Chapter 1: Is There Danger For Mum & Dad?

I'm Bella Swan and I'm half-human and half-vampire. I have three abilities. One,a mental and physical shield,two,a learnabilty which is to learn other vampires abilities and last but not least, compelabity which is to force anyone to do whatever I want. My mother gave birth to me when she was only sixteen whereas my dad was eighteen. My dad,Charlie, now the chief of the police,used to be a vampire. He seduced my mum knowing that she was his soul mate but after I was born, I bit my mum,turning her into a vampire. I regretted my actions. When I turned two months old, I looked like a five year old. I found out my talents and immediately compelled my dad and mum to force the bad side of them which would turn their power of immortality into mortality. I knew they both did not want this wanted a normal life,have a normal child and die peacefully... That was when I decided to stay like this and protect my family knowing that there might be more vampires than us,but my duties changed when Queen Cynthia came to my door step.

"I'm looking for Ms Swan. Is she in?"Queen Cynthia smiled as she walked into the living room after inviting her in.

"Who are you? And why are you looking for me?" I asked with worried eyes.

"I'm Queen Cynthia,the leader of all half-breeds. I'm half-vampire and half-human like you. I'm 600 years old. I'm sure you might want to know why I'm here don't you?" I nodded and she spoke once more," You have a powerful gift unlike any half breeds I've seen. Well, maybe not one but three. I've been waiting for you even before you were born. Bella, you are the Princess of half-breeds. You are not the only one. You have sisters, four to be exact. I know this all sound shocking but you have duties to fulfill. The instructions and duties are written here, if you need me just call for me in your mind. I'll see you next time." She handed me the note which looked like a scroll and she was gone. 'Prin-cess?! I can't be...Calm down Bella...' I thought as I opened the letter and silently read.

It said:

Dear Princess Bella,

You are the fifth Princess of the half-breeds. You may be shocked or surprised but this is all true. If Queen Cynthia steps down from her throne,she'll pick you or your other four sisters to become the queen but,you have duties to do, you have to do it as this is very important,your life depends on how well you have done you duties. It is as follows:

1) Do some 'human stuff' (go to college,get a job and so forth.)

2) Find your soul mate and be fast on doing so while you do your 'human staff'.

3)Protect them as long as you shall live.

If your soul mate and the coven is destroyed,you will die slowly either from a disease or sudden death but, if you die whereas one person or more from that coven is alive, someone will stand in for you even though they aren't his or her soul mate. Try to keep your talents a secret. especially your learnability. There is already money transferred in your bank account so you don't have to worry about anything. We are all at the castle in Seattle, Queen Cynthia will know your response through your mind. Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Your Sincerely,

Scarlet, The Messenger.

'Thank you, Queen Cynthia. This is unexpected but,I accept your proposal. See you soon.' I thought hoping Queen Cynthia had 'heard' me.

Two months later...

It was finally the day I could go to college. I was going to the one near my house. Sadly, I had not found my soul mate. I woke up in a daze and grabbed some clothes before I headed to the bathroom to change. After a few minutes, I went down and cooked breakfast. After some time, I heard footsteps and turned around to see that it was my dad. " Morning. I cooked breakfast for you and mum, I've got to go to school now. Bye!" I shouted while heading out with my heavy school bag. 'I hope she will be safe...' I heard his thoughts and found it strange. 'When did I have this power? Oh no! There must be a vampire in town...' I thought, terrified. ' Calm down Bella Swan.' I thought again. I managed to calm down as I headed towards my car.

After a thirty minute ride, I reached the college doors and hurried to find a spot to park my car. Seeing that there were many pupils, I got out of the car and heard 'comments'... 'She's hot. Never seen her around before,she must be Bella Swan.' There were more but I did not want to think more about it. I ran at human speed towards the receptionist counter and met a nice lady who gave me my schedule and a map of the whole school. I walked to my first class Spanish and was happy as I learned everything my teacher was teaching. Suddenly, I lost balance and all I could see was darkness.

I turned left,entered class and saw a guy,who seemed to be frustrated with me?... "Bella? Are you okay?" My teacher shouted in shock. I could now finally see everything. "Yeah, could I get a breath of fresh air outside?" I asked in hope and he nodded and told me to be careful. I nodded weakly and ran to the door in human speed but ran out of the building at superhuman speed. 'Oh my...I...I saw the future...There might be more than one vampire in this town...Which means more danger for Dad and Mum... Calm down,let's finish today's schedule and think of a plan at night.' I nodded in agreement as I walked into class and after a while, Spanish class was over and it was lunch. I went to my locker and placed everything I did not need in there and headed into the lunchroom.

After getting my food, I asked my classmate,Jessica,from Spanish class if I could seat here for now and she and her friends were more than welcome to agree. 'What's that smell? It smells amazing!' I thought as I turned to the direction of the smell and noticed 4 people coming in through the back door of the lunch room.

"Who are they?" I asked Jessica and she replied," The Cullens an The Hales, moved down around two years ago. They were adopted by Dr and Mrs Cullen. The pixie-like one is Alice Cullen and she's with Jasper Hale,the blond one who looks like his in pain. Behind them is Rosalie Hale she's makes other girls here so envious and jealous and she's with Emmett Cullen, the big one."

As I turned my head, I smelled another 'delicious' smell and saw it was a redish-brownish haired boy and asked the person next to me the same question.

"That's Edward Cullen. Every girl in here dreams to be with him but no one is good enough for him,he just rejects,rejects and rejects!" she replied with a frown embedded on her forehead. I turn to look at him again and notice he was looking at me,frustrated.I turn back to look at my tray and thought 'Time to put this skill in good use.' I said while trying to read his mind. 'Why?Why can't I read her mind?!Thank god Jasper is calming me down...' he thought while I could see that he was starting to calm down. I got up but, I fainted and saw nothing but darkness...

Edward clenched his fists while he sat at the edge of the table... "Bella!Bella!This is the second time!Are you okay?" Jessica asked worriedly. I sat up and said "Yeah,just feeling a little sick. I need a breather can you help me put the tray back?" She nodded and helped me to stand. I then noticed a crowd around me and reassured everyone that I was was weird everyone got reassured really fast and I felt their emotions. I immediately ran out and thought 'Another vampire?Another danger...Calm down Bella Swan!' I managed to calm down and headed to my next lesson,Biology.