Naruto: The Ultimate Ninja!

Opening 1: NARUTO Drive

There were silent gasps of shock after hearing what Ibiki said. They all just looked at him getting their attention and was also getting ready to pass this.

"It is time, we proceed with the first Exam." Ibiki spoke up. "Hand over your paper work, in return you will each be given a number." He took out a paper and it had the number 1 on it. "This number determines where you'll sit. We'll start the written test once you're all seated."

"Hmph." Naruto smirked.


Everyone is now seated. They each had their own papers and pencils. Naruto, who was 53, was looking around and saw the nervousness that some had. He looks on his shoulders and saw Tails there with a nervous look on his face. In fact, when the rest of the Chunins and the Proctors saw, they were completely shocked at seeing Tails and Naruto to explain to them what he was. It actually caused some confusion if they should give Tails the paper and number or just have him hang with Naruto. But since he was still an animal they decided to not give him the paper work, much to the young fox's disappointment.

"Um, Naruto? Miles?"

"Hm?" Both looked to the right and saw Hinata sitting there with a smile and blush on her face.

"Hi there Hinata." Tails smiled as he jumped off Naruto's shoulder and sat between the two.

"Hey, what's up Princess?" Naruto asked.

Hinata blushed at the title making her smile even more. "I just want to say...good luck and everything."

Naruto nodded and smiled at that. "Thanks. And same to you."

The sound of tapping got the two out of their little conversation.

"Everyone eyes front." Ibiki ordered. "There are a few rules you need to be aware of. And I won't answer any questions. So you better pay attention!"

"No questions? What kind of rule is that?" Sakura asked.

-Music: Nervous (Naruto)-

"Alright, Rule #1 is this: The Written part of the Exam is conducted on a point reduction system." Ibiki said. "You will begin the test with a perfect score of 10 points. One point will be reducted for every answer you get wrong. So if you miss 3 then you get 7. Rule Number 2: Teams will pass or fail based on total score of all three members."

That caused many of the Genins, except Naruto, to have many reactions. Sakura banged her head on the table and looked at Ibiki.

"What!? Wait a second, you're saying we all get scored as a team!?" She asked.

"Silence." Ibiki ordered. "I have my reasons. So shut up and listen! Rule Number 3: The sentinals you see around the room, are there to watch you carefully for any signs of cheating." He showed a smirk. "And for every incident they see, they will subtract two points from the culprits score." He saw the shocked looks on the Genins faces. "Be warned, their eyes are extremely sharp and if they catch you five times you'll be dismissed before the tests are over."

"Wow." Naruto thought. "These guys are making it so that you'll have to lose points."

"Anyone fool enough to be caught cheating by the sentinals doesn't deserved to be called Chunin." Ibiki continued.

"I got my eye on you guys." A Chunin said, causing those to gasp.

"If you want to be considered Shinobi, then show us, what acceptional Shinobi you can be." Ibiki finished.

"Okay okay relax." Sakura thought. "I know I'll do alright and Sasuke should be fine. But what about Naruto? He did say he was hiding himself from us at the Academy, so how smart is he really?"

"One more thing." Ibiki spoke up. "If any candidate should get a 0 and fail the test, then the entire Team fails."

Sasuke's eyes widened in disbelief and Sakura had a shocked expression. Naruto could actually feel Sakura and Sasuke's glares, but he shrugged it off.

"Naruto..." Hinata thought worriedly for her crush.

"The final question won't be given out 15 minutes before the end of the testing period." Ibiki said. "You'll one hour total. BEGIN!"

-Music: His World E3 Version (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)-

Sounds of pages getting flipped are heard and everyone got to work. They actually started to smell smoke and started to follow it. Everyone turned to Naruto and their eyes widen when they saw him writing so fast that they coudn't even track it. Not even Ibiki nor the sentinals could track it. They watched as the red-streaked blonde threw his pencil to the side and everyone saw that it was soon caught on fire in a matter of seconds, shocking them. The flaming pencil was about to hit the wall but it was soon turned to dust.

They turned back to Naruto, who turned his paper over.

"He's done!?" Sakura thought in shock.

"What? How is that possible? These questions are so advanced and Naruto just finished it like it was nothing!" Sasuke thought.

"Guess Naruto figured out the test." Tails thought.

"Whoa..." Shikamaru thought. He soon found himself trying to finish the test real fast so he could go to sleep.

"That kid..." Ibiki thought as he narrowed his eyes at Naruto. A smirk appeared on his face. "So, he figured it out, huh? Not bad"

"Oh my gosh! Naruto is done!" Hinata thought as she and everyone else went back to their test.

-Music Stop-

Naruto turned his head to Tails and saw that he took the Chess board out and placed it on the table. The young fox boy took the pieces out and placed the on the board, with his side being black and Naruto being white.

Minutes passed and Naruto could sense that everyone was cheating using their own method. Sasuke was using his Sharingan to copy the movements of a Genin in front of him. Ino possessed Sakura, getting the answers for her and the rest of the team. Kiba got the answers from Akamaru. Shino used his bugs. Tenten had some mirrors attached to the ceiling and was using the strings to control them, and was helping Lee with it. And finally Neji used his Byakugan. Gaara used his sand to create an eyeball and use it on someone. Naruto sensed that one of the sentinals weren't real but was in fact a puppet and knew that the guy, who was with Gaara, had something to do with it, since he and the faker went to the bathroom.

There were some people who got called out for cheating and got kicked out. Naruto looks at the clock and saw that they only had 15 minutes left, making him sigh at how slow this is taking and want's it to end. He looks back to the chess board and realized that Tails has already won since he was out of pieces.

"Rematch?" Tails asked.


"Not on my watch you two." Ibiki thought, staring at Naruto and Tails. "Cause now that the hopeless ones are gone, it's time for the main event."

"Main event huh?" Naruto asked reading Ibiki's thoughts.

"Alright! Listen up cause here's the tenth and final question!" Ibiki shouted, causing everyone to stop writting and turn to him.

"Hmph. This guy sure is full of himself." Sasuke thought.

"This is it. The final question." Sakura thought.

"Hurry up with your cheat sheet, Kankuro!" Temari exclaimed

"But..." Ibiki spoke up. "Before I give you the question, there are more rules that you need to be aware of."

The sounds of the door are opening, and entering is Kankuro with a bright smile on his face. The smile faded when he saw everyone was looking in his direction.

"Made it just in time." Ibiki said. "I hope you found your trip to the bathroom enlightning..." He grinned when he saw Kankuro's eyes to widen. "Well? Take your seat."

Kankuro did so, leaving his puppet at the door. When he waked pass Temari, he slipped something on her desk, then took his seat.

"These rules are unique to question." Ibiki said. "Listen carefully, and try not to let them scare you."


"It's quiet without the Rookies around." Kakashi said, to his fellow Jounin, Asuma and Kurenai. "I almost miss them. Especially Naruto's sidekick. He's pretty fun to mess with."

"Oh don't worry. Chances are they'll be back sooner than you think." Asuma said.

"Why's that?" Kakashi asked curiously.

"I heard that their first examiner this year is Ibiki." Asuma replied, causing the silver haired Jounin to jump in surprise.

"Greaaat. Sticking them with that sadist is off the bat."

"Huh? What sadist?" Kurenai asked, only to hear Asuma chuckle.

"I forgot you're a new Jounin Kurenai. Otherwise you wouldn't have to ask that." The bearded Jounin said.

"So I'm ignorant, who is he?" Kurenai asked once more.

"He's what you might call a 'specialist'." Kakashi answered.

"Oh yeah?" Kurenai said. "In what?"

Asuma took a puff of his smoke and grinned. "Interrogation and Torture."

Kurenai gasped in suprise.

"Of course, you won't be using physical torture during the test. It's not his style." Asuma continued. "He works on people's minds not their bodies. He's famous for it. Everyone knows about the head of the ANBU Interrogation Torture of the Hidden Leaf Village. Ibiki Morino."

(With the Genins)

"Very well then Rule #1: Each of you is free to choose not to be given the final question." Ibiki started, causing a few to look surprise by this.

"Whoa, so what's the catch?" Temari asked. "Let's say we decide not to take it, what happens then?"

"If you choose not to take the tenth question, regardless your answers to the others, you'll get a 0." Ibiki replied. "In other words you fail, and that means of course, your team fails also."

All of the Genin gasped as they started to whisper amongst themselves.

"Not so fast. You didn't let me finish." Ibiki said as the whole room went quiet. "If you do accept the question, but answer it incorrectly, you will not only fail...YOU WILL BE FORBIDDEN FROM TAKING THE CHUNIN EXAM EVER AGAIN!"

That caused the Genin to look at the proctor in complete shock, except for Naruto and Tails who looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"HEY THAT'S BULLSHIT MAN!" Kiba shouted as he stood up. "That's just stupid! What kind of bogus rule is that!? There's lots of people here whose taken the test before!"

Akamaru barked in agreement.

Ibiki chuckled darkly. "I guess you were just...unlucky then. I wasn't making the rules before but I am now. Of course if you don't want to take it then you don't have to. If you're not feeling confident then by all means skip it. You can come back and try again next year."

"Heh!" Naruto smirked.

"Now then if you're ready." Ibiki spoke. "The tenth and final question. Raise your hands for those who don't want to take it! Your number will be recorded and you'll be free to go."

A few of the Genins raised their hands up and began to walk out, with the sentinals recording their numbers down. Naruto and Tails looked around and saw no one else was raising their hands. They soon began to chuckle and then it turned into a full blown laughter, making everyone look at them.

"Something funny boys?" Ibiki growled.

"Yeah." Naruto said, wiping a tear away. "I just can't believe those guys fell for the most stupidest thing."

"I know! My stomach hurts!" Tails laughed.

"Hold on what are you two talking about?" Sakura asked.

"We all pass the exam by staying here and those who left the room have failed." Tails answered, shocking the Genins. "There was never a tenth question, on the written part at least. Our decision to stay was the answer to it."

"Ain't that right proctor?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Everyone turned to the proctor and heard him laugh, actually shocking them.

"Yup! Looks like I was right about you two figuring it out." Ibiki smiled sheepishly.

"Hold on a second!" Temari yelled. "So the other nine questions you gave us was just a waste of time, is that it!?"

"Oh no it's not that." Tails said as he stood on the table, getting everyone's attention. "The first nine questions had a role to play. It was for us to gather intel under serious circumstances."

"Oh...well that explains everything." Temari said.

"The proctors main objective was to test us, not only individual but as a team." Naruto explained. "Which is exactly why the test was stored on a team basis, so that everything we did or fail to do, would affect our team. He only wanted to see how we could handle the pressure."

"That's right." Ibiki said as he took off his bandana showing the many scars on his head, shocking the Genins. " cn be the most valuable weapon in battle. How well you gather intelligence can determine weather a mission is failure or successful. They'll be times when you need to get it."

-Music: The Past (Sonic Adventure)-

"Man, what a mess." Sasuke said. "Look at all those scars..."

"Of course, you must always consider the source of your information." Ibiki continued, putting his bandana back on. "Intelligence gathered from the enemy is not accurate. Always bear this in mind, dis information can be worse than no information. It can lead the death of comrades or loss of a village."

"And that's why you put us in the position where we had to gather intelligence." Naruto spoke up. "We had to cheat in order to survive. And the ones who weren't good at it were kicked out."

"Exactly." Ibiki nodded.

"Okay...but I'm still not getting about what the tenth question thing is all about." Temari said.

"That's just it." Tails answered. "The tenth question was the main point of this examination. It's like Ibiki said, the goal was to test us as a team, and the tenth question gave us two choices."

-Music Stop-

"We could choose to play it safe and skip the question, which means we fail. Or try to answer it." Naruto finished. "In other was a win win situation. That was an excellent plan you came up with proctor. I'm impressed."

Everyone was looking at Naruto and Tails in a whole new light. They actually figured out the whole examination from the moment they started it!

"Wow..." Ino thought, staring at Naruto with a blush on her face. "Not only is he cute but he's smart as well? Why did he hide all thought from the Academy?"

"Whoa...Naruto was right. Tails is probably smarter than me. What a drag." Shikamaru thought.

"Way to go guys!" Kiba cheered.

"Naruto, two are really smart." Hinata thought.


Everyone looked at the shattered window and saw a figure fly right in. The sound of kunai could he heard embidding on the ones and a purple cloth hanging up.

"Heads up boys and girls!" A female voice shouted. "This is no time for celebration

This woman has light brown, pupil-less eyes, violet hair, tied into a spiky pony tail. She is seen wearing a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam, which has a pocket on both sides, and complete with a fitted mesh body suit that stretches from her neck down to her thighs, a dark orange mini-skirt, a small pendent that looks like a fang of a snake, and shin guards.

"I'll be your next proctor, Anko Mitarashi!" Anko introduced herself. "You ready for the next test? Good! Let's go follow me!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and Tails tilt his head to the side.

"Anko, you're early." Ibiki said, causing the woman to bush in embarrassment.

"Whoa...deji vu." Naruto muttered.

Anko looked at the Genins and was displeased. " this all those you passed. You gone soft on me."

"You can thank those two." Ibiki pointed at Naruto and Tails, who waved to the two of them.

"Is that...a two tailed fox?" Anko asked as Tails smiled sheepishly and scratched his cheek. "Whatever! Let's go!" She jumped out of the window, making everyone to sweat drop.

"Come on T." Naruto said as he got up. "It's show time!"

"Right!" Tails nodded as he got on Naruto's shoulders and the two walked out.

Everyone, even the sentinals, soon got up and left the room as well, except Ibiki, who stood all alone and chuckled to himself.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You sure are interesting. Same goes for that sidekick of yours."

Ending 1: The Shining Road