"Nii-san, you have to go to America."

"How long can I carry on for?"

"Nii-san! You're heart's about to collapse!"

"How long, Kaoru?"

"… About 3 weeks if you were bedridden. 2 weeks with no excessive exercise and-"

"That's all I need to know. Thankyou, Kaoru"

"Nii-san! Please consider it now! If your heart gives way over here there's no guarantee-"

"I'll be fine, Kaoru! Please think of a date to meet with Mum and I'll try to adjust my schedule, okay?"


"Oi, you bastard, wake up" Syo kicked at Ai's legs and the latter sprung up in response

"….Oh, it's just you" Ai feigned a sigh. "Where's the professor?"

"That creep has gone into the other room to my brother. Get up, we're leaving now" Syo's tone was harsh and cold and Ai wondered how long the blonde had thought about his actions,

"That creep is respectively my father you know, the significant figure of my creation" Ai replied just as harshly. The bluenette staggered to his feet and stretched. He could play this game too…

Syo abruptly grabbed him by the collar and pulled the taller idol down towards him. "And that person you decided to kick off on was my little brother" Syo gritted his teeth and hissed his words.

Ai returned his glare with tepid, unflinching eyes. "You had no right to say that to him, Ai! No right at all!" Syo was yelling now, tugging at Ai's collar, his voice cracking every so often. "Okay, I'm sorry I said some harsh things to you! I'm sorry alright! But don't take out your anger on my family take it out on me!" The blonde gritted again, he was genuinely angry at Ai for hurting his brother, but at the same time he felt guilty because he was the one who started it. Amongst the mixed feelings was also the want to not harm Ai. Syo was unsure of why, he'd have no problem battering anyone else if they had done the same, but with Ai it was different. These feelings frustrated him and confused him and with the confusion came even more frustration. The smaller boy looked away, trying to hide his face but still clutching the taller's collar.

"Syo, let go of me" Ai said in a calm but demanding voice.

"I'm …not finished…" Syo said hoarsely, still refusing to look at Ai. Ai held onto Syo's hands making them flinch. They gradually loosened,

"Syo, let go" This time Ai's voice was quieter and gentler. He really couldn't cope when Syo cried, and although he wasn't necessarily the one in the wrong he felt the need to forgive the blonde immediately and embrace the small boy until he stopped crying. The hands around his collar went limp and fell. Ai regained his posture and looked down on the mess of blonde threads. He saw a tear splash on the cold floor.

"Have you calmed down" Ai asked quietly but sternly.

"….Yeah" it was a barely audible reply

"Then let's go" Ai walked past him, patting him on the head as he made for the door. He knew what Syo was doing, and no matter how much his body cried at him to comfort the older boy his mind demanded that he walked on, didn't look behind him and save the older boy's remaining pride.

"Kaoru-kun~" The professor peered around the already ajar door and spotted a small figure sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed with his head on his knees.

"Ahh, Kaoru-kun…" the professor walked swiftly towards the figure and crouched down to its height, patting it on the head.

"What's wrong, Kaoru-kun" the messy brunette's voice had turned soft and he ruffled the blonde's hair.

"It doesn't matter" the blonde muffled into his knees

"Aha~ Come on, of course it matters. Was it Ai?" There was no reply

"Ai was, well, I don't really know but he was having an off day so just ignore him for now okay? I'm sure next time he'll apologize" The Professor ruffled his hair more.

"It's not that" Kaoru partly lied. It was Ai but Ai wasn't his significant problem at the moment. It was how closely his words related to reality. The blonde twin gritted and curled up even more, "it's not that" he whimpered.

The Professor allowed himself to fall into a sitting position and he began to play with tuffs of sandy hair.

"What's wrong, Kaoru" his voice was lower and gentler now, with more seriousness in it. Kaoru shivered and clenched before finally looking up, his face stained with streaming tears

"It's nii-san…" the blonde spoke hoarsely, gulping his words. The Professor didn't speak but pulled him into a hug and let the small boy cry into his shoulder, rubbing his hand in circles on his back.

"It's okay, Kaoru. I'm sure Ai will look after him for you"

"…Hakase- san…"

"My body is ready"

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