The Chosen


Ava Brett


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Author Note

I'm hoping this is the last plot bunny which takes me out for a while… I've lots of plans for this little baby that's for sure.


Overall Summary

Every life time had been the same for Dean Winchester, he always died on the day he turned twenty two, murdered by someone he didn't know and dying in the arms of his beloved Castiel. This time though Castiel isn't going to let him go without a fight. This time Dean Winchester will survive and if he does then the world best watch out because something will be unleashed, something which can't be put back.

Chapter Summary

Eyes and Dreams…

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak / Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester / Ruby Stephenson

Chapter Romance

Not yet


The day is coming…

Dean was twenty one when he realised that he was going to die.

His life had been pretty normal before then, he went to work daily, he spent time with his brother Sam and his friends, going to games, drinking and generally doing what guys his age tended to do. He dated both women and men and he lived each day like it was his last, trying to cram as many things in as he could as though his time was running out.

Everything about him was normal right until that day he turned twenty one and became an adult.

That was the day he realised that someone was following him. He didn't know who the person was and he had never been able to see them. He just always had a prickly feeling at the back of his neck that someone behind him was staring intently at him, watching every move he made.

When Dean would look back there was no one there or it was so crowded that it was impossible to see whether anyone was looking at him in particular.

For six months Dean placed the feeling down to stress. People at his job had been laid off leaving the rest of them with shit loads to do and not enough time to do it. Add to that the fact that he was raising his brother Sam alone, who also happened to be the most stubborn seventeen year old ever to grace the planet it was no surprise he was feeling the pressure.

Only the feeling continued even when the stress levels fizzled out. Someone was watching him; he just knew it and whoever it was wasn't friendly.

He ended up going to the police and talking to someone there, he reported the incident but they had merely stared at him as though he was a joker who was wasting their time. The minute he had told them that he hadn't seen the person they placed it down as paranoia. They couldn't help him if he wasn't even able to give them an accurate description of what who they were looking for.

Sam had said the same thing, telling Dean to take some time off work and try to relax until Dean could have screamed at him. He wasn't going crazy; at least he didn't believe he was.

The dreams had started on the same day, flashes on imagery haunting him every night, he was in each and every dream but he always seemed different somehow. His hair was the same dark blond and his eyes were the same green as they were when he was awake but his style of clothing was always different as though he was seeing him self in different era. In every single dream he experience he died, always in the same violent fashion and every time the last thing he would see was a pair of heartbroken blue eyes looking down at him, a gruff masculine voice calling his name with a level of desperation which made Dean want to comfort him.

He always died on the same day in the dream as well regardless of the year.

January 24th and always on the day he turned twenty two.

Dean wasn't a superstitious man, he didn't believe in god or anything supernatural and yet he could shake the feeling that he was going to die.

And nothing, not he or Sam was going to be able to stop it from happening.

History was going to repeat itself whether he wanted it to or not.

Author Note

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