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How long had it been? Forty-six hundred plus years if you were speaking about the fall of the Shinobi system. How long had it been since he had stopped the hands of time? About five-thousand one hundred plus years since his meeting with Tamiko.

Instead of humanity getting more intelligent as the time went by, a technological dark age ruled until about a thousand years from the current time. It was then that inventions Naruto had seen four thousand years prior to the current time period started popping up all over again.

Human repetitiveness? Naruto didn't know, but it was good guess. But then, Naruto started to see completely new inventions. Things like the cell phone, telegraph, television, guns, cannons, and a majority of other things. Things like battleships or jets or planes in general. It was all amazing, but the excitement wore down quickly only to be replaced by then next big thing.

It was merely a cycle of how long a certain period could hold his and his wives' attention spans. It was sort of a game to them. The longest thing that had held their interest to that point was actually the modern day's cell phones, game systems, and computers, but other than that nothing really held their interest until planes came along back in nineteen o' three, a century and a decade from the current time.

Naruto and his wives opted for a life of solitude rather than live with society for a majority of the several thousand years they had been together. It had only been fairly recent, which was in the early fifteen hundreds, that they had started to live in cities where Naruto usually owned the largest house in any city he lived in. However, that didn't mean he stayed in one spot the several thousand years, it was that they just preferred to stay away from people in general.

One revelation that shook him and his wives was that polygamy was outlawed in just about every place on Earth, but a quick bribe to a high ranking official and bam, you were able to practice polygamy. He never realized it was so easy, but hey, money gets you places. That was one of the things Naruto quickly learned in today's world. The politicians were so corrupt it was ridiculous, but hey, he wasn't complaining.

Each day Naruto woke up during the several millennia he had been alive, and it was like it was his first day being married again. He never got tired of seeing their faces and each time they had sex it was like it was their first time. Naruto loved them with all of his heart equally. He always made time for each of them and they were all content with their immortal lives. And one thing that Naruto thought of what that the only thing that had kept him truly sane those thousands of years were his wives. He was sure he'd have gone crazy millennia ago if he didn't have them.

One thing that baffled Naruto was that when he and his wives came out of their isolationistic period was that humans had lost the ability to mold chakra! That baffled each of them to the point of making them facepalm themselves every time they thought about it. However Naruto came to the joint conclusion that because the Shinobi system had fell, was that the knowledge of how to mold chakra was lost. Darwin had once said that if you don't use something long enough, it eventually dwindles and withers away.

Naruto's skills remained somewhat sharp, though they could have been better if he was ever truly put in a life or death situation with real enemies. He had often sparred with his wives to brush up on his skills, but he often wondered why he would ever need them if nothing in the world could give him a challenge, but Tamiko and Hikari had both warned him that it was always good to be at your best all of the time.

One thing that had interested Naruto was the educational system of the modern day. Mathematics, History, Biology, Physics, and many other subjects were available in the day and age. Naruto had actually taken it upon himself to go to high-school every couple decades or so and then college to expand his knowledge.

Money was never an issue as his wives would take assorted jobs around the place they would stay in while he would continue to write about his adventures as a Shinobi. They were sold around the world to a good portion of people and it actually made it to the New York Best Seller's list. It had actually been up there for over a decade ranging from the top spot to the fifth spot but never lower.

Naruto actually lived in an assorted web of lies to keep his identity a secret, often torching a house and faking his and his wives death before moving to a completely new country while under aliases. And over time it got progressively harder and harder to keep his and his wives' true identities a secret.

Naruto's ethnicity wasn't Japanese or even Asian for that matter nor was his wives'. He was more along the border of Caucasian so he looked American more than anything.

Now we find our blonde immortal in a sea of bodies sprawled out of a triple-sized king-sized bed after a passionate night of sex with each of them. Five thousand years'll do that to your stamina. He woke up in between the bosoms of Tsunade and Samui respectively while Mito was lying on top of Naruto with her head on his chest. Naruto smiled as his tomoes span lazily to take in his surroundings.

The bed he was on had red-velvet sheets with large, full body pillows with red pillow coverings. There were many other bedrooms in the mansion he was living in, however they were rarely used save if it was the closest bedroom available.

There was a desk in the far corner of the room that had his notes for the next book he was writing on it. On either side of the bed was a nightstand with lamps on them. There were also many paintings on the walls, however it wasn't the crap that was considered art in the day and age he was in. It was true art like portraits rather than just shapes or splashes of paint on a canvas.

Naruto made a hand-sign-less clone before he used kiwarimi to not disrupt his wives' sleep. He quickly got out his school uniform which consisted of a black gakuran and black matching pants. This was one of the decades he went to high school. The high school was named Fujimi Academy. He had enrolled three months from the current time as a second year student. Kurenai had taken up a job at Fujimi Academy as a human anatomy teacher two months before Naruto enrolled. Anko had taken up a job as the assistant gym teacher next to Teshima a month after Kurenai.

The reason they took up jobs at the school was so they could keep an eye on Naruto as well as take a job like the rest of his wives did.

They all worked in pairs. Tsume and Mito worked at a vet. Mikoto and Kushina were both teachers at an elementary school with Kushina teaching Literature and Mikoto teaching Science. Tsunade was a doctor while Mei was surprisingly a nurse…in which she often wore during role-play when Naruto visited the Hospital as well as Tsunade. Yugito, Samui, and Konan worked at a car dealership with Konan being the vice manager and Samui being her secretary and Yugito being one of the top saleswomen there. Nibi and Kyuubi didn't have jobs because they could only be in such a proximity to their containers so either they worked around the house they lived in or they went with their respective containers. And Tamiko and Hikari? Why they were Shinigami and Kami of course.

The reason Nibi and Kyuubi could work around the house was because Naruto would place seals imbued with their yokai around the house to sustain them while Yugito and Naruto were away. Naruto often wondered why the other Biju didn't materialize in their human forms but he didn't pay much thought to it.

Fujimi Academy had some interesting characters. Takashi Komuro was an alright guy though he was odd at times. Kohta Hirano was just an odd one, nuff said. Rei Miyamoto was a fangirl, and his experience with Sakura was to stay the fuck back. Saeko Busujima was probably the most level-headed student at that school. Saya Takagi was a smart ass and probably just a bitch. He might have been a smartass, but this girl took it to a new level. There were a couple teachers that he liked, both female, of course, but not a romantic level….well sort of. Shizuka Marikawa was ditzy in a cute way. Kyoko Hayashi was a strict teacher, but she also was sweet if the time called for it. There was also a girl named Yuuki. She was some sort of a fangirl towards him, but that was only because Naruto had stopped advances on her by a guy named Shido and his little yakuza gang, ere, excuse me *cough* cult from having their way with her a month back. From then on Yuuki had been at his side almost all the time when he was at Fujimi Academy.

Naruto had associated with Saeko, Shizuka, Kyoko, and Yuuki not that often, well more-so Yuuki because she would pretty much search for him during school hours. He also tried not to have any actual bonds with them. He knew that in a decade, he and his wives would leave to a new country to live in isolation only to resurface another decade or so later under henges, new identities, and the sort.

Naruto snapped out of his stupor to find himself in his bathroom looking in the mirror with the light on. The bathroom was more a steam bath with four sinks lining the walls. He had set his clothes down on a table right outside the door and was now inspecting himself in the mirror.

He looked the same as he did five thousand years ago. His hair was blonde, spiky yet tame, and covered his left eye. His rugged complexion, defined chin which lacked baby fat, and piercing blue eyes which had his three tomoes spinning slowly, taking in the scene. He looked at his smartphone to see it was 5:07 A.M. He was usually the only one up at that time as to not get in the way of his wives' daily routines. There were also four smaller one-person bathrooms with sinks and showers throughout the house just in case someone needed the extra space.

Ten minutes later, a shirtless Naruto came out of the restroom only clad in a pair of black boxers, his toned and muscled body twitching with every movement. He looked to his left to see his clone laying there with a stupid grin on his face as he nuzzled himself deeper into the mounds of Tsunade and Samui.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he smokelessly dispelled the clone making Mito fall to the bed though she didn't stir in the slightest. That made him chuckle.

His gaze lingered across the sleeping and nude forms of Anko, of which had a sickly sweet smile of contentment on her face, Kurenai, Kushina, Hikari, Tamiko, Tsume, Yugito, Nibi, Kyuubi, Konan, Mikoto, and Mei. He smiled at them before he picked up his school uniform, shoes, phone, and phone charger before heading downstairs.

He glanced towards the Kubikiribōchō and the Samahada, both in glass cases propped up as decorations. They were both located on either side of the main bedroom door leading to the bedroom itself. However he was very proficient in the use of the Kubikiri (Short for Kubikiribōchō) and could pick it up like it was nothing. A little further down the hall was a case that housed each of the five kage hats.

He then made his way downstairs to his living room and plugged his charger into an outlet and his phone to the charger before making his way towards the cook-show-like kitchen complete with double ovens, microwave, dishwasher, two sinks, marble countertops, and a fully stocked fridge, pantry, and cabinets. He walked over to the coffee maker before he put the filter in the top, pour the coffee grinds into the filter, got water from the sink, and the poured the water into appropriate compartment before turning the coffee maker on.

He made his way back to the lavish living room before sitting down on the large leather couch facing an eighty inch plasma screen television before turning it on to the early morning weather and news channel. The living room had a few photos on the wall of him and his wives. Some were just of his and two girls, one girl, three, and so on, while the one just below the television was him and all of them. The walls were also painted red. The furniture in the room was comprised of a couch facing the television, one to the left of it, and one to the right of the couch. All black and leather while each could seat about five people each.

"Good Morning, Tokonosu City, Japan. I am your go-to weatherman, Shinji Tanto. Today is a Thursday and the date is April 30th, 2013. The low today is sixty seven degrees while the high is a surprising eighty five. Now, as for recent news, a new strain of the influenza virus has been discovered and-"

Naruto zoned out after that as he sat up made his way back to the kitchen. He walked to one of the cabinets to grab a coffee cup and then walked over the coffee maker itself. He poured the glass almost full before pouring creamer into the glass to make it take on a somewhat darkish beige coloring.

He sipped the beverage and with a sigh of contentment before he made his way over to the food pantry before getting out a box of Cheerio's©, milk from the fridge, bowl, and spoon. Some might say it was weird to eat cereal and drink coffee at the same time but he had no complaints.

He fixed himself some cereal and put the milk up before he started munching on the plain Cheerio's. He preferred it to be tasteless rather than have sugar in it.

HIs ear twitched slightly as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He continued to munch on his cereal as he watched a sleepy-eyed, limping Tsunade walk into the kitchen clothed in a simple white robe that ended just above her knees. Tsunade hadn't changed a day over the years. She kept the same hairstyle and everything.

"Morning, Hime," Naruto smiled as pushed off the counter to walk over and kiss her.

"Morning, Koi," she yawned as she leaned in to get another kiss.

He accepted it as he put his arms around her waist. He pulled away a moment later and smirked. "How's the limp doing?" he chuckled.

She mock glared at him but just settled for rolling her eyes. "I still have it every time we have sex. It's ridiculous," she said while he just smiled innocently.

They pulled away from each other's embrace while he leaned against the counter again to eat his cereal and drink his coffee. "Why're you up so early? You usually don't have to go in until seven thirty," he asked as he crunched on the cereal.

"Mei-chan and I have to go in early to start researching the new flu strain and help start making a vaccine," she explained as she got herself a coffee cup and poured herself a cup of black coffee.

"Ah, well you two have fun," he grinned.

"Smartass," she smiled as she took a sip of her coffee. "How's school going, Naruto-kun?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, you know, the usual. Re-learning stuff over and over again," he responded as he finished eating his cereal before placing the spoon and bowl in the sink.

"We tried to talk you out of it," Tsunade smirked.

Naruto merely chuckled as he rolled his eyes. He walked over to her again before he kissed her. "Have I ever told you I loved you?" he smiled while she did as well as a pink hue developed on her cheeks.

"Hmm…what's 365 multiplied by 5126?" she smiled as well.

"Smartass," he continued to smile as he pecked her on the lips again.

Tsunade giggled lightly as she finished her coffee before heading back upstairs to the shower just a Mei walked down the stairs only clothed in a pair of pink panties and a towel around her shoulders with her damp hair considerably shorter than a few millennia ago now reaching to her mid back. Though she did keep the top bun and she kept the usual hairstyle. Though the dampness signified that she had taken a shower.

"Looking as good as ever, Mei-chan," he smiled while she rubbed her eyes cutely before offering him a smile before licking her now blue-lipstick-clad lips. She swayed her hips as she walked over to him, the smile evolving into a sultry one that graced her lips as she walked.

"Morning, Naru-koi," she said as she put her arms around his neck before kissing him with her very impressive bust pressing against his bare chest making him blush slightly.

"Morning, Mizukage-sama," he smiled as he kissed her also. "What time are you and Tsu-chan leaving?" he asked.

"She already told you what we have to do today?" Mei asked while Naruto nodded. "Oh, well, about seven or so," she responded.

"Ah," he said.

"Yeah, well, hope you have a good day at school, Naruto-kun," she smiled as she pecked him on the lips again before going towards the laundry room but not before throwing Naruto something she had in her left hand. Naruto caught it and groaned as he realized it was a contact lens case.

"You always try to get out of that, Naruto-koi," she giggled as she rounded the corner towards the laundry room.

"You know I hate to where these things. They irritate my eyes," he grumbled. Just because the Sharingan wasn't normal he had to where colored contacts that covered the dojutsu up thus giving him the appearance of normal blue eyes.

He sighed as he opened the contact lens container and got the left contact before putting it in his left and the right to his right eye. He rolled his eyes around and blinked a few times.

"I can't even see chakra with these things…" he grumbled as he went to sit on the couch and watch the rest of the news.

Tsume and Mito were the first ones awake which was at 5:45 aside from Mei and Tsunade. They took showers before heading down to cuddle with Naruto for fifteen minutes before they started to do their morning routines. They were out the door by six forty five taking the car they shared which was a blue Ford Mustang though Naruto gave them a kiss before they left.

The next up was Kushina and Mikoto. They were up at six and cuddled with Naruto for another fifteen minutes after their showers and they were out the door by seven with Tsunade and Mei, all four carpooling in a maroon Chevrolet Suburban. Naruto gave them a kiss before they left.

Konan, Yugito, and Samui woke up at six fifteen and had their Naruto time before getting ready and leaving at seven ten in black Dodge Challenger but not before getting a kiss from the Naruto-koi. Nibi had decided to go with Yugito that had so Kyuubi decided to go with Naruto that day.

Naruto was dressed by seven as well as ready for the day. Anko and Kurenai had woken up about six twenty-five before taking showers and then getting their Naruto time. They were ready at seven fifteen and waited until Naruto was ready to go. Naruto, Anko, and Kurenai shunshin'ed to the academy and went their different ways but not before Naruto gave them a kiss.

Tamiko and Hikari were the last ones there though had woken up at six thirty. Naruto gave them a kiss before he left. They dressed and took showers before disappearing in a flash of white light towards Soul Society.

Naruto sighed as he walked the halls of Fujimi academy with its many students traversing the halls trying to get to class. He spared a glance towards the infirmary and could hear Shizuka talking to Kyoko. The two (Shizuka and Kyoko) had been friends for a while. At least as long as Naruto had been here.

Well, Naru-koi, are you developing crushes on non-immortals? Naughty… Kyuubi joked from within his mind making him chuckle inwardly.

Not in the slightest, he replied with a small smile.

Don't lie to me, she purred.

Sort of… he said finally though he did try to quash the feelings for the four women. He knew he would only be hurting in the end as well as them themselves.

He kept walking and ignored the fangirls that he wanted to avoid at all costs. His gaze was cast to the right as he caught sight of a tan-skinned blur before said blur latched onto his left arm with a giggle.

"Ugh…Yuuki-san, how many times have I told you to stop doing that?" Naruto asked while Yuuki just giggled again. No one at the school knew Naruto was in a relationship of any kind, let alone married…to multiple women. So to everyone else Naruto was a single guy that just didn't get involved with the opposite sex.

Oh how wrong they were…

"Well, I just think I should greet my knight in shining armor like this every day, Naruto-kun," she responded with a light blush which just made him chuckle slightly.

As they walked down the hall Naruto could feel Kyoko scowling at the back of Yuuki's head while peeking out the infirmary door with Shizuka quietly pouting. Many students were staring very weirdly at them.

Yuuki clung to his arm the entire way to his first class which was literature. They chatted though she really did most of the talking. When they separated at his first class she had a sigh of disappointment leave her lips as he walked into the room.

As Naruto entered the classroom he was immediately met by one Kohta Hirano being picked on by a few of the school jocks.

"Go back to where you came from, fatty," one said to the sitting Kohta of who was desperately trying to block out the noise of the three assholes around his desk.

"Oi," a voice called out making all four heads turn in the voice's direction.

"And what do you want, Namikaze?" one of them said while Naruto just narrowed his eyes as he walked over to them to get in the presumed leader's face.

"I want you to leave Kohta-san alone," Naruto said with a harsh gaze that would make lesser men put their tails between their legs.

The three backed away slowly as he Naruto kept up his gaze. They soon went to the back of the room making all eyes turn towards the presumed American who was very fluent in Japanese…and Russian…and his home language, English…and Spanish, as well as many other languages.

Naruto's gaze softened as his aged eyes made their way towards Kohta's own. "You alright, Kohta-san?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow and somewhat soft expression towards the bullied student.

"Ah, uh, yes. Thank you, Naruto-san," Kohta replied meekly.

"Don't mention it. If those guys ever give you trouble again, you can come to me, alright?" Naruto said with a reassuring smile.

Kohta merely nodded weakly as Naruto took his seat behind the somewhat pudgy student. He was sitting to the far right of the classroom towards the windows if you were looking in the teacher's perspective if she were giving a lecture.

A few hours later…

Now we find our beloved blonde immortal walking the halls of Fujimi academy. It was his free period and he had decided to go in search for Anko and Kurenai for lunch.

He peered inside the classrooms as he walked by them to see teachers deep into lectures with their own students. He shook his head in amusement. These students didn't know the meaning of lectures unless they were in a room with Martin Luther King Jr. during one of his speeches.

Those were some good times.

He made his way to the roof of the building to see both Anko and Kurenai looking over Tokonosu City while Anko was eating an apple and Kurenai a banana, both having a pleasant conversation. They did have more food, though it was in bags next to their feet. Anko was wearing a blue jumpsuit with yellow lines going down the legs and arms. She also had on a pair of white tennis-shoes. She also had a gold wedding band on her left hand.

Kurenai was wearing a black, button up, long-sleeve shirt with a red skirt and black high heels. Her fingernails and toenails were also painted red. She also wore a gold wedding band. Both childhood friends had an array of blood seals on their body that housed many weapons including kunai, shuriken, and both had a single Kiba Sword on them.

Naruto didn't say a word as he walked silently behind them, only to put arm around both their waists.

"Hey, Anko-chan, Kurenai-chan," he smiled as he pecked them on the cheeks. They smiled as well.

"Ohayo/Hello, Naruto-koi," they both said while they kissed him back on opposite cheeks with smiles on their faces.

Not a moment later Kyuubi materialized behind Naruto before jumping on his back. "Hey, Naru-kun!" she squealed while Naruto released a chuckle.

"Hey, Kyuu-chan," he said while he tilted his neck to kiss her on the lips. The kiss lasted a good thirty seconds before he let her down thus disengaging the kiss.

"So, whatcha guys doin'?" Naruto asked with a smile as he edged his way between Anko and Kurenai with Kyuubi sitting on the railing next to Anko.

"Just eating some lunch," Kurenai responded with a smile as she took another bite of her banana.

"What she said," Anko replied as she continued to eat her apple.

"I wouldn't have guessed that," Naruto chuckled as he received a light punch in the arms from both Kurenai and Anko while Kyuubi was just giggling.

Later that night…

"So, what's for dinner tonight, Mito-chan, Kushina-chan, Mikoto-chan?" Naruto smiled as he entered the kitchen before kissing Mito and Kushina on the cheek as well as Mikoto, each with aprons on.

Each of them, and Naruto, knew how to cook so they took intervals of three each night while Naruto helped with the small things such as retrieving ingredients and cleaning up if they needed space.

"Green beans, corn, black-eyed peas, squash casserole, hand-breaded chicken, and a little ramen for you, Koi," Mito smiled while Naruto grinned.

"How long will it take?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. "You have anything for me to do?"

"We started about five o'clock so it should be ready in, let's say, half an hour?" Kushina replied as she undid the tops on a couple can of corn before pouring them in a large to heat them up before setting said bowl in the nearby microwave to heat them up.

"And Naru-kun, we don't have anything for you to do," Mikoto smiled while Naruto pouted slightly at not being able to be helpful.

About a half hour later we find our blonde immortal and his wives situated at a long, elegant table in the dining hall with the feast prepared. He sat at the head of the table next to Mikoto with Mito to his right and Kushina to Mikoto's left. The intervals for the seating arrangements were based on the cooking schedules so when one group cooked one night, they would sit closest to Naruto.

On the left side in descending order were Kushina, Kyuubi, Tsume, Anko, Tamiko, Konan, and Yugito. On the right in descending order were Mito, Tsunade, Mei, Kurenai, Hikari, Nibi, and Samui. Samui, Yugito, and Konan had cooked the previous night and were sitting at the opposite end of the table though they were by no means kept out of the conversation.

"So, Konan-chan how was work today?" Naruto asked with a smile while all eyes averted to the Origami mistress.

Konan merely smiled lightly as well as Yugito and Samui. "I got promoted to manager today when the previous manager got promoted to district manager," she said.

"I got promoted to vice manager," Samui replied with a small smile.

"And I'm still perfectly content not being cooped up in an office all day so I stayed a saleswoman," said Yugito with smug smile.

Naruto merely laughed as did the rest of the table. "I have to agree with you there, Yugito-chan," said Naruto while Yugito merely blushed. "And good job, Konan-chan, Samui-chan, I know you both deserved it," Naruto smiled at them in praise making them blush also.

"So how was school today, Kushina-chan, Mikoto-chan?" Naruto asked with a small smile as he looked at Mikoto and Kushina respectively.

"This brat asks a question every other second, it gives me a headache," Kushina sighed while the table exuded some chuckles.

"Aren't teachers supposed to answer any and all questions a student asks?" Tamiko giggled while Kushina merely huffed again.

"The questions he asks aren't even related to what the subject is! He asks about turtles and if they can talk, and if they can fly-ttebane!" she said with her verbal lisp kicking in making Naruto snicker.

Mikoto rubbed her temples are she remembered the same child. "Yes and I myself worry for his mental health…" she mumbled making more snickers go around.

"Any interesting stories today, Hikari-chan, Tamiko-chan?" Naruto asked as he drank some soda.

"Well, your suspicions were correct, Naruto-koi," Tamiko said while Naruto merely raised an eyebrow as well as the others.

"And what was I right about, Tamiko-chan?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I gave Aizen more than one chance to redeem himself as you know, but today he finally defected," Tamiko stated gaining everyone's attention.

"So the orange-haired kid didn't stop him?" Naruto asked making Hikari shake her head.

"Nope. Aizen pulled some bullshit move by stopping Ichigo-san's bankai sword with his bare hand. I thought it was complete crap, but Aizen just pulls stuff right out of nowhere I suppose," she sighed.

"True, but then again, you told me earlier today that Ichigo was going to be fighting Byakuya Kuchiki. Did he win?" Naruto asked.

"Yep, and he was still standing afterwards, too. Maybe if he had learned decent reiatsu control from that blonde asshole, Urahara, then maybe he would have at least cut Aizen's hand," Tamiko said.

"Probably, and I remember the biggest flaw I had, and sort-of still have, is poor chakra control," Naruto said while the table erupted in giggles and laughter. Naruto merely crossed his arms and started to mumble about mean wives. "And you know I won't get involved in this unless completely necessary."

"I know, Naru-koi, we just wanted to give you a head's up," Hikari spoke with a smile.

After the giggles and laughter calmed and Naruto stopped pouting, the man of the house spoke. "So, Tsume-chan, Mito-chan, how was your guys' day?" he asked with a smile.

"It was alright. There were a few new dogs admitted today with the same strain of a virus. We couldn't determine what it was, but we think it's a new strain of rabies that might have mutated," Tsume spoke.

"Yeah, we were going to file a report to the hospital tomorrow and then to the National Research Department. I hate to see who's going to do all that paperwork," Mito said earning a glare from both Tsunade as she was the head doctor at the hospital and Tsume as she ran the vet.

Naruto had to stifle a laugh as he saw the glares in Mito's direction.

"I had my first dose of manager-level paperwork today also, and I must say it's not fun," Konan chimed.

"Any paperwork isn't fun," Samui said while Yugito giggled.

"And I barely have to do any!" she said cheerfully much to the ire of Konan and Samui.

Everyone's gaze was turned to a growling Tamiko. "You guys don't have to do paperwork for millions of souls that pass through Soul Society and become shinigami. I mean, Hikari-chan is the freaking Shinigami and yet I have to do seventy percent of the paperwork!" she pouted while everyone laughed.

"Well Teshima-teme has to do it all and I'm fine with that!" Anko grinned while Kurenai groaned.

"I have to grade over thirty five student's tests," she said with a sigh. "The human race is degrading further and further every day. I really do wonder when it'll all go to hell either from a mad-man or human ignorance," she sighed again while Naruto chuckled.

"Speaking of school, anything big happen while I wasn't around, Anko-chan, Kurenai-chan?" he asked as all eyes were turned to the pair.

"Well, this chick named Rei Miyamoto hit a perv in the dick with her javelin. It was hilarious," she started cackling while some giggles went around the table.

"I had to break up three fights in one class period," Kurenai answered as she ate. "One was over who was going to be my boyfriend, another was between two girls who wanted to be my girlfriend, and the third was over which word was funnier: 'vagina' or penis'," she answered with a third sigh.

Everyone looked at each other before nodding.

"Penis/Vagina," seven women said while the other seven said nothing. The groups looked to both Konan and Naruto.

"I'm not in this," Konan said while she closed her eyes and ate calmly.

All eyes were the on Naruto.

He started sweating bullets. These sorts of debates were always heated while Naruto, Konan, Samui, and Kurenai would be the ones out of it, though Konan and Naruto were the constant neutral ones while Kurenai and Samui sometimes got in the debates.

He chuckled sheepishly as he whistled innocently before Tsume started to rub his shoulders sensually. "C'mon, Naru-koi, you know penis is the funnier word," she before Mito pushed her off.

"Don't listen to her, Naruto-koi, vagina is clearly funnier," she said while Naruto wanted to curl up in a ball and said over and over again: I'm in my happy place. I'm in my happy place.

Kami, these women were scary!

And Kami was even in the debates!

One hour later and many profanities thrown…

"Mei-chan, Tsu-chan, how was your day at work?" he asked as he ate a piece of chicken.

"The male nurses still keep hitting on me," Mei answered with a sickly sweet smile.

"So she put lava on their cars," Tsunade shook her head.

"Was anyone around?" Naruto answered while barely restraining his laughter as well as everyone else.

"Nope," she grinned.

"Good girl," he smiled.

"So, Nibi-chan, Kyuu-chan, how about you guys?" Naruto asked the two semi-released Biju.

"I screwed up one of Yugi-chan's sales," Nibi smiled innocently while said jinchuuriki gained a tick mark on her head. Samui smiled lightly and even Konan cracked a smirk.

"Do I even want to know?" Naruto asked while a slight chuckle.

"She cast a genjutsu over herself and made the customer believe the car lot was haunted," Yugito said with a sigh making Nibi go up in giggles.

"I'm gonna have to remember that one for when a kid pisses me off," Kushina grinned evilly.

"You better not. You already traumatized one kid and that wasn't with a genjutsu," Mikoto bonked her over the head making her cradle the growing bump while mock crying making the table laugh yet again.

"What'd you do, Kyuu-," he stopped as he immediately resumed eating making Kyuubi giggle and for many eyebrows to be rose.

"What happened, Naruto-koi?" Mei asked.

"Well~, I was pretty horny while he was in class so I cast a genjutsu over myself and attempted to give him a hand-job," she said innocently while Naruto was blushing crimson.

Five thousand years together, you tend to be very open about things.

"Huh…gonna have to remember that one," Mito said nonchalantly making most sweat-drop, save a thoughtful Nibi, and three perversely giggling women names Mei, Anko and Hikari.

That night…

It was about 1 A.M. in the middle of the night before we find Naruto clad in only a black robe sitting on the balcony that connected to his home that overlooked the city. His aged, dojutsu-clad eyes were taking in the scene of the forever busy Tokonosu city. Rumor had it, if it continued to grow then it would be the next Tokyo.

After the mention of the hand-job he was promptly dragged to the bedroom by Mei and Anko before the rest filed in, so he ended up pounding each into oblivion…or a heavy sex-induced coma for each of them.

He puffed on his scented cigarette that smelled like assorted fruit. He didn't smoke often but it was one way of relieving stress. Though they also had another reason. He smoked when he had a feeling of dread pass over him, and that night he had woken up in a cold sweat. The last time this happened was when the Bubonic Plauge rolled around thanks to someone in Europe discovering one of Orochimaru's ancient labs.

He inhaled deeply before exhaling five seconds after. He massaged his temples as he felt two pairs of hands hold him from either side. He looked to the left and right of his to see Kushina and Kyuubi holding him caringly.

"Another nightmare?" Kushina asked quietly.

"Yeah…this one was about the dead coming back to life," Naruto spoke. "I don't know if it's because of the movie we watched the other day or just a random nightmare," he added as he took another puff.

"It's just your imagination, Naruto-kun, but don't disregard it," Kyuubi spoke in a whisper. "I taught you one things when you were younger, and that was to never disregard your sixth sense. Leave prepared tomorrow. We all will, actually. Nibi-chan and I will stay home to make sure nothing happens just in case," she spoke with a small smile.

"Alright, I'll tell them in the morning," Kushina said while Naruto smiled lightly before kissing both of them full on the lips.

"I love you…all of you…" he spoke quietly.

"We know, Naruto-koi," Kyuubi and Kushina spoke.

They both left him in silence to go back to bed though he stayed there for a moment longer.

"I don't know what the hell that dream was, but it felt so real…it feels like something's…Coming Undone…" he whispered before flicking his cigarette off the balcony before heading back to bed.


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