He fought with her at his side, against his back, felt every movement she made. He felt her weaken and so he hacked at the monsters in a desperate attempt to let her rest. But she was strong and forged on, the bronze dagger flashing as she drove it into the beasts. Kronos' gaze watched their every move against the overwhelming throng of monsters, his golden eyes cruel and unrelenting.

And then he felt it. The tingling on the small of his back. He whirled around but not fast enough, just in time to see her throw herself just a little too far into the path of the knife, the poisoned blade burying itself deep into her heart. Her grey eyes widened, and she stumbled back, more in shock than pain, and collapsed in his arms. Her dirt streaked curls splayed across his shoulder, her head falling back into the crook of his neck. With a cry of rage he swung out with Riptide and demolished anyone within a meter's radius from them. He stabbed Nakamura through his heart with no emotion. He watched as his foe crumpled, clutching at the flow of blood pouring from his wound and laughed – a harsh, cruel sound. But he turned back to dying girl in his arms, begging her to stay with him, that they had ambrosia, and nectar, and please please don't leave him–

Her beautiful grey eyes stared up at him, and a ghost of a smile graced her face. His name escaped her lips on a soft breath. She whispered something eligible and he leaned down desperately to hear her. Her shaky breath fluttered against his neck, her hand reached up to touch his eyebrows, unfurrowing the deep crease of his brows. More words trickled from her lips, buffeted on her last breath. He leaned forward to catch them, but only her last words reached his ears, " – hero, Percy..."

He cradled her head in his hands, tears dripping from his green eyes and streaking down his cheeks. "Yes, Annabeth, you were a hero."

She smiled that beautiful smile of hers, her lips soundlessly forming words. He read the word 'love' on her lips and choked down a sob. "Love you too, Wise Girl."

She kept that beautiful smile on her face as her bottomless grey eyes moved to the heavens, staring up at the cloudy sky until all the life left her eyes.

He choked on his sobs, raising his hand to close her eyes, pressing his lips to her forehead. He brushed the hair from her face and peeled her dagger from her lifeless fingers, sliding the blade into his belt.

He cried out in grief and howled as he held her to his chest, his tears dripping down onto her hair. Kronos' men cackled in laughter, chortling until their sides hurt and Percy's grief transformed into rage. He dropped her body, letting her slide to the ground. He glared around at the evil monsters, raising his sword against them. They laughed again, and Kronos grinned maliciously. "You couldn't save her, could you, Jackson?"

He cried out in rage and charged, fighting desperately to reach the evil Titan lord. He cut down Hellhounds and Laistrygonians and Dracaena that hissed in fury. He demolished all that stood in his way and the others fled, terrified by the rage in his green, green eyes. When he finally looked up, intent on murdering Kronos, his eyes sought out the body of his once friend, and found nothing.

Kronos was gone.

Percy Jackson never saved the world.

He pursued the Titan lord up onto Olympus, his mind whirling around Annabeth and Annabeth and revenge. He followed the Titan's trail of destruction and found him in the throne room, tearing down Hera's seat of power. He threw himself at him with a cry of pure fury, but the Titan cackled and threw out his hand, sending him flying through a pane of glass and slamming into the wall of… Something. He felt the bones of both his legs crack and shrieked in pain, thinking of Annabeth, of her last words, of – of her hero.

He watched Grover stumble inside, watched his warm brown eyes widen at the sight of Kronos smashing thrones under his feet and Percy crumpled on the ground. He yanked out his reed pipes put them to his lips, but before he could even start his song the Titan pulled his feet out from under him, tripping the poor satyr and tying a collar around his neck, like a leash. Percy could do nothing but watch as Kronos yanked around his best friend like a pet, nothing as he watched Grover get secured to a column, nothing as he watched Kronos tear his horns out, as Grover crumpled and screamed, blood pouring from his head like a river of red.

As Kronos returned to his process of killing thrones, Percy watched as he picked up his father's throne and taunted it in Percy's face. Watched as he smashed Artemis' against a wall, as he tore Hephaestus' in half. Dionysus, Demeter, Ares, Hermes. He reached Athena's and Percy felt rage flood him like never before. That goddess was the last connection to her, to the girl with the smartass attitude and the thoughtful grey eyes and the amazing laugh and the cute little quirks. The way her hair flew around her face and the way she set her face with determination. His friend, his ally, his love

He set himself on shaking legs and clawed his way to the cackling Titan. His fractured bones quaked under his weight, but his desperation urged him on. He shook with anger as he stood behind the Titan, as his chest heaved with anger and his fists trembled in fury. On one last boost of hatred, he flung himself at the Titan with all his might, in rage and grief and–

Percy Jackson died a hero's death.

His soul was never honored and his love never fulfilled. The Titans celebrated in cruel glory. The satyrs tormented for entertainment, the nymphs shackled for the men's eyes, their greedy gazes raking up and down their body. Olympus' heroes imprisoned, Artemis' Hunters hunted for sport.

And that was when the Olympians, chained to the pits of Tartarus–

–the mortals, cowering in fear–

–the nature spirits, shackled for amusement–

–the creatures of the sea, swimming in tanks–

–the last of the demigods, tortured for entertainment–

–the souls of the heroes, sentenced to eternal punishment–

–the champions of the gods, tormented for show–

Began to hope in vain for a new hero.

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