Title taken from Syo's, Ai's and Masato's Unit song: Beautiful Love. An UtaPri fanfic of past Syo/Natsuki and developing Syo/Ai. May contain some side Otoya/Reiji and past Otoya/Tokiya. OTL Sorry for the cheesy preview ahahaha

Natsuki looked down at Syo. He wore an uncharacteristic expression; serious and forlorn. Syo felt his heart drop. He knew what was coming and it was slowly being confirmed as the pit in his stomach grew. How could he have stayed in that oblivious state for so long? He was aware of Natsuki's growing obsession with Nanami but he never thought she would be replacing him, replacing his position as the one whom Natsuki wants besides him. "I'm sorry, Syo" Natsuki said.

There it is, thought Syo. Those words and he didn't even use a suffix. He should've done more, he should've been nicer and more tentative, but whenever they weren't embracing he'd turn harsh and play hard to get. "I'm so stupid." He thought to himself "But..if I acted like that then it wouldn't be me.." Thousands of thoughts and memories flew through his head. His emotions were constantly churned and spat out. His feelings changed from ones of self-blame to blame of another party. His tears welled with his anger. "How dare he just throw me away?! I did everything I could for him! I escorted him everywhere, even to his stupid conventions, just to keep him in line. I never backed away whenever he turned into Satsuki and was violent towards me. I covered up the bruises and comforted him just to stop him from feeling guilty. But he's just going to throw me, who he's known since childhood, away? For some girl he just met? After what he's done to me…." The tears started to fall and despite his inner conflict Syo found himself unable to speak any of it. Natsuki finished his statement,

"I'm sorry, Syo. But you're not the one I want beside me"

"Ah" Darkness had crept up on him "There it was" thought Syo. He fell to his knees and Natsuki walked away.

Sorry for the short 1st Chapter. Thanks for reading!

(I don't mean to make Natsuki seem like a bad person or anything, just he really annoys me in the anime when he just casts Syo aside despite what Syo does for him.)

I'm using "Syo" because it is spelt that way on the official original merchandise