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Strange English (mixing of British and American English), OOCness, KaiShin/ShinKai

Genre: Drama, Humour, Romance,
Uploaded: 2013-04-07
Story rating: T, mentioning of adult themes
Words: 2,800

Like Mother, like Son

With a tired sigh, Shinichi had unlocked the door after he came home later than usual, but school showed no consideration for the fact that he'd taken down the Black Organization with the FBI if he wanted to graduate with his class. Sure he was allowed to graduate two years later, but he didn't want that, so he stayed hours after the lessons were finished to do homework, and he more often than not ate out, making sure that he ate healthy. He carried the heavy satchel with the evening's work that he was going to finish, but as he got to the stairs someone cleared their throat behind him. Surprised, he spun around and saw that his mother was standing there with her arms crossed over her chest, smirking at him. As the woman hadn't been in the Kudou Mansion for months he had to blink in order to believe what he was seeing, but as his mother didn't attack him with a hug he grew suspicious; maybe Kaito was playing a prank on him.

"Mom?" Shinichi wondered and raised an eyebrow.
"We need to speak, young man," Yukiko stated, seemingly very pleased by something, "your father is waiting in the library." The detective narrowed his eyes at Yukiko's back as he followed her. It was one of her schemes; he just knew it. It was one of those times when she would throw something embarrassing in his face, like a picture of when he was little, wearing some "cute" clothes, and when she would force his father to take part of her ritual of embarrassing their son.

Getting to the library he saw that Yuusaku was sitting behind his desk, working on a book, but as the man looked up he smiled a bit apologetically and Shinichi wondered what it was that made him do it.
"Hi, dad, nice to see you. Why was the door locked?" the teenager wondered and heard his mother giggle.
"So that you wouldn't run away of course," Yukiko answered and clasped her hands together.
"Okay, what do you want? I have lots of homework-" Shinichi interrupted himself as his mother pulled out an unmarked CD from behind her back and he felt himself go cold; that disc better not contain what he thought it did, but by her grin it probably did.

"What's this, Shin-chan?" Yukiko giggled as her son stared horrified at her.
"I don't know, you tell me," Shinichi forced himself to say, hoping that it was a CD with something else; maybe his mother had found something from when he was little and burnt it to the disc. "Dad?" the detective asked, looking for help from his father that only threw a glance to him and blushed.
"I don't know where she found it," Yuusaku mumbled and sent his wife a glance.
"You watched it?" Shinichi questioned and saw how his father looked down to his computer in embarrassment, continuing to write, but it sounded like he hit the keys a bit harder than normally. Shinichi turned to his giggling mother again, deciding to not fall into a trap, if it was one. "What is it?" he wondered, hoping that it was anything else than what he thought it was.
"Aw, Shin-chan, I can't believe that you haven't introduced your boyfriend to us!" Yukiko scolded lightly, while her son hoped that his heart would spare him and just stop beating, "you two are so cute! And that you got together with Toi-sensei's cute little Kai-chan! I never saw it coming!" Yukiko giggled as she watched how her son went from pale to red-faced. Shinichi became unable to breathe as he now knew what it was; he didn't know what CD it was, but he knew he was in trouble as he grasped for words to answer.

"You watched it?" he then forced out, seeing the woman nod, "where did you even get your hands on that thing?"
"I found it," Yukiko stated proudly, "and I was so curious that I had to watch the whole thing!"
"Dad!" Shinichi complained, seeing how the author tried to hide behind his laptop, "you watched it too?" The blush that his father was having on his cheeks was answer enough. "Why didn't you take it away from her?! And how much did you see?!" Never in his life did he think that he would hear his father squeak, but there it was, telling Shinichi that he'd seen much more than he wanted. "All of it? Did you watch it from beginning to end?"
"Of course he did!" Yukiko giggled, enjoying the fact that she had finally made her husband embarrassed; he was someone with a skin of steel, but this time she got him!
"Why would you do that?!" Shinichi complained.
"Ask your mother..." Yuusaku finally answered without looking up from his computer, writing very slowly with red cheeks, and Shinichi turned to Yukiko.
"He had no choice," she sang, and the detective got a suspicion that she'd caught his father off guard and tied him up, "you should've seen how cute he is when he's embarrassed!"

Breathing for a few times Shinichi glared and then held out his hand.
"Give it back," he demanded and saw her pout, "that thing's private and neither of you have the right to watch it, especially not when I know that you have to crack a password to get to it. I can only imagine that dad cracked it and then got to regret it."
"But Shin-chan," Yukiko began and was interrupted by her son.
"Don't you 'Shin-chan' me, I would've been fine with not knowing that you watched it. Now give it back," the teenager demanded angrily and was then handed the disc.

"How long have you been seeing him?" Yuusaku suddenly asked as Shinichi was on his way out of the library.
"A couple of months," the teenager answered without turning around, "why do you wonder?"
"Are you aware of his hobbies?" the author tried gently, knowing that it was highly likely that the son of Kaitou KID had taken up the trade now that KID was back.
"If you mean his taste for things that gleam in the moonlight, then yes, I'm completely aware," Shinichi stated as he left and quickly made his way to his room. As soon as he got inside he locked the door and turned on his computer; he had to make sure that it wasn't a blank CD and that he hadn't just made a fool of himself, but as the CD began playing after he typed in the password he saw one of the camera feeds that he'd feared that it was.

"Come on, Shinichi," a voice stated as he placed the headphones over his ears and watched the footage, "do it for me."
"Kaito, no, I can't," Shinichi watched himself answer and then heard the magician beg until he gave in.

"This is so stupid!" Shinichi hissed at the camera, now dressed as Kaito had directed him to; stylish and dangerously handsome.
"You are so gorgeous," Kaito snickered and almost made the detective pull off his clothes to go and change to something that he was comfortable in.
"Have you any idea of how embarrassing this is?" Shinichi wondered with a blush covering his cheeks as he sat down on the bed, "I don't want to be recorded. What if anyone finds it? What if I die and when cleaning out my room they find that?"
"Aw, don't say that. I'll come here and take it away. And you can't face the camera, you have to show your side to it."
"What if we both die?" Shinichi tried as he got up and then sat down on the side on the bed, staring at the camera, but only got a sigh as an answer.
"We won't die. Now stop complaining! You promised that you'd do anything, and this goes under that category," Kaito grinned as he placed the camera down, having found the right angle.
"But that was before you said what you wanted," the detective stated as he watched the thief come up to him, dressed in his normal clothes, "this isn't something that normal people do!"
"Are you kidding me?" Kaito laughed as he straddled the detective's lap, "a lot of people do this."
"Liar!" Shinichi hissed and was then kissed.

The detective closed the laptop with burning cheeks, unable to believe that his parents had actually watched it, but as he now knew what was on the CD he felt a bit relieved; it was the first recording that he and Kaito had made. It was just a movie where they kissed and took off their shirts, although, they had brushed up against each other, but at least they weren't completely naked. Shinichi was very happy that it wasn't one where Kaito had been in his KID-outfit or the one where there only was Shinichi pleasing himself to Kaito's commands. He didn't like the one they had made in the police station either, nor where he had been tied up and gagged, or the one where they were at a rooftop; there were a lot of those. Oh, who was he trying to fool; he loved almost all of them.

The detective buried his face in his hands, and then sent a glance to the door as he realised that it was open.
"Get out!" Shinichi called out, seeing his mother giggle as she vanished and he stuck his head out, seeing her run down the stairs, "stop picking the lock on my door!"

With a sigh Shinichi closed it and locked it again, glaring around the room; it was time to empty it of anything he didn't want his mother to find and then take revenge. Opening books and finding secret compartments the detective placed disc after disc in a CD-container while listening for steps outside his door, but he knew that he couldn't keep them all together, not when his mother might come into his room. With a blush he realised just how many recordings they had made, and one CD did contain multiple, except the three first ones. His favourite was the one where Kaito was dressed as Kaitou KID, and despite the cuffs managed to strip until he was naked with only the metal restraints left. Smirking confidently, the thief had then taken them off and sat down on Shinichi's bed before he began caressing himself, trying to get the detective that was filming him to lose his restraint.

Shinichi smiled as he placed the favourite CD on top of the others and watched the marking on it.
"K.A.C+M" he'd written; all his favourites had those kinds of markings, so that he could tell what was on it. The one he hated said; "K-Res.M-do" and it was one that he couldn't tell if Kaito was feeling good or if he was in pain from the restraints. The thief insisted that he was feeling good, but Shinichi still disliked the recording. Placing the lid over the discs Shinichi held them close; he wanted to watch one of them, but he couldn't now that his mother might sneak in, and he didn't want his mother to find him with the laptop in his bed, headphones on and watching something on the computer. She would definitely know what he was doing and might even snatch the computer away.

It was still too embarrassing to Shinichi to ask the thief to make a new recording with them on, even though he loved them, not that he would ever tell Kaito how much he actually watched them, but the thief still knew since Shinichi couldn't help but to smile every time Kaito took out a camera.

Deciding to sneak out during the night Shinichi sent a message to his boyfriend and then studied late after having hidden the discs in his bed. When the computer showed him that it was three he got up and snuck out through the window, carrying his treasures in a CD-case in his satchel.

After taking the train to Ekoda Shinichi got off at the station closest to Kaito and walked the way to his boyfriend, climbing up to his balcony, seeing that the door was standing ajar. He snuck inside, smiling at his peacefully sleeping boyfriend and placed the satchel on the desk. With a quiet hum Shinichi sat down beside the thief and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead.
"Nnh, Nichi?" Kaito mumbled in his sleep and opened his eyes.
"Sorry to wake you," the detective smiled down at him and brushed his lips against Kaito's cheek, "now go back to sleep." As Shinichi pulled away he saw that the thief had already fallen back asleep, if he ever truly was awakened in the first place. The teenager closed the balcony as he left, jumped down to the ground and left for his home, unaware that a feverish inspector next door had trouble sleeping and saw him run away.

"Kaito-kun?" Nakamori Ginzo mumbled with a cup of tea in his hands, following the teenager with his gaze, and decided to have a word with Chikage in the morning; he had come to view the friend of his daughter and the son of one of his best friends as his own child, and he would hate to see the teenager get in trouble. He had to investigate what was going on if Kaito snuck out during the nights, and if he'd made friends with the wrong kind of people he needed to deal with them.

Shinichi heard steps in the stair, recognising the pattern as that of his mother, and he closed the door before he took out his mobile.
"No!" he hissed in the phone, loudly enough for anyone passing outside of the door to hear, and sounding as if he was trying to keep it quiet, "you don't understand! She made dad watch it! Don't laugh! It's not funny! Kaito stop! What if she had found any of the other?! I was so relieved when I saw that it was the first one we made, what if it was that one. You know, the one where I-... Exactly, that one. No, it's not adorable! I need your help! I don't know where you've placed them all! How many are there even?" Shinichi had heard that the steps had stopped outside of his door, and he was certain that Yukiko was trying to hold herself from giggling as she looked through the keyhole, "we'll meet at 12 in the park, and you have to get in here without being seen. Mom would never leave us alone to search for the recordings if she found out that you were here. Okay, I'll see you later." The detective hung up the fake phone call and sighed heavily as he heard quiet steps outside the door, hastily making their way into the room next to his.

Shinichi walked out of his room and went down to the kitchen, greeting his father that was eating his breakfast, and received a rather stiff reply. He ate his breakfast in silence, observing his father and frowned a bit.
"So, I'm just going to repress everything that happened yesterday," Shinichi began and saw Yuusaku nod.
"So am I," the author agreed and then looked up, "sorry for cracking the password, Yukiko said that she'd forgotten it."
"It's fine. I'm not mad with you; she's the one who had nothing to do with the recording in the first place, but are you really fine with it? Me, being together with a guy?"
"Of course," Yuusaku stated a bit surprised and looked up, "as long as you're happy. I wouldn't want my father to come and tell me that I couldn't be together with Yukiko because he wanted me to be together with a guy."
"So technically you don't approve, but won't interfere?" Shinichi wondered and raised an eyebrow.
"No, what I'm meaning is that I'll adjust. It just came as a shock," the author smiled.
"And... What about the fact that I'm together with a criminal?"
"Ah, well, Kaitou KID isn't really on my list of criminals. He's more of a troublemaker who only wants people to laugh and doesn't harm anyone, right?" Yuusaku explained as he sipped on his cup of coffee, frowning a bit, "your mother was supposed to get you and come down. Where is she?"
"Probably going through my room, looking for "the other recordings" that I just happened to mention to Kaito on the phone as she was about to knock on my door," the detective smirked mischievously, knowing that his father would believe that there was only one recording, "did I mention that I'm very embarrassed of one of them, and Kaito thinks it's adorable." Yuusaku blinked and then realised that his son had set a trap for his wife.
"You're really like her, you know," the man chuckled, seeing the same laughing expression Yukiko had when she was messing with someone in his son's eyes.
"I reject that..."