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Italy cracked open his beer, wincing as it hissed and fizzed rather loudly. Prussia snickered.

"Don't worry, Ita-chan, it won't bite you!" clearly Gilbert had already had way too much to drink.

"I know. I just..." he just what? Deciding it was better to just drink and not explain himself, he downed almost a third of the beer in one gulp. "Wow...that's...strong." he wasn't used to beer. It was almost always Germany who drank it. He was much more fond of wine.

"You know what else is strong?" Prussia said, grinning. "Spain. Man, that dude is ripped! I want to see how he is in bed with your brother! Romano probably can't walk after he's through with him!" yep, that settled it. Definitely drunk.

"Er, right. Spain nī-chan is strong though. Once he lifted two full baskets of tomatoes with each hand and carried Lovi on his shoulders...I wish I could do that."

"Hey, while we're on the subject of beds," Prussia slurred, throwing back the rest of his fifth beer, "how was my sister in bed, huh? I never really thought of her as ever having sex, y'know? I just figured, "Naw, no one'll ever tap that", so I always pictured her as being...forever a virgin, right?" Italy didn't know if he was comfortable answering that.

"Um...I'm sorry, what was the question?"

"Did she want something kinky? Heh, I'll bet she did, the crazy bitch."

"E-excuse me?"

"I know she's into BDSM. Did she tie you up? Ha! Did you tie her up?"

"Um...n-no...I think you have the wrong—"

"'Cause I know sometimes when Hungary and I get freaky, we like to role-play. Like once, she was the naughty school girl who didn't do her homework and I was the handsome school teacher who had to punish her. Or once she was a rich, noble woman and I was part of the help. That one was kinky, you should try some role-playing with Luddy, she'll love it!"

"Ha ha! Okay, I think you've had enough beer!" Italy laughed nervously, trying to take the beer can from Prussia's hand, but he slapped it away.

"Hey, don't fucking touch me. I'm fine! I just have needs, you know? Don't you ever feel that way? Imagine Germany in a sexy pose or some sexy undies?" a blush crept over Italy's cheeks as he imagined Germany in a bikini, walking towards him, her entire body dripping from the sea water—

"N-no, I don't imagine things like that..." he squeaked, shaking his head. He was just torturing himself. He knew that Germany didn't love him back. His love for her was unrequited. "There's no point. I've had my fun. That was it; it was a one-time thing."

"That sucks man, I love to picture Hungary naked. I mean, damn, you've never seen her, but...damn. I've never seen nicer tits on a girl before! Her's are even bigger than Germany's! I mean, G-cups, man! G-cups!"

"Can we talk about something else, please?" Italy said quickly, trying to stifle the wave of excitement that was coming over him. He tried to think of dead puppies, Russia, vomit...but all he could think about was naked Germany, Germany in a French maid's outfit, Germany wearing pink, lacy panties...Germany wearing nothing but spaghetti noodles, which she would let him eat off of her—

"A-ah, I have to go...somewhere—" he dashed from the room, up the stairs, and into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

He gripped his head in his hands; what was wrong with him? Why couldn't he just accept the fact that he would never be with Germany again? She didn't like him, and he shouldn't like her, but...why did she have to be so amazingly perfect and sexy and alluring and beautiful? He wished he would've thought to take a picture of her when she had stripped her clothes off. He would kill to see even the slightest bit of her—

"Italy?" oh no, speak of the devil. He whirled his head around to face Germany, who cast him a confused look. "Why are you in here? You usually don't come up until a little later. And besides, weren't you drinking with Prussia?"

"I-I was...but then I..." he gulped as she shrugged off her jacket, leaving her in nothing but her skintight tank top and her pants. "A-ah...um, do you maybe want to put on your dressing gown, or something?"

"Why? It's not like anyone's gonna see anything." she shrugged, grabbing her book and flopping down next to him in her spot on the bed, opening to the page she had left off on. "What's wrong with you, anyways? You're acting stupider than usual." that was it. He couldn't take this anymore.

With speed that would've shamed Speed Racer himself, he rammed his lips against hers. His tongue entered her mouth, roaming for a moment before he broke the kiss and moved to her jawline, spattering it with passionate kisses.

"I-Italia! What the hell—" Germany yelled, trying to struggle away from him. It was no use, however; Italy was more animal than man now, his hands straying from her hair to her back, and then to her bra clasp.

"Mmm...don't fight it..." he whispered against her skin. A shudder ran up her spine and she gasped slightly as he nibbled her earlobe. A sneaky grin tugged on the Italian's lips. "Oh, you like that, do you?"

"N-no, I don't! Get off me—o-oh..." he nipped it again, cutting her off as she moaned. "I-Italy...don't—" her bra came unhooked, and Italy's fingers traveled sneakily up her shirt to tug it out from under her shirt. His fingers lingered on her quivering mounds.

"Soft..." he muttered, rolling over on top of her and licking the spot behind her ear. She whimpered.

"Italy...I want...I n-need—"

Just as he was undoing his belt buckle, a sharp cry rang through the house. Lotte had awoken, and judging by her screams, she wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. The two adults caught each other's eyes, disappointment evident in both pairs.

"I'll get her down. And then...?"


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