A/N: I've always sort of had this idea in the back of my mind. Peeta POV. So please, enjoy!

Chapter 1

"You! Move! You're not here to sit around! Clean this up!" the witch yelled at me.

I move to clean up the spilt wine.

"Faster! Avox! You can't speak, but you can hear! Move! Faster!" she shouted.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I scrubbed the tile. I never thought that people in the Capitol could be so cruel. Then again, they brought the Hunger Games to us. When I finished, the witch grabbed my collar (yes, a dog collar) and dragged me outside. She took a whip and whipped me until I nearly passed out.

"Avox," she hissed and spit on me.

I wake from the flashback and rub the skin around my dog collar. Whenever I move, the collar chafes my neck.

"Avox, we're leaving soon. Get ready," President Snow says, in an icy voice. Would it be so hard to call me by my name? I remember where we are going. We're going to District 12. I'm going to be slave to some Victor. Once again, I'll get to serve someone in the lap of luxury who will probably make me sleep in a cage in the woods.

"Come on! We wouldn't want to be late, would we?" President Snow asks. He continues when I stay silent, "Now, Mr. Mellark, it's not polite to ignore someone when they speak to you." He laughs like this is the funniest thing he's ever heard. Then, he straps my leash to my collar and guides me to the train.

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