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Takes place about 1 and a half years after season 5.

Raven was never a social person. She would like to be, but she was not. Raven had to keep her emotions in check, that way things would not be destroyed. So Raven could keep her emotions from running rampant, she meditated daily. The solace of meditation helped her focus and kept her relaxed. It made Nevermore a peaceful place. The delicate balance in her life was kept by that simple routine. Meditation. That being said, her entire personality was shaped around her demonic powers. She was calculating and harsh, never giving anyone the benefit of the doubt unless she trusted them. The only people she trusted were her fellow Titans. To the rest of the world, she was a frigid and unyielding person. To the Titans, however, she could be fun (at certain times) and sarcastic. She was like this because she feared herself. She geared the havoc she could wreak.

Starfire, on the other hand, was the exact opposite of her gothic friend. She was bright, bubbly, and talkative. Anything one said, she was bound to respond in the most optimistic manner possible. Even before she had met the Titans, she was this way. She had always been a kind person. It was her nature. She found comfort in Raven, being as she was the only other female in the tower. Knowing that Raven was more introverted and afraid of herself than she was, Starfire made sure not to push Raven as often as she would like. Starfire wanted a girl friend to take to the mall of shopping and to gossip with her. Raven wasn't like that, so Starfire decided to take up meditation. The Tamaranian figured it would give them some girl bonding time. Even though Starfire would've preferred to chat about what Robin had told her the night before, she respected Raven and her powers. She did not interfere.

"Good morning," Raven murmured to Starfire as she sipped her herbal tea, "Did you sleep well?"

"It is a most glorious morning indeed, Raven! Thank you! Yes. I slept pleasantly." Starfire crossed her legs and hovered slightly above the couch, "Did you partake in the dreaming, yes?"

Raven's mind was momentarily plagued with her nightmare, but she tried to shake off the thought, "No. I didn't."

"May I join you in meditation today, friend?"

"If you wish," Raven said. She stood, "I think I'm going to the roof today." Raven set her cup in the sink and the two girls journeyed to the roof of the tower. Raven began to drift just above the cool concrete. Starfire fell into the same position and the girls became silent. Raven needed to focus more today that usual. Rage was bubbling just under the surface because of the horrible envisagement last night.

With her eyes shut, Raven could remember the horrible images from only four hours ago. Trigon murdering her mother with his bare hands. Raven with four eyes, standing over the dead bodies of the Titans. Her killing her own mother. She remembered killing each Titan, one by one. Raven had made Beast Boy suffer the most-

"Raven?" Starfire watched her friend. The empath was shaking. Wether it was in anger or fright, Starfire could not tell. She gently laid a hand on her, setting the girl's anger off. Raven's eyes shot open, suddenly doubling. Four red eyes stared back at her. Starfire shrieked and Raven's hand shot out, capturing her wrist tightly between her grey fingers. "Raven!"

Raven murmured some kind of incantation, sounding more like a snake hissing than actual words. Suddenly, Starfire's world shifted. She felt an out-of-body experience. She was floating above the pair, witnessing everything. Starfire heard Raven say something in a demonic language she did not understand again and then a shadow appeared from Raven's body. It looked like a monster had taken on Raven's shape. It leaned towards Starfire's physique and disappeared. As soon as the terrible form entered Starfire, she felt herself being forced towards Raven. With a cry, she was pulled into her and saw only darkness.

Raven knew what happened the moment she had lost her sense of self. She had lost control of her powers and Rage had taken over. Angry with herself and angry with her father, she felt someone touch her and reacted as any demon would. She had stolen their soul. After she felt the soul leave the body, Raven had felt a pure carcass. Her essence craved that kind of immaculacy and had sprung upon the empty body.

The second she entered the clean body, her powers left her. Raven's eyes shot open, revealing her own shaking body. Someone was inside of her. She stood, but felt too far off of the ground. To her horror, she also saw purple boots. Raven looked at her hand, then surveyed the arm. Not again. She was inside of Starfire again.

Starfire saw darkness for a split second, then everything changed. She felt different presences within her, all fighting for dominance. The presences bellowed protestations at this new soul in their body. It was not their master. She wanted to scream after only three seconds in this new form. Who was she? She opened her eyes, which revealed smooth grey skin and long blue sleeves. Grey skin, fighting emotions. It could only be Raven. She was once again in the empath's body.

"No!" Starfire squealed, sending a burst of black energy towards herself. She squeaked again as she saw herself fly across the roof.

"Ow," Raven said, rubbing her head, "Calm down, Starfire. You're me again."

"I thought we had settled this last time! What did you do, Raven? I do not wish to have to keep calm forever again! I want to speak freely and not feel these things trying to restrain me! What is going on?! I cannot-"

"STARFIRE!" Raven put her hands forcefully on her shoulders, "Calm down right now or you could blow up this entire tower without even thinking about it. Those things trying to restrain you are my emotions. That's why I meditate."

"Why am I you?" Starfire asked, still high pitched and frightened.

"It was my fault. I was so angry and I felt something touch me-"

Starfire made an indignant noise, "I was comforting you!"

"I was enraged! Didn't you see the four red eyes? Big clue! Anyway, I stole your soul." Starfire squeaked again, making Raven glare at her, "The second your soul left your body... I don't know what happened. It was so...pure. My entity just took your carcass. It was clean and holy and perfect."

"I was a ghost," Starfire whispered, "Once your shadow entered me, I felt compelled to enter the only free body. Yours!"

"We have to fix this," Raven muttered, "But only I can. Well, you now."

"I know nothing about your powers except that I must stay calm!"

Raven sighed, "Truthfully, I don't even know how to reverse this. I will find out. I have probably a thousand books in my room about how to solve this problem. Let's go-"

"I have to act like you. Raven, I cannot-"

"Starfire, I understand. I can't be happy. Can't you tell how devoid I sound? How do you even have a different tone of voice? Anyway, we just have to make a mad dash for my room. I could try to teach you to teleport, but-"

"No," Starfire shook her head, "I can do it." Raven tried to talk Starfire out of it, saying she wasn't ready, but Starfire stayed adamant. "I must try."

"Fine. Remember, keep calm and keep quiet."

The girls slowly descended the stairs leading into the living room of the tower. Robin was sitting on his laptop, most likely going over some files about a villain. Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing a video game, trying to get the best of each other. Raven murmured encouraging words and told her to stay silent.

"Hi!" Raven said, trying to sound perky. She tried her best to grin at Robin, but it probably looked forced and silly. This is not working. "We're going to her room for a while."

Robin looked up at them, "Your room, Raven?" He chuckled, "Whatever you want."

Starfire felt one emotion become significantly stronger than the others. She lost control of it for a split second and three lightbulbs exploded. The male Titans made a surprised sound, jumping off of the couch.

"Raven!" Beast Boy jumped over the couch's back and looked at her, "Are you okay? What happened?"

Starfire cringed away from him, "I do not know. I lost control. I am fine." She tried her best to keep a monotonous tone to her voice. "I apologize, Robin."

"Uh, you sure you're okay?" he asked, peering curiously at the cloaked girl. Starfire reached up and pulled the hood over her head, nodding.

"Yes. I am fine."

Raven internally groaned. What were they going to do?

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