The conflict that shone in Misaki's dazzling eyes was rather heartwarming to Saruhiko. Inner struggling brought lines of tension to the vanguard's face, wrinkling his features as he fought the confusion. Haze glazed his hazel orbs, pulling Saruhiko closer to him as a lustful aura filled the space amongst the heavy panting. Heat gathered quickly inside Saruhiko, pooling deep within him in as his heart beat fiercely.

Beneath him, Misaki struggled with words, the silence seemingly too much for the crow to leave alone for the situation. To him, something had to be said. Saruhiko, on the other hand, believed otherwise.

Gently, Fushimi reached down and took hold of the vanguard's hand, holding it tightly before pressing it firmly to his chest. Saruhiko stole the gasp that nearly managed to leave Misaki's lips with a kiss as the erratic rhythm passed through both men's hands.

The ice of Saruhiko's eyes was almost visibly shattering before Misaki as the Blue revealed his true emotion. Loneliness that had held Saruhiko shackled down was rusting and crumbling away as Misaki stared back at him silently. Pressing his lips together, Yata lowered his eyes and pushed back on Saruhiko, shifting both of them upwards. Worry flooded through Saruhiko, his heart racing quickly in panic.

Damn it, I've done it now. Shit

Misaki released a shaky sigh and hesitantly placed both hands on Saruhiko's shoulders. Suddenly the crow pushed, once again reversing their positions, leaving Misaki perched atop the other. Saruhiko blinked at him in confusion. He was expecting rejection– no, more than that. Saruhiko was ready for Misaki to kick him out, send him away forever and never have the two speak or ever come in close contact ever again. Complete separation. Loss of control had driven Fushimi too far this time—did it not?

Gingerly, Misaki closed the distance between the two and pressed his lips softly to Saruhiko's own. Saruhiko froze.

"Last time, y-you helped me. N-now..." Misaki trailed off, pushing his hips down on the heat between Saruhiko's legs. A hiss of air escaped Saruhiko, his mouth agape as he stared wide-eyed at Misaki in disbelief. Misaki's hands traveled down the others body, opening the remaining buttons of the Blue's uniform in their wake. As soon as the vanguard's hands began to fumble with his belt, Saruhiko took hold of Misaki's face, breaking the concentration the crow had devoted entirely to ensuring he wasn't shaking from nervousness.

"Are you sure about this?" Saruhiko's voice came out rather smoothly, surprising himself at how collected he sounded albeit feeling the complete opposite. "You don't owe me anything, you know that, right?" Saruhiko ran his thumb over Misaki's heated cheeks warily, concern that maybe Misaki was forcing himself constricted his heart with guilt. He truly loved Misaki. As much as he craved him, as much as he wanted the boy to himself, he couldn't bring himself to make Misaki feel obliged to return his previous actions as a favor.

"I'm doing this because I...w-want to. I'm not some cheap whore," Misaki grumbled, his face flushing darker as he returned Saruhiko's gaze.

"Hn~ of course not," Saruhiko smiled, tilting his chin to peck the vanguard on the nose. "What pervert would want to pick up a prostitute off the street with a name like 'Yatagarasu'?"

"Oi! Shut your fucking mouth, monkey!" Misaki roughly grabbed hold of Saruhiko's clothed length, yanking sharply on him and earning a loud yelp from Saruhiko.

"S-so you've got a sadistic streak, ne~? Mi~sa~ k– ahh! I was just– ah- ow!" Misaki gave another harsh tug before locking his gaze with Saruhiko, narrowing his eyes threateningly.

"What did I fucking say!" Yata growled angrily. Saruhiko whimpered under Misaki's painful grasp and raised his hands up almost playfully in surrender. Taking in a pained breath, Saruhiko took hold of the other's face and pressed his lips carefully against the angry scowl. Though reluctant at first, Misaki relaxed slightly and accepted the silent apology, moving his mouth with the Blue's harmoniously before pulling away to move his kisses down Saruhiko's neck.

Gingerly, the vanguard's fingers began to delicately fondle and palm between Saruhiko's legs. Anxiety began to swell within Misaki, unsure of what he was doing having never really performed anything of the sort on himself. Sure, he had relieved himself on very few previous occasions when the situation seemed absolutely dire, but it was strictly for clinical purpose (not to mention he had no clue how to proceed, resulting in an awkward confusing mess.) Misaki frowned, once again finding himself attempting to mimic Saru's ministrations.

The corner of Saruhiko's mouth hooked upwards as he reached down and placed his hands over Misaki's, guiding the crow's movements. Leaning forward, he rested his cheek to Misaki's temple, breathing heavily with his mouth dropped open to the older boy's ear.

"Let me teach you properly." Misaki shivered above him, his body tensing into the curve of Saruhiko's hard frame. "Here," Saru breathed, shifting Misaki's trousers downwards enough to expose his stiff hidden member. "Do as I do." Saruhiko brushed his thumb across the sensitive tip causing Misaki to yelp and reflexively curl inwards, burrowing his face into the hollow of the Blue's collarbone.

Trembling hands fumbled with the zipper of the Scepter 4 member's uniform, pulling and tugging ungraciously until there was staggered zip and the remaining cloth was pulled apart to reveal the half hard cock beneath. Misaki choked, nervousness and embarrassment flooding his cheeks as he averted his gaze back to the curve of Saru's neck.

"I-I can't…." Saruhiko clicked his tongue softly.

"Yes, I'm sure you can. Try at least."


"What happened to that fever you had a moment ago?" Saru purred, giving Misaki a solid stroke below. "Surely it couldn't have disappeared so quickly, ne?"

"C-Cut that out!"

"Hm? What's that?" Misaki bit his lip, pulling his ear away from The rumble within Saruhiko's chest.

"…Y-Your voice…"

"Huh? …Oh, I see," Saruhiko grinned devilishly. Moving his hand carefully, Saruhiko pumped Misaki's cock rhythmically, bowing and curving his lips to wrap around the vanguard's earlobe. He moaned deeply, chucking purposefully from the depths of his throat when Misaki gasped, sinking his into nails into Saru's hips.

"K-Kuso s-saru– hnng!" Pants fell heavily from the crow, the hot air fanning over Saruhiko's chest warming him considerably; strangely enough, he hadn't noticed he was feeling chilled in the first place. Slightly bewildered by the flash of thought, sparks lit his core ablaze as sweaty fingers coiled around his length, jolting him forward slightly in awareness. Brow furrowed, eyes narrowed, Misaki worked his hand determinedly up and down, up and down. It seemed a little too mechanic at first, but the vanguard found himself falling into the rhythm Saruhiko had set, pumping and twisting downwards carefully, but with just about the same amount of force as Saruhiko's movements. Saruhiko groaned approvingly.

"Fast learning, I see."

"S-Shut up, you fucker."

"Tch– You wound me, Misaki~" Saruhiko purred richly, his voice vibrating through both men's weakened structures. Working Misaki's cock harder at the rise in foul attitude, the other began to slow his motions, losing himself in Saruhiko's vigorous pumps.

"S-Saru! I-I…I c-can't…Sa-aru…" Misaki chocked, his body trembling.

"It's alright, you can come." With his deeply laced hum of words, Misaki tensed wholly, his body jerking hard into Saruhiko's chest and freezing in place as thick ribbons of white dropped to the Blue's abdomen. Dying down from his high, Misaki unconsciously ground himself into Saruhiko's slowing hand, pressing his sensitive tip to Saru's neglected cock. A stifled moan managed to slip from his throat, his hips desperately reaching forward for the return of friction. Misaki relaxed slightly, glancing upwards with rosy cheeks as Saruhiko clenched his jaw. Analyzing the situation, in a split-second decision, Misaki pulled the heavy sweat soaked sweater up and off his cooling body, chills prickling his exposed skin as he maneuvered himself back, drawing up Saruhiko's knees and lowering himself between them. Unsure of how or where to begin, Misaki opted for what seemed like the first best place to start: the head. Mentally shrugging, he popped his mouth over the tip and gave it a—accidentally rather harsh—suck.

"No, Misaki, you don't have t– Fuck!" Saruhiko's hands shot down, threading thickly into auburn locks, yanking pleadingly on the roots. "C-Careful there," Saru whimpered at the sudden shock around the most sensitive part of his throbbing cock. Glancing up apologetically, Misaki lowered his mouth around him further. Unthinkingly, he attempted to apologize, sending murmurs down Saruhiko's length. "Haaa…w-who ever taught to you to speak with your mouth full?" Saruhiko drawled, his moan interrupting his laughter. Misaki furrowed his brow with a sound of protest, baring his teeth and lightly clamping down threateningly around the swollen cock filling his mouth. Saruhiko squeaked, releasing Misaki's hair slightly before massaging his scalp apologetically, desperately urging him to release his bite. Reluctantly, Misaki eased his punitive hold, sliding his mouth down as far as he could comfortably get before receiving an awarding sigh from above for his mercy.

The pell-mell decision had now become blatantly obvious—that was, if it wasn't already completely self-evident to Saruhiko from the start. Misaki's vigour had died considerably quickly as his mind scrambled to figure out what and where it would feel best for Saru, not to mention how to accomplish that simple matter in the actual physical actions required to do so. Sloppily, Misaki continued to bob his head along the length, curling his tongue lazily along the underside as he attempted to get a feel for the strange activity. Once Misaki had become slightly more accustomed to the multitasking of twisting and bobbing and curling, he hollowed his cheeks, creating a vacuum that had Saruhiko lifting his hips off the cushion to meet the vanguard's mouth. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a horrible turnoff, and the idea that Misaki would even go as far as doing this to Saru made his hair stand up and his body shiver with delight.

Guiding his head with his hands still locked in Misaki's mop of hair, Saruhiko began to pull, urging him to pull off. "Misaki…you can stop n-now– hn! I-If you…go any long-…er…" Resisting to the tugging above, the crow worked diligently at the length, sucking harder and adjusting to make his movements more fluid. Misaki forcefully moved Saru's cock to the back of his mouth, threateningly pushing the comfortable boundary he had made and groaning at the discomfort. Gasping, Saruhiko shook, and Misaki pulled back in time to manage being hit directly by Saruhiko's release. Milky fluid painted the left of the vanguard's face, frowning deeply at the sudden hit. Several heaves rose and fell from Saruhiko before he realized what he'd done. Misaki wiped at it with the back of his hand and Saruhiko couldn't help but chuckle at the twisted nonplussed expression, reaching out and snaking the discarded sweater to wipe at the sticky discharge.

"Sorry about that," Saruhiko started, "though you should have listened to me when I warned you."

"I didn't think that would happen though." Misaki growled in retort. "I wasn't expecting it to hit me in the fucking eye!" Saruhiko laughed, helping the other back into his lap, into his arms where Misaki belonged.

"You didn't do too bad…" Saruhiko shrugged, and had he not been so close to him, he would have missed Misaki's expression soften slightly at the light praise. "…for a virgin, that is~"

"You fuckin' monkey!" Misaki began to wriggle about violently in his hold, thrashing around, trying to dig his elbow or his heel into the Scepter 4 member. All Saruhiko could do was grin wildly, chucking at the sudden swing in reaction, holding the crazed tempest tight to his chest. Weakened by his orgasm and earlier unhealthy state, the Blue gave in first, collapsing back into the couch cushion before receiving a few lazy blows to the shoulder. Misaki released an exasperated sigh and wavered, gravity seemingly heavier than usual begun to pull him towards the slump Saruhiko. Pouting in rebellion, he eyed the soiled sweater disapprovingly. "You'd better wash that piece of shit when you bring back my clothes from your apartment." Saruhiko blinked.

"Eh? You want to wear it?"

"No! …Not really, it's just– it's still kinda cold out, and the stupid thing is warm, so…"

"Why can't you wash it here at your place?" Saruhiko quirked a brow, ingeminating himself when Misaki looked away from him, muttering something too quiet for him to catch.

"…Your detergent or whatever… smells better…"

"What was that?"

"…It smells better…"

"What does?"

"You!" Misaki blurted, his temper sparking anew again. "You smell better! I'd rather you clean it so it can smell like…how everything else you have smells like!" Saruhiko laughed through his nose, reaching up and tousling Misaki's mess of auburn.

"That could be arranged," he hummed, smiling up at the beet-red vanguard.

"You really need to stop acting so weird," Misaki groaned, giving in and flopping down atop Saruhiko, causing to Blue to whimper under the sudden plop. Misaki's emaciated body hadn't been properly aided to, and his bony frame collided sharply with Saruhiko's own slender build.

"I can't see what you're talking about," Saruhiko sighed, pushing a tendril of stray hair from the other's face before interlacing his fingers back into Misaki's hair entirely. It was really a shame that the boy hid the silky mess beneath a beanie all the time, Saru thought. So soft.

"You keep fucking grinning, and acting stupid, and being a pervert and it's strange!" Saruhiko clicked his tongue at the vitriolic comment.

"Maybe it could be because you're with me, and that makes me happy." Misaki stilled suddenly atop him, breathing once, twice, before burying his face into the traitor's uniform jacket.

"…Damned monkey."

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