Title: Final Battle

Summary: How he felt and what he did.


They say twins possess the strongest force of magic and when they combine their magic, they can accomplish anything. That's what Fred and I set out to do. We were going to wreck more than just havoc in the final battle. We were gonna stick side by side and make a competition out of it, a running count of how many Death Eaters we were able to defeat. That's what we started with as we left the Room of Requirement.

We ran down the hall together using our telepathy to communicate more than our words. Wands raised, we sent spells and kept a running total.

8, 9, 10 Fred's voice sounded excitedly in my head. I responded with my own numbers and heard his laugh ring through the air. I'm losing. I sent a spell at a Death Eater and saw Fred's arm cross my path as he cast a spell at a Death Eater sneaking up on me.

We exchanged a smile, but the minor victory was brief. We turned and cast more disarming and stunning spells, protecting each other when we could. The tally was well into the fifties by the time the Great Hall was in sight.

Percy ran past, stopping briefly to shout at us. "McGonagall wants one of you two to help me upstairs."

I nodded in response. I'll go. Fred turned to me and smiled. "It will be fun!" His eyes sparkled with excitement. I high-fived him as he ran after Percy.

I kept the count going with Fred, I almost laughed when he told he was back up at the Room of Requirement. The battle kept going, the tally was up to the hundreds when Fred stopped counting. He shouted out in shock No!

My heart stopped.

My last spell died in my throat.

The anguish burned.

I tried to fight the fury from coming out, but I couldn't.

I let the fury guide my wand.

When the fighting finally stopped, and Voldemort called his followers back to him, I finally was able to come back to my senses.

I felt dead inside.

The Great Hall seemed so far away, but I knew I had to see him one last time. I stumbled my way to the Great Hall. I didn't have to look too hard to see the shock of red heads that I knew. I couldn't bring myself to go over to them.

It might not be him.

It might not be my partner in crime.

It might not be Fred.

It might not be my twin.

My feet trudged their way towards the group. Like they knew I was there, they parted revealing him. I fell to my knees at his side.

There was only emptiness.

I was only half there. The other half had died.

His face was frozen with my favorite half smile of his. His eyes were dead and lifeless. I felt the pain rush out of me. I felt the tears start brimming. The first tear fell and the emotions rushed back and hit me all at once.

The sobs started and kept coming. I felt the arms of someone embrace me. It didn't matter who it was. No one would ever be able to replace him. No one would ever take his place. No one would ever be able to cherish his smile again. No one would ever be able to cherish his laugh again.

I was that no one.

Two lives were lost.

Two twins were separated.

There was nothing.