It's just Destiny


Ava Brett


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Author Note

Just don't ask because I seriously don't know. I sat down, cracked my knuckles, and went to write the next chapter of Tick Tock (its coming I promise) and the next thing I know is that this little baby has popped out and so I decided to roll with it.

I've come to the conclusion that my updates will come in a steady stream… just not quite as quickly as they did originally. You can blame my other half who had demanded I slow down before I burn out so I'm following his advice. I write a chapter, upload it and then watch an episode of a TV show before starting the next chapter… Its castle at the moment in case you were curious as to what I was watching… highly enjoyable, gotta love lovefilms

Anyway enjoy and don't worry if you are waiting for a chapter of another story of mine then they are coming… just slightly slower then every single week without fail…

Overall Summary

Dean Winchester was completely normal or at least he thought he was. Apparently he's actually a big deal in the supernatural world; a world he didn't even know existed until today. Dean's goal is simple, ignore his new position, ignore his gorgeous new bodyguard Castiel who won't go away and just act like nothing has happened… I mean what's the worst that could happen right?

Chapter Summary

Dean should never have taken that alleyway…

Overall Romance

Castiel / Dean Winchester

Chapter Romance

I don't think romance is quite what is on Dean's mind during this chapter…

Chapter One

Are you Dean Winchester?

Looking back it had been a stupid idea to take the alley way when it was already dark.

He should have just taken the time and gone the longer route home, it might have added ten minutes to his journey but the entire walk was down Main Street and Main Street was always crowded and always bright. He knew why he had taken the short cut, he was late getting home and his Dad, if he was having a good day, would always blast him about being late and how he had to set a better example for his brother to follow. That would straight away be followed by a second lecture about how he always had to be vigilant and watch the shadows because the shadow was where the supernatural lived

Dean Winchester loved his Dad, he truly did but even he couldn't deny the fact that John Winchester was a whole lot of crazy in one constantly drunk package. The death of his wife when Dean had been four and his brother a baby had changed him completely from the man Dean could just about remember from his past. He had simply started going away on trips by himself for days at a time leaving the two boys behind, he stopped showing any interest in either of them. It was as though Sam and Dean had simply faded into the background, barely existing to him and certainly not enough to concern him self with.

The same pattern had continued for years until Dean was fourteen. He had been cooking dinner for Sam, testing him on some history quiz when the back door had opened and their father had walked in, covered in blood with a daze confused look on his face. Dean had sat the older man down, bandaging up the wounds he could find before helping John to bed after telling Sam to remain where he was. John has been talking he whole time, mumbling to him self right until the point Dean had laid him on the bed, that was when his hand suddenly snatched at Dean's wrist, gripping it hard as he stared into Dean's startled eyes and started going on about demons and how the demons were making a plan to unleashed the dragons and they couldn't let them have the dragons.

Dean had pulled his wrist from his Dad's grip and settled him back down, watching over him for a moment as he realised with a sinking feeling that whatever John had done on his last trip had somehow damaged him in a way which Dean was sure couldn't be repaired.

He probably should have placed John in some sort of home where he could have received specialist care for his delusions but Dean hadn't been able to go through with it, not when there had been Sam to consider as well, as long as John was in the house the state couldn't touch them and couldn't separate them, until Dean was of legal age he would have to continue the charade that everything was ok.

It might have been different now that Dean was twenty and had a full time job and would be considered suitable to be Sam's legal guardian but he didn't want to risk the delicate balance they had achieved. Sam was still only sixteen and currently in the most important year of his schooling. The last thing his brother needed was a massive upheaval such as his father being placed in a mental home, all it would accomplish would be upsetting them all.

Dean would deal with the situation the same way he had dealt with it since the age of six when he realised that it was his responsibility to take care of Sam. He would deal with it by him self.

Sam would be wondering where he was, staring at the clock on the kitchen wall while he sat at the table, his books spread out on the surface as he pretended to study. He wouldn't be studying, not yet, not until Dean walked through the door safe and sound, instead if he knew his brother the younger man would be counting down how long he would give Dean before he started to panic. Their father would probably have been in his favourite armchair in front of the TV, staring blankly at the screen as he muttered to him self as he reached out, brushing violently at the air as though he was trying to get something away from him. Dean doubted John even knew where he was half the time let alone what he was actually staring at.

Dean adjusted his bag on his shoulder before he reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile out. It was a fairly old phone compared to half the one that were out there at the moment but he didn't particularly care about it. He was the only one in the family earning any money and every cent he made went straight on Sam, keeping his brother fed and clothed while trying to keep the roof of their house over their head. A house which had seen better days and which needed constant work on it to make sure it didn't collapse on their heads when they were asleep.

He scrolled through his contacts and pressed the connect button, bringing it to his ear as he looked nervously around him. It was surprisingly dark considering it was only seven in the evening, the last few times he had been down this alleyway there had been street lights but not this time. He could only assume that the bulbs had blown or the council had decided that this particular street wasn't worthy of wasting their money on. Knowing the way this town work Dean was pretty sure it was for the second reason.

"Dean? Where the hell are you? You're normally back by now" Sam answered after the third ring, not bothering to greet his brother. Dean felt a twinge of guilt when he heard the undercurrent of worry to his brother's voice.

"Yeah sorry about that Sammy, I got held up at work talking to a customer and then I had to head to the store to get us some food because we're completely out again." He said, glancing down at the large brown carrier bag he held under the crook of his free arm. "I'm gonna be back home in like five minutes or something, I'm literally just round the corner walking through Waller Alleyway."

"You really shouldn't walk through that alley when it's dark and you're by yourself Dean, you know its not safe, people have been murdered there" Sam chided.

"Yeah well you know me Sammy, I like to live life on the wild side and live a little dangerously. Pasta bake sound good for tonight? It shouldn't take me long to whip it up when I get in" Dean responded.

"Pasta bake sounds good Dean" Sam answered, sounding more like him self now that he had determined that Dean was alive and well enough to be talking to him.

"Of course it does" Dean scoffed. "I'll have you know that I am the king of making Pasta Bakes. I've even got some garlic bread to go with it after you moaned the last time that there was nothing to soak the sauce up with" Dean said. "So how has Dad been today?" he asked. A sudden noise from behind him had him whipping his head round, peering into the darkness. There was nothing there that he could see but he couldn't quite shake off the sudden feeling that he wasn't by him self there anymore.

He breathed out, trying to remain calm and ignoring the way his heart beat suddenly escalated as though it was trying to burst from his chest. Clearly it was just some homeless dude trying to find something to eat for the evening; Dean had seen its lots of times on his way home, scruffy individuals looking through the large overfilled dumpster for anything they could find which would tide them over until the next day.

"He's still the same as usual Dean" Sam answered, attracting Dean's attention back to the phone call. "He's just sitting in front of the TV talking about demons and ghost not to mention his favourite topic of dragons. He did manage to remember my name this time so at least he appears to be having a semi good day for once. Beats being called Daniel that's for sure"

"He doesn't mean it Sam" Dean answered with a sigh.

"Doesn't mean to call me by his dead brother's name? Well that makes me feel so much better Dean, thanks" Dean pulled a face before he spoke, changing the subject, the last thing he needed was to listen to another rant from Sam about how unfair their situation in life was.

"Look I know it's Friday and cool people go out on Friday nights but if you don't have any plans how do you feel about putting on a James Bond movie and watching it together. I got some microwave popcorn when I was out. I'll put Dad to bed after we've eaten and then the TV is all ours for the taking"

"Yeah that sounds good Dean" Sam replied. "Maybe I could even have a cold beer or something while we watch it?" he said hopefully, making a disgruntled sound when Dean laughed at him.

"No way" he stated "You've plenty of time after you finished high school to destroy your brain cells. At least graduate high school first so you have something to fall back on"

"Yeah, yeah it won't stop you from having one though" he grumbled.

"Yeah well being able to drink is one of the perks of being the big brother Sam. I get to drink beer while you watch me do it and bitch about it" he teased, his expression turning serious when he thought about the other things he had to do as the big brother. It was better for them all if Sam didn't realise half the things he did for them, the last thing he wanted was for Sam to feel guilty over it.

"Whatever, I'm expecting extra garlic bread for that comment" Sam retorted before he sighed. "I best get back to my chemistry homework. I'll see you in like five minute Dean, take care."

"Yeah I will, see you soon" Dean promised, hanging up the phone. He glanced down pushing the mobile back into his jeans pocket before he glanced up, stopping in his tracks when he realised two men were standing in front of him, watching him with identical watchful expressions which sent the hairs on his arms rising. Men who Dean knew hadn't been there a moment before.

"Are you Dean Winchester?" the older of the two stated his voice gruff with an undertone of violence to it which sent a shiver of fear down Dean's spine.

Dean was a born fighter and strategist, two talents he had honed with countless of hours of practice and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that the two men in front of him could break him in half if he was stupid enough to attempt to fight them.

He took a few steps back away from them, licking his lips nervously as he spoke.

"Who exactly wants to know?" he demanded, watching as the two men slowly smiled at him, taking a step towards him.

Dean turned on the spot ready to leg, stopping when he realised there were two more people behind him, he glanced back over his shoulder at the other two who were still advancing on him and realised with a sickening feeling that he was seriously in over his head.

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