.

"Well I'll just make sure that I never pass out for another week and a half ever again," he smiled while she did as well.

"I don't know, you might in the time we're going to be together," she joked while Naruto chuckled and put his feet on the ground for the second time in almost two weeks.

"Are you sure you can stand, Naruto-koi?" Mikoto asked as she walked over to the bed while Yugito sat to the left of him and she did the right of him.

"I did earlier this morning when first woke up," he responded while Konan, of which had also walked over sat next to Yugito.

"When did you do that?" the former Angel of Amegakure asked with a raised eyebrow.

"About ten minutes before you woke up," he chuckled sheepishly while she glared at him for not waking her up sooner. "What? You all looked beautiful while you slept and I didn't want to interrupt your sleep," he explained while her gaze softened.

"You're too sweet, Naruto-kun," Mikoto smiled while Naruto gave her a chaste kiss.

Naru-kooooiii, I want to come out! Pleeeeasseeee? Kyuubi pouted from his mindscape while he smiled and lessened the Shiki Fuujin seal on himself. Not a moment later she materialized in front of him before basically shoving him onto the bed and straddling his waist.

Naruto looked up to see a deliciously beautiful red-haired, somewhat tanned, vixen that was about 5'8''with a gorgeous heart-shaped face with naturally red lips, large, yet perky DD-Cup breasts, red kimono with white floral designs on them, barefoot, somewhat pointed ears, braided crimson hair that reached her lower back while the hair that wasn't braided was somewhat messy but also gave her a feral look. She also had a pair of crimson eyes with slits.

"Hey, Kyuu-chan," he smiled as he kissed her.

"Ohayo, Naru-koi," she smiled as she pressed herself against him until a shadow fell over them. Naruto and Kyuubi looked up to see Mito with a pouty expression. Her attire was comprised of a red robe that showed off her bust and from earlier experience with her, learned that she only did that with him. The robe itself was relatively plain save for the white trimming it had. Her charcoal eyes looked pleading as well and he had to say that she looked adorable.

"Uh, yes, Mito-chan?" Naruto asked while Mito merely knelt down where her face was directly in front of Naruto's.

"I didn't get a proper good morning," she whispered, her breath tickling his face as she tilted her head to kiss him fully on the lips.

"And I didn't either!" another pouting voice said. Mito disengaged the kiss for her and Naruto look up to see someone similarly dressed to Kyuubi, though the colors were blue with black designs, only her skin was tanned to about Mabui's skin color, she had yellow iris's with slit pupils, wavy royal blue hair with black streaks in it, a beautiful heart-shaped face with pink lips, and breasts the same size as Kyuubi. She had long, silky, tan legs, and reached to the height of about 5'7''.

"Hey, Nibi-chan," Naruto smile while said cat-demon jumped on top of him and Kyuubi both making Kyuubi growl at Nibi as she rubbed herself against Naruto after pushing the fox-demon away.

He looked at Yugito with a mock-glare while the two-tailed Jinchuriki stuck her tongue out at him.

Off to the side, Anko, Mei, Tamiko, Hikari, Kurenai, Kushina, Tsume, and Samui were giggling at Naruto as he was being glomped by Mito, Nibi, and Kyuubi. While Konan, Yugito, and Mikoto were just shaking their heads at him.

"I wonder how Naru-koi's gonna be able to handle thirteen of us let alone just those three," Anko snickered gesturing to Mito, Kyuubi, and Nibi smothering Naruto in their breasts.

"Koi's got the stamina. I'm sure he can keep up with all of our needs," Tsume grinned while her cheeks got a rosy red tint to them and those who hadn't slept with him (Kurenai, Mikoto, Samui, and Konan) each became crimson.

"I think we should name him 'Virgin Killer'. He took mine, Anko-chan's, surprisingly Mito-chan's because she said that the Shodaime never even touched her even when he married her, Tsunade-chan's, Yugito-chan's, Nibi-chan's, surprisingly, and again surprisingly Kyuu-chan's," Mei said nonchalantly while everyone in the room looked at her in dead-silence while the one's mentioned turned crimson aside her. "What? And hey, I got another question. Those who haven't had sex with him yet, who are virgins?" Mei asked the ones mentioned earlier.

You see, the Shodaime had two wives. Both were Uzumaki, however, the Shodaime showed blatant favoritism for the second Uzumaki and rarely spoke to Mito. It was actually more of an arranged marriage to further relations with Uzushiogakure. Thus Tsunade wasn't the granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki, but Tsuande preferred Mito tot he other Uzumaki woman.

Kurenai, Samui, and Konan each raised their hands hesitantly with blushes on their faces while Mei looked away with a smug smile. "Virgin Killer-koi it is then," she smiled while Naruto chuckled sheepishly all the while having the decency to blush.

"What's this talk about Virgin Killers again?" Tsunade asked as she entered the room to sit next to Naruto, kissing him on the forehead as well.

"You might have to add two more to that list, Mei-san," Hikari giggled before everyone became dead-silent to look at Hikari and Tamiko.

"And why is that?" not only Mei responded, but Kushina, Tsume, Samui, Tsunade, Kurenai, Anko, and Mikoto spoke at the same time, each with an intense gaze that was focused on the two goddesses as they each understood the meaning.

Both of them chuckled nervously. "Well, before Naruto-kun left Soul Society, we told him that we would have another gift waiting for him when he got here. He had no idea what the gift would be, but actually we should have told you 'gifts'. Because the gifts are our hands in marriage…if you accept of course," Tamiko said while both of the goddesses smiled while all attention was directed towards a gradually shrinking Naruto.

He might have been extremely powerful, but Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

"I-I'm going to have to leave the decision up to my future wives…if they approve of you, then we're going to have to date, and then after that if I've fallen in love with you by then, then sure…I guess?" he said looking at each woman's expression and thankfully he gave the right answer.

"I call first," Anko called dibs with a snake-like smile.

"I call second," Kushina grinned evilly.

"Third," Kyuubi raised her hand with a smile that was equally as evil as Kushi-chan's.

As the women started calling off dibs after that, Naruto, Hikari, and Tamiko each had a shiver run up their spines.


It was Naruto's as well as his wives' wedding day. This was probably the happiest day in his entire life. He'd be able to marry the loves of his life and be with them so long as time carried on. There were only three major events that happened during those three months.

Each of Naruto's wives had given their approval to date Hikari and Tamiko and the three hit it off pretty well with Naruto having fallen in love with them and they him. He actually had proposed to them both at the same time not two weeks ago.

The second event was Naruto receiving his immortality from Tamiko's and Hikari's mixed powers entering his body.

The other events were more saddening. The funerals for the deceased were arranged, Sasuke was buried with his brother in the Uchiha cemetery. Mikoto was very emotional at that time. Killer Bee was taken back to Kumo to be given a burial by his friends and loved ones meaning that Naruto and his future wives all went, A attended, and all Biju, and several others. Gaara's funeral was in the Suna cemetery next to his parents. All of Suna, Naruto and his future wives, Gaara's brother and sister, and Shukaku attended. Sakura had gone into a deep depression after Sasuke's death. The list went on and on and memorial stones were placed in every village as well as where the battle took place.

But back to the present, Naruto looked out from his place on the right of the stage his wedding was going to be held on and it was also outside of the village so that the Biju could attend as well. He sighed as he adjusted his blue kimono for what seemed like the hundredth tie. He was nervous as Hell at that moment.

"You need to lighten up, Naruto. You're not going to be picked for Hokage with that attitude," Kakashi said to his former student and Otouto as he was writing in small journal after taking up the Icha-Icha series mantle.

Naruto gave his best man a deadpan stare. "You're the one being picked for Hokage, you ass. I declined it so I could spend more time with my wives," Naruto said while Kakashi rolled his visible eye.

"You've got eternity to do that," Kakashi said while Naruto 'hn'ed' in response.

Naruto slept alone the previous night as tradition for when you're getting married. He also had one helluva bachelor party in which he still had a hangover from.

Naruto was then called on stage with Kakashi in tow, the Cycloptic soon-to-be-Rokudaime Hokage, also wearing a blue kimono, though it really wasn't his style. And instead of a head-band, Kakashi simply sported a blue bandana in its place.

Naruto looked out on the crowd and saw many familiar faces. The Ichiraku's were there, waving at him. The now Konoha ten were there. Many, many civilians had attended, though they kept their distance from the Biju unsurprisingly. Darui, A, Karui, Omoi, and many Kumo nin were there. Ao, was there as well as Chojuro. Temari, Kankuro, and many Suna nin were there with Temari being the new Kazekage. Some Iwa nin were there along with their new Tsuchikage, a girl named Kurotsuchi, the previous Kage's granddaughter. Clan heads were there. Shikaku, Hisashi, Inoichi, and Choza were the more well-known among them. Overall there seemed to be no shortage of people. All Biju were there as well because they wanted to wait after the wedding so they could attend freely before being sealed.

After Kakashi gave his speech which Naruto absently listened to, Naruto's soon-to-be wives started stepping out reverse alphabetical order by their last names.

One thing Naruto quickly noticed was how beautiful each of them looked as they walked out from the left side of the stage in their white kimono's and blue trimming and all of them having a bouquet of flowers in their hands.

Naruto also noticed that Kakashi was not only his best man, but also the one to formally wed the women and him together.

After all eighteen of the positively gorgeous women came out on stage, Naruto stood in front of Hana first as to go alphabetical order starting with 'I'.

He went down the row, starting with a forty-year-old Tsume Inuzuka, Tamiko Kami, twenty-seven-year-old Anko Mitarashi, Nibi no Nekomata, twenty-seven-year-old Samui Nii, twenty-three-year-old Yugito Nii, twenty-nine-year-old Konan Origami (Made that up), Hikari Shinigami, fifty four-year-old Tsunade Senju, thirty-one-year-old Mei Terumi, forty-one-year-old Mikoto Uchiha, thirty-nine-year-old Kushina Uzumaki, thirty-eight-year-old (130+)Mito Uzumaki, twenty-six-year-old Kurenai Yuhi, and lastly but not least, Kyuubi no Yoko. That last one earned some dirty glares but Naruto had anticipated that and silenced them with a glare. And each time he kissed them, a tiny white light flashed from their eyes except for Hikari and Tamiko. And even with some of them (Tsume, Mikoto, Tsunade, Kushina, Mito) they de-aged right in front of everyone's eyes by at least ten to fifteen years while the others de-aged to what looked like twenty-five or stayed the same if they weren't at it.

During the Wedding Reception, Naruto was approached by the giant form of the Hachibi and the ox-octopus Biju unraveled one of its tentacles to reveal the Samahada, saying that Bee would have wanted Naruto to have it and adding his own personal note that it would go well with the Kubikiribōchō.

A few days later after the expert sealing of the Biju into their new hosts by Hikari, that they would have to get along with if they wanted to survive eternity (The Jinchuriki to the Biju), let's just say that Virgin-Killer-koi was on the loose at their honeymoon taking two goddess', one former Kumo Kunoichi's, one genjutsu specialist's, and one former Akatsuki member's virginities.


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