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That afternoon Jeffery Nero Hardy was awoken by the shrill ringtone of his phone going off. Jeff grappled for it, tearing his blankets off in a mad dash to find the offending piece of technology. Demonic rays of sunlight peered through his flimsy curtains as Jeff blearily glared at the screen of his phone, trying to figure the number.

"Oh...duh...Hunter, of-fucking-course," Jeff groaned, realizing the number from years back, from a time when being woken by that number would've filled him with joy. Now, however, it filled him with malice and irritation, not to mention a torrent of sadness and feelings of rejection and abandonment. He be grudgingly flipped the phone open simply to stop the 'AT&T serene tone' from pouring out of his phone and into his ears. He huffed in irritation. "Yeah Hunter what is it?" Jeff grouched into the phone nastily, not happy with being woken up.

"I wanted to see if you were ok." Came the disgruntled reply. Jeff sighed away from the phone.

"I'm fine, thanks," Jeff said curtly, stifling a yawn. "Look...I don't really wanna talk Hunter. You woke me up." Jeff's face was slack, uninterested in speaking with his ex-boyfriend. That's the last thing he needed was Hunter hovering over him again.

"At 2pm?" Hunter was laughing at that.

"I work nights, jerk."

"Well excuse me princess, most normal people are awake by 2pm."

"I'm surprised you aren't still drunk with the way you were last night."

"I seem to remember saving your ass last night," Hunter snapped back hotly.

"I had it under control!" Jeff hollered, his face colouring with anger.

"The fuck you did! Ken was wringing you around like a rag doll! If I hadn't played Superman he'd have done a lot worse!" Hunter nearly screamed into the phone.

"Hunter, just shut up! I don't want you to be my hero. I don't want you to worry about me. You chose to walk out of my life! You don't just get a magic reentry pass cause you yanked Ken's drunk ass off me!" Jeff's voice cracked at that last part, his anger and irritation wavering as a wave of pain laced his tone. He screwed his eye shut tight, trying to stay calm and not let his emotions get away with him. Hunter's betrayal three years ago had nearly ruined Jeff's life, so of course the last person he wanted trying to be his hero was Hunter. He'd have rather tried to explain Ken being full of birdshot than owe Hunter anything.

"Jeff..." Hunter's voice was lower now, gentler. "Jeff...please...I didn't want to hurt you. I mean it. Stephanie drunked me up with shine and you know how I get when I'm plastered. Please...Babe..."

"DON'T! Don't you dare! Don't you dare try to weasel your way back into my life with sweet words and lies and platitudes. I don't care how drunk you were, or how much you 'didn't wanna hurt me!' You made your damn choice and then you didn't do a damn thing when that trash bag hoe went after me and made my life hell! And don't tell me you didn't know. I know you did!" Jeff yelled, scandalized and hurting, near tears. He took a shuddering breath, "Hunter...Hunter, you made your bed, you get to lie in it with that harpy. You don't get me back by trying to blame it on the alcohol. You don't get to play hero after you ignored her making my life hell."

"Jeff...please...I know...I'm so sorry," Hunter pleaded, his voice wavering with what sounded like honest regret and remorse, Jeff ignored the tone, unwilling to feel sorry for the prick. "I broke up with Stephanie after four months, when I realized how she was being to you. I didn't know till then and as soon as I did I dumped her. I only went with her because you wouldn't have me babe..."

"You broke up with me that night Hunter. Stumbling drunk and me hearing her moaning like a whore in the background, you called me at 12:31 am February 3rd and you broke up with me and called me a dirty faggot and a stupid whore and a lousy lay and everything else that hoe whispered in your ear all 'cause I was mad at you and wouldn't let you fuck me against a tree in the middle of Goddamned winter and wouldn't give you any head after you tried! You are a cheating, lying, no-good, damned horndog cunt Hunter," Jeff spewed, shaking and near sobbing by this point.

"Jeff...I'm sorry...I...I don't deserve you." Hunter tried to placate.

"No you don't. So stop trying to get me back Hunter. It will never happen," Jeff snapped, trying to pull himself back together.

"Jeff. Please...just give me another chance, it's been years. Please. I've changed. Stephanie's gone to college...she's not here. I don't give a damn about her. Please...please Babe..."

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No." Jeff repeated over and over, breath shaking. "You don't know how bad it was for me! You fucking prick! I nearly died! I failed tenth grade! All because of you and that harpy. So fuck you. Fuck what you want. I was fine last night, Mark and Glenn had my back, and I don't need you Hunter. I haven't needed you in a long ass time. Your whore made my life hell and you weren't there. So fuck you. I don't need your help, and I don't want it ever again. If you try and "save me" again I'll knock your block off. I've moved on from you. Got it? I've moved on and you need to too."

"Please Jeff..."

"Goodbye Hunter," Jeff growled. He slammed his phone closed, ending the call and finally breaking down into a screaming fit, kicking and screaming and crying in anger. He started kicking his wall and beating his headboard in frustration and anger, not caring of the ruckus of cacophonous noises he was making in his house.

"HOLY SHIT! JEFF WHAT THE HELL?!" screamed a thicker country drawl. Matt Hardy burst into his little brother's bedroom. Matt ran to the bed, his raven hair flying behind him as his thick, tan arms grabbed Jeff into a constricting hug, keeping the younger man from thrashing anymore. "Calm the hell down baby brother, shh, calm down and tell me what the hell came over you?"

"Stupid Hunter. That's what came the fuck over me!" Jeff snarled, finally stopping his thrashing while panting from his tantrum. "I'm fine. Let go."

Matt released the death grip he's had on Jeff's arms and let Jeff sit up properly. Matt caught Jeff eyes with an incredulous stare and a heated interest.

"The fuck did he want?" The very question sounded like a threat.

"To be a prick and try and get back into my life...goddamn bastard."

"I'll kill him!"

"Don't! I don't want to even hear his name anymore! I'm done with him...it's not worth it."

Matt grunted in acceptance, face still cross.

"Yeah well, if you don't want me to beat his ass, then calm the hell down, ok? You sounded like you were fighting a damn cougar in here! Damn! And wake up earlier, it's past freakin' lunch time!"

"Matt, shad'up. I don't see you workin' 9 hour night shifts and gettin' up at 8 am," Jeff grumbled, not in the mood to listen to Matt's nagging. He scrubbed a hand over his face.

"Yeah well, I'm workin' myself ain't I? You're lucky The Legend's still working in the crops or you'd get an earful for you even picking up Hunter's call." Matt was referencing their father, often called The Legend by friends and even his sons.

Jeff glared at his brother, "I was half asleep."

"Anyways...where'd you get those bruises? Did Hunter?!"

"No! It was nothin'. Some drunkie got grabby and he wrung m'wrists. I'm fine. It was taken care of," Jeff insisted hastily, then changed the subject, "How's Lita? Weren't y'all going for some kinda seven month anniversary thing? How's she doin'?"

"Lita? She's great. And man, Aw man, she was wearing this sexy little number the other day when we..." which led Matt into a fawn-fest of his hardcore, fiery haired girlfriend. When in doubt (and need to distract Matt) talk about Lita Dumas.

"Imma take a shower, kay?" Jeff interrupted as Matt got to some of the...more private details of their date. "And Matt...I know I asked but sometimes there ain't nothin' in this world I'd rather not know than your sex life."

"You're just jealous you ain't gettin' any!" Jeff chucked a pillow at his retreating brother for the comment. While thinking secretly, 'Not for much longer, if I have anything to say about it.'

"Hey Matt!" Jeff yelled. Matt cautiously stuck his head back into the room. "Thanks brother," Jeff said honestly. Matt smiled and nodded. He left and Jeff flopped back onto his bed. He laid there, stretching out the aches from working for so long last night, while trying to think about anything but his ex-boyfriend. He tried and failed to forget the conversation, or rather shouting match, betwixt him and Hunter. Then, just as he was getting in a worse mood he, thankfully remembered something, or rather some people. "Mark and Glenn..." Thinking of the biker brothers made a small hint of a smile break the tension on his face. Jeff was far from in the mood to grin stupidly in the sweet thrall of arousal or kind whispers of flirting as he had last night, but the memory of the two of them standing up for him, the memory of them staring down Hunter (even if they didn't know who he truly was to Jeff)...those memories made him smile gently. "Right, time to shower...get all this grease off...God I smell...how I could've turned anyone on last night...ugh...I'll never know!"

With that interesting monologue, Jeff went to his and Matt's bathroom and jumped into a scalding hot shower, whether he was washing away the grime of the night, or the memories of unwanted men...Jeff himself was unsure. He knew, however, that he'd come out of that shower feeling better because he'd decided that come hell or high water He'd get to know those two men...and maybe do more than just "get to know them".


Nah, definitely.


An hour later Jeff found himself sitting at his kitchen table, lethargically eating a hastily made microwave meal with one hand, despite being ravenous for all things food (and possibly big bag biker-like), and twirling his phone around in the other hand, debating whether to call or text Glenn as he only had that particular brother's number.

"I'm being stupid...I should just call them like I said, it's already 3:30 in the pm, they probably think I stood them up or somethin'. Jeez," Jeff grumbled at himself, munching the third and final chicken finger the freezer meal had to offer him. His phone spun effortlessly in his hand at the twists his fingers made. Jeff sat staring at the phone, a bit angry at himself. He was rarely this subdued, rarely this contemplative about acting on his whims to have a good time and desires to seek out people and, though of course he wasn't a horndog, he hardly ever turned down a fun afternoon that could possibly lead to more, even if it rarely did for Jeff. Scooping the last mouthful of corn into his mouth, Jeff made up his mind. He swallowed thickly and started scrolling his contacts for the number he had entered into his phone last night once getting home, he had refused to listen to Shannon's teasing anymore so he hadn't done it in his truck.

"There you are big boy, and you both are about to be mine for the day," Jeff mumbled to himself with a giddy tone, finally allowing himself to feel the full brunt of excitement. This was his day off, he was gonna waste it with two of the hottest guys he'd seen in a long time (that he wasn't related to (by blood or friendship) or hadn't already dated). A send button and three rings later a gruff voice answered,


"Heya," Jeff said breezily. "Remember me big boy?"

"Jeff? Good to hear from you," Glenn returned. "Hang on, I'll put you on speaker." There was a hollow thump noise as the phone switched speakers. "Mark's here too."

"Is that Baby Hardy?" Mark's gruff voice asked.

Jeff laughed a bit, "I shoulda never told'ya about that nickname."

"Probably." Both brothers agreed. "So does you calling mean we get to see that tour you were talking about?" Mark asked smoothly.

"Depends, on what you want a tour of."

"We'll leave that up to you," Mark offered. Jeff smiled, at least they weren't completely only after his ass. Well, they offered lighter, more innocent options, despite the less-than-innocent undertones of those options. Jeff wasn't sure exactly what they wanted from him, but he knew they were into him and he was more than definitively into them.

"Why don't we start with a tour of the town and we can get to know each other better somewhere more private," Jeff offered right back, with a hint of coyness in his voice. He would play this day low key, flirt a bit, and see where it took him. Hopefully somewhere much more enjoyable than last night, which ended with him being threatened and bruised and a morning full of painful memories. Jeff needed some fun, even if it stayed PG-13 level fun. He needed something apart from sitting in his kitchen feeling sorry for himself and angry at his past.

"Sure thing," Glenn answered right away.

"Why don't y'all meet me at the diner, and we can go from there?" Jeff asked, thinking he would drive to town. He'd like a walk and he assumed the two were staying somewhere near the diner as they walked there last night.

"See you in thirty." Mark was the one who answered.

"I'll be waiting," Jeff answered back. After a few flirty exchanges more, he hung up the phone and ran to his room, nearly knocking Matt over in the process.

"Woah!" Matt yelled after him, "Where's the fire baby brother?"

"Gotta go meet someone," Jeff called back.


"No one important, nosy," Jeff skidded to a halt at his door. "Go flirt with Lita and let me have my own fun, and no it ain't Hunter."

Matt got one of his nosy/overprotective looks on his face.

"Ah ah ah! I don't bug you, you don't bug me. I promised you I'd ask for your help if I needed it!" Jeff cut Matt's protective babble off at the quick. "I don't need it. And I ain't doing anyhting but showing two new guys around town. Just ask Kimo about them," Jeff let that bread crumb fall, Matt would get distracted with Kimo. "He met them last night."

"Well he didn't tell me shit about anyone," Matt said, still unsure.

"Call him. I don't wanna be late," Jeff said, entering his room. He had tiger print sweats and a basketball jersey from UNC on. While Jeff generally didn't care much what people thought of his wardrobe -he'd rather look awesome for himself and his style- , he definitely wanted to dress to fucking impress today. Jeff quickly tore a war path through his closet until he was dressed in a skin tight white wife beater, a red mesh long-sleeve shirt that was like a second skin overtop the wife beater, and a pair of black cargo pants that slung low on his full hips, his black thong just barely peeking over the edge of the pants which were barely kept on by a red belt with black studs on it, a pair of black vans later and he deemed himself ready.

Jeff glanced at his phone's clock, realizing half his time was up. A few sprays of axe later and Jeff was walking out the door, keys, wallet, and phone in tow while dodging Matt who was now arguing hotly with Kimo about who was better at something or whatever they normally yelled about.

"Jeffro, you may just get laid tonight," Jeff whispered as he smiled to himself as he cranked his flame painted truck. Music blasted from the speakers and Jeff peeled out of his driveway, heading towards Cameron.