The next day, Syo had a different outlook on his life. Perhaps it was because of Ranmaru's reprimanding statement, or just purely exhaustion from moping about his recent misfortune; whatever the reason, Syo felt lighter, well, perhaps the correct terminology for it was he didn't care anymore. He just didn't give a crap. Sure, it still pained the boy to think about Natsuki, whenever he did, his chest would tighten and his head would throb. But what was the point in hurting himself over someone else? He wanted Natsuki to be happy, he truly did, but he also needed to think about his own happiness. There was nothing he could actually do to make Natsuki change his mind. He couldn't force someone to love him; in fact, he would hate to be in that type of a relationship. It was time to move on.

Luckily for Syo, Ai didn't mention anything about the previous days, instead the bluenette actually agreed to assist Syo with his idol work hunting.

"Just put your Shining I.D. number here, in this box, and your work email in the box below" Ai leaned across him to point at the boxes on an audition form. The sudden contact made the blonde flinch and his rush of distracting thoughts immediately stopped. The taller idol didn't move back though and this made the smaller become increasingly conscious.

"He's not hot…" It struck Syo that despite the stifling heat of a random early summer's day, Ai's body temperature was incredibly cool, and although the young idol's touch was refreshing in the summer heat the blonde prayed he'd get off his back, literally.

"Th-Thanks, Ai" he gulped nervously, hoping his recognition would budge the taller boy.

"It's fine. I don't mind helping" Ai's voice sounded soft by Syo's ear. Of course this made the latter blush even more as he tenaciously gripped his pen. Ai peered into Syo's face.

"What's wrong, Syo?" Oh god, his voice was practically melting into the older boy's ear. The blonde froze, "What the hell is happening?!" was all he could process. Ai reached his left arm round.

"Do you not remember your I.D.? Here, pass me your pen, I have it in my database." The smaller idol couldn't even think about the meanings of Ai's words and stiffened even more when his fingers were brushed by the taller's slender ones. While the bluenette neatly printed a string of numbers, he spoke softly again, purposefully teasing the older boy.

"Are you nervous, Syo" The addressed idol slowly glanced through the peripheral of his vision to meet his smirking senpai. The bluenette wore a sly smile, like he was clearly aware of Syo's qualm. Although this angered Syo he was trapped by the other's pure beauty. He'd never been this close to Ai's face before. Every one of the latter's features were now visible. Pristine, unblemished skin, clear despite the sweltering humidity, glossy peach lips which shimmered slightly and deep, turquoise eyes topped with long, dark lashes.

Syo attempted to turn around and shake Ai off muttering,

"Ai….Get off..Are you trying to turn me on.." Ai backed off and put his hands up in the air like he was surrendering.

"Huh? What was that?"


"Wait did I just say that out loud?" thought Syo. A blush rapidly spread across his face.

"Ah, umm, I-I mean, no, I'm not nervous! Ahahaha- umm, jeesh, it's hot in here, could've least turned on the A/C or something" Syo shot up and shakily made his way towards the air conditioner. "What was that just then?" he thought frantically and clutched at his chest. "Was I just- Did Ai just?" the blonde frowned "This can't be good for my heart" The blonde's thoughts shocked him. " I know I told myself to move on but…Ai, really? Or am I…just trying to find a substitute for Natsuki?" Syo clutched his chest harder. He didn't want to admit it, but he wasn't sure of his feelings anymore. They were the same feelings which had been so easily trodden on, and he believed his change in pace was too quick to be genuine. "Natsuki…" The blonde pulled the cord dangling from the A/C and was met by a slow blast of cold air. He stayed in front of the gust, his hair was tousled out of his face and his reddened cheeks were cooled. "It's easier said than done-to move on"

Ai watched his back and sighed. Maybe he didn't quite believe Reiji's prediction himself yet.

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